Taking Obasanjo to task

Taking Obasanjo to task
by Idowu Akinlotan   

IT is hard to explain what has led to the distortion of the keynote address presented two Saturdays ago by ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo at the 2019 synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Oleh Diocese Isoko, Delta State. Did his controversial, self-serving and almost narcissistic person get in the way of a proper comprehension of his diagnoses of the national malaise? Or was the controversy and miscomprehension triggered by the present government’s often misplaced and instinctive umbrage? Or perhaps the Information minister, Lai Mohammed, unwittingly draped the whole issue in his customary propagandist response to anything that seemed like a criticism of the Muhammadu Buhari presidency? Whatever it was, Chief Obasanjo’s copious and even remarkable examination (in nearly 10,000 words) of Nigeria’s developmental problems on May 18, 2019 was needlessly entwined in petty controversy, and the public forced into entanglements that further complicate and vitiate a good understanding of the theses he tried to promote.

Of the about 70 paragraphs to which the address was divided, only about two or three appeared to be pointed criticisms of the Buhari presidency. The rest of the speech was taken up by useful dissections of the Nigerian condition, a few barbed references here and there, but on the whole fairly passable and well-reasoned prognostications. The former president repeatedly indulged in idolatrous references to his policy successes, taking particular note of his nationalist credentials vis-a-vis the sectionalist credentials of the incumbent president. He also barely disguised his contempt for many of the shocking shortcomings of his successors. Indeed, a sizable part of his address dealt with counsels to his successors which his own presidency glaringly spurned, and virtues he preached to them which he turned inimitably into personal vices. The contradictions have led many analysts to wrongly focus on his person than on his ideas. Chief Obasanjo cannot by any stretch be regarded as a virtuous man, or that when he seizes upon relevant public issues he can be trusted to offer the right prognoses. He likes to present himself as a man of ideas; but at bottom, he is a man only besotted with ideas.

There is also a second reason many analysts are unwilling to give the former president a hearing. They see him as unalterably opposed to the Buhari presidency and has done and keeps doing everything to ensure its failure. Nothing, they reason (and this is the Information minister’s position) will placate him. Chief Obasanjo may be afflicted with a messianic complex, and may even secretly and controversially nurse the desire to see his successors underperform in clear contrast to himself, but there is nothing sacrosanct about his secret desire to make his successors the failures they have arguably become. He may thus be filled with contradictions, and be even inured to criticisms and abuse, but he has an uncanny ability to ferret out great public issues deserving of attention and deep scrutiny. And because he possesses the name recognition to imbue his criticisms with traction and even nobility, Nigerians may periodically be compelled to give him listening ears in spite of themselves, and must also restrain themselves from outrightly dismissing his interesting perceptions and conclusions.

Chief Obasanjo may not be smart enough to build a great and imperishable legacy for himself, but he was sensible enough to choose the Anglican Synod held in Delta State to focus attention on a number of developmental issues troubling Nigeria. His address, as fairly remarkable as it was, would have been consigned to the archives almost immediately after he delivered it had he not chosen, in a very long speech, to make vigorous references to what he sees as the creeping Fulanisation and Islamisation of Nigeria. He did not put the blame squarely on the Buhari presidency. In fact, he argued that careless domestic policies and issues had combined in a lethal brew with external events and actors to produce and unleash processes that could sunder Nigeria. The former president, not known for mincing words, seemed even uncharacteristically wary of making pointed references to the obvious failures and weaknesses of the Buhari presidency. So he spoke obliquely.

Hereunder are the two main references to the Buhari presidency that have drawn the ire of critics: (a) “Every issue of insecurity must be taken seriously at all levels and be addressed at once without favouritism or cuddling. Both Boko Haram and herdsmen acts of violence were not treated as they should at the beginning. They have both incubated and developed beyond what Nigeria can handle alone. They are now combined and internationalised with ISIS in control. It is no longer an issue of lack of education and lack of employment for our youth in Nigeria which it began as, it is now West African Fulanisation, African Islamisation and global organised crimes of human trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, illegal mining and regime change. Yet we could have dealt with both earlier and nipped them in the bud, but Boko Haram boys were seen as rascals not requiring serious attention in administering holistic measures of stick and carrot. And when we woke up to the reality, it was turned to an industry for all and sundry to supply materials and equipment that were already outdated and that were not fit for active military purpose. Soldiers were poorly trained for the unusual mission, poorly equipped, poorly motivated, poorly led and made to engage in propaganda rather than achieving results. Intelligence was poor and governments embarked on games of denials while paying ransoms which strengthened the insurgents and yet governments denied payment of ransoms. Today, the security issue has gone beyond the wit and capacity of Nigerian government or even West African governments.”

(b) “I think it is like a building, which once the foundation is faulty, becomes wobbly with the tiniest turbulence. Consequently, the issue of national identity, values, ethics and national dream must be settled once and for all. This may require a global national meeting. If Miyetti Allah is truly encouraging herdsmen violence and killings and truly they have to be appeased or placated with 100 billion naira and they are equated to Afenifere, Ohaneze Ndigbo, etc, then we have to appease those other organisations similarly or be ready to allow them to unleash havoc of their own. We need politics of a united Nigeria for all Nigerians  not one for Yoruba, one for Ibo, one for Hausa-Fulani, one for Ijaw, one for Nupe, one for Tiv, one for Kanuri and one for Isoko. If we fail to do this, I am afraid all the EFCC, ICPC, Plans and Strategies and the rest of the political re-engineering and manoeuvres such as creation or contraction/merger of states, forms of government, attempts at ethical re-orientation, constitutional amendment, etc, may not usher in the much desired peace, stability, national development, and of course, improvement in the quality of life of the majority of Nigerians…”

Both statements of course describe the failure of the Buhari presidency and insinuate the government’s abject lack of capacity. But they are nevertheless issues that are quite in the public domain, and except the country is living in denial, they are issues that strike at the core of the country’s stability and survival. In the second quotation, the former president spoke somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and even seemed to have permitted himself a few rumours, but no one can deny that the Buhari presidency has not carelessly submitted itself to the politics of Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of herdsmen. Chief Obasanjo was not exaggerating by dragging in the Miyetti Allah issue into his discourse as an indication of the weakness, if not complicity, of the government in the massive insecurity inundating the country. The presidency has denied budgeting N100bn to appease herdsmen, but it is incredibly setting up a radio station for their affairs, as announced by the Education minister, not Information or Communications minister. Such abominable decisions speak to Chief Obasanjo’s fears that this government has become so insensitive to its political, social and cultural surroundings that it has become tone deaf and listens only to itself. Chief Obasanjo’s person may obtrude arguments, but it does not rob him of the capacity and judgement of correctly deciphering some of the nefarious decisions being made by this government.

But perhaps the most controversial part of Chief Obasanjo’s address are his thoughts on the Fulanisation and Islamisation of Nigeria and West Africa using the amenities of herdsmen invasions and Boko Haram insurgency. Again, whoever Chief Obasanjo may be and whatever policies he had enacted in the past do not necessarily negate his observation or vitiate its accuracy. There is nothing in his statement that suggests that he concluded that the Buhari presidency had determined to Fulanise or Islamise the country, even if that ambition was secretly nursed. The former president’s argument is in fact very simple. By allowing Boko Haram insurgency to fester for so long, which predated the Buhari presidency, and the herdsmen rampage to be treated rather cavalierly as in fact this administration is doing by its many exculpatory and vexatious arguments, the stage was being set for the balkanisation of Nigeria. Chief Obasanjo drew on the example of Somalia to illustrate his general argument about elite irresponsibility and dishonesty in tackling vexing existential problems. Who can fail to be moved by the fact that Nigeria harbours two of the world’s deadliest terrorist groups? Who can fail to be affected by the fact that herdsmen sack villages and occupy them in a country that has borders, laws and governments? For instance, last year, the Plateau State government, responding to entreaties by community leaders who said some 54 villages had been sacked and renamed by herdsmen, promised to prosecute land grabbers. Nothing has, however, been done.

The Information minister describes Chief Obasanjo’s criticisms as divisive. Others see the former president as unqualified to raise the issues he felt were destabilising the country. Both are wrong. They may not like Chief Obasanjo, and the former president himself may be guilty of some of the wrongdoings he is alleging against the current and previous administrations, but he has sensibly drawn the attention of Nigerians to the divisions and acrimony destroying the unity of the country. The attention must not be on the messenger, particularly this deeply flawed messenger; the focus must be on the issues. The greatest issue today is that the country, particularly the North, has spawned a nest of vipers brimming with insurgents and militant herdsmen who are picking the country apart. If nothing is done very urgently, as advocated by Chief Obasanjo, this increasingly divided and misdirected country will go up in flames. Nigerians will be living in denial not to see and feel this danger. It is worse when they seize upon Chief Obasanjo’s personal flaws to deny the existence of the existential crisis facing them.


News Headlines May 26, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines May 26, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

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The Punch

EFCC probes syndicate fleecing VIPs over Buhari’s cabinet
N500bn social investment scheme has failed in North –Aisha Buhari
Osoba, Abiodun absent as Buhari inaugurates Amosun’s projects
Zamfara: APC NWC summons emergency meeting, PDP candidates get certificates
Wizkid, Tiwa Savage’s ‘romance’ waxes stronger
I’ve lost count of pants, brassieres thrown at me by female fans – Ric Hassani
EFCC probing our listing – MTN
I cried when I was called the cheapest actress — Mama Rainbow
Fulani radio to educate herdsmen, fishermen, farmers, hunters — NBC
Paralysed, bedridden for 17 years, Fregene pleads to walk again
OIC agenda, herdsmen radio confirm Obasanjo’s position –CAN
NAF bombs ISWAP fighters in Borno buildings
Why we grounded operations of eight domestic airlines — NCAA
Three Port Harcourt hospital patients flee over bills
Release our N25bn, ASUU tells FG
APC leaders back Lai Mohammed’s reappointment
Police arrest 43 suspected criminals in Bauchi
Imo officials working hard to blackmail me — Ihedioha
Hazard edges closer to Madrid move
Police arrest 43 suspected criminals in Bauchi
Confusion as Rivers student opens teargas canister in classroom
Kidnapping: Anambra police arrest soldier, others in military attire
Aba sanitation court convicts 17
Caleb varsity students clash with police over school rules
I went back into kidnapping to raise my lawyer’s balance – Suspect
Family of slain LUTH doctor decries police silence on investigation
LG funds: After meeting with Buhari, govs may sue NFIU
Excitement as June 12 displaces May 29 as Democracy Day
House order on secret voting approved since 2016 –Speakership aspirant, Olatunbosun
Why we grounded operations of eight domestic airlines — NCAA
We need more initiatives to reduce housing deficit – Adewole
Encouraging ICT local content in Nigeria’s oil industry
Develop plan to improve performance, NERC tells power firms
70% broadband penetration in focus as stakeholders raise concerns
FG records N2.22tn independent revenue shortfall in four years
APC accusing PDP, Atiku to cover up electoral fraud — PDP spokesperson
After four children, the rumour was that mum was barren — Fasoyin’s son
Lack of education denied me political appointment in Awo’s party –Ondo centenarian religious leader
Obasanjo’s claim on Islamisation incorrect – Islamic scholar
Flying Eagles can go far in Poland – Dele-Bashiru
Kanu, Rufai, others hail Wike for sports devt
Coach not to blame for our defeat – Barcelona president, Bartomeu
Sporting Lisbon win Portuguese Cup on penalties after epic final
Nigeria of our dreams – Children’s perspective
Basic schools must set up libraries, not acquiring computers –Librarian
Education is solution to gender-based violence —Girl guides
My grouse with Kemi Olunloyo – Ruggedman
I returned from US to do business, not acting – Bolanle Ninalowo
Entertainers have power to curb drug abuse – Saidi Balogun
Fast-tempo songs, dancing, comedy, beach visits can prevent depression –Expert
Sickness, faith and life
Two years after Masaba’s death Polygamist’s 130 wives, 100 children, others live without a leader
Zungeru: Crumbling tourist sites adorn forgotten former Nigeria’s capital
I’m concluding plans to do PhD –LASU’s 74-year-old master’s graduate
Editorial: Terminate, not reform Almajiri system
Open letter to Mr President
Questions for our children
Life is tough yet beautiful
Can a weak leader build strong institutions?

