UNILAG, Ekene and UTME

UNILAG, Ekene and UTME

By Chimdi Maduagwu

The University of Lagos is not unaware of the present press and public views on the yet to commence admission and registration exercises into the university for the 2019/2020 academic session.
It is true that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has conducted and released results of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), which to some people kicks off the process of admission into tertiary institutions; however, the universities are not yet in the picture.

University of Lagos has just been dragged in due to either lack of information or insufficient information. The Guardian Opinion of May 19, 2019 presented some disturbing matters about the admission and registration processes.

In what appeared partly like a plea and partly like a command, “UNILAG, admit UTME highest scorer,” The Guardian Newspaper opinion presented what it referred first as “insinuations” but later as truth, that UNILAG will not offer a place to Ekene Franklin, who purportedly came out with the highest score of 347 of 400 in the last UTME.

The reason, according to the opinion is age – his age is 15 years and that happens to be below matriculation age.

University of Lagos would have been in a very good position to give information to the general public on the matter, if it was clearly stated, rather than insinuated; if JAMB had forwarded Ekene Franklin’s scores and other particulars to the University and if the University had confirmed information about the candidate’s age.

Ordinarily, there will be no need for a reaction like this, but because of the long standing cordial relationship between the University of Lagos and the Press – The Guardian, included – it is necessary to advance some contraries, on the side of the truth, to the press opinion.

The insinuation that a 15 year old candidate is inadmissible is not unfounded. However, it will be unfortunate to use the laws, rules, regulations, norms of an institution, which have stood the test of time as instruments of blackmail against the institution. This is what The Guardian Newspaper appears to be doing. Criteria for admission and registration into courses of study at the University of Lagos, the University of First Choice and the nation’s pride, are clearly stated for all prospective candidates to note.

Here are the five admission requirements in UNILAG
1. Admission into FULL-TIME undergraduate programmes is ONLY through Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE).

2. Candidates must obtain a minimum of 200 points in Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Candidate’s details must have been forwarded to University of Lagos by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

3. Candidate must possess five (5) credits in O/Level or its equivalent as required by the Department of interest.

4. Candidate must sit for the University POST-UTME Screening and must obtain the required minimum score.

5. Candidate must have reached the AGE of sixteen (16) by the 31st day of October in the year of admission.

These requirements have never been subjected to challenges and pleas. The Institution is impersonal and may not change abruptly when put under emotional threats or blackmail. Decisions are end results of long procedural consideration of various panels, committees and either the senate or the governing council.

While it is natural to be sympathetic with the situation of Ekene Franklin, it will be strange if both Ekene Franklin and his parents/guardians will claim that they are unaware of the regulations governing admission and registration of candidates, not only into University of Lagos, but to Universities in Nigeria.

We suppose, the candidate in question would have chosen a course of study, and also consciously answered questions in subjects that are relevant and thus prescribed as prerequisites for admission into his choice. There is no doubt that the candidate is very intelligent and so would have observed all the other instructions given. If this be the case, the instruction governing matriculation age should not be ignored.

On a general note, there ought to be no problems with a national daily like the Guardian making her views on a possible rejection of the brilliant candidate by the “laws” of the institution known to the public, but resorting to statements which bother on insult, slander and defamation is unexpected of the revered newspaper.

The Guardian Newspaper is known and respected as a Broadsheet, which usually would stand out amongst mere Tabloids. We expect that it should strive to maintain its highly esteemed position through well thought out and objective positions on matters.

Matters of tertiary institutional admission are quite delicate in the country given Nigeria’s interest in education and manpower development. Parents as well as their wards are particularly eager to secure positions in the institutions and that makes it highly competitive.

For this reason, parents/guardians encourage their wards to test themselves at examinations ahead of time. They are well aware that sometimes, their wards may not be fully qualified for admission into institutions they seek to get into, should they succeed. For some, it is just for the candidates to gain some experience. But when the stage is upset and the casual candidates perform far above expectations, then a seemingly unmanageable case, like the one in hand evolves.

The Guardian should note that this is not the first time, and perhaps not going to be the last time for such a case.

For instance, in the early 1990s, the highest score in the then JAMB (now UTME) examination was one Chidi Ugonna, aged 15. Chidi Ugonna’s father was Prof Nnabuenyi Ugonna, (deceased) of the Department of Linguistics and African Studies, and his mother was the Deputy Librarian, all of the University of Lagos, which is also the candidate’s choice of institution.

The summary of the story is that Chidi Ugonna, by the standing regulation, forfeited the high score. So each time an under aged performs well, the tendency is for the public to agitate for either a waiver of the matriculation age restrictions or its total cancellation.

Equally, just 2018, the candidate who had the best result in the West African Examinations Council (Senior Secondary Examinations), Okorogheye David and who again scored 332 of 400 in the UTME, was under aged at the time of admission. For as long as parents and candidates will keep giving a trial to examinations, against the strict regulations, cases like this will continue.

The Guardian alleged that Unilag will be killing talent if she fails to renege and take whiz kid Ekene Franklin, but the Newspaper does not realize that the University is a highly disciplined institution, where structure and order prevail.

The system operated in this part of the world is not exactly like those in other parts of the world that The Guardian falls back on for its comparison.

For instance, here does not permit individual institutional recruitment of students and also does not give room for students to register for courses without being enrolled for a degree. Ours is thus different from other examples presented by The Guardian, where course registration is somehow more liberal and where autonomy is absolute and practical.

Nevertheless, it is unfair to associate Unilag with retrogression because it has kept to its statutes. May be it could help if at this point mention is made of the School of Foundation at the University of Lagos, which offers a preliminary course at the end of which candidates will be qualified for a direct entry admission into degree courses in the University. Very young candidates, like Ekene Franklin can explore such an opportunity because there is no age restriction since it is a pre-matriculation course.

Finally the great newspaper should be more careful so as to avoid being accused of ignorance because it has not taken consideration of a number of attendant facts to the story it carried on May 19, 2019.

Maduagwu is a Professor of English, University of Lagos

Credit: The Guardian

June 12 and its new false interpreters

June 12 and its new false interpreters

by Louis Odion

Never known to be in the habit of turning the proverbial other cheek, it is a big puzzle that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo chose to absorb a sucker punch of volcanic severity on June 12 last week without as much as a grunt. Babagana Kingibe had baited him with a charge of complicity in the high conspiracy that aborted June 12.

Not that we did not know that before.

But afraid that his old skeletons might be unearthed finally, ordinarily voluble and perennially crusading OBJ uncharacteristically retreated into a cowardly silence to a claim that, considering his assumed brotherhood with MKO, would sound very abominable indeed.

Baba has no comment, whispered his spokesman to inquisitive newshounds.

Well, as an aside, it is perhaps a measure of the ethical flux pervading the land today that Kingibe, otherwise a June 12 renegade himself, could permit himself the liberty to so question the former president in the first place.

Let it however be noted that OBJ’s ensuing silence is also strategic. Replying Kingibe would inevitably usher an even darker question. Following his release from Abacha gulag in June 1998, he, with MKO Abiola still alive, famously forswore the prospects of any presidential aspiration.

So, in dodging Kingibe’s pointed challenge, OBJ, a master of political chess game, surely demonstrates a possession of enough native intelligence to anticipate possible apocalypse.

Let us, as a mark of charity, even concede OBJ’s earlier misspeak in Harare in 1994 that “Abiola is not the messiah” was a foible of the head and not the heart.

Now, the more monumental poser of history still left unanswered in the last twenty-one years: would the “Ebora of Owu” swear by the most potent deity of his native land that never did he under any circumstance ever say “So, what happens to MKO?” at some point to the conniving generals pressuring him to accept a draft into the presidential race before Abiola’s mystery death on July 7, 1998?

The old witch wailed last night; the child died the morning after.

To be sure, this writer is not ashamed to confess a partisanship, even fanaticism, whenever and wherever June 12 resurrects. The sensitivity thus aroused is not just civic, but also professional. Some of us were living witnesses to the momentous events before, during and after June 12. I was a politics reporter with Concord Press (owned by MKO) through the 90s and knew first-hand what it meant to function under constant threat of military bullet or detention and yet labored for months on end without salary.

So, as conscientious bearer of national memory, we certainly know the real soldiers of fortune, the double agents, who sought to profiteer from the sacrifice of others. Just as we can distinguish the fake labour activists in funny costumes who chanted “Aluta” in daylight but cavorted with the evil generals at night as informants on the payroll. Another authentic June 12 hero, Frank Kokori, already said enough in last Saturday’s Vanguard to make the surviving ones among this category of traitors regret all the blood money they collected from the military in the 90s.

Indeed, as immortal Shakespeare forewarned, truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. And Sophocles added poetically, there is danger in unnatural silence.

But while the shrewd chicken farmer of Ota keeps a crafty silence under the circumstance, some of his political slaves would rather resort to rehabilitating history and falsefying accounts, obviously to impress their idol.

Without shame or fear, one of them, Doyin Okupe, even lied that it was the north that blocked OBJ from duly recognizing June 12 or formally acknowledging Abiola’s colossal sacrifice throughout his eight-year imperial reign.

Really? So, was he also told to cajole all the South-west states (except Lagos under Tinubu) to stop observing June 12 as public holiday in Abiola’s honour once his PDP “captured” the region from Alliance for Democracy (AD) in 2003?

The truth is however imperishable: in his moment of power and glory, Obasanjo never seemed to realize that righting historical wrong is not a political favour to anyone, but a moral duty to community or country.

Already, the fact of his perfidy here has been corroborated by Ayo Fayose in a tell-all account published by The Interview magazine in 2017. As Ekiti governor in 2003 and one of the early beneficiaries of OBJ’s guerrilla politics, Fayose recalled he and other PDP governors in Osun, Ondo, Oyo and Ogun were coaxed by the then emperor of Aso Rock to worship only May 29 as part of a deliberate pagan rite to wipe June 12 from the nation’s memory.

Well, Okupe failed to clarify whether it was iron bar or raffia mat that was deployed to barricade OBJ from doing the needful on June 12. Were we to buy this argument, how ironic then that his master who couldn’t dare contemplate June 12 out of fear of the north, yet had the temerity to conceive and bid for treasonable Third Term that would have completely shut the zone out of contestation for presidential power for as long as it pleased OBJ.

But let it be said that the “north” cited couldn’t be that of Dangiwa Abubakar Umar, Shehu Sani, Mathew Hassan Kukah, Dan Suleiman, Jonah Jang and other men of conscience. Of course, the “north” the jobbing Okupe actually meant could only be that of now discredited generals who unchained OBJ from prison after Abacha’s demise and literally railroaded a fellow general to Aso Rock barely a year later.

The bug of revisionism afflicting Okupe would also appear to have infected Kola, the scion of the Abiola dynasty. The the word, outrage, perhaps best describes the reactions of many disciples of MKO to a slew of wild claims by Abiola’s heir in a Sun interview last week which tended to belittle the sacrifice made by others in defence of June 12 even as they inadvertently diminish the mystique of his illustrious dad.

Descending from the enigmatic Bashorun, Kola has, of course, always borne the yoke of high public expectation. Aside his muscular looks, it is rather difficult to identify his own talent. But it certainly can’t be oratory.

On the cusp of history at Aso Rock on June 12, 2018, for instance, Kola chose to delegate an epochal invitation to speak on behalf of the Abiola family to a more articulate Hafsat, his half-sister, after President Buhari’s formally declared June 12 a national monument and canonized his dad posthumously as GCFR.

