Don’t politicise religion, Buhari implores Nigerians

Buhari to Nigerians: Don’t politicise religion

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Terhemba Daka, Abuja

• Urges Citizens To Be Wary Of Those Seeking To Divide Country For Their Advantage
• Says Osinbajo Wrongly Accused Of Selling Out Christianity
• I’ve Been Accused Of Trying To Islamise Nigeria, He Laments
President Muhammadu Buhari has warned against politicising religion in Nigeria, saying Muslims and Christians can flourish together.This is contained in an opinion piece written by the President on religion published in the Church Times, UK’s largest Anglican newspaper and made available to newsmen in Abuja yesterday.

President Buhari, who described himself as a descendant of Abraham, said in 1844, the Rev Samuel Ajayi Crowther returned home to Yorubaland (now part of modern-day Nigeria). Twenty years earlier, he said Crowther had been kidnapped and sold to European slave traders who were bound for the Americas. He was freed by an abolitionist naval patrol and received by the Church Missionary Society where he found his calling.

According to him, Crowther made his voyage home to establish the first Anglican mission in Yoruba land adding that he came with the first Bibles translated into Yoruba and Hausa languages. Buhari recalled that he opened dialogue and discussion with those of other faiths and his mission was a success. Crowther later became the first African Anglican Bishop in Africa.

Today, the president noted that Nigeria has the largest Christian population on the continent pointing out that the messages and teachings of Christianity are part of the fabric of each person’s life.He said: “Along with the millions of Christians in Nigeria today, I believe in peace, tolerance and reconciliation; in the institution of the family, the sanctity of marriage, and the honour of fidelity; in hope, compassion, and Divine revelation.

“Like Bishop Crowther, I am a descendant of Abraham; unlike him, I am a Muslim. I believe our two great religions can, not only peacefully coexist, but also flourish together. But Muslims and Christians must first turn to one another in compassion. For, as it says in Amos 3.3: “Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”

“As they are People of the Book, I believe that there is far more that unites Muslims and Christians than divides them. In fact, I believe that the messages of the Bible are universal, available for anyone to exercise, and instructive to all.“We must resist the temptation to retreat into our communities, because, if we do, we can only look inwards. It is only when we mix that we can reach new and greater possibilities.

“Whichever religion or religious denomination they choose to follow, Nigerians are devout. Anything that Nigerians believe will place impositions on their practice and belief is, therefore, sure to cause widespread alarm.

The president lamented that there are those who seek to divide Nigerians and two great religions, and to do so for their own advantage.“I stand accused-paradoxically- of trying to Islamise Nigeria while also being accused by Boko Haram terrorists of being against Islam. My Vice President is a devout man, a Christian pastor. He, too, is accused of selling out his religion, because of his support for me.

“This is not the first time that I nor, indeed, my Christian-Muslim evenly split cabinet have been the subject of such nonsense. Fortunately, the facts speak differently from the words of those who seek to divide us from one another.“Since my administration has been in power, Boko Haram has been significantly and fatally degraded; I have befriended church leaders and church groups both within and outside our country; my Vice-President has addressed and opened dialogue with Muslims up and down our land.

He further explained that “In all things, we seek that which all well-meaning Christians and well-meaning Muslims must seek: to unite, respect, and never to divide. Does it not say, “There is no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2.256)? Does it not say, “Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us” (Luke 9.50)? This, surely, is the path that followers of both our two great religions must walk.

“Unfortunately, those who wish us all to walk apart have recently found another focus for their efforts: the tragic clashes between nomadic herdsmen and settled farmers in the central regions of Nigeria.”For generations, Buhari said herders have driven their cattle from the north to the centre of our country; they tend to be predominantly Muslim, although not exclusively. The farmers, in certain areas of central Nigeria, are predominantly Christian.

According to him, the causes of this conflict are not religious or theological, but temporal noting that at the heart of this discord is access to rural land, exacerbated both by climate change and population growth.The President regretted that there were some who seek to play fast and lose and so make others believe that these are not the facts. When religion is claimed as the cause , and by those who know that it is not, it only makes finding a resolution more difficult.

“The government has taken action to mediate, to bring the two groups together in peace and unity. But we also need all parties to follow the teachings of the scriptures, and encourage reconciliation rather than cause division. As it is said: “Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear?” (Mark 8.18).