The Nation

Jonathan, Dickson in cold war over Bayelsa PDP guber ticket
EFCC probes MTN’s listing on stock exchange
INEC declares PDP winner of Gov, Senatorial, House of Reps elections
Emeka Amadi: Dammam Miracle, my unforgettable moment
Taking Obasanjo to task
An Illustrious son of an illustrious father
Empowered by the Holy Spirit for exploits!
Today I am writing about Wainaina
Miss Moremi tours Nigeria
Insecurity: Nigerians must unite to combat menace- Clark
Southeast APC caucus leader backs Gbajabiamila over disqualification suit
Lafarge Africa partner FRSC, Lagos to sensitise motorists
World of kid models
They are not done with the press
Buhari greets Mrs. Fawehinmi at 70
Kidnapping: Two fake soldiers, others nabbed inside Anambra forest
Stylish turtlenecks and sweaters
Bauchi: Tribunal fixes Monday for pre-hearing conference into petitions
‘I courted poetry early in life’
Buhari salutes civil war veteran, Col Paul Ogbebor at 80
EFCC probes MTN’s listing on stock exchange
SIP has failed in the north, says Aisha Buhari
Buhari’s 2017 illness debilitating – Adesina
High points of the Eighth Senate
Second term: Buhari must deliver on APC’s three-point agenda -Olatujoye
There’s plot to silence Okorocha politically -Onuoha
Second Term: Ugwuanyi set to build on laid foundation
Delta APC leadership crisis: Elders move to reconcile members
Ihedioha’s tenure on intellectual high ground
UNICEF/Access Bank Charity Shield Polo ignites Kaduna
Abduljabar Sani: Playing football makes me happy
Breaking: Valencia beat Barcelona to win Copa Del Rey
Celtic win historic treble-treble with Scottish cup win
Breaking: Barcelona XI vs Valencia
National trade policy is obsolete – NACCIMA boss
‘Demand for honey propelled me into beekeeping’
Ogun Govt lauds NBC’s effort to tackle youth unemployment
Samsung fights inequality with equal training opportunities
IB Plc appoints Odulate as director
SONA Group chair amongst top 25 CEOs
City Beats
Ganduje promotes 24 Directors to Perm Secretaries
BEDC denies bribing Edo lawmakers
Five women held for cross-border ‘trafficking’ of children
‘One out of every four Nigerians practice open defecation’
Customs Tin-Can II generates 6.8bn in 4 months
Prince George: How Olamide, Wizkid opened doors for Nigerian music in Canada
PSquare: Peter Okoye to sue show organiser in Angola
10 Nollywood stars that have died in 2019
‘Cancer can be treated, managed locally’


Buhari in Ogun, Commissions Projects
FG’s Social Investment Programme Made No Impact, Says Aisha Buhari
• Queries the use of $16m fund for mosquito nets •
Clark Asks FG to Evolve Better Strategies to Fight Insecurity, Poverty
•Buhari, Jonathan congratulate Clark at 92
For Buhari, A New Season Begins…
Shrugging off those ‘Draconian’ Guidelines
Zamfara APC: Learning in a Hard Way
Police Arrest Soldier, Three Others over Alleged Kidnapping
Zamfara Verdict May Tighten Senate Leadership Contest
Lawan: Judgement won’t affect my chances
Ambode Winds up Official Duties, Unveils Onikan Stadium Today
Says he’s fulfilled with projects executed
APAS Canvasses National Summit on Suicide
Okun People Condemn Herdsmen Killings
Katsina APGA Elects New Officials
Power Interrupted –Panic at the DisCos
FMDQ OTC Sheds N12.6tn of Turnover in Biggest Loss
You Don’t Have Power to Conduct Tests for Police, Lawyer Tells JAMB
Tinubu’s Misdirected Anger and Obasanjo’s Bravery
Expectations and Need for Buhari to Assemble a Winning Team
Buhari Must Quench the Fire of Insecurity
Deconstructing Saraki’s Senate
The Shape of Opposition to Come in Buhari’s Second Coming
Power Interrupted –Panic at the DisCos
FMDQ OTC Sheds N12.6tn of Turnover in Biggest Loss
Non-oil Sector Still Saving Grace for Economy
The Power Sector is Too Expensive to Allow Corruption to Thrive
Driving Banks to Improve Private Sector Lending
Economy: Still Punching Below its Weight
Valencia Shock Barcelona 2-1 in Copa Final
Ladipo, Onigbinde Pay Tribute to Thunder Balogun’s Wife
Lagos and The Coming Rains
Waiting for The Discovery of Nigeria
NTDC Boss, Folorunsho Coker Back With Casa 45
Bomb From The US Embassy
EDITORIAL: Buhari Presidency: The Next Four Years…

Daily Trust

‘Fulani radio best way to engage nomads’
Reminiscences with Archbishop Josiah Atkins Idowu-Fearon
How FRSC official, 4 others died in Abuja auto crash
FG trains 2,500 Niger Delta youth on fishing
May 29: Presidential inauguration c’ttee inspects Eagle Square
Many injured as teargas canister explodes in Rivers community school
Breaking: INEC affirms PDP’s Mutawalle as Zamfara governor-elect
BREAKING: INEC declares PDP Winner of Zamfara election
BREAKING: Dawit wins Okpekpe 10km road race
Buhari to Amosun: You have done well for Ogun
Supreme Court verdict: Faces of new winners
The intrigues of repealing Bauchi anti-graft law
NASS elections: ’51 APC Senators, 191 Reps have signed for Lawan, Gbajabiamila’
Bahraini athlete wins Okpekpe 10km road race
2019 UNICEF Charity Shield Polo: Access Bank, Fifth Chukker, 17 others jostle for top honours
Prince Harry in Rome for 2019 Sentebale Polo Cup
‘Why smuggling of vehicles is no longer lucrative’
BREAKING: EFCC investigates MTN over listing on NSE
Electricity consumers insist on “No Meter, No Billing”
Questions for our children
Many injured as teargas canister explodes in Rivers community school
ISWAP suffers heavy causalities as Air Force neutralises insurgents
Army arrests kidnappers who killed victim after taking ransom
Mitigating our food grains from contaminants
Farmers to reap more money cultivating Bt. cotton, cowpea
Farmers call for protection against Boko Haram
Most Nigerian universities are ordinary caricatures — ASUU President
El-Rufai mobilises stakeholders to strengthen basic education
FG says it is embracing education for self reliance
PSquare: Peter Okoye to sue show organiser in Angola
Emilia Clarke feared Beyoncé would hate her after ‘Game of Thrones’ ending
Rihanna launches her Fenty fashion brand with Paris pop-up store

The Sun

Why we forced Tambuwal out of APC – Prof Bashar
How our interventions saved 2019 elections – Barkindo, head, Abdulsalami–led National Peace Committee
INEC confirms PDP winner of Zamfara polls
NBC denies issuing radio license to herdsmen
20 years of democracy: It’s been rough, tough – Cardinal Onaiyekan
Fake lovers almost forced me out of Nollywood
Fulani Radio: IPOB, MASSOB, other Igbo groups kick
ESCET provost denies rivalry with education varsity
Second term inauguration: Enugu Muslims pray for Buhari, Ugwuanyi
Obaseki shuns Okpekpe marathon race
Social investment: Aisha Buhari indicts Maryam Uwais
Enugu set to become cleanest city in Nigeria – Rev. Fr. Ogbu
Anambra PDP lauds Supreme Court decision on Zamfara
Ashiru vs El-Rufai: Court rules on votes recount next week
Outgoing governors laying landmines for governors-elect
I’m disappointed security collapsed under Buhari’s presidency –Umma Getso, YPP Vice presidential candidate
Kano Emirate crisis: I expect Sanusi to resign – Junaid Mohammed
Political waves, paucity of MTN shares shake stock market
Trouble for tax evaders as FG inaugurates Project Lighthouse committee
Belarus Republic to partner Benue on agric value chain
China to open wider trade relations with Nigeria — Chinese envoy
N17bn spent on infrastructure in Rivers – Shell
INEC confirms PDP winner of Zamfara polls
2019 polls: God rescued us from internal, external conspiracy – Wike
Ruiz to adopt Mike Tyson technique to stop Joshua
Tip-off times for all 92 World Cup games revealed
AS Sale, D’Agosto battle for FIBA Africa League 2019 title game
NBBF mourns Delano, Saratu Luga
Europa League final: Three Nigerians in Arsenal squad to Baku
Corruption charges: NFF passing through persecution –Pinnick
Fregene now walks with his buttocks – Wife
2019 U20 World Cup: Senegal star, Sagna delighted to break Odiaka’s record
FIFA U20 World Cup: Flying Eagles arrive in Bielsko-Biala
Udechukwu promises Enyimba will qualify for play off
Amstel Malta launches ‘We’ve Got Balls’ campaign
Para athletes target gold at Tokyo 2020
Suspect who killed actor Chris Attoh’s Wife, Bettie Jennifer revealed
I really don’t want to be thinking of that witch!
Writing as an addiction
May 29: Open letter to incoming First Ladies
Enugu airport, Hadi Sirika and insult on Ndigbo
Civil servant as contractor and politician
Udechukwu promises Enyimba will qualify for play off
Ways to boost your immune system
Six reasons to add more zinc to your diet
Why we’re combatting diabetes -Atuchukwu
PLAKMAN Cardiovascular supplement, repackaged to be affordable to all –Chukwunonso
645,000 basic education teachers not qualified – UBEC


Second Term: Nigerians Beg Buhari To Change Ministers, Focus On Health, Power, Housing
Zamafara: PDP Congratulates Matawalle, Others
Obasanjo, Ajimobi Inaugurate Projects At IITA
Amosun’s Legacy Projects Are First Class ― Buhari
Buhari greets Clark at 92
20 years after, Appeal Court asks church to take ownership of disputed land
Tambuwal presents 15 buses to state Transport Authority, reduces fare
Ministerial list: Group recommends Lai Mohammed’s reappointment
Army officer, two others nabbed for alleged kidnapping in Anambra
I’m leaving legacy of peace, security in Oyo ― Ajimobi
Age falsification: Ag CJN knows fate May 31
We have no problem with Olubadan —Ibadan obas
Govs, FG set for collision over LG allocation • Governors insist on status quo
Shagari Did Not Score 12 2/3 In 1979 —Olunloyo •‘Why My Mother Was My ‘Chief…
We are doing everthing to keep APC together in Oyo State —Peller,…