Over the years, Kola has, at best, done very little or nothing to dispel the popular notion that he was at peace, even infatuated, with the very family the rest of us see as his dad’s chief enemy. (Some accounts even hinted marriage was on the cards.)

While boxing himself into such blissful detachment, he, therefore, would seem far removed to view reality like the rest of us.

So, when Kola then decided to come out of his shell and grant rare interview this year, we should have anticipated that a major disaster was about to unfold.

Well, NADECO activist and the revolutionary Army colonel, Tony Nyiam, has already gone a great length in another media reports to dispel the fallacy in the ridiculous claim that Tinubu only became radicalized into NADECO because Abacha refused to make him governor or commissioner in Lagos, to warrant dwelling further on that point.

Note, Nyiam cannot be called a Tinubu apologist. For he has consistently disagreed with Asiwaju since the latter teamed up with Buhari to found APC in 2014. But forthright Nyiam would not stand by and condone Kola’s crude revisionism against Tinubu because of today’s political difference. That would have amounted to a rape of history.

Nyiam is unlike Bode George, a grandpa who still relishes toddler’s fables and seems quite unaware of the shame – if not curse – in lying with hoary hair. Note, this “bread and butter” Admiral could not, in real terms, be counted among the generals who truly mattered then and his understanding of events was obviously shaped by hear-say from his master, Diya.

Perhaps, we should empathize with a man consistently worsted electorally in Lagos by Tinubu since 1999. He fancied a new career in politics after leaving the Navy on account of being the barefoot messenger of Dipo Diya who would later fall out of favour with their overall lord and master, despot Abacha. But despite all his desperate toil since, not once has BG been able to win even a polling unit in his ancestral Isale-Eko.

So, it is pointless attaching any weight to the words of the political eunuch of Lagos.

But, to me, even more disturbing is Kola’s reported allusion to Abiola’s high blood pressure. No one disputes that. His physician, Dr. Ore Falomo, already told us MKO had battled that medical condition for decades.

However, viewed against the certainly murky circumstances of Abiola’s sudden death on July 7, 1998, such unguarded comment by Kola will only profit those who would have the rest of us buy the juvenile fiction that MKO, who had endured four harrowing years in open grave called solitary confinement, suddenly became overwhelmed by excitement on the very eve of freedom, so much that he suffered cardiac arrest after sipping from a curious cup of tea offered by visiting American diplomats in a presidential lounge in Abuja.

In summary, illogical verbiage like this will only lend credence again to the notion held by some that Kola was perhaps too consumed by the hot pursuit of a love interest in Minna all through the 90s to have a clear understanding of what otherwise transpired right under his nose.

Credit: The Nation

News Headlines Jun 19, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Jun 19, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by

The Punch

Panic as NNPC gas pipeline explodes on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
Lawan, Gbajabiamila promise EU electoral reform
UK warns against travel to 21 states
FG rules out Eurobonds this year
Dangote Sugar targets increased shareholder value
Boko Haram faction providing services to Borno communities — Catholic archbishop
Fayemi seeks law against project abandonment by new govs
We have no role in ministerial list, say APC govs
UK warns its citizens against travelling to 21 states
Building integrity will prevent corruption among youths — Osinbajo
NNPC, investors meet in UK, negotiate $7bn FDIs
EU invests N53.9bn in Nigeria’s power sector
Airtel Nigeria files application for listing on NSE
FG to auction N100bn bonds June 26
Day soldiers seized the microphone at Ibadan TV
Demystifying public office (1)
Effects of corruption on Nigerian children
Smuggling: Nigeria losing about 10 million litres petrol daily
Suspected cultist arraigned for aiding colleagues’ escape
Ondo poly shut as lecturers protest unpaid salaries
Fayose’s former aide gets six months jail term for trespass
EFCC nabs three suspected Internet fraudsters, two others
Court orders demolition of 53 houses built on NITEL/MTEL land
Court sentences baker to 13 years’ imprisonment for raping teenager
Lekki hotel rape: Lagos will continue prosecution of two varsity dropouts
Carpenter gets 10 strokes for stealing logs of wood
2019 elections failed to meet 2015 standard –NDI/IRI
Court verdict: INEC withdraws Certificate of Return from Ondo APC lawmaker
Women appointed by APC govt proving their worth —Omo-Agege
Lawan appoints Chief of Staff, media aide
EU mission presents election report to Senate President today
Dangote Sugar targets increased shareholder value
FG to auction N100bn bonds June 26
Customs intercept 175 bales of smuggled textiles, expired seasonings
Abramovich to offer Lampard three-year deal
Juve prepare €100m bid for Pogba
UPDATE: Women’s World Cup tables
UPDATED: Record-breaking Marta fires Brazil into World Cup knockouts
Australia thrash Jamaica 4-1 to reach Women’s World Cup last 16
Weinstein in search of a lawyer as trial approaches
Bill Cosby lectures fellow inmates on parenting, drug use
‘Avengers’ dominates MTV awards as Larsen honours stunt doubles
Lagerfeld’s Chanel made $11 billion in his last year
Lagos NMA charges experienced doctors to mentor younger colleagues
Pay attention to your mental health, don warns Nigerians
Immunisation could prevent meningitis in children – Paediatrician
‘Genetic testing, preventive health care vital in healthcare delivery’
44 patients to undergo free surgery in Ekiti
EDITORIAL: The poisons we live with
Effects of corruption on Nigerian children

The Nation

My govt didn’t mismanage N25b bond, says Fayemi
How guard aided robbers into our homes, by residents
Falana faults CCB’s refusal to disclose ex-presidents’, governors’ assets
House of Reps petition: Why I adjourned sine die, by tribunal chair
President hails Nigerians living overseas for being peaceful
Buhari congratulates re-elected CAN President Ayokunle
Wabba seeks convention to end violence in world of work
VC praises Buhari over N208b for public varsities
Don’t politicise Awosedo’s death, Ogun APC warns Adebiyi, APM
African Bankers hail Fed Govt’s TraderMoni, others for helping the masses
At 46, NYSC has stood the test of time, says Gowon
Fed Govt, USAID launch $225m integrated health scheme
Lawan, Gbajabiamila restate commitment to electoral reforms
Buhari yet to discuss ministerial list with us, say APC governors
Buratai explains setbacks in military operations
Security chiefs to go as governors seek new ideas
NCAA’s threat to pull down 8,805 masts sparks dispute
Buhari, Sanwo-Olu meet on Lekki, Badagry ports, others
We will evaluate, assess observers’ report, says Presidency
How INEC, parties can ensure credible polls, by observers
Buhari, Sanwo-Olu meet on Lekki, Badagry ports, others
Edo 2020: How far can Imasuangbon go?
Don’t politicise selection of Olowo, says prince
Challenges before Makinde
Sanwo-Olu is a proactive governor, says lawmaker
7 APC support groups endorse Akpa for Kogi gov ticket
I begrudge nobody, says Omo-Agege
Wrong to remove World Cup fans advocating for Iranian women, FIFA says
Sharapova wins on return from six-month injury break
My Players are Heroes, says Super Falcons Coach
Efe Ambrose to Eagles: Focus on one match at a time!
Dortmund boss Favre signs contract extension
Super Falcons didn’t give us any space to play-Renard
Boost for entrepreneurship
Grooming change makers
IoD probes Oando-SEC crisis
Sanwo-Olu continues payment of accrued pension rights
Pension complaints and solutions
Lagos hosts Netherland incubation scheme
Arik Cabin Crew holds career talk
Lekki hotel rape: Lagos will continue prosecution of 2 Babcock varsity dropouts
Baker jailed 13 years for defiling 14-year-old girl
Irate mob kill suspected robber, injure another in Enugu
Three teenagers drown in Akwa Ibom beach
VC praises Buhari over N208b for public varsities
JUNE 19, 2019
Buhari signs Polytechnic, National Institute for Security bills into law
FUTO VC advocates more funding for research programme
Just in: Fire razes Adamawa girls college’s only hostel
Nollywood actress Gbemisola Gomez and husband lose son
2019 Monster Hit Story Contest: Gabriel Obiano emerges winner
Stephanie Linus takes Fistula advocacy to Sokoto
Mr. Peculiar sets for second album
‘The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq’ holds June 28
Ziggy’s death: They were aware of the ongoing construction, say estate representative


NDI/IRI Report: 2019 Elections Did Not Meet Expectations of Nigerians
Buhari Meeets APC Govs in Aso Rock
Inflation Sustains Upward Rise to 11.40%
Rotary Club Donates Exercise Books to Students
150th Anniversary: St. Anne’s Alumni to Raise N250m to Refurbish School
Deputy Governor Laments Poor Condition of Ogun Schools
Monarch Tasks FG, Others to Deemphasise Paper Qualifications
Bauchi Discovers 20% Ghost Teachers in its Payroll
COREN President Donates School Uniforms to 456 Pupils in Kogi
Sanwo-Olu Pledges to Deepen Lagos/NYSC Partnership
Foundation Awards Scholarships to 121 Students at ATBU
Dufil Awards Scholarships to Pupils of Host Community in Rivers State
The Herdsman’s Narrative
IBM Offers Solution to Boost Food, Crop Supply
Four Ways Companies Can Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders
APC Disciplinary Committee Receives Letter from Zamfara Chapter Expelling Shuaibu, Yari
Kogi Guber: 20 APC Aspirants Kick against Indirect Primary

Daily Trust

Babachir’s trial adjourned over counsel’s ill-health
Lawan appoints chief of staff, spokesperson
Sign agreement with adhoc officials before hajj, civil society tells NAHCON
CAN re-elects Ayokunle as president
2019 poll didn’t meet expectations — IRI/NDI observers
PDP will fix Nigeria after reclaiming presidential mandate – Secondus
Emirate Council holds no grudge against Kano state govt. – Emir Sanusi
Kidnapping: OPC issues 7-day ultimatum to herdsmen in Osun
Edo Assembly: We were not invited to House inauguration – 16 lawmakers-elect
How should you deliver bad news? – LifeXtra –
Kano PDP: Supreme Court affirms Kabir-Yusuf as authentic candidate
Kano kidnapped bride, 2 others rescued, as police arrest 3 suspected kidnappers
Ihedioha inaugurates interim Imo LG chairmen
BREAKING: AbdulRazaq suspends Kwara LG chairmen, councillors for six months
Babachir’s trial adjourned over counsel’s ill-health
…Presidency expresses reservations on IRI/NDI report
Lawan seeks EU support for NASS, INEC
Mikel: Super Eagles will do everything possible to win 2019 AFCON
150 teams register for 2019 Bayelsa Restoration Cup
NBBF throws open 2019 Zenith Women basketball league slots
Oil production hits 2019 budget target of 2.3m bpd – NNPC
Integrated payroll: FG saves N274bn in 2yrs
Capitalisation: DisCos seek cost recovery means to drive investments
Decapitated body of 22 year old recovered from ditch in Jos
We have taken measures to protect environment – AEPB
Home grown school feeding in FCT to take off soon – FCTA
Let’s the games begin
IGP Mohammed Adamu, not time yet to beat chest
Full tank, flat tires
300,000 flee resurgence of ethnic violence in north-eastern DR Congo — UNHCR
Egypt’s former president Morsi buried in eastern Cairo
El Salvador withdraws recognition of Western Sahara
Abducted priest escapes captivity, as youths nab kidnapper
NSCDC parades suspected fraudsters, motorcycle thieves in Bauchi
NDLEA arrests drug trafficker with 4.5gm of cocaine in Anambra
The NBC/Daar dispute
20+ things you probably didn’t know about Mamman Shata
Microsoft Office competition winners to represent Nigeria in New York
Nigerian develops app connecting Africa, Japan
AUPCTRE pickets securities tribunal, demands suspension of Chairman
Akeredolu sacks 3 commissioners, nominates 5
Plateau tertiary institutions call off 7-week-old strike
BUK spends N35m on staff training monthly—VC
Nasarawa students win ‘scitech’ contest in Turkey
Governor Bala to prosecute ex SUBEB chairman
Kano State to establish religious affairs ministry
Kwara announces deadline for 2019 Hajj payment
FOMWAN, Blair Institute hold mentorship for girl-child education
YouTube week begins with awards for local creators
FG, states, LGs asked to allocate 1% of budget to tackle climate change
FG commissions flood control works in Delta
Nigeria needs strident anti-pollution laws – NCF
Alleged misappropriation: Court restrains Ganduje, anti corruption commission from taking action against Emir Sanusi
My wife is a street fighter, man tells court
Two men jailed for using military uniforms to steal