“As our constitution codifies, politicising religion has no place in Nigeria; for it makes us turn away from one another; it makes us retreat into our communities and walk different paths.“I believe that there is a better way. To those who seek to divide, I still hold my hand out in brotherhood and forgiveness. I ask only that they stop, and instead encourage us to turn towards one another in love and compassion. Nigeria belongs to all of us. This is what I believe,” he stated.

Credit: The Guardian

2019: Wike resigns as PDP campaign zonal coordinator

2019: Wike resigns as PDP campaign zonal coordinator

Atiku Abubakar

A major upset may have hit the presidential campaign of former vice president, Atiku Abubakar as the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike resigned his appointment as the south south zonal coordinator of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP presidential campaign council.

A reliable source close to the governor told Saturday Sun late Friday night that Wike’s letter of resignation as Atiku’s campaign coordinator for the south south was ready and would be submitted today, Saturday.

The PDP had in October named Senate President, Bukola Saraki, as Director-General of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Council along with prominent leaders of the party as zonal coordinators.

Announcing their appointment, the party’s national chairman, Uche Secondus, had said “After due consultation with party stakeholders, PDP, under my leadership has approved the following as members of Atiku Presidential Campaign Council.”

Apart from the Senate president, Ayo Fayose, Aminu Tambuwal, Ibrahim Dankwambo, Samuel Ortom, Nyesom Wike and Dave Umahi were named as zonal coordinators.

While Governor Aminu Tambuwal was named as the Zonal Coordinator for NorthWest, Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo was appointed Zonal Coordinator for North-East, Governor Samuel Ortom for North-Central, Governor Dave Umahi for South-East, Nyesom Wike for South-South and former Governor Ayodele Fayose as Zonal Coordinator for the SouthWest.

Barely a month after, Saturday Sun gathered that Wike is not comfortable with the way things are going in the campaign especially lack of consultations of appropriate party leaders before vital decisions and appointments are made. The source however said notwithstanding the resignation by the governor, he remains committed to the party and the 2019 campaigns.

Credit: The Sun

OPC founder, Frederick Fasehun is dead

Breaking: Frederick Fasehun OPC founder dies

Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) Dr Frederick Fasehun is dead.

He was aged 83.

Frederick Fasehun

Senior Special Adviser on Media, to Fasehun, Mr Adeoye Jolaosho, disclosed in Lagos, on Saturday.

He said the OPC chieftain died at about 1a.m, Saturday at the intensive care unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja (LASUTH).

“Baba took ill on Wednesday and was rushed to the intensive care unit of LASUTH.

” He died early hours of today. We are all devastated,” he said.

Fasehun was an active member of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO).

He was born in Ondo on September 25, 1938 in Ondo, Ondo state.

He began his education late, entering primary school at the age of 13 at Saint Matthews Roman Catholic School, Ondo.

He later moved to Saint Peter’s Teacher’s Training College, Akure, also in Ondo state. But he was expelled from school, because of his non-conformity with Catholicism. Fasehun was then admitted to Ondo Boys High School, where he completed his secondary education in less than three years, with a Grade One distinction.

His brother offered him a scholarship to study science at Blackburn College in the UK. He furthered his education at Aberdeen University College of Medicine. He also studied at the Liverpool Postgraduate School after which he had a Fellowship at the Royal College of Surgeons.

In 1976, he studied acupuncture in China under a joint World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations Development Scholarship Program.

On his return in 1977, he set up an Acupuncture Unit at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

He resigned in 1978 and immediately set up the Besthope Hospital and Acupuncture Centre in Lagos.

His Acupuncture Centre once earned a reputation as Africa’s first for the Chinese medical practice.

Credit: Vanguard

Former President, US firm identified in plot to obtain US visa for Atiku

Ex-President, U.S firm named in Atiku’s visa row

Atiku Abubakar

Posted By Yusuf ALLI, Managing Editor, Northern Operation and Yinka Adeniran

A former President and a Washington based firm have been named in the lobbying for the issuance of visa to the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar.

According to findings made by our correspondent, the ex-President, who demonised Atiku in the past and called him unprintable names, has been coordinating lobbying for him as “part of a rebranding project” to enable relevant authorities and institutions to buy into 2019 poll in Nigeria.

A top source said yesterday that the ex-President has been involved in creating international image crisis for President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The source said: “I think it is a Cold War thing between pro-visa elements and those against it. Whatever alarm the Federal Government is raising stemmed from intelligence reports on the dimension the politics of visa for Atiku is assuming.

“From preliminary findings, a former President is actually the one coordinating lobbying for the issuance of the US Visa to Atiku alongside a Washington-based firm. The vicious colour of the lobbying is what has made it an issue.