INEC Declares PDP Winner In Zamfara
Hidden Reason Senators Back Financial Autonomy For LGs
NAF Kills Scores Of ISWAP Fighters In Borno
Bandit Attacks: Katsina Emirate Suspends Sallah Durbar
France 2019: Ebi Sets New Africa Record
Poland 2019: Flying Eagles Arrive Bielsko-Biala For USA Clash
Africa Commonwealth Nations Set New Heights For Handball
Furore Over VIP Treatment For Detained Vulture
Ramaphosa Sworn-in As President Of S/Africa, Promises New Era
Nomadic Radio To Serve Hunters, Fishermen Others – Presidency
EDITORIAL: FG And The Whistleblower Policy
FEPPPAN Maintains Competence For Registration As Pension Union
Group Wants Maina’s Name Removed From EFCC Website
How NSCDC Resolved 39,000 Conflicts In 3 Years – UNDP
EFCC Has Not Accused Us Of Any Wrongdoing – MTN Plc
CIFIPN Hail Reps Over Passage Of Forensic Auditor’s Bill
Evaluating Buhari’s Economic Achievements, Challenges 4 Years After We Won’t Return To Ogoni -Shell
Gospel Singer Yinka Ayefele Becomes Brand Ambassador
Runtown Drops “International Badman Killa” EP
NFVCB Sets Up Panel To Investigate Bobrisky, Movie
Adam Levine Leaving NBC’s ‘The Voice’ After 16 Seasons
Okorocha Never Gave Us N150m For Ihedioha’s Inauguration – Planning Committee
Ashiru Vs el-Rufai: Court Rules On Votes’ Recount Next Week
No Plans To Witch-hunt Bauchi’s Outgoing Administration – Gumba
Power Play In PDP As Bayelsa Conducts LGPolls
May 29: Evolution Of The House Of Representatives 20years After
NFIU Guideline And The Impending Storm
Furore Over VIP Treatment For Detained Vulture
Egbin Power Station: Host Communities Lament Irregular Power Supply
PDP Accuses Buhari Of Isolating Govs Over Insecurity Crisis
Adamawa Debt Profile N115bn- Transition Committee
I Am Fulfilled In Governance Of Lagos- Ambode

The Guardian

9th Assembly leadership: Loss of Zamfara forces APC back to drawing board
Q3 2018 capital budget records dismal implementation
2023 Presidency: Why Ndigbo is angry with Amaechi, others
Capable cabinet: Options for Buhari, 9th Senate
God is the goal of revival – Part 21
COCIN condemns radio station for Fulani
Northern Christians okay CAN president for second term
Christian Forum prays for Buhari ahead of inauguration
Group tasks parents on education of children with disabilities
Admasu, Chelangat win Okpekpe Race as Dalung hails organisers
Welcome to Roland Garros Paris
Flying Eagles arrive in Bielsko-Biala for clash against USA
We must beat Sunshine Stars to appear in playoffs, says Ilechukwu
Qatar in talks to buy Leeds United
Lewandowski brace seals German Cup and domestic double for Bayern
El-Rufai’s attack on Tinubu is signal Southwest won’t get presidency in 2023 – Sani
Unpaid salaries: Kogi workers take fight to governor’s doorstep
In Kaduna, more knocks for El-rufai on Godfatherism claims
Ekiti: When labour and politics play too close for comfort
Live Abundantly launches children Awareness Initiative
Children’s Day…history of the day
Six UK artists to watch in 2019
‘Hey! I know that guy’ syndrome
‘Hey! I know that guy’ syndrome
Six UK artists to watch in 2019
Editorial: NNPC’s noisy retirement and redeployment
8th Assembly curious memories, missed opportunities
Saraki, the 8th Assembly and perception challenge
Playing at being and becoming president
Bomb from the US Embassy
28 years after conception, Tade Ogidan births Gold Statue
African Voices features Nigerian Actor, Kae-Kazim, others
D. O. Fagunwa and his overbearing ‘ helpers’: a novelist’s predicament
In creative industry, men rule the market, women struggle to move up


Catholic Teenager: I Will Rather Die Than Surrender To Rapists!
Oshodi-Apapa Expressway Lockdown: Chaos As Ultimatum To Relocate Trucks Expires
Open Letter To Femi Adesina
Launch Global Coalition Against Terrorism In West Africa, Amnesty Watch Tells UN, US
Poor Quality Of Governance Remains A Huge Problem – Obiora Okonkwo
It Has Not Been Smooth Sailing For The Opposition From The Beginning — Supo Shonibare, A Pioneer AD Leader
Why Should I Create Orphans And Widows Just Because I Want Political Power? — Alaibe
Energy Access Model For Off-Grid Communities In Niger Delta
Ugwuanyi’s 2nd Term: Building On Laid Foundation
I’m Not Richer Than Davido – Don Jazzy
Is Tonto Dikeh Pregnant?
A Letter To Emeka Ihedioha (4)
I Advised Jonathan Not To Contest — Wabara
Ex-Lagos Deputy Governor Tells Buhari: Don’t Jail Looters In Your Second Term, Kill Them
Pinnick Wants Nigerian Strikers To Fight For EPL Golden Boot
Senate: Why Anioma Want Ned Nwoko
Democratic Culture And The 2019 General Elections In Nigeria (1)
Security in Tatters: Govt ignored warning banditry, kidnapping, killings would escalate, spread to Katsina, Kaduna, Sokoto – Researcher
FG’s Social Investment hasn’t worked well in the North – Mrs Buhari
Nigeria’s problem not policy formulation but implementation — Obasanjo
If Jonathan had listen to me, PDP would have been in power – Wabara
FG’s Social Investment hasn’t worked well in the North – Mrs Buhari
Arewa Pastors assure Christians Buhari will not Islamize Nigeria
Open Letter To Femi Adesina
AFN Crisis: Members call for fresh start
Valencia stun deflated Barcelona to win Copa del Rey
Qatar in talks to buy Leeds United: report
He’s worse than a dog!
The most mistake you can make is play at matchmaking!
How Halima Abubakar betrayed me – Cossy Ojiakor
My experience working with D’Banj, Tonto, Slimcase, others – Dami Adenuga, artiste manager
I can’t be caught dead with a man that can’t get a Pierre-Cardin tuxedo for red carpet event – Sharon Francis
Oshodi-Apapa expressway lockdown: Chaos as ultimatum to relocate trucks expires
Tension in Enugu community as vigilante kills pharmacist
World Nutrition Day: 2.5m Nigerian children suffer malnutrition — UNICEF
Family planning saves lives, reduces maternal mortality, abortion – expert
How physical activity reduces liver cancer risk
Genetically engineered immune cells fight off deadly virus
Health tips: Coping with heavy sweating
Sanitation: Nigeria needs additional 2m toilets annually over 7 years — UNICEF
Dutch govt plans agric devt programme for youths in Edo
National carrier: Ministers not divided over – Sirika
No student was shot at Caleb University by Police – School
Magu drags 247Ureport to Court over libelous story
KOICA spends $500m on Nigeria’s e-Government plan

Daily Independent

Secondus Advises Buhari To Work With Governors To Secure Nigeria
Tor Tiv Proffers Solution To Farmers/Herdsmen Clash
Cyril Ramaphosa Makes Promises As He Is Sworn In As President
Belgian Promoter Of Israel Boycott Campaign Set To Enter Parliament
Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Effort To Transfer Military Money For Border Wall
Lost American Yoga Instructor Found After Two Weeks Of Search
North Korean Missile Tests In Violation Of UN Resolutions
US Blames Iran For Tanker Attacks, Deploys More Troops
UN Court Orders Russia To Free Detained Ukraine Sailors
Why Insurgency Still Thrives
Alleged Islamisation: Obasanjo Touching Buhari’s Achilles Heal
MTN Listing: Nigerians Call On Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, Others
Ndidi Scores Off The Field, Quits Bachelorhood
Sports Neither Here Nor There Under Buhari
Mikel Wants To Win AFCON 2019 Trophy
France 2019: Oshoala, Ebi, Oparanozie 20 Others In Nigeria’s Final Squad
Okpekpe Race: Oshiomhole Honours Cheprot For His Humanitarian Gesture

Best teacher lauds award as Maltina open entries for 2019 competition

Best teacher lauds award as Maltina open entries for 2019

by Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

The 2018 Maltina Teacher of the Year (MTOY) champion, Mr Olasukanmi Opeifa, has described the award organised by the Nigerian Breweries PLc as one of the best and most inclusive awards in the world.

Speaking at a press briefing to announce entries for 2019 MTOY at the Civic Centre Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday, Opeifa, an English teacher at the Government Day Secondary School, Lauri, Abuja, said since winning the award, a lot of recognition had come his way.

“The MTOY is the biggest teacher prize in Nigeria. It is also the most inclusive of all teacher prizes in the world. I have received many awards since this award last year,” he said.

NB PLC Corporate Affairs Director, Mrs Folasade Morgan, said public and private school teachers pan-Nigeria could register for the 2019 MTOY from Friday, May 17 and would expire July 12.

Speaking on prizes for the winners, she said the best teacher would get a total of N6.5million – N500,000 for being a state champion; N1million for being the national winner; and N1 million that would be spread over five years as well as an overseas self development training. She said the winner’s school would also get a block of classrooms.

First runner up would get N1 million; while the second runner up would get N750000. Both would also get N500,000 each as state champions.

Mrs Morgan said the firm had also introduced an additional opportunity for more teachers who may not enter for the competition to win prizes if their former students nominate them on the firm’s online consumer engagement platform.

“This year is symbolic. Being our fifth year of running this award, we have introduced the Consumer online engagement platform that our teachers are given a chance to participate. People can go online and nominate #thatoneteacher that made an impact on them and the more likes they get they will win prizes for themselves and their teachers,”she said.

Director, Basic and Secondary Education, Federal Ministry of Education (FME), Abuja, Dr Lami Amodu, praised NB PLC for sponsoring the award, adding that the government was in support of the award and would encourage teachers in Unity Schools and other public schools to apply.

Credit: The Nation

INEC declares PDP Winner of Zamfara election

BREAKING: INEC declares PDP Winner of Zamfara election

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has declared the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP as the winner of the governorship election held in Zamfara state.

INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, made the announcement during a press conference in Abuja on Saturday.

He also said the PDP won in all elective positions in the state.

He said this followed the supreme court decision sacking all candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the general election.

The Supreme Court on Friday declared that the APC had no candidates in the 2019 general elections in Zamfara state.

The five-member panel of justices, in a unanimous judgment on Friday, held that the party in the state failed to conduct primaries in accordance with the party rules.

In the lead judgment by Justice Paul Adamu Galinji, the apex court held that all votes cast for the APC as “wasted votes” and declared that all political parties with the second highest votes in the elections and the required spread, are elected to the various elections.

Horror! Cancer patient crushed to death by hospital radiation equipment

Cancer patient is crushed to death by malfunctioning radiation treatment machine at Russian hospital
By Will Stewart For Mail Online

A woman suffering from beast cancer was agonisingly crushed to death during a treatment session by a malfunctioning radiation machine.

Grandmother Valentina Minakova, 51, suffered fatal blows to her chest and abdomen as the medical apparatus squashed her in a hospital in the Russian city of Voronezh.

‘She sustained body injuries that caused her death on the spot,’ said the regional prosecutor’s office.

One report citing a doctor said that the patient was ‘screaming in agony’ when the ‘table’ – part of the apparatus – on which she was lying suddenly moved upwards and wedged her against a moving part of the machine.

The patient’s alarmed husband Alexander was waiting in the corridor outside and rushed into the medical room.

‘When he heard his wife screaming, he rushed inside and tried to save her from under the heavy machine but failed,’ said one source.

Medical staff also tried to free the woman but were unable to do so.