The Sun

Badagry Expressway: Lagos Trade Fair businesses lose N1bn daily –ASPMDA
Lawan raises hope on new electoral amendment bill
We’ve no say in appointing ministers –Govs
Emirate crisis: Kano elders ask Ganduje to reverse new emirate law
Buratai indicts soldiers fighting Boko Haram
Anxiety in Edo as 9 lawmakers pick speaker
FG restores History to school curriculum, plans digital training for teachers
Sanwo-Olu enlists Buhari’s support for Lekki, Badagry ports, others
Why Akeredolu sacked 3 commissioners
State govt promises hitch-free Osun Osogbo festival
Police arrest notorious land grabbers terrorising Enugu
IGP to partner OPC on insecurity
Ekiti PDP berates Fayemi over alleged funds for self, wife
Cabinet: Buhari’s choice of ministers’ll make or break him -Magaji
Kaduna Guber: PDP’ll reclaim its mandate -Sarki
8th Assembly Reps and their unfinished business
Litigations and technicalities: The politics, intrigues
Customs intercepts parcels of cannabis concealed in dead body
UN tutors over 376,000 drug users in Nigeria
Infrastructure investment can save $4.2trn –World Bank
IMF backs investments in social insurance
Diaspora NIN enrolment: Biosec Solutions to launch centres in 15 countries
Ogbeide goes home June 28
Nigeria opens camp for African para championship
NBBF to have more teams for Zenith women’s League
2019 Hockey Super League: Plateau Queens beat Heartland Queens 1-0
Michel Platini questioned over awarding of World Cup to Qatar
Estonia coach resigns after record 0-8 loss to Germany
Burundi’ll be Nigeria’s toughest test –Rohr
AFCON 2019: Pinnick charges Eagles to go for trophy
Mikel ranked third oldest player at AFCON
DStv, GOtv to broadcast AFCON live in pidgin English
Ahead 6-a-side World Cup in Crete, Greece: The HIVE begins registration of teams
An interim blueprint President Buhari in second term pending tribunal’s verdict
Elections and the ‘mysterious’ server
Buhari and the 9th National Assembly
Witches and wizards behind the sufferings of many (9)
Ending insecurity: God sends message to Sultan of Sokoto (2)
DIBAN, curtailing underage drinking: Where art thou, law enforcement agents?
June 12: Barbers at work
Journalism as a potent tool for development
Attention: Dialogue with all parents
The tasks before Sanwo-Olu
The legends of Aso Rock
Buhari and the 9th National Assembly
Deplorable colonial bridge in Delta community begs for attention
Cross River, World Bank empower 50 rural communities
Why we want to empower students with entrepreneurship skills –Bassey, poly founder

The Guardian

UK warns against travel to 21 states in Nigeria
Don’t be too close to government, Kukah tells reelected CAN president
Sabotage, others behind fresh setbacks in anti-insurgency war, says Buratai
300-level UNIBEN student commits suicide
Fire razes GSM village in Kogi, destroys goods
Three teenagers drown in Akwa Ibom beach
Buhari greets new National Assembly leaders
I said we will review, not clear Apapa gridlock in 60 days, Sanwo-Olu retracts
‘APC governors didn’t hold FEC make-up talks with Buhari’
Ekong campaigns against neglected tropical diseases affecting 120m Nigerians
Ibrahim, Udoh to get full Eunisell boot rewards, says Ikenga
Yisa Sofuluwe predicts tough African Nations Cup for Nigeria
Sharapova makes winning return in Mallorca
Liverpool’s Ojo joins Rangers on loan
Real Madrid signing Rodrygo identifies with Neymar, Robinho
Seventh Delta Assembly kicks off amid concerns, expectations
Obaseki, Oshiomhole’s imbroglio divides Edo lawmakers as Okiye emerges speaker
Some random thoughts on Nigeria
Economic insights from Malabo Editorial: Nigeria and the promise of democracy
Group faults Oando’s claim of unfair treatment
Seme customs command intercepts 175 bales of smuggled textiles
Ellah Lakes lists additional 1.880m shares on NSE
Bearish sentiments drag stock market index further by 0.4%
Will this assembly justify its existence?
Democracy: Beyond symbolism and drama
The 9th Assembly and our democracy
Okowa and a people’s burden
Why iron may not improve fertility, by researchers
Drug delays type one diabetes in vulnerable children
Scorpion venom kills TB, other bacteria without poisonous effects
‘Intensifying climate change will increase future risk of violent armed conflict’


Tank Capacity Shows LNG A Growing Force In Large Vessel Orders
Corruption In Customs: Officers Are Useless, Prefers Personal To Official Duty — Customs Boss
Ministerial List: Buhari Doesn’t Need To Consult Us —APC Govs
Pirates Attack Cargo Vessel In Calabar
NINTH NASS: Nwajiuba’s Actions Robbed South-East Of Speakership – Okafor
Consortium Of Banks Refinances Neconde’s N2.3trn Facility
Is Democracy Possible Without A Pro-Poor Legislative Agenda?
GOV POLLS: We Will Beat APC Silly In Bayelsa, Kogi — Akinwomi, PDP Dep Natl Chair
Edo Catholic Priest Escapes, As Abductors Sleep
Super Eagles In Alexandria, Receive Warm Welcome
Offshore Banking And Money Laundering (1)
Customs Lauds Navy Over Synergy, Destroys N3m Turkey
CP Begs For Support To End Kidnapping , Criminalities In NasarawaEDO HOUSE: Drama As Clerk Swears In Nine Of 24 Lawmakers At Midnight
Presidency insists, Buhari won 2019 polls, faults NDI, IRI reports
Buhari, Sanwo-Olu meet over Lekki, Badagry Seaports
Women protest killings in Taraba
Quit if you don’t have capacity to govern Nigeria, Catholic Bishop tells Buhari
Ministerial list: We’ve not discussed with Buhari – APC Govs
Herdsmen, bandits killed 10, 665 in 2018 — IFRA
Armed robbers stole N6.90m in Kano Zoo not Gorilla – MD
NINTH SENATE: How empty offices forced Senate to adjourn abruptly to July
Court restrains Ganduje, anti corruption commission from taking action against Emir Sanusi
Iwuanyanwu, 2 others dump APGA for PDP in Imo
Iwobi reveals Mikel’s new AFCON role
AFCON 2019: Rohr urges Eagles players to go low profile
Balogun gearing for AFCON duty
Super Eagles in Alexandria, receive warm welcome
Chukwueze not distracted by transfer talk
Blockbuster movie, ‘Men in Black’ returns with new twist
Simi excited over Pogba’s move to dump Manchester United
Buhari, Sanwo-Olu meet over Lekki, Badagry Seaports
Coping with belly fat
Tank capacity shows LNG a growing force in large vessel orders
Corruption in Customs: Officers are useless, prefers personal to official duty — Customs boss
Pirates attack cargo vessel in Calabar
Consortium of banks refinances Neconde’s N2.3trn facility
Offshore banking and money laundering (1)
Gov Makinde orders free entry into Schools of Science, Junior Secondary Schools
Lekki hotel rape: Lagos will continue prosecution of 2 Babcock varsity dropouts
Inlaks unravels problems in insurance sector with thehatch innovation lab

Daily Independent

Good Governance: Prof. Tunji-Bello Incites Nigerians To Press For More
U.S. Sending Another 1,000 Troops To Middle East
Justin Trudeau ‘Running Out Of Time’
Pentagon To Give Additional $250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine
UN Holds Briefing In Turkey On Fighting Desertification
Trump’s Top Russia Aide To Depart
Alarm At Far-Right Threat After Killing Of German Politician
Angela Merkel Says She Is ‘Fine’ After Shaking At Ceremony
Football Star Hopes For Quick Recovery
Murder, Rape, Claims Of Contamination At Tanzanian Goldmine
NYSC Mobilises Over Four Million Graduates In 45 Years
Alumni Must Give Back To Alma Mater – Esekhaigbe
Fisheries Society Tasks Inductees On Opportunities In Aquaculture
Insecurity Worse Under Buhari Than Jonathan’s Government – Yerimaan
Nigerians Expect More From New NASS
Why I’m Qualified To Be APC National Secretary – Mustapha
Oshiomhole Injured As Thugs Beat Up Edo Lawmakers- Elect
Ministerial List: ZLP Urges Speedy Passage To Senate
Nigeria’s Daily Oil Production Now 2.3mbpd – Baru
Global Leaders Must Chart Path To Fourth Industrial Revolution – Wabba
Nigeria Loses N127bn Annually To Cyber Crimes – NITDA DG
FG Will Float Sukuk Bond To Fund Infrastructure In 2019 –…
Nigeria Loses 300,000 Tonnes Of Sugar To Smugglers Annually – Dangote
Pinnick Charges S’Eagles To Win Tourney
Chukwueze Rules Out Distractions
CAF Picks Kanu, Six Other Legends As Ambassadors
Egypt Agog For Epic Hosting
DStv, GOtv To Run Matches In Pidgin English
Repelling The Herdsmen’s Invasion
Twenty Years On
The Ninth Assembly: Our Expectations
President Buhari’s Promise Of A Strong Team For The Next Level
EU Election Report: Straight From Janus!