“The ex-President and other lobbyists have been turning the facts upside down in order to have their way within the US government and at congressional level.

“The ex-President and the PR firm said to be on $90,000 per month have already drawn up some interactive engagements for PDP candidate in the US to mobilise international support for the PDP candidate.”

In the US, those against Atiku have equally stepped up attack on him and are reminding the White House and the Congress about the “unresolved issues concerning him, and what the former President now chief lobbyist had said about the PDP presidential candidate.”

“One or two ministers have also been to the US to hold talks with some institutions and officials on why the American government has to be cautious in handling the visa matter.

“It is left to the US Government to weigh options on whether or not to complete the visa process for Atiku, “a highly placed source said yesterday.

As at press time, it was gathered that Atiku had left Nigeria for the United Kingdom on Thursday night after the inauguration of PDP Presidential Campaign Council.

“I think it is when he returns that he will complete his visa process. But the fingerprints have been done,” another source added.

Speaking with our correspondent last night, one of the strategists of the PDP candidate, Mr. Phrank Shaibu, said: “What has granting of visa by another country got to do with the capacity, acceptability and effective strategies to get Nigeria working again in the election of a sovereign nation like us?

“What is even the big deal going to America when Donald Trump has sounded it loud and clear that he does not even want foreigners to come to America again?

“Why should a man who wants to become President of a big country like Nigeria make travelling to America one of his campaign points, when we all know that once he becomes President, the same America will urge him to come and visit?

Speaking yesterday on the visa controversy, the United States Consulate, Lagos, said the issue remained a strictly confidential matter, which the American government will not discuss publicly.

The Public Affairs Officer (PAO), US Consulate, Lagos, Brussel Brooks, said irrespective of the social standing or interest of the society in the matter, the US government will give the matter the strict confidentiality it requires.

The PAO made the disclosure in an interview with journalists at the end of an education forum organised for 150 teachers and students drawn from various public schools in Oyo State.

Dignitaries at the event include representatives of Oyo State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, students and teachers, among other stakeholders in the sector.

The programme, entitled: “Teaching Resources: Availability, Applicability and Appropriateness”, held at the Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan.

It was organised by Fulbright Language Scholars’ Association under the leadership of Miss Tolu Akinwole and funded by the US Consulate.

The organisers said the programme had trained a total of 350 teachers in Oyo and Ondo states in 2018 with the focus of “igniting vibrant teachers and provide solutions to observed inability of students to apply lessons they learn in classrooms to everyday life.”

Speaking on the Atiku US visa status, Brooks said although the case has been a topical issue in the media for a while, the US would still maintain its stand of taking visa matters as highly confidential, irrespective of the individual concerned.

He said: “The position of the US mission has remained the same throughout any discussion of this issue, that visas are a confidential matter.

“We don’t discuss individual visa’s status of any person, whether it be a highly rated official, a presidential candidate or an average citizen.

“Anyone who applies for a visa should know that there will be some records that are confidential. It is classified as private document by the United States Government and we never discuss them in public.

“We would only enjoin candidates at all levels, especially presidential, governorship and National Assembly, to focus on issue-based campaigns and avoid distractions.

“We advise Nigerians to ask candidates at all levels the plan they have to improve education and other aspects.

“Often times, unfortunately, campaigns are full of distractions, things that are not that important to the lives and welfare of average Nigerians, especially the children that are with us today.

“What is important for them is to give them the opportunities to serve in order to thrive in today’s world.

“This means they need good education. The school should be improved.

“When I heard the letter from the students describing their lack of books and dearth of desks in their school. This is very disheartening. There are things that should be corrected.

“I will also encourage parents and voters to ask the candidates what they plan to do to improve education. I think issue-based campaigns will be beneficial to all Nigerians.”