The malfunctioning radiation machine in which Mrs Minakova was crushed and died seconds later. The machine, made in 2006, has an emergency ‘Stop’ button but sources said either this did not work, or was not pressed.

At the time of the accident, the Czech-made gamma-therapeutic Teragam radiation machine was being operated by a technician not a doctor.

The machine, made in 2006, has an emergency ‘Stop’ button but sources said either this did not work, or was not pressed.

Ivan Moshurov, chief doctor at the Voronezh Regional Clinical Oncology Centre, was initially described as too distraught to speak.

Valentina had been diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago but refused to give up and believed she would defeat the disease
But later he said: ‘The cover of the table on which the patient was located went abruptly upwards and pressed her against the collimator – the part of the device where the gamma radiation comes from.

‘Unfortunately, death came literally on the table.

‘It happened in seconds.

‘This is a tragedy for our entire team, and for all her loved ones.’

The woman’s daughter Maria, 32, has told that her mother had been undertaking a radiation therapy course for a week and a half and had never complained about the machine.

Valentina had been diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago but refused to give up and believed she would defeat the disease.

‘Doctors were so shocked about it that they also needed help,’ said a family member.

‘Detectives will sort it out.

‘It does not really matter now what happened there and why.

‘It won’t help us, nobody will bring us back our relative.’

Her friend Tatiana said in tears: ‘I saw her for the last time right before her fatal trip to Voronezh.’

She had been undergoing difficult treatment but remained ‘full of smiles’.

‘She showed me photographs of her grandchildren, they were everything for her, she loved them so much,’ said Tatiana.

‘She tried not to talk about her disease, it is obviously so hard.

‘But she was a fighter, she was sure to win.

‘She has passed a complicated surgery and chemo-therapy, doctors gave positive forecasts.

‘And now this happened… how can you believe it that a person can die in a hospital like this, in front of all the doctors?’

Voronezh Regional Health Department said: ‘The staff has immediately called an ambulance and police.

‘All the reasons and circumstances will be established.

‘Experts are working on it.’

A criminal case has been opened by the Russian Investigative Committee based on ‘causing death by negligence’.

‘Investigators carried out an inspection of the scene of the accident, ordered a forensic medical examination to determine the exact cause of the patient’s death, and took explanations from the medical staff the relatives of the deceased,’ said a statement from state investigators.

‘Investigation of the criminal case continues.’

Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova also sent a team to the hospital.

News Headlines May 25, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines May 25, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by

The Punch

Asset declaration: CCB gives Buhari, Osinbajo, others Tuesday deadline to submit forms
Fulanisation agenda: Jemibewon, Bamigboye warn against attacks on Obasanjo
How I lost two children in three days –Oladotun, 38-year-old technician
I went back into kidnapping to raise my lawyer’s balance – Suspect
I don’t regret saying prostitutes have no dignity –Okon Lagos
Why we returned seized items to owners – Presidency
My regret is not being allowed to do everything I wanted –Ajimobi
Buhari caught in Shiites’ protest at National Mosque
Nobody complained I stole their money –Patience Jonathan
Caleb varsity students clash with police over school rules
Tribunal: Lawyer slams CJN for dining with Buhari
What to know when expecting twins, triplets or more
5:02 am
Zamfara: APC NWC members visit Buhari after closed-door meeting
INEC holds emergency meeting ……as Supreme Court annuls APC candidates’ election in Zamfara
In Saudi Arabian prison, I kept on crying till there were no more tears in my eyes –Zainab Aliyu
I’m not a criminal, says Lagos trader arrested for child trafficking
School building collapses, kills pupil In Ondo
Edo CSOs protest against anti-electricity theft bill
Family of slain LUTH doctor decries police silence on investigation
Customs seize nine vehicles worth N162m
Fire destroys 38 shelters in two Borno IDPs camps
Couple, son found dead in Lagos apartment
Assembly speakers, like civil servants, deserve life pension for serving their state – Rurum, Speaker, Kano Assembly
As FG, opposition continue bickering over potential uprising
Bagudu replaces Okorocha as APC govs forum chair
Ekiti gov poll: Fayemi floors Olusola-Eleka at Supreme Court
APC NWC appoints Giadom, acting National Secretary
We’ll reduce dependence on imported items – Emefiele
Taxation, a different profession entirely, says Fasoto
NigComSat, others form new firm to boost transmission capacity
APBN rejects NASS plan to establish forensic institute
FEC not divided over Nigeria Air – Sirika
FG sets up panel on tax- related intelligence
U-20 World Cup: Flying Eagles in winning start” •Hammer Qatar 4-0
Messi laments Barca loss to Liverpool
Ghana name Ayew captain ahead of AFCON
Osaka sets sights on ‘cool’ Grand Slam sweep
Djokovic confident of historic second Slam sweep
Teen gets penis stuck in drainpipe, has to be freed with circular saw
Against doctors’ advice, I delayed childbirth till my birthday –Precious Fani-Kayode
Only three copies of my first album were sold –Alaba Ultimate
My husband once told me to choose between my career and home –Tola Oladokun
Corruption allegation: Okoroji replies Tuface, says singer’s position ‘understandable’
Yomi Gold reacts to divorce rumours
Sickness, faith and life
Study reveals how fasting prevents obesity-related insulin resistance
Researchers uncover first breakthrough in Mayr therapy in Africa
Social media, the new ‘comforter’ for Nigerians with heavy hearts
Gombe community where women dread to be in labour at night
Girls, develop yourselves into fortresses not mistresses!
Modern windows of intimacy…
What has marriage changed about you?
How to manage a child with special needs

The Nation

2019 polls: APC suffers reverses in Zamfara
Ekiti: Supreme Court upholds Fayemi’s election
EFCC seeks final forfeiture of Patience Jonathan’s $5.7m, N2.4bn
Panic as motorcyclist, wife, son found dead in Lagos
…as armed men abduct film maker, demand N10m ransom
NGF chair: Tinubu congratulates Fayemi, seeks promotion of fiscal federalism
Zamfara: INEC meets on Supreme Court judgment
Emefiele: I get insults for using unconventional methods to improve economy
NGF election: Ambode, Ganduje felicitate with Fayemi, Bagudu
British PM May resigns, pave way for Brexit confrontation with EU
Nigeria future of the world —German envoy
Bagudu emerges Progressive Governors’ Forum chair
Flying Eagles thrash Qatar 4-0
Lagos CRPP: Sanwo-Olu’s election free and fair
Why some scars cannot be removed
Insecurity: Navy to take delivery of new ships, aircraft
Monarch wars: Yoruba group seeks Maye’s intervention
Ex-militant ‘Generals’ in Niger Delta demand sack of acting MD of NDDC
How Teni and I connected spiritually on my new song –Lese
Zamfara: Supreme Court ruling a sad one for APC -Chieftain
Oshiomhole, other APC NWC meet over Zamfara ruling
Tribunal dismisses petition challenging re-election of Speaker Dogara
Tribunal: Senator Wamakko properly elected – Dr Liman, SAN tells Court
Deputy Governor, 8 others make Edo team
2019 AFCON: Eagles’ll do well – Nwafor
Nigerians should demand more from Rohr – Akpoborie
Mikel flaunts trophy cabinet
FIFA Women’s World Cup: Oshoala, Ebi, Oparanozie, 20 others in Super Falcons’ final squad
Lafarge Africa partner FRSC, Lagos to sensitise motorists
Adron Homes unveils Yinka Ayefele as brand ambassador
Couples request my songs at weddings –BJ Sam
NFVCB takes media literacy, empowerment programme to northeast
Nutrition as your recipe for good health (1)


Zamfara: Atiku Hails Supreme Court Judgement, Says Justice Has Prevailed
NBA Lauds S’Court over Zamfara Judgment
(Updated) Supreme Court Nullifies APC’s Participation in Zamfara Elections
Masari Signs Death Penalty Law for Kidnappers, Cattle Rustlers
As cleric says insecurity’ll be difficult to curb without birth control
Dickson Has Surpassed Expectation in Educational Development, Says Jonathan
Again, Fayemi Floors Olusola at Supreme Court
Opponent congratulates winner but insists he was robbed
Bauchi Students Lament Non-Payment of Scholarship for Two Years
VSF Impacts 26,000 People in Northeast through Agriculture
Morooph Alli, THISDAY Former Staff Passes On
Atiku Bagudu Heads APC Governors Forum
U.S. Department of State Marks Africa Day
Fight Fake News Using Fact-Checking
CSOs Protest Edo Electricity Theft Bill
Ademola Adeleke Waxes Stronger in Osun Politics
MTF Networking Portal Introduces Instant Messaging Feature
The Great Lessons Life Has Taught Me At 59
Oyetola’s Has Renewed Hope for Economic Prosperity, Says Primate
2 Die, Others Hospitalised as Lassa Fever Hits Kogi
How to Change to Next Level As we were saying.
Saraki and the Cross of the 8th Assembly
What Nigerians Expect from Buhari Henceforth
MTF Networking Portal Introduces Instant Messaging Feature
Kresta Laurel Holds Partner Forum
9mobile Introduces New WhatsApp App
Toyota Receives Top Ratings as New Corolla and Rav4 Excel in Safety Testing
Nnenna Children’s Day Show
Kia Reveals First Image of new Small SUV
Henry Onyekuru Bavarian’s New Bride
2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup: Nigeria in Flying Start, Pummel Qatar 4-0
Can Barcelona Make up for Champions League Exit with Copa Del Rey
Derby Dream Premier League with David Okereke
Pinnick Says NFF Bill’ll Move Nigeria Football Development to Next Level
BCGS Hails Anita, Atuk Retirement Golf Tournament
Nadal, Federer Stand between Djokovic and History
FAB-5 Football Initiative Celebrates with Pupils, Teachers
Mc Mahon: I Love Actors Who Push Everything to New Level
Clement Mudiaga Enajemo: I’m Just Living My Life, Having Fun…As a Fashion Designer, I Should Reflect My Style
Akpororo, Sexy Steel, Junior Boy Endorse Football Campaign against Drug Abuse
K Solo: I Wanna Give Back My Little Knowledge to the World
For ‘2 Weeks in Lagos’, Beverly Naya, Gavor Re-ignite Chemistry

Daily Trust

Zamfara: S/Court sacks APC, as PDP bounces back
How students pay ‘mercenaries’ to write final-year projects
Will Amaechi complete the Lagos-Ibadan fast rail?
Nigeria, Germany need more bilateral approach – Amb. Yusuf Tuggar
Meet judges who are now traditional rulers
Nigeria, Germany need more bilateral approach – Amb. Yusuf Tuggar
Kano losing ancient city wall to encroachment
Marafa: Judgment is victory for democracy
Amosun, Police, APC bicker ahead of May 29 inauguration in Ogun
Zamfara: We have to accept judgement — APC
Acting CJN knows fate May 31 on age falsification suit
Why ADP didn’t go to presidential tribunal – Yabagi Sani
APC appoints Acting National Secretary
Zamfara: Supreme Court ruling a sad one for APC -Chieftain
Final push for playoff tickets, survival as 2019 NPFL season ends
Shola Awoyungbo: I want to help actualize the dream of the founding fathers of IBB Golf club
Sarri suspicious about being sacked
Electricity: Benue rural communities lament ‘flat rate’, estimated billings
Four years after, FG hasn’t achieved full TSA compliance
Nigeria’s economy not under recession threat – Experts
Federal Govt to provide more facilities at modern grazing reserve in Taraba
4 remanded for ‘extorting’ cancer patients
Over 20 Abuja orphanages operate without licence
Police arrest man for allegedly stabbing another to death
Court remands man for beating teenager to death
…arrest 7 women over theft, sale of 2 children
Plastic bags’ ban is very timely
Nigerians react to Supreme court`s verdict on Zamfara
Nigeria’s mobile subscribers to reach 201m by 2025 – Report
Phase3 announces Stanley Jegede as Chairman, Olusola Teniola as CEO
Bayelsa govt appoints Jonathan as Honorary Special Adviser
Emilia Clarke feared Beyoncé would hate her after ‘Game of Thrones’ ending
Rihanna launches her Fenty fashion brand with Paris pop-up store
Disney conjures nostalgic magic to sell ‘Aladdin’ remake
Apex court judgment on Zamfara, a bitter-sweet experience, says Marafa
Sen. Adeleke: Court threatens Police lawyer
Acting CJN knows fate May 31 on age falsification suit

