Ways to prevent your phone from being hacked

Ways to prevent your phone from being hacked

Hacking is finding a weakness in someone’s software or networks with the aim of exploiting something or gaining illegal access to secured data and information. For instance, hackers use a variety of passwords for cracking algorithm to get access to a computer system, according to Techarrival.

Who is a hacker?

A hacker is an individual or a group of individuals who looks for and takes advantage of weaknesses of computer systems and the networks to get illegal access to it. The hackers are generally highly skilled in computer programming and have knowledge about the security system of such devices.

How to prevent your phone from being hacked

In today’s times, when we humans are highly dependent upon the computers and mobile phones to do our day to day tasks, it is almost impossible to stay without them. But, the growing hacking practices are scaring the common people, as well. With the recent reports on malware attack and breaching of important data, everyone wants to protect their phones from hackers. Which is why, every year, the studies and experiments are done to stop or protect the users from getting attacked by the hackers. There are a few ways to secure your data like improving your passwords but nothing is full proof as the chances of hacking cannot be avoided, completely.

But doing something is better than doing nothing to prevent hacking. There are so many big organisations which got into trouble because of the hackers. These professional hackers are hard to trace as they do not leave a track behind them. Therefore, it is better for us to prevent ourselves because most of the cybercrime cases are difficult to get solved.

Here are some ideas that you can opt for to protect your phones from hackers and android spy apps.

Update your operating system

The very first step is to regularly update your phones. As soon as an update is ready to be downloaded and installed on your phones, do it! Un-updated phones become vulnerable to hacking so you can make the device more secured by regularly updating it. You can constantly check your phone settings for new updates. You must update your apps, as well whenever a notification is brought to your notice.

Install software

You should always download and install trustworthy and reliable phone protection apps that provide complete malware security. It is important to have a software security app on your phones to protect it from hackers and viruses. The hackers generally send you websites and emails which contain viruses, so with the help of an advanced security software, you can protect your phones from such attacks.

Password protect

To improve your phone’s security, it is important to password lock your device carefully. Keep a password that provides good strength. You can choose a pattern lock, personalised PIN, or an alphabetical-numeric password for your phone. Choose a smart password that you can remember easily but is difficult to guess by hackers. You can also fix the time your phone will take to get locked, automatically if not in use.

Trustworthy apps

It is suggested to you to only download and install apps from reputed sites such as Apple’s App Store and Play Store. First, you must visit an alleged review website to get the authentic review about the app you are planning to install. After that, you can download and install a new app.

Stay disable

It is very important that you disable Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi while you are not using it, as they allow the hackers to find your device easily with a quick scan. The hackers can easily get into your phone through these features. This is why; you can opt for settings to keep your connectivity features disabled until they are switched on manually.

Unsecured Wi-Fi

Generally, the unsecured Wi-Fi connections are open for public use. Therefore, always use a secured connection for your mobile phones. You can install a VPN or virtual private network to direct traffic through encrypted mobile connections. Do not access your online banking services on an unsecured network connection.

Unlocking methods

Do not get excited about fingerprint and face recognition features. Hackers can simply copy your fingerprints from something that you have held or simply use your picture to unlock your phones. So, avoid using simple unlocking phone methods, instead, go for complicated options to get better security. It is suggested to your alphanumerical password PIN to lock your phones. Your password should not be something personal like your pet’s name or boyfriend’s name or your car or phone number. It should be something hard to guess.

Data backup

You can also take a regular backup of your mobile phone data in your hard disk or on Google storage. After that, you can regularly clean the phone’s data. So, if in case a hacker hacks your mobile phone, it would be a blank file for him and he cannot steal your important data from it.

Keep deleting

You must clean up your memory regularly, every month. You are supposed to delete the unwanted data and apps from your phone. This makes your phone works faster and safer.

Credit: PUNCH.

Nine things to note before engaging in off romance

Nine things to note before engaging in office romance

Tunde Ajaja

The shame that confronted both of them as they were ushered out of the office premises that morning could make anyone in their shoes want to attempt the unthinkable – like entering the ground, if possible – at that moment. It all happened in the full glare of their colleagues.