Credit: The Nation

News Headlines Dec 1, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Dec 1, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

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Lawyers shut courts, protest killing of Imo magistrate
Foreign bandits invade Sokoto LG, levy residents
Tax evaders will be jailed – Rivers govt
Widowhood won’t give you automatic ticket in APGA, Oye tells Bianca Ojukwu
I can’t take responsibility for Chibok girls’ abduction – Jonathan
2019 election: Eight Amosun’s aides resign
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I hadn’t made enough money before my arrest – Robbery suspect
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Investment in FGN savings bond below expectation – DMO
Private sector got N46.53tn from banks in nine months – NBS
IATA seeks support for open skies
US, Mexico, Canada sign new trade deal
AWCON final: Falcons battle Banyana Banyana for ninth title
Iwobi, Musa, Ighalo nominated for CAF award •Oshoala, Oparanozie make women’s list
I was told I couldn’t become an athlete because of my size – Amusan
I’ve achieved one of boxing’s best comebacks – Fury
CAF strips Cameroon of 2019 AFCON hosting rights
Wilder vows to knock out Fury at heavyweight title weigh-in
For me, it goes beyond just being good, one must be exceptional to get there –Forward, first-class graduate
Transparency, accountability will fix education sector – Stakeholders
Education critical to Nigeria’s development – Osinbajo
Some gays make passes at me for dressing like a woman –Bello Kreb
My son doesn’t see me as a serious musician –Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde
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My voice got better after plane crash –Kechi Okwuchi
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Politics can never affect my acting career –Emeka Ike
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2019: INEC raises alarm
Ex-President, U.S firm named in Atiku’s visa row
Metele massacre: Sack service chiefs now
Army rolls out new strategies to fight Boko Haram…as COAS conference ends
EFCC arrests Lebanese with $2m cash at Abuja airport
Murder of 20-year-old under-graduate that shook Bayelsa
Police begin recruitment of 10,000 constables
Wike may quit as Atiku’s South-South campaign coordinator
ASUU strike: FG begins implementation of no-work-no-pay rule in striking varsities
Land tussle: Court restores over 100 buildings to Ibadan residents
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France 2019: Cameroon claims Africa’s third ticket
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FG begins no-work-no-pay in striking varsities
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Buhari swears in commissioners in FCSC
NCC set to improve telecom broadband
Diageo partners UNITAR, Ministry of Transport on road safety
Ecobank upgrades banking application
100 resident doctors in LASUTH to donate blood
How to stop brain drain, suicide, others, by psychiatrists
Atiku goes to America
Presidential race in slow start
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Money Laundering: Zamfara SUBEB boss jailed 41 years


CAF Strips Cameroon of Hosting 2019 Nations’ Cup
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CAN Dissolves Elders’ Forum
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The Sun

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As Iginla’s church celebrates
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Daily Trust

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EFCC arrests Lebanese man with $2m at airport
…Recovers N1.9bn from Bola Shagaya
Ortom alerts on fresh influx of herders
2019: PDP names directorates, spokespersons for presidential campaign
Foundation calls for tenure for I-G
Ogun Chief of Staff resigns
Imo APC crisis: Buhari tasks warring parties to sheathe swords
Again UniJos disowns Plateau lawmaker’s cert.
Three FUDMA students kidnapped in Katsina
How N2.1bn Released To State House Was Spent – Perm Sec
Bleak future awaits children haunted by conflicts
INVESTIGATION: Damned by dams: How hydro-dams affect Niger communities
Investigation: Coal deposits for 10,000MW of electricity wasting in 28 sites
Is death actually sudden?
Breaking: I’ll remain in APC to fight injustice, support Buhari’s ‘re election -Marafa
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Final showdown as Falcons battle Bayana Bayana in 2019 AWCON final
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Sparks fly as Wilder, Fury face off ahead of title fight
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Dana Air will encourage best aviation practices
‘SMEs cut travel budget via BA’s loyalty programme’
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Impediment to decisive victory over Boko Haram
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Armed group emerges in Sokoto, takes over LGA, arrests herdsmen, taxes households
2019: Knocks greet EFCC’s move to monitor campaign finance
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Saraki labels Osinbajo’s market tours, sophisticated vote buying
Atiku and South-East negotiations
Nigerians’ lives devalued, cheapened under Buhari – Ezekwesili
Breaking: APGA breaks as AAPGA emerges
12-yr-old girl beheaded in Delta
Okorocha suspends Accountant General, orders arrest of bank managers
NEC dubs 2019 party primaries Nigeria’s most acrimoniou
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Smartphones will consume more than 21GB data per month by 2024 — Ericsson
WHO, Edo Govt commemorate 2018 World AIDS Day, task residents to test for status

New Telegraph

2019: Don’t politicise religion in Nigeriam –Buhari…says Christians, Muslims can ‘flourish’ together
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Widows of soldiers killed by Boko Haram: We can’t feed our children, pay school fees
A’IBOM HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY CRISIS: Ousted lawmakers should seek redress in court –Inuayen
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Widows of soldiers killed by Boko Haram: We can’t feed our children, pay school fees
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