The Sun

Zamfara Supreme Court ruling: It’s sad day for us –APC
Alleged infidelity: Okada rider kills wife, son, self in Lagos
May 30 Sit-at-home: Security beefed up in South East, South South
Fani-Kayode’s wife, Precious, triplets mark birthday in style
How governors fuel insecurity in Nigeria –Ghali Na’Abba
Jubilation in Zamfara as Supreme Court sacks APC’s governor-elect, others
Court restrains Lalong from demoting Gbong Gwom Jos
Abia PDP Assembly member faces probe for allegedly lying under oath
Tinubu: You’re a beneficiary of godfatherism, Bisi Akande tells El-Rufai
Katsina prescribes death penalty for kidnapping, cattle rustling
From Brexit to May exit: Theresa May resigns as British Prime Minister
Yoruba will succeed Buhari in 2023 –Robert Clarke
No one can take 2023 presidency from southwest –AMB. Ibrahim Kasai
Worsening insecurity can plunge Nigeria into crisis –Hazeem, FMR Oyo deputy governor
CBN goes tough on smugglers
EFCC operatives allegedly storm MTN Lagos office
FG approves $2.3bn loan for Lagos-Calabar coastal rail line
Nigeria missing on world ranking ship index
ECCIMA sets agenda for SouthEast governors
Zamfara dep gov, lauds Supreme Court judgment.
Benue Reps seat: Court dismiss suit on certificate of return
Barcelona haunted by ghosts of Rome in `nightmare’ loss to Liverpool — Pique
Wenger says his football future may not be in management
Serena remains America’s best hope at French Open
£35m tag on Onyekuru scares Bayern
Billionaire Rasak Okoya’s huge plans for wife, Shade
I hawked banana to assist my widowed mum –Chinaza Chikeluba, ex-beauty queen
Only thing that can make me cry – Etinosa Idemudia
‘The Dirty Game couples play’
Filmmaking more hectic than acting –Ijenebe Anwuri
Everybody deserted me after losing my only son –Eucharia
Armed men abduct film maker, demand N10m ransom
Nigeria’s tax master, Tunde Fowler’s wife, Rosemary, turns 60 in style
Segun Awolowo shut down Paris for daughter
Ooni Ogunwusi’s brother, Prince Adegboyega, finds love again
Why you shouldn’t live by social media rules
Qualities of healthy relationships
Remembering Michael Adenuga snr.
The game is over
A meritorious judge
Ways to achieve nude makeup look
Makeup is to enhance your beauty not to change your looks –Chinenye Nlemadim, CEO, Paula Beauty
I believe i can unite Nigeria through supportership –Dr Rafiu Ladipo, PG, Nfsc
Why you shouldn’t live by social media rules
Qualities of healthy relationships
Remembering Michael Adenuga snr.


Democracy will work better if there is transparency —Nollywood actress, actors
Ajimobi meets Buhari in Aso rock, says I wish Oyo people were more…
Five persons escape death, as another building collapses in Onitsha
Student dies as school building collapses in Ondo
Supreme court victory: Eleka congratulates Fayemi, urges him to rule without bitterness
Ondo traditional ruler raises alarm over herdsmen invasion
We are not indebted to NPA ― Intels
UNICEF turns to entertainment, hires Cobhams to sing about children’s rights
Dance is the backbone of entertainment industry — Kaffy
FACT CHECK: Senator Ben Murray-Bruce goofed on Rwanda’s Solar energy
Five persons escape death, as another building collapses in Onitsha
Supreme court victory: Eleka congratulates Fayemi, urges him to rule without bitterness
Student dies as school building collapses in Ondo
Ondo traditional ruler raises alarm over herdsmen invasion
Police lawyer escapes jail over Adeleke’s matter
Armed men abduct film maker, demand N10m ransom
Armed robber caught, burnt to death in Abuja
US commemorates Africa Day, applauds continent’s significant democratic, economic strides
BREAKING: Theresa May resigns as British Prime Minister, to quit office June 7


States Can Survive Without FG’s Assistance – PMB
Stool-Splitters: Governors Who Carved Up Domains Of Traditional Rulers
Justice Bulkachuwa And Other Judges Married To Politicians
Kogi Confirms 4 Cases Of Lassa Fever
Stakeholders Kick Against Privatization Of Public Schools
We Deserve Speaker Of Ondo Assembly – Akure Community
NITDA Donates Digital E-Learning Facilities To Army University Biu
Deji of Akure Decries High Rate of Youth Unemployment In Nigeria
NYSC Member Jailed, Others Arrested As EFCC Goes After Fraudsters
Obaseki Assents To Bill Affirming Edo State Polytehnic Name Change, As Rector Hails Move
Revenue Drive: Finance Minister Inaugurates Steering C’mttee For Project Lighthouse To Boost
NHRC, UNHCR Train Military, CJTF On Human Rights, Civic Protection
Supreme Court Ruling On Poll: Justice Prevailed in Zamfara – Atiku
Zamfara Gubernatorial Tussle: PDP Govs Congratulate Mutawale
China To Open Wider Trade Relations With Nigeria – Chinese Envoy
U.S. Tasks Nigeria To Leverage On Agriculture For Wealth, Economic Growth Aviation Union Suspends Strike, Reopens NCAA Offices
Ethiopian, Egypt Airlines Drug Cartels’ Story, Not True –Abike Dabiri
Glo Maintains Position As Leading Data Service Provider
Davido Features In New Video ‘Next To You II’
Woods To Play Memorial Ahead Of US Open
Nadal Primed For Another French Open Charge After Rome Crescendo
Athletes’ Letter Asks WADA To Drop Marijuana Ban
NPFL: Plateau United Assure Fans Over Relegation
Man City Debunk Guardiola To Juventus Rumour
PSG Boss Al-Khelaifi Charged With Athletics Corruption
UEL: Don’t Play Cech Against Chelsea, Seaman Warns Arsenal
Handball: 18 Countries Storm Abuja For Commonwealth Nations Meeting

The Guardian

Amaka Chukwudum:My happiest moment is when I’m on the farm
Both Pro-chancellor and principal officers of UNILAG should be investigated – Afe Babalola
Jubilation in Zamfara as Supreme Court nullifies APC candidates’ elections
Shiites protest continuous detention of leader as president Buhari prays at national mosque
Jonathan salutes Dickson on educational development
LUTH doctors deny suspending strike, says action will hold in June
Trucks besiege Apapa despite FG’s promise to end ‘siege’
EFCC operatives visit MTN office, quiz management
Why we won’t release 40 detained suspects, by Navy
Mikel’s presence in Eagles will boost young players, says Udeze
‘NFF will give Super Eagles, Flying Eagles, Super Falcons’ campaign good attention’
My Dear President Muhammadu Buhari
AFN board divided over IAAF’s ‘missing’ $135, 000
FIFA names Nigeria’s Dele-Bashiru, Weah’s son among players to watch at U-20 World Cup
‘Alexis hasn’t become a bad player overnight’
Supreme court judgment sweet, bitter, but victory for democracy, says Marafa
Azaiki congratulates dickson on emergence as chairman PDP governors’ forum
Supreme court upholds Fayemi’s electoral victory
‘Buhari is aware of the enormous hope Nigerians reposed on him’
The Three Best Ways to Lose Arm Fat
Brace up for the Falz Experience 2
Music publishers lament revenue loss in Nigeria
Nigerian pop music and glorification of internet fraud
‘Individuals cannot grow their wealth without paying attention to their health’
Unsafe drinking water, open defecation fuelling child’s death- UNICEF Nigeria, experts


$2b Bank Fraud: FG Probes 2 Serving Ministers, Ex-CBN Gov
2019 Poll: S-Court Knocks APC, Sacks Zamfara Gov-Elect, Declares PDP Winner
As May 29 Beckons: A Game Plan For President Buhari
Okowa On Silent Mode, Keeps Political Lobbyists On Tenterhooks
Beyond Political Pyrotechnics
Jonathan Hails Dickson On Education
Police Arrest Four Women For Abducting, Trafficking 14 Children
Delta Monarch Leads Subjects To Shut Down Agip Station
FATHER MADUBUKO: A Man Of Science, Conscience
Falz To Host Over 10,000 Fans At His ‘The Falz Experience II’ Concert
FCT Police Begin Probe Of Destruction Of Zuba Police & FRSC Observation Posts
Oshoala, Ebi, Oparanozie, 20 Others In Super Falcons’ Final Squad
NAKSS, NYCN Laud Ganduje Over New Emirates
Magu Drags 247Ureport To Court Over Libelous Story
Obaseki Assents To Bill Affirming Edo State Polytehnic Name Change
I’ve Given My Best, Says Ambode
Eleka Congratulates Fayemi, Tells Him To Rule Without Bitterness
How CBN reduced rising inflation in Nigeria – Emefiele
S-Court upholds Gov Fayemi’s election, says Olusola, PDP have no case
Supreme Court sacks Zamfara gov-elect, awards N10m cost against APC
Oshoala, Ebi, Oparanozie, 20 others in Super Falcons’ final squad
Barca failed to compete in loss to Liverpool, Messi says
Breaking: Flying Eagles pound Qatar 4 -0
FIFA hands 10-year ban on South Sudan official Alei for corruption
Real Madrid reject Pochettino’s claim Tottenham asked to sleep at club’s training ground
Olujonwo Obasanjo’s divorce suit to estranged wife stalled
Honestly, my wife’s complaints make me angry, husband tells court
Falz to host over 10,000 fans at his ‘The Falz Experience II’ concert
Entertainers endorse football campaign against drug abuse
Sparrow Records unveils new artiste
My experiences on the streets of Ebute Metta responsible for my success — Junior Boy
I would have disappointed God if… – Zoro
Omo Ibadan becomes Midea Brand Ambassador
Coronation Research Nigerian Consumer Report 2019
El-Rufai mobilises stakeholders to strengthen basic education
Displaced by conflict, Libyan students fear for their future
Jumia lists five key areas New York listing will impact Africa
There has to be a national re-education plan – Mrs Ify Akerele