News Headlines Jun 18, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Jun 18, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch

Soldiers kill notorious oil theft kingpin in Rivers
INEC must produce server used for 2019 polls – Peter Obi
Buhari mourns as suicide bombers kill 30 at Konduga viewing centre
NAF discovers new Boko Haram camp in Borno
Lagos APC faults Bode George over comments on Tinubu
Inter, Man U agree €70m Lukaku fee
Kogi, Bayelsa elections: INEC promises NYSC members jobs
EFCC arraigns man for obtaining property by false pretences
Sanwo-Olu wins at tribunal as court dismisses AD, LP petitions
ICPC commences investigation of N15bn constituency projects in 12 states
PSG president to Neymar: You’re replaceable
Why Mexico drives Donald Trump so mad
Honouring June 12 and desecrating it
Court rejects payment vouchers tendered by EFCC against Babachir
No court has stopped emirate council probe — Kano agency
Omo-Agege says Senate will cooperate with Buhari to succeed
LASG closes Mile 2 to Tincan Island for repairs
Akeredolu sacks three commissioners
Woman flees after burning stepson’s face with hot iron
Sales reps arraigned for stealing N108,000 biscuits
Panel beater remanded for snatching vehicles at gunpoint
UNIZIK scandal: Court strikes out embattled lecturer’s suit against PUNCHman
Youths protest non-development of Ondo communities
JUST IN: Herdsmen allegedly attack village near Jalingo
Egungun festival: Police refute claims of killings in Ibadan
Kogi, Bayelsa elections: INEC promises NYSC members jobs
ICPC commences investigation of N15bn constituency projects in 12 states
Tribunal adjourns suit against Kwara governor till July 9
Debt: FSDH urges FG to issue zero-coupon bonds
We’ll use fintech to grow financial inclusion – SEC
CBN says FDI into Nigeria has not dropped
UBA Foundation boosts pupils’ reading skills
Dangote Cement to open export facilities in Lagos, P’Harcourt
SEC, ACMAN to develop benchmark for capital market studies
Winning 2013 AFCON highlight of my career – Oshaniwa
Eagles not under pressure after Senegal loss – Simon
1980 AFCON winner Bassey hit by 33-year illness
Eagles not afraid of big names –Collins
Kwara South wants indigene appointed as KWASU VC
FedPoly partners machine tools company on training for students
VC seeks foreign aid for FUNAAB
We don’t tolerate vices, AAUA VC warns new students
Workers in Plateau tertiary institutions suspend 7 month-old strike
Encourage national unity, ABU alumni urges varsities
Lagerfeld’s Chanel made $11 billion in his last year
Birdman to produce Hollywood film based on Nigerian immigrants
Lotto regulators disagree over jurisdiction
Firm offers co-founding support to tech start-ups
Agency proffers solutions to OS vulnerability
9mobile rewards customers with new offer
EDITORIAL: Buhari needs a performing cabinet
June 12: PUNCH’s triumph in 25-year legal battle
Why Mexico drives Donald Trump so mad
Appalling state of security in Nigeria
Elevating talent in the spirit of SALTVIM

The Nation

Indigenes allege land grabbers sack Ogun villages
Chief Izah passes on
‘Obaseki can’t intimidate us’
Tribunal dismisses AD, LP petitions challenging Lagos governor’s election
Workers allege sale of hospital property
Abiodun inaugurates committee to review appointments of 75 coronet Obas by Amosun
My administration ’ll prioritise security, says Sanwo-Olu
Itel treats customers in new promo
Marketing Edge awards goes on electronic billboards
Osun poll: Oyetola, APC, INEC ask Supreme Court to dismiss Adeleke’s appeals
‘DICON will improve local content’
Infant stolen from Plateau hospital handed over to parents
Akeredolu drops three commissioners
Unemployed man remanded for ‘defiling’ girl, 10
2019 elections: Army absolves itself of wrong doing
Police begin search for abducted Catholic priest in Edo
Why INEC didn’t transmit election results electorincally, by Soyebi
Army relives how notorious cultist, oil thief was killed in Rivers
Dangote Cement eyes $700m forex earnings from terminals 2
NGO protests rape of two-year-old by 52-year-old landlord
920 suspects arrested for kidnapping, murder, others in four weeks, says IG
Stop peddling falsehood against Tinubu, Lagos APC tells George
30 dead, 40 injured in suicide attack
N900b probe: Senators, Reps to return fake projects funds
CBN to close bank accounts of firms importing forex restricted goods
Don’t take your democracy for granted, EU warns Nigeria
Lagos PDP: Torn apart by crises
PDP berates Obaseki over delayed inauguration of Assembly
Bayelsa PDP picks gov candidate September 3
Breaking: Falcons fall to France in Rennes
China, Spain draw to advance, join Germany as South Africa crash out
Don’t put pressure on S/Eagles, Rohr begs Nigerians
BREAKING! Heartbroken Francesco Totti dumps Roma job
I‘ll beat Wilder next time — Tyson Fury
Dangote Cement eyes $700m forex earnings from terminals
Hurdles before AMCON’s N5.4tr debt recovery bid (2)
ITU urges Ethiopia to learn from Nigeria
Army relives how notorious cultist, oil thief was killed in Rivers
NGO protests rape of two-year-old by 52-year-old landlord
Ex-Commissioner is Amirul Hajj
We’ve broken monopoly of WAEC, says NECO Boss
AbdulRazaq: education, good nutrition keys to child’s future


CBN: Nigeria Recorded $14.2bn Capital Inflows in Five Months
Boko Haram Kills 30, Injures 40 in Fresh Suicide Attacks in Borno
•Buhari commiserates with victims •NAF jets hit Sambisa forest •Zamfara gov turns to Dubai for
INEC: We Only Experimented with Server in 2018
•Insists it was not used for 2019 general election
Inflation Sustains Upward Rise to 11.40%
S’Court Fixes July 5 for Judgment on Osun Gov Tussle
•Oyetola, APC, INEC ask court to dismiss appeals •INEC wrong to conduct supplementary election, insists…
INEC Laments Lack of Power to Deregister Parties
•Promises automatic employment for NYSC members
Power Supply Under Buhari’s First Four Years
FG Urged to Provide Tax Waivers for Start-ups
NERC Chief Commends Eko Disco on Performance
Army Confirms Killing of Soldier, Two NSCDC Operatives in Rivers
US Denies Banning Student Visa for Nigerians
Nigeria Watch: Conflict, Violence Claimed 10,665 Lives in 2018
Eat’n’Go Launches 100th Store in Nigeria
Akeredolu Sacks Three Commissioners, Nominates Five Others
AfDB Denies Report on Nigeria’s Lack of Interest in ACFTA
Makinde Appoints Christian Pilgrims Board Chair, Personal Aides
CBN, ACAMB Pledge to Redefine Banking Industry
BoI, Devt Agencies, Others Tour MSME Facilities in Edo
Pinnick Confident Egypt 2019 Will Be a Success
AITEO Cup: Rangers/Lobi Clash Headlines Round of 32
Star Lager Set to Bring Shining Moments to AFCON 2019
Okpekpe Race Promoter, Itemuagbor, Loses Father-in Law
Nigeria Teenagers Qualify for ITTF World Hopes Challenge
Germany Hammers South Africa 4-0 to Top Group B
Totti Insists Leaving Roma after 30 Years is ‘Like Dying’
Suarez, Cavani on Target as Uruguay Beats Ecuador
Health Ministry: Nigeria Requires 2m Units of Blood Per Annum

Daily Trust

Fears over Boko Haram resurgence after 30 killed
Court admits 7 exhibits against Babachir, rejects 10
Hepatitis deadlier than AIDS, malaria, TB
IGP lauds declining crime rate across the country
2019 polls: INEC to implement EU/EOM, IRI/NDI recommendations in Kogi, Bayelsa guber elections
FG evaluates 250 firms for 178 gas flaring points
Taraba govt imposes curfew on Jalingo over fresh outbreak of crisis
Ihedioha suspends LG chairmen, councillors, appointees
Court admits 7 exhibits against Babachir, rejects 10
Obaseki can’t install Edo Assembly leaders — Members elect
Osun gov’ship: S/Court fixes July 5 for judgment
Wamakko: I won’t vie for leadership position in Senate
Gallant Falcons wait as France, Norway advance to knockout
Rodgers can revive Iheanacho’s career, says Efe Ambrose
Ikpeba, Adepoju: Don’t judge Super Eagles on Senegal defeat
BusinessSee More
Inflation rate rises to 11.40% in May – NBS
‘We didn’t say Nigeria doesn’t understand ACFTA’
We have taken measures to protect environment – AEPB
Home grown school feeding in FCT to take off soon – FCTA
ANAN’s Gwagwalada branch elects new executives
Obasanjo, Fulanisation and Islamisation (2)
The benefits of Nigerian citizenship?
Yari and lessons from Zamfara
New impetus, cohesion at Federal Character Commission
BREAKING: Former Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, dies during trial
African ambassadors donate N1.5 million to IDPs, refugees
We are open to discussions with US – Venezuelan Vice President
Robbers attack petrol station, kill 2 okada riders in Kaduna
Gunmen abduct priest in Edo
Court remands man for defiling neighbour’s 12-year-old daughter
Bandit attacks in Shiroro
Facebook hate groups include numerous American police officers
Over $1bn spent annually to import software – NOTAP
NCC to launch Emergency Communications Centres
Plateau tertiary institutions call off 7-week-old strike
PenCom to start verifying 2020 retirees in July
Niger Gov. inaugurates SSG, Chief of Staff
Governor Bala to prosecute ex SUBEB chairman
Why Kannywood deserves ministerial slot in Buhari’s govt. – Abdul Amart
‘Shaft’: Film review
5 singers who got their big breaks from talent shows
Lawyers, others fault Cybercrimes Act
African Court begins 53rd sitting
Body of SANs wants improved working conditions for judges

The Sun

Speakership: Crisis brews as Reps allege vote-buying
Osun guber: Supreme Court decides Oyetola, Adeleke’s fate July 5
31 killed as suicide bombers strike Borno
Borno bomb blasts: God’ll judge the killers –Buhari
INEC: We experimented with server only in Osun, Anambra
Edo Assembly: Lawmakers protest delayed inauguration
APC kicks as Bauchi govt suspends inauguration of Assembly
Leadership, democracy and restructuring
Don’t play politics with 2nd Niger Bridge, Bishop Nwokolo tells FG
Anambra business mogul charges youths on agriculture as panacea for unemployment
Communities indispensable ally in drug war – NDLEA
ASETU tasks South East lawmakers on Enugu airport
Why Ihedioha must probe Okorocha -Ononuju
How Ogun governor can deliver good governance – Arinze
We’ll support Buhari but not as rubber stamp -Babawo
June 12 holiday Greek gift -Onitiri
Restructuring won’t solve all Nigeria’s problems -Okoro
Casualisation barred in Nigeria, Buhari tells world leaders at ILO
Oil prices slip as trade tension, attack on tanker stoke fresh fears
IFC, AMC to sell 14.1% stake in Ecobank Transnational
Nigeria’s inflation rises to 11.40% in May says NBS
Police arrest 4 over sale of Naira notes
2019 elections: EU submits report to Senate
INEC alone can’t tackle inconclusive elections – Commissioner
CFAO Yamaha sponsors Nigerians to Egypt
Zenith Bank/NFF Future Eagles tourney: South West, South South emerge champions in Uyo
Star Lager set to bring shining moments to AFCON 2019
Women W/Cup: France pips Gallant Falcons
Anthony Joshua mocks Tyson Fury
Chukwueze calm over transfer hype
AFN technical officials storm Delta for Awoture Eleyae’s U-15/Open championship
2019 Higher Institution Football League (HIFL) season: Ekiti FA tips state’s representatives for glory
Burundi’ll be Nigeria’s toughest test –Rohr
… Warns Super Eagles freshers
AFCON boss confident Egypt 2019 will be success
Five Super Eagles players fall ill
After the intervention
June 12: Letter to MKO Abiola
No more excuses for not performing
Buhari’s redemptive last chance
Nigeria and sustainable peace, development
Is South-East still part of Nigeria?
Okpekpe race promoter, Itemuagbor, loses father-in-law
Ajiroba Ooni wins Osun FA Chairmanship election
OPEIFA CUP: Handball tourney kicks off with 76 schools
Agenda for incoming education minister
Extend TETFUND grants to private varsities, Falana tells FG
FCET Umunze: Bankers, scholars seek end to unemployment
LASU science faculty celebrates 19 First Class students