The incident happened in East Anglia, United Kingdom, few months ago when two co-workers of Tesco Superstore were caught having a romp in the sack in the office after the close of work. In fact, it wasn’t the conventional way, the guy, 35-year-old Neville Fox, who was the Fresh Produce Manager, was performing oral sex on a younger colleague, who was 19.

They were recorded by a group of youngsters who saw them through the window from somewhere in the neighbourhood, and after the video went viral and the firm investigated it, they were both fired from their jobs. UK Sun reported that the lady cried as she was escorted off the premises, alongside a distraught Neville.

Frankly, it goes without saying and it’s entirely understandable that romance (not necessarily sexual) in the workplace is one thing that has been there for a long time and might not fade out completely. It is even more pronounced in offices where employees spend lengthy time at work, which makes it more probable for one or two of them to start having attraction for one another and from there take things beyond official.

On why people actually go into relationship in the workplace, a consultant psychologist, Prof. Oni Fagboungbe, said, “There is always a setting that brings people together and so, when two people meet consistently in a setting, maybe in the office, market or even in the airplane, and since stimulus and response influence people’s actions and behaviour, that is why people meet anywhere and they fall in love.”

While that of Neville and the 19-year-old lady led to sexual intimacy, some do not get to that level and it’s just a matter of enjoying each other’s company. Also, while some, including married persons, do it as a fling, some others initiate it with the intention of getting married to such persons. However, the latter is the focus of this piece. Thus, for people considering engaging a co-worker in a serious relationship, and not just based on shared feelings about something wrong at work, here are things to note before giving it a go.

One should quit if company policy forbids it: This is arguably the most important factor, as it even determines whether the lovebirds would still remain employed once a third party finds out. While there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a (junior or senior) colleague at work, everything could be wrong with it if it’s against the policy of the company. This is because it could lead to the sacking of either or both of them if the company policy does not support it. Thus, before going into any relationship in the workplace, people are always advised to find out whether the company allows it or not. If it’s not allowed, such persons, provided they are both serious and confident it would lead to marriage, should have a tete-a-tete about it to determine who would go and who would stay. This is necessary before the company finds out and one or both are sacked. Notably, the decision is often but sometimes arguable that the person with the brighter prospect and higher pay should stay while the other should leave. Fagboungbe said such persons should weigh the cost benefit analysis and put other variables into consideration.

He added, “Offices have organisational policies and conditions of service, so, people should understand the condition of service of the organisation and that is why organisations should also do orientation for their workers. Romance is infectious, and if care is not taken, before you know it, you have carried it to an extreme level that is not tolerated by the office and someone could lose their job.”

Be ready to separate work from romance: Being in love has been found to create the same feeling with being high on cocaine. A biological anthropologist and relationship researcher, Dr Helen Fisher, once revealed after a series of studies on the brain chemistry of being in love that the same huge volume of brain chemicals, dopamine and norepinephrine, are released and that many of the same brain pathways and structures are active when people are in love and when they are high on cocaine. Thus, with that background, being in love tends to make people do what they ordinarily would not do at work. But, according to experts, people in a relationship at the workplace should learn to separate work from romance. Thus, such persons are advised never to bring in unsettled quarrels into the workplace and should never be caught fighting or flirting. This would not only make them unproductive, as it would lessen their concentration, it could as well give an employer a good reason to sack them. Thus, let relationship squabbles stay outside the office.

Don’t be all over each other: It is equally helpful for such persons to create as much space for each other as necessary, so that an employer does not get an impression that the relationship would overshadow their primary responsibilities in the office. Thus, such persons should not be seen to be eating from the same plate, cuddling, holding hands on the hallway or frequently visiting each other’s offices for reasons that could not be seen as official. These, no doubt, could send a wrong signal to an employer. In addition, normal courtesies should be sustained during meetings and on the phone or in an email as such email exchange could be needed for future official purposes.