Daily Independent

LASPOTECH Guard Kills Colleague For Ritual
‘I Will Survive’, Defiant #JacobZuma Tells Supporters
Public Protector Clears David Mabuza Over Madiba Memorial Service Costs Complaint
No Matric Results For Man Fighting For His ID Details To Be Corrected
Sonko To Rename Pumwani Hospital After Himself
Angola Ensures Complete Fuel Supply
After War, Terror, Iraq Plagued By Drug Crisis
South African Energy Companies Expanding Into Angola
Political Forces In Sudan Want To Establish Parliamentary Republic – Opposition
Proteas Women Saved Their Best For Last In T20 Series
ANALYSIS: 36 APC Losers From Supreme Court’s Ruling On Zamfara Elections
I Wrote My Final Exams In Tears
Entertainers React To Naira Marley’s Remand
Does Nigerian Football League Deserve ‘Professional’ Tag?
Golf: PGAs Of Europe Arrives Nigeria
PSG President Charged With Corruption Over Doha Bid For IAAF World Championships
Pinnick Rules Out Distractions
Nigeria Start FIFA U20 World Cup On A Winning Note
Role Of Legislature In Enhancing Financial Autonomy For State Parliament, State…
Buhari And Nigerian Sports
Governors’ Forum: Ambode Congratulates Fayemi, Bagudu
The Invocation Of The Gods
Achebe’s Characters And The Feminist Rage (2)

Muslims admonished on marriage institution as Muslim teachers hold Ramadan Lecture

Muslims admonished on marriage institution as Muslim teachers hold Ramadan Lecture

Chairman MUTAN BoT, Alhaji Ahmed Ajiboye, delivering keynote address as MUTAN Chairman, Alhaji Raheem Jimoh, and Missioner Alhaji Tajudeen Oladoyin listen

Muslims have been charged to pay attention to institution of marriage in order to avert incidence of broken homes and social problems associated with it.
This admonition was given by Dr Mustapha Ade Bello of the Department of Religion and Peace Studies of the Lagos State University (LASU) while delivering the Ramadan Lecture of the Muslim Teachers Association of Nigeria (MUTAN) in Lagos at the weekend.
According to Bello, the effect of broken homes is evident in the education system is obvious in recalcitrant students, unruly behaviours and anti-social attitudes on the part of the learner.
He, however, said it is easier to avoid broken home than to treat problems associated with it.
He condemned the levity with which institution of marriage is being treated by Muslim contrary to the teaching of Islam.
He charged Muslim organisations to formally establish marriage counselling as part of their operation.
He also charged women to accept leadership of their men while men should exercise patience and emulate behaviour of Prophet Mohammed peace be on him to keep their homes intact.
The MUTAN chairman, Alhaji Raheem Jimoh, attributed the choice of topic for the 20th Ramadan Lecture of the association to the pervasive nature of broken home in the society.
‘Broken home is like a war. No party goes uninjured. Each party goes with an injury they nurse for the rest of their lives. Whichever party claims unaffected is a chronic liar, pretender and unrepentant soul, mean and stone hearted’, he said.

In his own address, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of MUTAN, Alhaji Ahmed Ajiboye, implored Muslim teachers to shun immoral behaviours such as illegal collection, illegal admission and examination malpractices.
He also charged them to join withdraw from usury and embrace non-interest cooperative society in order to avert the wrath of Allah.
The 20th Ramadan lecture of MUTAN which was hosted by Lagos Island also witnessed presentation of certificates of recognition to deserving members of the society,
Recipients include winner of the Best Principal in Nigeria, Alhaja Bilikisu Oluderu, pioneer chairman of MUTAN, Alhaji Tiamiyu Bakare, Alhaja Adiat Kabiawu and Alhaji Taofeeq Amoo,

News Headlines May 24, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines May 24, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

CAN, JNI clash over FG’s radio station for herdsmen
Speaker: Plaintiff asks court to bar Gbajabiamila over alleged conviction
We’re interested in newly-wed women, says Niger kidnapping suspect
General manager arrested for stealing companies’ cars in Lagos
Court convicts ex-NIMASA boss, Obi, of N136m fraud
Atiku alleges plot to set him up, wants Lai Mohammed arrested
Islamic society rejects interchange on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
Court fixes June 24 for Saraki’s suit against EFCC
Foreign investors dump more Nigerian shares
Man attacks another, woman with machete in Enugu
Success, Iheanacho among most wasteful EPL forwards
We’re interested in newly-wed women, says Niger kidnapping suspect
$22.2m Abacha loot spent on empowerment schemes –FG
PDP has taken opposition politics to ridiculous level — BMO
Abduction: Community raises N1m for Osun chief, another’s release
General manager arrested for stealing companies’ cars in Lagos
Evans’ co-defendant alleges failed surgery in Kirikiri hospital
Abduction: Community raises N1m for Osun chief, another’s release
General manager arrested for stealing companies’ cars in Lagos
Hoodlums behead businessman in Rivers
Man molests seven-year-old girl in Ekiti
Two bag four years in prison for theft
Land deal: Church pays businesswoman after PUNCH’s report
‘Ekiti lawmakers’ planned life pension is unconstitutional’
Court restrains Bauchi governor from signing controversial bill
Ogun governor-elect promises to deliver good governance
Federal Executive Council divided on Nigeria Air — Amaechi
C’River farmers record N240m profit in 2018 — PIND foundation
Treasury bills issuance falls by N1.153tn in one year
Reps ask Total to refund $592m to FG
Education is solution to gender-based violence —Girl guides
FG blames mass failure in Mathematics on poor teaching
INEC to promote voter education in secondary schools
More pupils are involved in drug abuse — Psychiatrist
Ekiti commission dissatisfied with teachers’ performance — Abegunde
FG insists on deadline for dismissal of unregistered teachers
Study reveals how fasting prevents obesity-related insulin resistance
Researchers uncover first breakthrough in Mayr therapy in Africa
Priesthood, culture and mental health
Anxiety can be alleviated by regulating gut bacteria — scientists
Societal pressure driving more youths to commit suicide — Psychiatrist
LUTH: Resident doctors protest, embark on strike
Editorial: Islamist terrorism: Obasanjo, Soyinka on point
Mercy drops amidst the uncertainty
Nigeria: Under siege and on the brink
China doesn’t want trade war but…
South-South’s militancy and the Onnoghen saga

The Nation

Scores held as police battle criminals in Lagos, others
Adamu confirmed as IG, promises to re-organise police
Fed Govt lost N4.6tr to import waivers in two years
$22m Abacha loot spent on SIP, says Presidency
Ex-NIMASA chief jailed for N378m fraud
Osinbajo, governors raise alarm over increasing population
Muftau Olatunji Hamzat (1932-2019)
‘Modern’ Almajiri and child right in Nigeria
In times like this
Fed Govt rebuilds abandoned road in Anambra
Certificate forgery: Petitioner withdraws case against AbdulRazaq
Afenifere, Fayose, others: victory well deserved
IPOB’s sit-at-home order: Ohanaeze urges govt to strenghten security in Southeast, Southsouth’
Varsity don lights up community after 37 years of darkness
72hrs too short to submit financial report, says ULC
M1ME launched for human capital training
Goldberg’s Ariya Repete talent hunt begins in June
Labour hails Fed Govt, National Assembly on June 12, Emefiele
Killings: Military chiefs storm Katsina on Buhari’s order
Fed Govt lost N4.6tr to import waivers in two years
How Okorocha wrecked Southeast APC, by Uzodinma
CAF CL Final: Babatunde, Okechukwu optimistic ahead of Esperance clash
Solomon Ogbeide: Obaseki commiserates with family, Bendel Insurance, NFF
Gyan available for AFCON after president intervenes
Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Okagbare to run 100m, 200m sprints
ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier for Africa: Nigeria down Ghana by 28runs
T20 World Cup Africa: Nigeria beats Botswana by 11runs
Why ‘national carrier’ was suspended, by Amaechi
Removing road blocks to non-oil economy
Nigeria’s economy sees strong agric growth
Varsity student, nine others held for cybercrime
Trucks not authorised to park under Marine Bridge, says govt
Salesman ‘steals’ N650, 000
Teenager accused of stealing copper wire
Evans’ co-defendant ‘undergoes failed surgery’
‘Attendant steals 1,000 litres of diesel’
Senate okays bill seeking to upgrade Yabatech to varsity status
UI has 1,834 personnel shortage, says VC
No hike in Ondo institutions’ fees, says govt
“King Wadada” blames TV, radio presenters for decline in reggae music
Nutrition as your recipe for good health
Five facts you may not know about IGP Mohammed Adamu


Banditry: Katsina Cancels Activities Lined up for May Day Celebration
SEC, NSE Streamline Listing Process to Stimulate Interest
Police Council Confirms Adamu as IGP
Oyo Workers Give 24-hour Notice of Strike
Court Revokes Former Niger Gov, Aliyu, Nasko’s Bail
FG: Nigeria Lost N4.6tn to Import Waivers in Two Years
Ghanaian Court to Deliver Judgment on Dispute Between Nigeria, US Company
Lagos Debunks Allegation of Sabotage against Polio Vaccination
Another 195 Nigerians Return from Libya
Presidential Aide: Why FG Returned Some Seized Items to Owners
Nigeria at Crossroads, Bode George Cries out
Court to Hear Saraki’s Fundamental Rights Suit against EFCC, Others, June 24
Justice Ajumogobia Challenges Criminal Trial
Minister: Technology Critical to Achieving Self-sufficiency in Sugar Production
NNPC Recruitment 2019: Aptitude Test Fixed for June 1
NPA Partners Navy on Maritime Security
Chivita Gets Recognition
Dangote Cement Raises N50bn via CP to Support Short -term Funding
Considering the Humane Side of Rotimi Amaechi
Dangote Cement Raises N50bn via CP to Support Short -term Funding
As Aero Celebrates 60 Years of Operation
Hurdles Before NACCIMA’s New Leadership
Sirika: With Huge Travel Market, Nigeria Needs Strong Airlines
Flying Eagles Go for Three Points against Qatar
Nigerian Athletes Set to Battle for Honours at Okpekpe Race
Obaseki Commiserates with Ogbeide’s Family, Insurance, NFF
Nigeria Qualify for 2019 All Africa Games Volleyball

Daily Trust

ABU, Kadpoly, Unilorin, Unimaid, RSU win performance award
Babachir: Court fixes June 17 to rule on documents’ admissibility
CSO urges FG to release Zakzaky for treatment abroad
Okorocha: Imo accounts frozen 3 months ago
Court discontinues certificate case against Kwara gov-elect
Police Council confirms Adamu as IGP
Recruitment: NNPC to hold CBT for shortlisted candidates June 1
JUST IN: Osinbajo, Ngige unveil leadership of ‘short men’ in government
13 Nasarawa chiefs receive staff of office
JUST IN: Osinbajo, governors in valedictory NEC meeting + VIDEO
Babachir: Court fixes June 17 to rule on documents’ admissibility
CSO urges FG to release Zakzaky for treatment abroad
APC congratulates Fayemi as new govs chair
Poland 2019: Flying Eagles target three points against Qatar
Oremade: Even the bad weather won’t stop Flying Eagles
Osimhen fires Charleroi into Europa League play-offs final
Nigeria’s economy not under recession threat – Experts
Lack of synergy among MDAs mars Nigeria’s e-government scheme
FG, states, LGAs share N616.198bn revenue for April
Federal Govt to provide more facilities at modern grazing reserve in Taraba
4 remanded for ‘extorting’ cancer patients
Over 20 Abuja orphanages operate without licence
Dapo Olorunyomi: The courage and the struggle
Looming war in Arabian Gulf
NNPC and the fuss over staff re-deployment
China doesn’t want trade war but…
China hands man death penalty for students murder
British PM expected to quit on Friday: media
Police parade 25 over kidnapping, attack on Fulani
Kebbi Hisbah rescues 2-day-old baby buried by mother
Editorial: Plastic bags’ ban is very timely
Cyril Ramaphosa’s big task
Oyo workers begin indefinite strike
Recruitment: NNPC begins computer-based test for candidates June 1
Strike: Oyo workers give Ajimobi 24 hours ultimatum to meet their demands
Gombe College trains 525 rural women, youths on agriculture
Gombe to cultivate 365 hectares of seeds in 2019 farming season
‘Engaging in agriculture can reduce youth unemployment’
Michael Okpara University student wins statistics contest
Indomie begins 2019 heroes awards, targets children
Strategies to setting, achieving life’s goals
The last ten days of Ramadan is here
Officials disguise as waiters to catch Muslims who skip Ramadan
Cleric urges Muslims to embrace science studies
Falz hosts over 6,000 fans at ‘The Falz Experience II’
Northflix: We launched App to curb piracy of Hausa films, says CEO
“Mumble Jumble” to reduce low self-esteem in youth
Major flood predicted in 5 Sokoto LGs
‘Nigeria not ready for GMOs, does not need them’
Ministry needs partnership to develop Nigeria’s environment
Alleged money laundering: Court fixes May 31 for hearing
Foundation launches platform for digitization of corruption, criminal justice in Nigeria
Court revokes bail, issues bench warrant against Ex Gov. Aliyu, 1 other
Air Peace appoints 7 directors
700 practitioners bag CIPM membership
CIBN confers fellowship on 2 CBN dep govs: Aisha Ahmed, Edward Adamu