PDP Youths Want Reps Principal Officer From Oyo State
Man Wrongly Sentenced To Death Regains Freedom After 16 Years In Jail
We Only Experimented Server For Staggered Polls In 2018, Not For 2019…
Speakership Poll: Reps Defend Gbajabiamila Over Alleged Financial…
Labour Should Be Fulcrum Of Economic, Social Policies, Buhari
NECO: Kogi calls for synergy with NECO
June 12: Practices of annulment already in current dispensation, CODER warns
Nasarawa varsity to tackle sex for marks, extortion
Meridian launches new council of cultural diplomacy leaders
UBEC to adopt Open Contracting Data Standards to eradicate corruption
Wife drags husband to court over alleged beating
Osun guber: Supreme Court slates July 5 to decide Senator Adeleke, Oyetola’s fate
We never asked Bagudu to confirm Karatu as Chief Judge ― Kebbi Assembly
Celebrities stun in fashion pieces for ‘Bling Lagosians’ premiere
Akeredolu sacks three commissioners
Court remands 23 suspected cultists in prison custody in Osun
Nigerian tech innovator bags Most Promising Youth in Africa Award
Suspected Fulani Herdsmen kidnap Catholic Priest in Edo
Food inflation rises by 13.79% in May ― NBS
Atiku Vs Buhari: Provide server used for Presidential polls now, Peter Obi warns INEC
70m people displaced by war globally ― UN
You’re inefficient in waste collection, Oyo sanitary health, LG officers blast waste contractor
NECO raising bar of public examination in Nigeria ― Acting Registrar
Egypt’s former president, Mohammed Morsi, dies in court
Kogi APC stakeholders reject indirect primary
LASG announces closure of Mile 2 to Tincan Island Ports corridor to allow palliative repairs
PDP dismisses APC allegations on postponement of Bauchi Assembly inauguration
Sanwo-Olu floors AD, LP at Tribunal
INEC, Buhari, APC ask tribunal to dismiss PDM’s petition
Sanwo-Olu meets security chiefs, promises to revamp state security architecture
Ogun: Upgrade of village heads to traditional rulers, unprecedented, says Abiodun
Alleged certificate scandal: court adjourns suit against Kwara governor to June 26
Gbajabiamila meets Osinbajo, speaks of reforms in Reps
Buhari, Sanwo-Olu meet in Aso Rock
Suspected Cultists Burgle Bayelsa Judiciary Complex, Cart Away Case Files
Witness narrates to court how man raped ex-girlfriend
Court remands man for defiling neighbour’s 12-year-old daughter
Army confirms killing of soldier, 2 NSCDC operatives in Rivers
Dangote Cement Shareholders Applaud Board On 52.4 Per Cent Increase In Dividend
Dream Big and Achieve More with Access Bank
Travelstart Group, gets new investor, acquires new company
76 Dead, Villages Evacuated Amid Record Heat In India
Eight dead as migrant boat sinks in Turkey
Earthquake of 6.2 magnitude hits Indonesia


Fear Grips Lawmakers As FG Begins Probe Of Constituency Projects
Foreign Direct Investment Has Not Dropped – CBN
WHO Raises The Alarm Over Spread Of Ebola
APC Kicks As Bauchi Govt Suspends Inauguration Of 9th Assembly
Why Efficient Broadband Network Is Important – Danbatta
NCC Restates Importance Of Teleco
Why We Instituted Research Grant Project – NCC
Leave Stage For Nigerian Youths, Okeke Urges Older Politicians
I’ve Left Issues In 8th Senate Behind Me – Omo-Agege
Kogi Guber: Group Rallies Support For Ogah
Gbajabiamila Inaugurates Reps Ad-hoc Committees
Group Commends PMB Over Immortalisation Of MKO
Angst, Anxiety In Bayelsa Over LG Polls
Jos Hospital Hands Stolen Baby Over To Parents
Airtel Targets LSE, NSE For £3.6bn Africa Operations
SEC, ACMAN To Develop Benchmark For Capital Market Studies
‘Renewable Energy Generated11m Jobs Globally In 2018’
Ellah Lakes Lists 1.88bn New Shares On NSE
Equities Market Begins Week Bearish, Sheds 0.37%
Nigeria’s Inflation Rate Hit 11.40% In May – NBS
EU Report Reveals Electoral Flaws – Obi
9th NASS: Gbajabiamila Inaugurates Reps Adhoc Committees
We Lack Power To Deregister Parties, Says INEC
Man City Make Breakthrough In Cancelo Talks
Fury Shows Joshua The Scale Of His Task
Barcelona Distanced From
Osifeso Bags Yoruba Chieftaincy Title
How Miss Health Africa Feted Over 4,000 Kids
MC Galaxy Appreciates “Sekem” Producer With Mercedes Benz
US Fashion Icon Gloria Vanderbilt Dies At 95
EDITORIAL: Decongest Lagos Ports, Make Eastern Ports Work
One Killed, 6 Vehicles Destroyed In Kona, Fulani Clash
Oil Thieves Kill Soldier, 2 NSCDC Officers In Rivers
Getting Next Generation Of Students Quantum Ready
PDP Lawmakers Will Chair Reps’ Committees – Gbajiabiamila
EU Observers Present Election Report To Senate President Today
More Nigerians To Get Our Visa – China
Nigeria Condemns Attack On Its Embassy In London

The Guardian

Listen to Obasanjo, others, Fulani leaders urge Buhari
NSIA moves to reduce gas flaring
Youths count gains as under-40 make speakership in Houses of Assembly
How insecurity induces high prices of food items
‘Nigeria, eight others to make up more than half the projected global population in 2050’
European Union observers meet Lawan, submit election report to Senate today
Osinbajo, Gbajabiamila meet on executive, legislative cohesion
Group seeks HYPREP’s independence, threatens legal action, protest over Ogoni cleanup
Oyetola’s, Adeleke’s counsel make last-minute defence at Supreme Court
Gallant Super Falcons lose 0-1 to France
Redknapp certain Lampard will be Chelsea’s next coach
Don’t underrate group opponents, Esin tells Super Eagles
Mbappe will remain PSG’s player next season, says club
Star lines up AFCON bright moments for Nigerians
Nigeria’s Owoseni retains seat on CAT Executive
How local government joint account fuels rural-urban migration, by Ogbeh
APC, Okafor ask court to sack Imo House of Representatives member
PDP accuses Obaseki of brewing crisis in Edo assembly
Ihedioha suspends 27 council chairmen, 604 councillors, others
Economic insights from Malabo
Editorial: Nigeria’s 20 years of democracy
We were not given fair hearing, Oando insists
Dangote Cement to attract $700 million as shareholders approve N272.6b dividend
State gaming regulators kick against VAT, explain operations
Experts hinge nation’s growth on infrastructure, technology investment
Averting an impending ecological war
Diaspora remittance 2015-2018: Positive indication of human capital development
After the intervention
Creating a sustainable and accountable democratic system in Nigeria 3
‘Lagos settlement week delays wheel of justice’
Court fixes July 3 for ruling on contempt suit against Emefiele
Revisitation of decision on service outside jurisdiction by Supreme Court of Nigeria
FG pledges to push for cybercrimes’ act amendment
How to prevent premature deaths
‘Diabetes drug cuts cardiovascular, kidney problems’
Why you must never drink while pregnant
Body fat distribution linked to higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer


FG To World Leaders: Labour Should Be Fulcrum Of Socio-Economic Policies
AFCON: Put Vows To Use Burkina Faso Experience On Eagles
Edo Assembly Members-Elect Protest Non Inauguration
Egypt Coach Threatens To Quit If…
Kogi 2020: APC Leaders, Elders Endorse Jubril’s Gov Bid
INSECURITY: We’re Collaborating With Hunters To Tackle Herdsmen In S’West — Agbekoya
Ministry Of Labour And The Wage Crisis (2)
Medical Expert Advocates Insurance Scheme For Doctors
Balogun Defends Nigeria’s AFCON Chances, His Own Reputation
Dangote Cement To Earn $700m Forex, Floats N50bn CP
Ogoni Clean-Up: Social Action Tasks HYPREP On Transparency, Demands Frame Work
33 Killed, Dozens Injured, Houses Burnt In Triple Suicide Bombing, Violence In Borno, Taraba
Desabre: Uganda’ll Have To Be Cohesive To Succeed
SUICIDE: Nigerian Doctors Acquire Skills To Tackle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
How Sanwo-Olu Can Improve Maternal, Child Health In Lagos
Task Before The Ninth National Assembly Leadership
Naija Must Go!
Buhari mourns victims of bomb blasts in Borno
Gbajabiamila meets Osinbajo, says opposition will be carried along
Labour writes FG on looming industrial crisis
Insecurity: Crime rate is declining in Nigeria, says : IGP Adamu
Oshodi-Apapa gridlock: LASG shuts Mile-2, Tin-can Island road for repairs
Gwarinpa: Abuja ghetto where residents exchange waste for food items
We‘ll bring an end to banditry, insecurity in Zamfara — SSG
Q1’19: Banks’ assets rise by 7.5% to N38.4trn
Super Eagles midfielder Ndidi to join Manchester United
Senate: The standard Saraki left behind
Breaking: Taraba Govt imposes 14hrs curfew on Jalingo
So many people are hungry, many things are happening to Nigeria, Obi laments
Morsi from Egypt election triumph to death as inmate
Buhari, Sanwo-Olu meet in Aso Rock
Labour writes FG on looming industrial crisis
AFCON: Put vows to use Burkina Faso experience on Eagles
Egypt coach threatens to quit if…
Balogun defends Nigeria’s AFCON chances, his own reputation
Nigeria 0-1 France: Super Falcons wait to know World Cup qualification hopes
Ever wondered why your relationships seldom last?
Birdman to produce Hollywood film based on Nigerian immigrants
Seun Kuti, Chris Uwaje, others to feature on American platform, ‘Visual Collaborative’
Watch debut entertainment show, E-Xtra, on VanguardLive
Nasty C, Phyno, Wande Coal thrill guests at first ever 3D Concert with Remy Martin
I will expose my abuser at the right time – Ifu Ennada
Dangote Cement to earn $700m forex, floats N50bn CP
Ecobank MD affirms support for Nigeria movie industry
IFC, AMC to sell 14.1% stake in Ecobank Transnational
Airtel Africa to list simultaneously on NSE, LSE
Nigeria’s inflation rate hits 11.40% in May- NBS
Mischief makers wanted to frustrate our Special Economic Zones Initiative — Enelamah
2019 Elections: INEC promises automatic employment to ad-hoc NYSC members
NOUN solicits 1m learning tablets Chinese partners to improve education
Best Lagos teacher to get car gift — NAPPS
US Embassy denies banning Student Visa for Nigerians
I did not steal from any pond, 12-yr-old whose hand was cut off cries out
Ericsson CEO to EU govts: Act fast to remove barriers hindering speedy 5G roll out
Nigeria’s #1 problem is faulty structure — Col. Itodo (retd)