Never do ‘it’ in the office: While there could be the temptation to hurriedly touch a lover in some sensual parts, perhaps when no one seems to be around or when the walkway is quiet, persons involved in office romance are advised never to give it a try, as they could be caught. Even though giving such a try, especially in unexpected places, could qualify as an adventure, it can equally lead to a lasting embarrassment, if caught. Perhaps, Neville and the teenager he was dating with would have kept their jobs if they had left the romp in the sack for somewhere outside the premises. Also, given that there would have been some close interactions before such could come up, chances are that some colleagues could be curious or monitoring them closely.

Keep it a secret as much as possible: No doubt, some things are better kept secret, and office romance could be one of them. Apart from the fact that it keeps the affair out of general (public) scrutiny, if anything goes wrong, the gossips, which could easily make things worse for both persons, would have been eliminated. Thus, before announcing it to everyone in the room or sharing the information online or tagging them in suggestive manners on the social media, it is advised that such persons should exercise caution. Also, at social gatherings organised by the office, there is the temptation of hanging around such persons and even cuddling, but experts say bosses and other staff members tend to remember whatever happens in such places. Fagboungbe said, “Discussing personal issues could have official implications and so one should be very careful in such places.”

Have a life outside the workplace: In order to avoid boredom or regimented experiences in the relationship, people engaged in office romance are often advised to have an active social life outside the office and of course maintain other relationships with friends and distant acquaintances so that all their discussion with their partners would not be all about happenings in the office. They are also advised to go for picnic and occasional vacations. This would add spice to the relationship.

Note that break-up could be hard to deal with: While the thought of having a loved one few metres away can be comforting, it could equally be hard to deal with when the love affair goes sour, and sometimes, either of the two persons might be constrained to quit working in the office because of the psychological worries. The emotional strain can be overwhelming, especially when the former partner is now seen to be very close to another person of the opposite sex in the office. Thus, people engaged in office romance should always bear in mind that dealing with a break-up could be hard to deal with, especially as they would often see each other.

Be mature about your expectations: While people tend to nurse a sense of exclusivity and even ownership, it is pertinent for people engaging in office romance to remember that the other person is an adult and would have friendly relationship with other people in the office. Hence, to avoid unnecessary jealousy and ill-feeling, such persons should keep this is mind. Also, public display of affection and use of pet names should not be entertained.

Avoid having affair with married persons: Apart from being a religious or moral offence, everything is wrong with having an affair with a co-worker that is married. While the office space could seem like a haven for such illicit affair, especially as the person’s spouse is not in the same office, findings show that it’s a quick way to lose respect and a ‘concerned’ co-worker could inform the spouse about the affair.