The Sun

NGF chair: Buhari, APC, Fayose greet Fayemi on victory
… He has skills to drive Forum -Kalu
14.4m Nigerians take hard drugs –UN
ICPC review exposes corruption in Customs, 4 other agencies
Govs blow hot over LG funds
Be careful what you say, Osinbajo cautions govs
Stamp duty: Reps approve sanction against 15 banks over N1.58bn under remittance
Wike moves to tackle insecurity in Ogoni
Ijaw communities protest non-inclusion of bridges in NDDC road project
Obaseki targets opportunities in entertainment industry
Edo people protest bill seeking protection for BEDC assets
Harvest of arrests as police launch Operation Puff Adder in Lagos
High, low points of 8th Senate
I’m ready to submit to Ogun people’s will, aspirations –Abiodun
Imo West: Legal battle shifts to Court of Appeal
Assent to Electoral amendment bill, Oyegun tells Buhari
FG plotting to frame me for phantom crisis – Atiku
FG approves $2.3bn loan for Lagos-Calabar coastal rail line
Nigeria missing on world ranking ship index
ECCIMA sets agenda for SouthEast governors
$22.2m of $322m Abacha loot spent on empowerment schemes –FG
FAAC disbursed N257.76bn to FG in April –NBS
Zenith Bank/Ikoyi Club Tennis tourney starts in Lagos
Kanu Nwankwo thumbs up Monimichelle
Niger FA Chairmanship Why I am going for the 5th time –Ahmed Fresh
Rohr gets two months salary
Spirit of David takes dance to churches
Filmmaking made easy at Canon/PEFTI workshop
The game is over
A meritorious judge
‘Toxic’ British Labour leader
Why you may have nightmares
Oshodi Paul: Festivals are catalyst for economic growth
Toyosi Tejumade dazzles with I Won’t Mind My Business
Sopona, the god of small pox


Buhari congratulates India’s Modi on election victory
I never said Ethiopian, Egyptian airlines running drug cartels,…
FG spends N470.825bn on social schemes in three years ― Uwais
Police council confirms Adamu as IGP
December 2019 deadline to flush out unqualified teachers ― FG
Abducted chief hunter, lady regain freedom in Osun
Fulani radio: SMBLF empresses shock, charges FG to perish the thought
Oyo state inaugurates Sexual and Gender Based Violence Response team
Admissions: JAMB doles out N125m to five best performed institutions
Reps sanction 15 banks over non-remittance of N1.6bn stamp duties levy
Emefiele assures on single-digit interest financing window for MSMEs
Afrexim Bank Q1 revenue grows to $240.71
Narendra Modi promises inclusive India after Landslide election win
Why we lost 2019 elections in Ondo —Former APC chairman
I’ve support of my colleagues to become Speaker —Olatubosun
Between man and machine
Here, it’s one month, several suicides
Badaru dissolves governing councils, boards of tertiary institutions
26 Oyo prison inmates pass NECO exam, to pursue varsity education
Lagos to enforce three-year jail term for exam malpractice offenders
Orphan bags automatic employment, scholarship


Protests As Bulkachuwa Quits Presidential Election Tribunal
Rivers: TEPNG Takes Healthcare Awareness Campaign To Offshore Communities
Fayemi Deserves To Be NGF Chairman — Fayose
Corruption: Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia Challenges Court’s Jurisdiction To Try Her
Anti-godfatherism: el-Rufai Spoke Mind Of Millions Nigerians, Says Civil Society
FRSC Seeks Collaboration With Stakeholders To Tackle Overloading Of Vehicles In FCT
Nigerian Senator-elect, Ned Nwoko Honoured In South Africa
BREAKING: Police Council Confirm IGP’s Appointment
We’re Not Aware Of N25bn Approved By FG – ASUU
6 Northern Groups Root For Gaya Deputy Senate Presidency
Shell Spends N221m On Infrastructural Projects In 9 Rivers Communities
Shell Inaugurates N221m Projects In Eight Rivers Communities
Monarch Woos Investors, Vow To Champion Economic Growth of Ogun
Isiala Ngwa Dry Port: Shippers Council Wants Govt. To Fulfill Obligations
Oil Set For Worst Week In 6 Months As Crude Stockpiles Surge
US Crackdown On Huawei Typical Economic Bullying – Minister
Rema’s ‘Dumebi’ Video Under Scrutiny, Stirs Debate
Nigeria’s Damson Idris To Star In Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’
Tonto Dikeh Signs N100m Deal With Zikel Cosmetics
1600 Athletes To Participate At Okpekpe 10km Road Race — Official
Anticipation Grows Ahead Of Federer’s Return To Paris
Youths Hail Fayemi’s Election As NGF Chairman
Awaiting S’Court Verdict On Zamfara APC
Kwara Gov-elect’s WAEC Certificate Genuine – INEC
FRSC Seeks Collaboration With Stakeholders To Tackle Overloading Of Vehicles In FCT

The Guardian

Fulani radio is route to crisis, leaders warn
Against court orders, ‘stolen’ aircraft departs Nigeria
Nigeria loses $1b to corrupt MSMEs development programmes
Nigeria seeks fresh $1.8 billion Chinese loan for coastal rail line
How to make visa applications successful – Belgian envoy
FG released N470 billion for SIP out of N1.5 trillion budget in three years
Commuters lament as road repair locks down Oshodi-Apapa highway
Trump, Pelosi trade barbs as impeachment talk stirs anger
New IGP Adamu pledges to reorganise police for efficiency
Missing IAAF grant is Nigeria’s latest show of shame
Nigeria qualifies for 2019 African Games men’s volleyball
Sponsors deliver 60 classroom blocks as teams set for top honours
Godfrey Esu blasts NFF over Super Falcons ‘uncelebrated’ departure for FIFA World Cup
Obafemi Martins tells Eagles how to win Egypt 2019 Nations Cup
Iyaye hails Eunisell for lifting Rivers United
‘Mobilising Nigeria’s resources for national development and stability’
Ambode and his ‘non-paddy man’ performance
Imo speakership race and making of a ‘Saraki’
We want to eliminate budget delays, says Waive
Why Nigerians Desperately Want Fela’s Resurrection
Editorial: Ladipo market and audacity of anarchy
Beyond the new ICT policy on education
Ibadan Inland Dry Port to gulp N35.8 billion
Policies, environment as stimulant to telecom investment
Ministry of Communications pushes for ICT Development Bank
Zamfara State: Education, insecurity and development
The burden of Nigeria’s unfinished businesses
Revelational message for Edo political tribologists and politricker
America’s tipping point
‘How we’re tackling challenges at Ambrose Ali varsity’
How to prevent brain damage, by WHO
Fast walkers live up to 15 years longer
How older fathers put health of partners, unborn children at risk
New autism drug improves empathy, social skills


Telecom Operators Demand Executive Order On Infrastructure Vandalism, Double Taxation
Death Toll In Onitsha Building Collapse Rises To 4
Unscrupulous Elements Out To Tarnish My Image – Atiku
Unpaid Pension: Govs Use LG Funds As Pocket Money, S’West Pensioners Allege
Health Tips: Coping With Heavy Sweating
Govs’ll Criticise FG Constructively, Says New NGF Chair, Fayemi
Kogi West: Adeyemi Battles Dino Melaye, Tenders PVC Lists Indicating Over-Voting In Two LGAs
Wike, The GOC And Oil Bunkering
Dealing With Rising Wave Of Suicide
Pastor, One Other Nabbed Over Kidnap Of 11-Yr-Old Boy In Anambra
Senate Passes Bill To Change Yaba Tech To City Varsity
NLC Gives Oyo Govt 24-Hour Ultimatum On Workers’ Welfare
Plaintiff In Kwara Gov-Elect Certificate Saga Discontinues Case
Kia Storms Small SUV Market Segment
Don’t Spend Your Life Sleeping Outside Power, Osinbajo Advises Outgoing Govs
Customs Begins Auction Of Seized Items In Imo
Fulanisation: We’re Hundred Percent Behind Obasanjo – Christian Elders
Fulanisation: We’re hundred percent behind Obasanjo – Christian Elders
Sanwo-Olu unveils first three months strategic plans
Atiku calls for Lai Mohammed’s arrest
Court remands 140 IPOB members for alleged treason in Enugu
Woman throws 9-month-old baby into well in Delta
Breaking : Police Council confirms IGP Adamu
I’m not aware Bulkachuwa’s son campaigned for me, Buhari tells tribunal
Unscrupulous elements out to tarnish my image – Atiku
Govs’ll criticise FG constructively, says new NGF chair, Fayemi
Kogi West: Adeyemi battles Dino Melaye, tenders PVC lists indicating over-voting in two LGAs
Go round and see the beauty of my country, Buhari tells Ben-Shosan
Solomon Ogbeide : Obaseki commiserates with family, Bendel Insurance, NFF
Bayern president Hoeness confirms Leroy Sane interest
Former youth football coach, Bob Higgins convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse
Never a ‘chance in hell’ of 48-team 2022 World Cup: analysts
PSG’s Al-Khelaifi charged in Qatar athletics graft probe
Olujonwo Obasanjo’s divorce suit to estranged wife stalled
Honestly, my wife’s complaints make me angry, husband tells court
Women who con men into fathering their children
The betrayal of a husband-snatching friend!
Furore on twitter over Wizkid’s alleged disrespectful greetings to 2baba
Magu seeks artistes, comedians’ support against ‘Yahoo boys’
Mavin record’s Rema sounds like Wizkid – fans
Tonto Dikeh signs N100m deal with Zikel cosmetics
How Wizkid stole show at Patoranking’s album listening party
Health tips: Coping with heavy sweating
Sanitation: Nigeria needs additional 2m toilets annually over 7 years — UNICEF
Recruitment: NNPC schedules CBT for shortlisted candidates, June 1
NSE transactions maintain positive outlook, indices up by 1.07%
FAAC disbursed N257.76bn to FG in April – NBS
Oil set for worst week in 6 months as crude stockpiles surge

Daily Independent

Presidency, Sanwo-Olu Bicker Over Apapa Gridlock
Court Revokes Bail, Orders Arrest Of Ex-Gov Babangida Aliyu, Nasir Nasko
N1.6bn Stamp Duties Non-Remittance: Reps Want 15 Banks Sanctioned
Champions League Winner In Frame For Kilmarnock Job
Manchester United At Crossroads Over First Choice Goalkeeper
Government Of Canada Announces Funding To Canada Soccer
Tottenham Defender’s Exit Confirmed
Commons Based Peer Production: An Introduction
China’s One Belt, One Road: A Sign Of Weakness?
Female Egyptian Bats Trade Food For Sex, Tel Aviv University Study Finds
Southern, Middle-Belt Leaders Reject FG-Funded Fulani Radio
FG Begins Probe Into $2bn Atlas Mara’s Union Bank Alleged Shares Fraud
My Confirmation, Call To Restructure Nation’s Security Architecture – IGP
FIFA U-20 World Cup: F/Eagles Plan Showdown With NFF
Atiku Wants Lai Mohammed Arrested Over False Claims
How We Bridged Communication Gap Between FG And Nigerians –Lai Mohammeders
Investment In Nigeria’s Telecom Industry Stands At $70bn – NCC
Conte Adds Victor Moses To His Inter Milan Wishlist
Odegbami Praises Otedola’s Contributions To Chukwu
Okpekpe Race: Nigerian Athletes Set To Battle For Honours 0
FIFA Drops Plan To Expand 2022 World Cup
Death Of Nigerian Open Is A National Shame – Willy

NNPC recruitment 2019: Aptitude test fixed for June 1

[BREAKING] NNPC recruitment 2019: Aptitude test fixed for June 1

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has fixed Saturday, June 1, 2019 as the date for the aptitude test that shortlisted candidates must undergo, being part of the recruitment process.