Daily Independent

Frustration Hits For West Ham Defender In Copa America Draw
Slavisa Jokanovic Takes Over Al Gharafa In Qatar
Canada Ready For Stiff Dutch Challenge At Women’s World Cup
Indian Doctors Strike Over Violence From Patients, Families
Iran Expects To Surpass Uranium Stockpile Limit In 10 Days
UN Food Agency Accuses Yemen’s Houthi Of Diverting Food Aid
Durterte Calls For Calm Over Chinese Sinking Of Fishing Boat
Gunmen Abducts Catholic Priest In Edo
Vatican Opens Debate On Ordaining Married Men As Priests
London Police Increase Patrols After Four People Killed
Harry Redknapp Expects Frank Lampard At Chelsea
Arsenal Keen On Ligue 1 Sensation
Agency Report –
Controversy Trails Death Of Seven After Wedding In Mbieri Community
How Academia, Family, Friends Celebrated Ikonne’s Appointment As Chairman, Optometrists Board
Fire Razes Two Popular Shops In Nsukka
Tinubu: Hero Or Villain Of June 12?
Buhari’s First Term Was A Failure –Elohor
Imo: Ihedioha Aims To Affirm Transparency In Government
Money Laundering: Court Issues Bench Warrant On Senator
JUST IN: AA Suspends Chairman
Nigeria’s Economy Still In Recession – Doyin Salami
DPR Prequalifies 254 Coys For Gas Flare Commercialisation
Nigeria’s FDI In Good Shape – CBN
SEC, ACMAN, To Develop Benchmark For Capital Market Studies
Ellah Lakes Plc Lists Additional 1.8bn Shares On NSE
Okagbare Breaks Diamond League Jinx..
IAAF Gives 14 Russians Neutral Athletes’ Status
Owoseni Retains CAT Seat
June 12 And Hypocrisies After The Fact
Buhari’s Pension Largesse
Celebrating Democracy Day With Election Rigmarole
CBN: Don’t Float The Naira
Alex Egbona And Abi/Yakurr: A New Dawn

News Headlines Jun 16, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Jun 16, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by

The Punch

EU report on elections: Presidency insists elections fair, PDP alleges fraud, killings
Kola Abiola right, Tinubu begged Abacha for post –George
Power distribution network collapsing due to rainfall –TCN
International aviation politics killing Nigerian airlines on foreign routes – Onyema, Air Peace chairman
Major, captains, 11 others face trial for kidnapping, murder
With new govs come new First Ladies of style
Days of bandits, kidnappers, insurgents numbered –Buhari
Oil price: LCCI, experts warn against risks to economy
Aggrieved UTME candidates tackle JAMB over alleged lapses
No zoning of senate leader, others yet –APC
Crisis brewing in Akeredolu’s cabinet over 2020 gov race
Banditry: Katsina raises vigilante groups, police secure monarchs
Tension rises at Madonna varsity over detained students, lecturer
Buhari approves N208bn for varsity infrastructure
Ekiti varsity queries lecturer over alleged sex-for-marks
Consulate to protest killing of Nigerians in S’Africa
Nine firms assembling vehicles in Nigeria — NADDC DG
Motorists shun Ife-Ibadan highway over banditry
ATM air conditioner catches fire in UNICAL
Two Air Force officers dismissed over attack on Magu’s farmhouse
Sex-for-marks allegation: Ekiti varsity investigates, queries lecturer
Tiv leader leads thugs to attack residents in Lagos
Police arraign property agent for diverting N4.2m rent
Agip JV constructs market, drains in Delta
Kicking compromise out of executive-legislative romance
Gombe assets recovery committee invites ex gov, Dankwambo, aides
Ekweremadu congratulates Abaribe, other minority leaders
2019 polls: Large number of political parties creates logistics problem —INEC
I’m not deceived by congratulatory messages – Wike
Ex-govs, ministers refuse to surrender diplomatic passports
Power distribution network collapsing due to rainfall –TCN
Sterling Bank expresses commitment to SMEs, food sector
Keep your circle small, many people can be a distraction –Olubukola Kolade
Oil terminal shutdown: Nigeria loses N44.6bn in one month
Nigeria’s crude oil reserves fall to 36.97 billion barrels
Industrial zones in 10 states record impressive Q1 performance
Allegation of Ajimobi’s aides taking home govt cars political, cheap –Ex-commissioner
Ajimobi’s officials emptied govt transport pool– CPS
We took non-commercial loans to develop infrastructure –Abubakar’s aide
Alaibe in another tough race to Bayelsa Creek Haven
Majority tribe won’t ever agree to restructuring –NADECO chieftain, Agbeyegbe
Eagles 23-man army in quest of fourth African glory
Zenith Bank hails U-13, U-15 players’ performance
Ukraine win U-20 World Cup
Falcons won’t defend against France – Dennerby
MoC Grandprix: Athletes defy rain, battle for N700,000
World Cup: Aminu predicts tough ties for D’Tigers
NANS laments state of higher education in Nigeria
10-year-old Fitrah Adegbite wins APEN Spelling Bee competition
Scholarship beneficiary charges pupils to study hard
You can’t force anyone to listen to gospel music – Monique
Majek Fashek goes after Soundcity over rejection of music videos
I’ve made movies bigger than Yemi my Lover – Ayebo
My torch is a covenant I made with God – Zaaki Azzay
I’ve more important things than talking on nude video controversy –Etinosa
Lesbian proposed to me because of my movie role –Ella Mensah
Bankers, office workers, bricklayers, others risk back pain –Expert
I almost ran mad seeing my son’s severed wrist on a plate – Dad of boy whose wrist was cut off by Lagos landlord
Grazing of stolen cows triggered Sokoto killing spree by bandits — Residents
Ordeal of Gombe mothers with babies in jaws of malnutrition
Visa launches cross-border B2B payments network
Inlaks bags four integrated ISO certifications
Galaxy Backbone deploys infrastructure for e-govt master plan
Swypatune aims to solve transparency issues in reality shows
Editorial: SARS: Police piecemeal reform, meaningless

The Nation

BoI disbursed over N270 billion loans in 2018
NASS: Legislative aides upbeat as they await N8b severance benefits
Jostling begins for N10b National Assembly supply contracts
Elections: Large number of political parties creates logistics problem, says INEC
CBN vows to punish smugglers of banned items
APC to EU: Your report not definitive
Presidency welcomes EU, other suggestions to improve elections
2019 polls: EU knocks INEC, parties, security agencies in final report
Battle for Senate Leader, House leader,others hots up
Cabinet: Buhari to consult national, state APC leaders
Truth and Post-truth in the aftermath of June 12
APC finally makes a clean sweep
NIGERIA’S TALLEST MAN: For years, my height hindered me from finding love
Buhari doesn’t like posing for photos, says presidential photographer
Oshiomhole has capacity to reform APC – Aganaba
Nwankwo-Okere puts smiles on the faces of children
The Minority Report and Draft Constitution of 1976: in its time and in the stream of history
June 12 – A colloquium
Still on memoirs
NASS: Legislative aides upbeat as they await N8b severance benefits
2019 polls: EU knocks INEC, parties, security agencies in final report
Elections: Large number of political parties creates logistics problem, says INEC
Presidency welcomes EU, other suggestions to improve elections
Obaseki on course, money-sharing politics is retrogressive – Uwoghiren
Ekweremadu congratulates Abaribe, other minority officers
Buhari expresses commitment to end insecurity
Nigeria to protest killing of citizens in South Africa
Return of LG autonomy, solution to insecurity -Ogunlewe
NASS: The new sheriffs in charge
Guber race: Fresh moves to avert violence in Bayelsa, Kogi
I offered to waive my immunity to promote accountability – Makinde
Edo APC lawmakers-elect reject party’s nomination
GERNOT ROHR: Super Eagles can be champions in Egypt
JOHN OGU: I’m gradually overcoming my aerophobia
Ukraine wins FIFA U-20 World Cup
Big teams eye Round of 32 spots
Girelli’s hat trick lifts Italy into next round of WC
Eagles ambush Teranga Lions
CBN vows to punish smugglers of banned items
Seven keys to raising financially responsible kids
CBN investigating accounts of palm oil smugglers
Shareholders laud NASCON over improved performance
FCMB supports capacity building for SMEs
Fire guts goods worth millions in Ibadan
Man allegedly detained, extorted for cautioning policemen over reckless driving
Just In: Panic as ATM machines catch fire in Calabar
Menace of herdsmen, review of customs, tradition worry Monarchs in Anambra
Widow laments agony of losing husband in Anambra
2019 UTME: Proprietress hails performance of visually challenged candidates
Sex for Marks: Ekiti varsity investigates, queries don
DJ SJS: My dream was always to be a radio DJ
Comedienne Princess takes up first movie role
Banky W, Teni, others for Nigeria’s first-ever prom concert
Icons converge at Fashions Finest Africa
Filmmakers celebrate Tope Oshin @ 40
10 Nigerian ever-green songs
Why we must fight tuberculosis at the grassroots
Appetites, passions, and emotions — society’s driving forces
Nutrition as your recipe for good health (4)
‘US has invested over $5b in Nigeria’s fight against HIV’
How to check pervasive drug abuse, by pharmacists
SYNLAB boosts preventive medicine with new lab


EU Proposes New Law on Full Transparency of Election Results
Tony Elumelu: How FG Can Lift 100m out of Poverty
Plans to empower 1,000 northern youths with $5000 each
Buhari Insists FG Winning War Against Insurgents, Bandits, Kidnappers
NERC: New Customer-friendly Tariff Regime out Soon
AEDC issues 50,000 prepaid meters in Nasarawa
ALEX OKOSI: His Midas Touch, Global Reach Celebrating Passion, Professionalism and Africa
Peace Index: Nigeria, One of Least Peaceful Places on Earth
Ranked 148 out of 163 least peaceful countries
With Agriculture, We’ll Transform Oyo State, Says Makinde
Glo Crashes Data Subscription, Offers 1GB for N300
Three Officers, 11 Others Face Court Martial for Murder, Kidnapping
Why We’re Committed to Teachers’ Reward Initiatives’
El-Rufai Creates Internal Security Ministry to Curb Banditry
Fashion Forward? As Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila’s Wife, Salamatu, Creates a Stir with Dress Sense
Gone Till 2023… As Jimi Agbaje Recoils into His Shell
A First Lady Seen in a New Light…
Again, Ex-Taraba Gov, Late Suntai’s Wife, Hauwa Finds Love
Insurgency, Kidnapping And Banditry – Of Governance and Economic Opportunities
Now That APC Has Its Dream Parliament
Behold, Adebo Ogundoyin, Nigeria’s Youngest Speaker
A Truce in Time
SEYI MAKINDE: Coalition of Forces Made My Election Possible
JUNE 12: As Nigeria Proclaims New Democracy Day…
For the Ninth National Assembly, a New Life Begins
Nigeria and The Vestiges of Colonialism
Abdel Rahman: Nigerians Will Enjoy Historical, Cosmopolitan Alexandria
Wakanow Unveils Special Travel Packages for Nations Cup
Free-Floating of Naira: To Be or Not to Be?
Insurance Sector Recapitalisation and Dilemma of Building Virile Industry
Domestic Investors Take Shine off Foreign Investors
As Oando Shareholders Remain in Limbo
Super Eagles Play Senegal in Last Friendly before Nations Cup
Falode: Falcons must be Tactical, Proactive
Brazil Jeered before Trashing Bolivia in Copa Opener
Lampard in Talks over New Derby Deal despite Chelsea Rumours
ALEX OKOSI: His Midas Touch, Global Reach Celebrating Passion, Professionalism and Africa
A First Lady Seen in a New Light…
STEVE GUKAS: Making Nollywood’s Legacy Project
Fatimah Dangote’s Husband Jamil’s Modest Lifestyle
Waging Collective War against Jungle Justice
EDITORIAL: Goje and The Fight Against Corruption