Credit: The Punch

News Headlines Nov 1, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Nov 1, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
We don’t fear whether Atiku holds meetings in Dubai or jungle –Tinubu …opposes call for Oshiomhole’s removal
I won’t mortgage my conscience to keep APC job –Oshiomhole
Missing General: Army finds corpse in abandoned well
Shiites defy military’s threat, vow to continue protest
Lekki pastor, ex-lover at war over viral sex video
Shiites are like Buhari’s followers
Senate condemns FG for non-payment of fuel subsidy claims
Neymar faces six years in prison
Serena reunites with ex-boyfriend
I led 3,000 APC members to PDP – Benue SSG
I won’t mortgage my conscience to keep APC job –Oshiomhole
Missing General: Army finds corpse in abandoned well
Disqualification: Cross River gov aspirant files N2bn suit against PDP, Ayade
Avoid looters, Buhari warns aggrieved APC aspirants
2019: Service Chiefs’ alarm on stockpiling of weapons
PDP faults Osinbajo’s debt profile claim
Minimum wage: Unions begin strike next week, slam govs
Shi’ite crisis: Nigeria is playing with fire
Credit Switch boss, Badamosi, allegedly murdered by cook
Command nabs man for snatching motorcycle
Police arrest ex-convicts for robbery, recover vehicles
Man in trouble for allegedly selling poisonous meat
Police search for more suspects in Lagos Island cult clash
Police nab kidnappers of corps members
Housemaid flees with boss property
EFCC nabs resident for diverting mosquito nets in Gombe
NGOs want death sentence for armed robbery abolished
Dickson threatens to expel disloyal PDP members
Ekiti gov poll: Tribunal admits more electoral materials as exhibits
Kashamu’s group names Gbenga Daniel, Reuben Abati as PDP senatorial, deputy gov candidates
Tinubu meets Buhari, opposes call for Oshiomhole’s removal
Be faithful to your country, Buhari counsels angry APC aspirants
Announce Imo gov candidate, APC councillors urge Oshiomhole
Kaduna refinery stays dormant as NNPC loses N10.96bn
DPR seals two illegal gas facilities in Akwa Ibom
Bank educates Onitsha traders on Nigeria-China currency swap
Ghanaian envoy, Nigerians differ on business closure
Russia, UAE partner NNPC to develop oil, gas
3SC players hit with food poisoning, 22 hospitalised
World Cup winner jailed over arms, mafia links
Why Leicester owner’s helicopter crashed – Investigator
Ghana 2018: Falcons stars hit Lagos
FG to release intervention funds to 216 varsities, others
FG urged on sponsorship scheme for private varsity students
Tertiary institutions admitting half-baked secondary school leavers –Bellstech VC
Foundation awards scholarships to 173 students
Federal poly signs MoU with foreign varsities on agric technology
How to make wired speakers wireless
EkoBits, Poise Nigeria empower youths with ICT skills
Developers introduce mobile app to tackle emergencies
Digital policy crucial for protecting online data, experts say
Editorial: 2019: Service Chiefs’ alarm on stockpiling of weapons
Shi’ite crisis: Nigeria is playing with fire
Ambode, come to our rescue
Too much ado about certificate

The Nation

Adeleke, four others arraigned for alleged exam malpractices
We’ll reconcile with Amosun, Okorocha, Yari, says Oshiomhole
Fed Govt moves to settle oil marketers
2019: Why Atiku’s dream will crash, by Tinubu
Army finds body of missing General
PDP plans ward-to-ward campaign
Governors’ position on minimum wage unsettles workers
Why I want to govern Ogun, by AD candidate
2019: Can Eze win Enugu poll?
How to restructure Nigeria, by ex-LP secretary
‘Abuja-based APC chieftains causing problem in Imo’
Wabara wins Abia South APC senatorial ticket
‘I never said Buhari will lose in North East’
AFCON 2019: Rohr eyes ticket in South Africa
Rohr enlists Musa Muhammed
Ronaldo fantastic, Messi better — Etebo
Isaac Success named in Premier League Team of Week
Falcons coach gives foreign-based players November 4 deadline
Esuku, Ajayi dominate national taekwondo ranking
LSTL 2011: Its positives, negatives
Ogoni Cleanup to commence this month
Governments advised to accelerate access to water, sanitation security for Africa
LASBCA warns property owners on structural integrity
‘OPEC’s output highest since 2016’
Anxiety as consumers besiege DisCos for meters
CSOs seek probe of investment and securities tribunal
500 clerics converge on Abuja for Buhari;s re-election
I‘ll ensure greatness of Nasarawa varsity, says VC
2019: Nguru agog as Balarabe leads Albishir’s group to Yobe APC
903 foreign trained doctors, dentists, sit for council’s exam
Double honour for ABUAD’s golden girl at 6th convocation
Honour for budding creative writers
Blame academia for stunted democracy, says KWASU VC
NGO seeks inclusion of cancer awareness in curriculum
‘I cannot be able’
LCCI rewards essayists
OAU medical students reject ‘exploitative’ training fee
Tackling climate change through innovation
Ajibola: Crescent varsity graduates doing well
RSW: N6.5 m win surprises LASU student
Three students win Kola Daisi varsity scholars’ award
Editorial: Cow clog
Sore child
Education emergency?
Ending ritual killings
Who are these sexual perverts?
2019: Between character and certificate