In a series of tweets via its verified Twitter handle @NNPC group on Thursday, the Corporation said the recruitment exercise, which kicked off via nationwide adverts in the national dailies and online media on March 13, 2019, and followed by the shortlisting of qualified candidates which commenced from about 27 March, 2019, has entered a third phase.

Referencing a Press release signed by its Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu, NNPC stated that shortlisting of candidates for the exercise had been concluded, and that shortlisted candidates have been scheduled to sit for Computer Based Test on Saturday, 1st June, 2019 across the country.

“Notification of progression to the next stage has been sent to all shortlisted candidates via text and e-mail, while other details such as test centre and time will be sent on or before the 27th of May, 2019,” the release stated.

Ughamadu relayed that validation of credentials of candidates would be a continuous process throughout the exercise, stressing that candidates discovered not to meet the requirements or who had presented false documents at any stage would be withdrawn from the exercise.

It added that the CBT would be administered in about 50 centres across the country, saying those who emerge successful in the test would subsequently be invited for oral interviews for final selection

Sunset on Saraki’s political dynasty

Sunset on Saraki’s political dynasty

By Dayo Omotoso

In a 1796 letter, third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I have no ambition to govern men.
It is a painful and thankless office.” And, former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, observed that “Politics are almost as exciting as war and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times.”

For about four decades the Saraki family of Ilorin dominated the politics of Kwara State. The patriarch of the family, Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, a medical doctor and politician, was the prime mover. Dr Saraki first entered politics in 1964 when he contested the parliamentary election for Ilorin as an independent, but lost.

After the election he returned to his medical practice in Lagos, only returning to party politics in 1978.

Earlier in 1977, Olusola Saraki had been elected as a member of the Constituency Assembly that produced the 1979 constitution. He won election into the Senate in 1979. He was re-elected in 1983 on the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and became the Senate Leader. Between 1979 and 1983, he was a member of Ilorin Emirate from Agoro compound in Agbaji.

In 1998, Olusola Saraki became a National Leader of the Board of Trustees of the All People’s Party (APP), contributing to the victory of the APP in Kwara and Kogi States. He assisted Mohammed Alabi Lawal in becoming Governor of Kwara State.

In 2001, Olusola Saraki was head of a team from the Arewa Consultative Forum, a Northern Cultural and political group, sent to meet and discuss common goals with Northern state governors and other stakeholders. Later Olusola Saraki defected to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP); and in the April 2003 elections the kingmaker supported his son Bukola Saraki as candidate for governor of Kwara State and his daughter, Gbemisola, as Senator for Kwara Central Senatorial district.

In March 2003, the Societe Generale Bank (SGBN) of which Olusola Saraki was the Chairman was investigated by the National Drug Law Enforcement
Agency (NDLEA) for alleged money laundering. Later, SGBN was investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) under Nuhu Ribadu, and its licence was suspended.

The SGBN eventually went under. Many depositors and customers of the bank lost a fortune in the process but there were no consequences.

Dr Olusola Saraki’s last political party was the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) on whose platform Gbemisola contested the 2011 Kwara State gubernatorial election.

The attempt created a schism in the Saraki family because Olusola Saraki wanted Gbemisola to succeed her brother, Bukola, as Governor of Kwara State but Bukola preferred his own anointed candidate, Abdufattah Ahmed, instead. Bukola Saraki’s candidate defeated his father’s candidate.

Popularly known as Baba Oloye, Olusola Saraki was allegedly deeply hurt and humiliated. Rumour, however, had it that father and son later reconciled.

Olusola Saraki was born in Ilorin on 17 May 1933 and died of cancer in Ikoyi, Lagos on 14 November 2012. His mother was from Iseyin in Oyo State; his father hailed from Ilorin, Kwara State. Saraki’s paternal ancestors were Fulanis from Mali about 200 years ago.

Olusola Saraki attended Eko Boys’ High School, Lagos; University of London; and St George’s Hospital Medical School, London. He worked as medical officer at General Hospital, Lagos and the Creek Hospital, Lagos. He had four children: Bukola, Gbemisola, Temitope and Olaolu.

Abubakar Bukola Saraki followed closely in the footsteps of his wealthy and influential father. Born on 19 December 1962, Bukola was educated at the Corona School, Victoria Island; and King’s College, United Kingdom: 1979-1981 for Higher School Certificate (HSC); and London Medical College: 1982-1987. He worked as Medical Officer at Rush Green Hospital, Essex: 1988-1989; and Director of SGBN: 1990-2000.

In 20000, President Olusegun Obasanjo appointed Bukola Saraki as Special Assistant on Budget. During his tenure, Bukola Saraki initiated the Fiscal Responsibility Bill. He also served in the Economic Policy Coordination Committee, where he was responsible for the formulation and implementation of several key economic policies for the nation.

Bukola Saraki was elected governor of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2003. He served for eight years: 2003-2011. As governor, Saraki became the first state chief executive to complete the Nigeria Independent Power Project in collaboration with the Power Holding Company of Nigeria. He introduced innovations in the Primary health care, agriculture and infrastructural development. He also brought revolutionary changes into the Nigeria Governors’ Forum

In April 2011, Saraki was elected into the Senate on the platform of the PDP representing Kwara Central Senatorial District, and then re-elected in March 2015 on the ticket of the All Progressive Congress (APC) after he had decamped from the PDP. Saraki was the arrowhead of those who moved against President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid for the presidency in 2015.

However, Saraki defected back to the PDP on 31 July 2018 some days after 14 Senators decamped from the APC to the PDP. He blamed his defection on intolerance of some influential persons in the APC.

The party’s national Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole actually campaigned vigorously for the removal of Saraki as Senate President. Indeed, the national leadership of the APC never liked the emergence of Bukola Saraki as President of the Senate and they never disguised their disdain for him.

The 2019 National Assembly election was therefore, an opportunity for the APC hawks to take their pound of flesh. Before the election the Senate passed the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill but President Muhammadu Buhari rejected it, stating that it reduced the President’s powers. The Senate said the Bill was passed to promote transparency and accountability. Buhari has no petroleum minister of cabinet rank.

In the February 23, 2019 election, Bukola Saraki lost his senatorial seat to Dr Ibrahim Oloriegbe of the APC. Saraki polled a total of 68,994 votes against Oloriegbe’s 123,808 in the four Local Government Areas of Kwara Central Senatorial District leaving a margin of 54,814 votes. Oloriegbe is a former Majority Leader in the Kwara State House of Assembly.

A political scientist, Dr Kehinde Awujoola, commented on the shocking defeat of the Senate President. He said he was not surprised that Saraki was ousted considering the several unsavoury occurrences since he became the Senate President in June, 2015. He said “First, you will recall that the leadership of the APC did not want him as the Senate President.

The party had a preferred candidate from the North East. Saraki’s tenure was tempestuous. He encountered many tribulations. Several wild allegations were hurled at him including the Code of Conduct Bureau saga and the futile attempt to link him with the Offa robbery case.

The immediate past inspector general of police, Ibrahim Idris, had no respect for the office of the Senate President.

On several occasions, Idris derided the Senate President with impunity without consequences. The Executive arm of government did not help matters. Nobody in Buhari’s administration wanted Bukola Saraki. They saw him as a liability. So, the APC cabals waited for the right moment to humiliate him at the poll.”

Another commentator, Dr Tosin Iyaniwura, observed that the rivalry between the Saraki siblings, Bukola and Gbemisola had destroyed the cohesion of the Saraki political dynasty.

She said: “The current problem began in 2011 when the once united Saraki family became polarised over Gbemisola’s gubernatorial ambition. Unfortunately, those who were envious of the family’s streak of luck and influence exploited the crack to convince the Saraki teeming followers that it was time for them to chart a new course hence the new political slogan “ O to gee” in Kwara politics.

For several years, the Sarakis had always kept their followers happy and loyal by distributing food and money to them with some getting killed in the stampede for the items. But, now, some young Kwarans who were probably former followers of Baba Oloye have decided to challenge the Saraki dominance of Kwara politics.”

Reacting to Saraki’s defeat, a former media adviser who prefers anonymity said, “If an unwanted visitor comes to your compound, you quickly sweep off his or her footprints. Bukola Saraki is too arrogant and self-centred. He is a butterfly pretending to be a bird. When you talk of Kwara politics, we were loyal to him and his father.

The people served them faithfully but Bukola took their love and loyalty for granted. He became swollen-headed, and we said O to gee, meaning enough is enough. Bukola Saraki has become a pariah in Kwara politics.”

But, earlier in a newspaper interview in October 2014, a former Commissioner for information under Saraki’s governorship, Raheem Adedoyin, had argued that “The system in Saraki’s political dynasty is not about struggling for anything…”, adding that “Elections in Kwara had never been a tea party; but from 1979… the winning machinery is the Sarakis. The founder, a great visionary, Late Olusola Saraki, established the machinery and the machinery…has even surpassed the founder. Bukola Saraki, our leader is the Senior Prefect of the dynasty.”

The plot against the Saraki political machinery in Kwara first reared its ugly head before the 2015 general elections when some former loyalists kicked against an alleged plan by Bukola Saraki to impose a gubernatorial candidate on the APC. He compounded his political woes in 2018 when he decided to go back to the PDP.

Shuaibu Iyanda, a resident of Ilorin, is from the Amilegbe area of the state capital. He sympathised with Saraki’s political misfortune but eulogised Ibrahim Oloriegbe’s modesty and humility in victory. He said: “Dr Ibrahim Oloriegbe is a noble man. I congratulate him on his modesty and humility in victory. Oloriegbe is not like some proud Abuja politicians who regard themselves as the Alpha and Omega of Kwara politics.

They have been going about boasting that they are behind the APC victory in Kwara. These pretenders are not even from Ilorin. Why, then, are they claiming to be leaders? Ilorin people have just shaken off the hegemony of one family. We do not want a new imposition from any quarters. Nobody should use us to secure appointments in Abuja,” he concluded.
Omotoso, a journalist, wrote from Ibadan