The Sun

9Th NASS leadership: How battle was won and lost
Tasks before the 9th National Assembly
One baby two mothers Confusion as 2 women claim to be mother of newborn baby
June 12: Injured victims recount ordeals
Why I don’t wear earrings
2019 polls recorded severe operational, transparency shortcomings –EU observers
Why I want to create anti-graft agency – Gov Makinde
Obiano can’t ban commercial motorcycles in Nnewi –MUTN boss
Kwara elders counsel Abdulrazaq on appointees, KWASU VC, others
UNIZIK Confucius Institute builds capacity in diverse disciplines
Expert tasks FG on environmental pollution
Stop dumping refuse in drainages, Abiodun tells Ijebu-Ode residents
IEF tasks BSIEC on credible LG election
Parties condemn APP petition challenging Zamfara governor’s election
2019 polls: Buhari assures EU of improved elections
Crisis in APGA will strengthen party – Oye
Investors lose N17bn in 4 days
Lagos-Badagry Expressway: Alaba traders commend Sanwo-Olu
32 Swiss investors target Nigeria’s oil, ICT sectors
NEPC unveils charter for enhanced service delivery
NSE: Market indices reverse losing streak
2019 elections: Buhari assures EU of improved elections
Why Conte forced me to quit Chelsea – Mikel
Egyptian referees for Nigeria, Senegal clash
Ukraine wins 2019 FIFA U-20 trophy
Five-day Future Eagles tourney: Zenith Bank charges U-13, U-15 players to give best
FoodCo Football Video Game Championship gets July date
‘New Drogba’ label excites Nigeria-born Abraham
Women’s World Cup: Falode backs Super Falcons against France
Iwobi most popular player in Nigeria’s AFCON squad
Masai Ujiri: Nigerian with magic touch
Ukraine wins U-20 World Cup, beats South Korea 3-1
AFCON 2019: Super Eagles will do well — Sports analyst
‘94 Class of Super Eagles not better than ‘80 squad -Amuneke
Why I don’t wear earrings
Hi-Life Fest: First round winners emerge
One year after, tears still flow for Kimono
Nollywood: Army agrees to protect actors, equipment on set
“My oh my, someone is in a grumpy mood today,”
Fake News as big business
What causes cancer – Fate or God?
Welcome your divorced daughter!
Saving the Anglican Church from her Leaders: A Rejoinder
Exiting Plato’s cave: Reflections on Nigeria’s predicament
14 soldiers face court martial in Rivers
DSS warns against fake recruitment rumour
Navy hands over seized frozen food to Customs
Ugwuanyi finally settles Oruku, Umuode age-long dispute
Nigeria to deport foreigners without resident permits
Muhammadu Buhari: Striking political masterstroke with June 12
Chukwunyere, Ex-Imo Pcrc Chairman: PCRC should be at the core of community policing
What people in states want from their governor
Double trouble: Agony of abandoned road project worsens as flood ravages Lagos communities
Thousands of youths rally for quality education in 10 states
Buhari: Quality education required for Nigeria’s development


EU Did Not Question Results Of 2019 Polls — Presidency
Large Number Of Political Parties Created Logistics Problem
2019 Elections: INEC Results Collation Process Not Transparent ― EU
Gunmen Kidnap Two Medical Personnel Conveying NDDC Lassa Fever Drugs…
EFCC Probes Why Convicted Pension Thief Is Not In Jail
Ongoing Obaship tussles at Owo…
‘Most leaders not competent to handle offices they occupy’
Bobrisky not a cultural ambassador, Runsewe warns Nigerian youths
Alleged sex-for-marks scandal in EKSU: Varsity investigates claims, queries lecturer
We will rely on Agric to turn around Oyo’s fortunes ― Makinde
Osun Rep, Bamidele Salam, offers jobs to persons with disabilities
Makinde commiserates with victims of Aperin Market fire, vows to find cause
Lagos to become technology talent hub ― Hamzat
Army arraign three officers, 11 soldiers accused of murder, kidnapping
Kaduna: PDP to present 685 witnesses as governorship tribunal adjourns to June 17
Second term: el-Rufai restructures Kaduna ministries
Abiodun appoints SSG, Chief of Staff
Suicide: 40 years-old school teacher hangs self in Kano
53% childhood deaths in Nigeria caused by malnutrition ― Group
PDP chieftain hails Omo-Agege’s emergence as Deputy President of Senate
Police begin manhunt for Osun ‘cultists’
ISIS attacks Nigerian soldiers, kills commander, 20 others
24 Ships Carrying Petrol, Other Products Expected At Lagos Ports
Titan Trust Bank set to redefine retail banking in Nigeria
Moroccan CEO, Mostafa Terrab, becomes first African chairman of global…
I’m Sad Those Who Allegedly Planned To Bomb Me Weren’t Investigated —Igini, INEC…
Nigeria runs a commandist federal arrangement, not federal system…
Are Feminine Hygiene Products Really Necessary?
Malaria in pregnancy is dangerous
My Life As A Nurse, Comedian —MCHonourable Olayiwola
Encomium as Christian leaders celebrate Ayewa at 70
‘I never knew D’banj and Don Jazz would make it’
Khloe Kardashian dismisses claims she was Tristan Thompson’s mistress
The Yoruba Town Fulani Call Home
MKO Abiola Stadium: Inside the $360m monument left to rot and waste
NAFDAC: Why we are helpless on the use of sniper, otapiapia
‘Kidnappers should leave Osun, Ekiti, Ondo now’

The Guardian

Falcons can qualify for next round against Les Bleues, says Falode
Buhari campaign faults European Union’s election reports
We expect ministerial list in two weeks, senators say
Ikemsinachukwu Jordan James: Turning passion into money
The holy trinity: Reflection on Trinity Sunday
Trump in new attack on London’s mayor
Makinde commiserates with victims of Aperin Market fire, to investigate cause
1 day ago Nigeria
Car bomb kills eight in Somali capital, emergency workers says
Abiodun appoints SSG, Chief of Staff
The Netherlands beat Cameroon, reach last 16
Egyptian referees for Eagles, Lions of Teranga duel
NOW Football
Spirited comeback earns Ukraine first U-20 title
Suspense! As Southwest governors tremble over N30,000 minimum wage
Imo state versus local councils: Ever locked in war of attrition
How Ekweremadu’s bid for Deputy Senate President hit the rocks
Makinde: Our plan is to lift Oyo people out of poverty
Editorial: Buhari, rural development and RAMP challenge


El Rufai Creates 3 New Ministries, Scraps 3 Others
MINISTERIAL LIST: APC Chairmen Lobby Buhari
Kano Police Launch Investigation Into Teacher’s Suicide
Death Of Hope On June 12 2019
2019 Polls: There Was Abuse Of Incumbency Power At State And Federal Levels – EU Observation Report
AY, I Go Dye, Gandoki Others For Pencil Unbroken ‘The Movie’ Edition
The Lying Tongue(2)
Battle For Vacant Stool Rages: I Will Be Next Olowo — Prince Olanrewaju Ogunoye
A Note On Senators Kabiru Marafa & Ali Ndume
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‘Niger Delta Republic’: Inside Story Of How June 1 Proclamation Was Scuttled
Okagbare Targets 60th Diamond League Appearance In Rabat
Urhobo Chiefs Hail Omo-Agege’s Election As Deputy Senate President
We’re winning war against banditry, kidnapping, insurgents – Buhari
EU observers say we know nothing about INEC servers
Onu not appointed SGF – Group
Buhari promises to implement EU recommendations to improve elections
Kogi Guber: I am ready for any primaries format – Governor Bello
Buhari under pressure to constitute cabinet
Uganda ready for ‘familiar’ Egypt duel, says Coach Desabre
Ukraine sink South Korea to claim under-20 World Cup glory
Married and juggling two mistresses!
Monalisa Chinda, Ameachi Muonagor, others tackle Osu System in new soap
I’m one of the pioneers of Afrobeats movement to the US and the world – DJ Dozzy Ross
Ariya Repete returns, as regional auditions kick-off in Lagos
Fire razes Orita-Aperin market in Ibadan, as goods worth millions of naira destroyed
I. Coast confronts dengue peril
SKIN BLEACHING: Nigeria’s silent craze
Your lifestyle could be responsible for your gaining weight
Sex for Marks : Ekiti varsity investigates, queries don
2019 UTME: Proprietress hails performance of visually challenged candidates
President Buhari urges universities to intensify inventions for national development
EdoBEST: Obaseki extends initiative to junior sec schools to sustain gains
‘Why I was kind to journalist we kidnapped’

Sunday IndependentEU Election Observers Deny Knowledge Of INEC Server
Major, 13 Soldiers Arraigned For Kidnapping, Other Crimes
Pensioners To Sue FG, States Over Unpaid Arrears
Sex For Marks: Ekiti Varsity Investigates, Queries Don
Scuffles Break Out At Yellow Vests Protest In Paris
Natural Disasters Affected 10 Million Chinese In May
Two Teenagers Die Minutes Apart During Violent Night
Seven Die While Cleaning Hotel Sewer In India’s Gujarat
Syria Flare-Up Kills 35 Fighters, 10 Civillians
Angola Needs 300,000 Blood Donors
US Allows Iraq To Import Iran Energy
Syria Violence Kills Dozens Of Troops, Civilians In North
Regime Attacks Kill 7 In Syria’s De-Escalation Zones
Philippe Coutinho Not Bothered By Brazil Boos
Chris Brown To Be Father Again
I Have No Plan To Defect From APC To PDP –… Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo
Vestiges Of Military Are Still Found In Nigerian Politics – Olofin
How We Plan To Lift Our People Out Of Poverty –…
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9th National Assembly: A Rubber Stamp?
Africa’s Debt Still Under Control – African Development Bank
Falck Prime Atlantic,UK College Train Nigerians On Fire Fighting
Ericsson Appoints Stella Medlicott Senior Vice President, Head, Marketing, Corporate Relations
Fidelity Gives Soft Loans, Security To Traders
WorldRemit Launches New Product In Nigeria
‘Super Eagles Out To A Make A Statement’
Nigeria On The March Again
I Believe Nigeria Will Reach AFCON Final – Ekpo
AFCON: CAF Suspends Sadio Mane
Egyptian Referees For Nigeria, Senegal Friendly
June 12: Professor Humphrey Nwosu, Untold Stories; Unsung Heroes
Ninth Senate: The Election Intrigues, Projections, Expectations
FG’s Plan To Lift 100 Milion Out Of Poverty
Why Anguish Of Retirees May Persist
Bridges Over Phantom Lakes
The Tasks Before Gov. Sanwo-Olu

Woman sits final year exams in hospital 30 minutes after giving birth

Woman sits final year exams in hospital 30 minutes after giving birth

By Samson Berhane and Bukola Adebayo, CNN

Addis Ababa (CNN) — A woman in Ethiopia took her final year exams in hospital just 30 minutes after giving birth to a baby boy.
Almaz Derese, 21, went into labor overnight Monday and delivered her baby on the day her secondary school exams were due to start.
Derese told CNN she did not want to wait another year to sit the exams.