FG Suspends NHIS Boss, Constitutes Probe Panel
Credit Switch Technology Chairman, Badamosi, Murdered
Again, el-Rufai Relaxes Curfew on Kaduna as Normalcy Returns
It will be Difficult to Defeat Kwara PDP, Says APC Leader
Again, Buhari Begs Aggrieved Party Aspirants Not to Abandon APC
Tinubu Mocks Atiku, Says Nigeria Won’t Return to PDP’
…Backs Oshiomhole against forces seeking his removal
I Met, Called Oshiomhole Almost Everyday to Ensure Free, Fair Primaries
Okowa, Dickson, Turaki Launch Monthly Allowance for over 1,000 Pregnant Bayelsa Women
Nigeria’s Ranking on World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Drops to 146th Position
88m Nigerians Now Living in Extreme Poverty, Says Report
FG Begins New TSA Tariff Regime November 1
Police Charge 400 Shiites to Court in Abuja
Cook Allegedly Murders Badamosi, Chairman, Credit Switch Technology
Army Recovers Body of Missing General Alkali
Amnesty International Wants Nigerian Security Forces Held Accountable for Killing Shiites
Alleged Exam Malpractices: Adeleke Gets Bail on Self Recognisance
I ‘ve faith in judiciary, says senator
Why APGA Has Presidential Candidate from the Middle Belt
‘We Have Drastically Cut Down Cost of Road Construction’
President Buhari is Running the Country by Proxy – Hon. Akinjo
PDP Flays Osinbajo for Allegedly Falsifying Facts on Nigeria’s Debt Profile
INEC Notifies PDP of Its Decision to Recognise Kashamu Candidates’ List
Nigeria’s Manufacturing Index Expands in 19th Consecutive Month
Nestle Records 44% Profit Growth, Recommends N20 Interim Dividend
Report Highlights Opportunities in Nigeria’s Markets
Report: Rapid Hotel Expansion Indicates Favourable Business Climate
Nosak Group Partners Edo on Job Creation
Rise of Shopping Malls
Akinwunmi Heads NFF’s Reform Committee
Cape Verde Ready for Africa Youth Cup, Says Semedo
Ikeja Saddle Club Holds 51st Anniversary with Games
Final Six Teams to Emerge Thursday in Abuja, Enugu
Ex-Juventus Star Jailed in Mafia Case
Teams Battle for Mega Prize as Betway 5s League Playoffs Continue
LMC Chairman, Dikko, Appointed to CAF Ad-Hoc Committee
Overseas-based Pros Arrive Falcons’ Camp

Daily Trust
Kaduna night time curfew now 10pm-5am
Additional 141 Nigerians return from Libya
Mother ‘grateful’ for recovery, receives mourners in Potiskum
Thugs kill PDP supporter in Sokoto
Chief executives’ suspension: Union disagrees with SGF
NHIS: FG set up panel to probe Yusuf
Tinubu to Atiku: You can strategize in jungle, you’re going nowhere
Northern Christians seek probe on Kaduna crisis
Suspension: NHIS boss sues Minister of Health, AGF
2 brothers jailed 6 years for breach of trust, theft
Bribery video: Ganduje to appear before committee Friday
Kaduna crisis eroding people’s confidence in government, NSCIA warns
Ambode mends fences with Sanwo-Olu, Hamzat
Ex-Kano deputy governor confirms dumping PDP
Daily Trust President Buhari Golf Cup gets dates
Golf is a game of total exercise – Obaseki
Play golf to live longer
NYSC scandal: Bolaji Abdullahi may pick Kwara PDP ticket
Reps summon NNPC GMD, 2 firms over ‘missing’ N91trn oil revenue
NNPC to NAPE: Find more crude oil to meet 40bn barrels target
Court remands 8 men over attempted murder
Lagos govt, Hypo clean up Bariga community
2 jailed for stealing 52 computer monitors
Niger North: Why Sen. Sabi’s return ticket excites us
Population: Only e-certifications can ensure effective data
Buhari still the alternative to Buhari
InternationalSee More
PAKISTAN: Christian woman cleared in landmark blasphemy case
TANZANIA: Anti-gay crackdown in Dar es Salaam
UNITED STATES: Yemen: US presses Saudi Arabia to agree ceasefire
Editorial: Sign Amended Electoral Act
University community baffled by professor’s alleged suicide
Kano College gets telecentre
JAMB conducts exam for 903 foreign-trained doctors
Conservation body urges FG to restore 4m hectare forest by 2030
Black soot gradually disappearing — Navy
Lagos Fashion Week ends with grand vibes
Climate change: Fund approves 20 green projects for ADfB, others
Why Lake Chad, others are shrinking – Canadian Governor-General
FG will commercialise 3 National Parks to diversify economy – Conservator-General
Armsgate: Court threatens to issue bench warrant against Ex-PDP chieftain, Halilu
Suspension: NHIS boss sues Minister of Health, AGF
BRISIN recruitment: FG extends deadline for application to Nov. 22
Ecobank co-opts new director