“Although it was very hard to take an exam after giving birth, I did not want to waste the opportunity that I tirelessly worked for a decade,” she said.
Derese, who lives in the Illu Aba Bora district, in Ethiopia’s southwest, sat for papers in English, Maths and Amharic, Ethiopia’s official language.
Kebede Negesu, the district’s education head, told CNN they assigned an examiner to monitor her while she wrote the exams at the hospital.
“Her husband told us [Almaz] was unable to sit for the exam in a classroom, and we asked her whether she would be able to take the exam or not. She said ‘yes,'” Negesu said.

Almaz got married at the age of 17, but says her husband always encouraged her to continue her education.
“My husband was so supportive, and he always encouraged me to be strong in my education. When I say that I must take the exam right after giving birth, he did not hesitate to help me,” she said.
Almaz returned to the exam center on Tuesday to take more tests.

It is not unusual for pregnant girls to continue their education in secondary schools in Ethiopia, where more than 40 percent of young girls are married before the age of 18.
According to a 2018 UNICEF report, the country is home to 15 million child brides, and more than a third of them were married before they were 15 years.
More than 11 students, who gave birth since the start of the National Examinations on Monday have also sat for their tests, a spokeswoman for Ethiopia’s education ministry told CNN.

“We have seen more students giving birth. The number has more than tripled since last year,” Haregua Mamo said.
About 1.2 million students are taking the national examination, of which half are women, according to Haregua.

Credit: CNN

‘Kidnappers showed me my children’s graves after taking N2.5m ransom’

‘Kidnappers showed me my children’s graves after taking N2.5m ransom’

By Habibu Umar Aminu,

Abductors of the two children who were kidnapped last month at Dan-Ali village in Katsina State yesterday told their parents that they had been killed during an operation of the Air Force.

Their father said instead of releasing them after collecting N2.5 million ransom, the captors led him to his children’s graves.

Anas Idris and Ibrahim Idris were abducted around 1.30am on May 27 during a raid on their residence. The kidnappers had demanded N20m ransom which was later settled for N2.5m.

Their father, Alhaji Idris Garba Dan Ali, in a chat with our correspondent yesterday, said: “I went to meet them (abductors) at Leletu village of Dan Musa Local Government as agreed. They told me to wait for a while. Later, six of them came and after collecting the money, they asked me whose release I sought.

“They told me that few days ago there was an aerial bombardment by the Air Force and my ward was killed during that bombardment. They told me to follow them to verify it by seeing his grave, but I vehemently refused and told them that since he has been killed, I left it to God and may his soul rest in peace.”

Also speaking to Daily Trust, Alhaji Amadi, Anas’ nephew, said: “The situation was unfortunate, after collecting the money; they began to shoot sporadically and pleaded with us to bear the fact that the abductees had been killed by an ariel attack by the Air Force. They said all the victims in custody died as result of that. Only a girl survived it. The only surviving person was a lady from Gidan Gima village as they claimed.”

An officer of the Air Force, on condition of anonymity, debunked the allegation by the kidnappers, saying that they might have killed the victims and just blamed it on the Air Force operations in the forest.

Credit: Daily Trust

My ordeal in kidnappers’ den, teacher relates harrowing experience

Kidnapped teacher relives experience

by Shehu Bello

“My kidnappers had three laptops and a tracking device they used inside the forest. They knew when they had intruders and could see the people through the laptop. They also saw a friend of mine who went to the police station in Benin to report and they called, warned him that they will kill me if he ever tried that again.”

Those were the words of a Lagos teacher who was kidnapped on May 24 around .

The victim, who narrated how the kidnappers killed one of the victims whose family could not raise the ransom, said he was yet to overcome the horror of the five days he spent in their custody.

Narrating how the gunmen picked him, the teacher said he had left Lagos that fateful day en route Benin to attend a social event of a family friend, adding that they got to Okada around 7pm and it was raining.

He said the gunmen mounted a roadblock as though they were policemen and wore police raincoats.

The teacher said: “It happened between Okoada and Olariwa. We were climbing the hill and almost five to six vehicles were going together. Suddenly, the kidnappers blocked the road like police. They were wearing police raincoats.

“Suddenly, we heard gunshots towards the checkpoint and at the back. We stopped and attempted a U-turn but before we could do it, two guys blocked us and said, ‘don’t go, don’t go’.

“The vehicle in front of us narrowly reversed but they caught him. The other one escaped, the one behind me did not escape. At that time, I thought they were armed robbers. One of the guys met me and demanded for my money and phone, which I gave him.

“They asked where I work and I told them I am a civil servant, precisely a teacher. Then, they intercepted a commercial bus (belonging to a popular operator), brought down all the passengers and collected their money too.

“They asked us to come down from the vehicle. I was with my brother in the car and another person. They collected my car key. They asked where I came from and I told them Ekiti State.

“We laid down until one of the bus passengers and I were asked to go to another corner while the others were ordered to enter their bus and ‘fly away’. They threw my car key to my brother. Since they didn’t know how to drive, they left the vehicle there.

“The kidnappers asked me and the other man to follow them into the bush. As we were moving, one of them was searching our phones. Unfortunately for me, my salary alert came in. They searched the other man’s phone and his account balance was not up to N75, 000. They asked him where he worked and he said he was a teacher in Warri.

“They used something to hit his back twice, that he was a poor man and that they are kidnappers but he should get lost. The men now told me that I had been kidnapped and we continued to move. We had trekked about two kilometres into the bush when they released the other man.”

Continuing, the man said the kidnappers hit his waist with the butt of an AK47 rifle, adding that he was showed how serious they were the following morning when they killed a victim who was tied to a tree.

The teacher said he was asked to contact five members of his family who would not endanger his life; otherwise, he would be killed like the other victim.

“We trekked several kilometres into the forest. On getting to the bush, they already had someone in their custody, a fair complexion man. The next morning, the man wanted to escape; they just killed him. That was when I knew I was in the land of death and only God could save me.

“The first day I did not eat anything. They had a small pot with which they cooked concoction rice. They offered me food, I refused to eat and I told them I am hypertensive and asthmatic. All the while, I was laid down on the bush with my eyes covered with handkerchief. There was no house/hut. It was under the tree.

“They were four and I think they are from Edo State. They asked my family to bring N10 million. God saved my life. The guy who stayed with me was using cutlass and stick to hit me on my head and my back. The first day, it was their AK47 they used to hit my waist. They said if my people do not comply, they will waste me like they did to the other man.

“One strange thing is that there were people there farming, but they were not aware of what was happening. In the day time, the kidnappers pretended like they were coming from the farm. They usually moved in and out and we did not stay in a particular location. We kept walking inside the forest. In a day, we stayed in up to three or four locations.

“The second day, they went out and bought rice wrapped in leaves with meat for me. They also bought water in sachet on Sunday. They didn’t go outside the forest on Monday but cooked there.

“There was a night some herders almost saw them inside the bush.

“One of the herders was flashing torchlight on them but they stood still like trees until the man flashing the torchlight moved away. We didn’t leave that location until around 2am when the herders had left.

“All through, they used my phone to communicate with my family, except on the last day when the ransom was being brought that they used another number.

“They gave my family a number to call when they got to Ore and warned that the money should not get to Benin, or else they would not collect it.

“After collecting the money, they told my family to go around University of Benin (UNIBEN) and wait. They didn’t release me until they counted the money and saw it was complete.

“The man that led them is between 50-60 years. He would be a retired policeman or a security agent. He is the one who used the laptop to monitor.

“I have a friend in Benin who went to the police station after he learnt of my kidnap. The gang leader called me, after they opened my eyes. He showed me the guy and asked who he was. I said, ‘he is my friend’.

“I was shown the guy on the computer; that was when I was frightened. So, they called the number, the location was shown. They called my friend and warned him. I begged them that he was not my family, that he was my friend and that they could see that none of my family members went to the police station.

“That was because when they heard anything police, their anger increased. It is a video and call recording.

“On Sunday, policemen were around that particular axis and he was seeing them. So, anytime they saw policemen, it meant danger for me. They were seeing people through the laptop. They showed me. They knew where there was network in the bush.

“There was a device they had that showed them where to pass. There is no way I can identify or know the place. If there was any intruder around, they would know. So, they would open their laptop to check.

“He (gang leader) told my family that he was a computer guru and that they were not from Nigeria. But his language didn’t depict it. He sounded like an Edo person. He said he came to Nigeria and he didn’t have anything to do and he wanted to go back; so, he needed a flight ticket.

“There were two elders and two boys the man was training. One of the boys had a pistol; the other used a cutlass and stick. But the man had an AK47 and magazine. He tied them together.

“In the night he dropped the magazine and went out to look for food. I was released 5:30pm on Tuesday.

“I thank God for my safe return. My family paid them N2 million cash. They counted the money and opened my eyes, saying that I was lucky. They returned my phone. The way they were doing it was obvious they knew the area very well.

“The police have to do something. The kidnappers warned me that I shouldn’t pass that road after 6pm,”he said.

But security experts said it was impossible for the kidnappers to have such tracking devices, insisting that “they are only sold to government.”

A senior police officer, who spoke to our on the issue, said the kidnappers might have used psychology on the victim and possibly leveraged on insider information from the police station the men’s friend went to.

The officer said: “Yes devices like that exist but I can tell you that it is impossible for the kidnappers to have it. They are not sold to individual or companies. They are sold to government. There is no agency in Nigeria today that can buy it.

“Besides, it is not something that can be moved around or installed in a laptop. They are usually giant equipment that are stationary.

“I think it is possible that the kidnappers have conspirators in the police or like the victim said, one of them is a serving or retired policeman who has worked in a unit where they do tracking.

“If that is the case, it is possible he would have sent the number of the person to the security contact and requested for location, which will be easily given to him.

“I would have said they used pure psychology on the victim if he did not claim to have seen the video. Maybe, they made a video call without his knowing. But to say they have video tracking device installed in their laptops that they carry about? That is impossible.”

Asked if there is a possibility the syndicate could have hacked into such a device, another source claimed it was impossible because “Nigeria presently doesn’t even have such a device. For Nigeria to have one, all the telecommunication companies will be brought on-board. All the security services will also be onboard,” he said.

Credit: The Nation

Gorilla ‘swallowed’ N6.8 million’, says Kano zoo accounts officer

Gorilla ‘swallowed’ N6.8 million’, says Kano zoo accounts officer

by Our Reporter

A gorilla at the Kano Zoological Gardens is being accused of ‘swallowing‘ N6.8 million cash realized from gate takings during last week’s Eid el Fitri.

The police are already investigating the matter and are questioning 10 people.

An accounts officer at the zoo claimed that the gorilla sneaked into an office where the money was kept and then proceeded to ‘swallow’ it.

The Managing Director of Kano Zoo, Umar Kashekobo, confirmed that money was missing.

He gave no details.

He merely said: “Police are investigating what happened – all I can say is money is missing.”

The police also confirmed the disappearance of money from the zoo.

“Yes, it is true that money from five days of Sallah festivities is missing from the Kano zoo,” spokesman for the state police command, Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, told the BBC.

“As at now, we have arrested 10 members of staff of the zoo including the security man and those working in the finance unit.”

Kano-based Freedom Radio had, earlier in the week, interviewed someone from the zoo’s finance department who said a gorilla sneaked into the office, stole the money and then swallowed it.

The money swallowing gorilla story is similar to the allegation, last year, by an official of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Benue state that a ‘spiritual’ snake found its way into the organization’s office in Makurdi and ate N36million cash.