The Sun

2019: PDP can strategise but will fail – Tinubu
Atiku knocks plan to sell public assets to fund budget
FG under fire over Ease of Doing Business report
Let NHIS crisis be resolved
Missing General Alkali: Army recovers body from abandoned well
APC has failed Nigerians, says Wike
Fayose to Ekiti CJ: Stop behaving like coward
Missing General Alkali: Army recovers body from abandoned well
N22,500 wage: We don’t take orders from Governors Forum – Zamfara NLC
Minister appeals for improvement in electricity supply in FCT
Nigeria to host Africa Trade Forum 2018 — ECA
I won’t mortgage my conscience to keep APC job –Oshiomhole
Dogara light weight politician in Bauchi – Gov Abubakar
2019: Ex-Jigawa AG dumps PDP, defects to APC with 10,000 supporters
Buhari to APC Aspirants: Stay faithful to your country, hold fast on integrity
‘Why APC is scared of Atiku’
World Saving Day: CBN to partner NERDC on financial literacy programme in schools
FG approves new TSA tariff model
NSE: Index drops further by 2.11%, amid sell pressure
Nigeria to host Africa Trade Forum 2018 — ECA
Katsina: INEC slates Nov. 17 for Federal Constituency bye-election
Elections: INEC trains staff on election monitoring, support
Volleyball Premier League gets new date, venue
CR7 hits 144,309,204 Instagram followers
Neymar: Messi’s my ‘idol’
Fury challenge Joshua to street fight
SuperSport crowns Boateng African Player of the Month
Super Falcons tackle Dominion Hotspur in friendly
Austin urges fans to keep faith with misfiring Southampton
Dani Alves trains with PSG teammates hopeful of return from injury
FIFA World Cup expansion possible for Qatar 2022, Infantino says
RB Leipzig keen on Lookman
The scariest moment of my life – Queen Igwebueze, actress
Bay: A spicy soother
Common back pain: Women’s tremendous capacity to bear the agony
NAFEST 2018: Sunset for greater Nigeria
Masturbation and premature ejaculation
The power of elections
Before the campaign
2019 and Atiku’s chances
Tasks before Osun governor-elect
Onitsha traders, residents lament extortion by touts
Missing General Alkali: Army recovers body from abandoned well
Group seeks probe in $2m donation for Nigerian embassy building in Guinea Bissau
25 killed in Afghanistan army helicopter crash
TESTMASTER launches National Sec. Sch. Maths Quiz
I’ll keep pushing, success is expensive – Phashyo, singer
FG approves new TSA tariff model
The power of elections
Before the campaign

FG, Labour Reject Governors’ N22, 500 Minimum Wage Proposal
Army Recovers Body Of Missing General
World Bank Rates Nigeria High On Ease Of Doing Business
BRISIN Recruitment: FG Extends Deadline For Application To Nov. 22
Islamist Party Calls For Death Of Judges Who Freed Christian Woman
Brig. Gen Salmanu Bala Jikamshi: Tribute To A Rare Gentleman
The Professor Who Wants To Be Governor
Yes, Nigerians Have Right To Life And Liberty
Mikel Will Decide On Super Eagles’ Return — Rohr
Why Nigerians Must Accept The New E-Certificate By Population Commission
World Cup Expansion To 48 Teams Possible By 2022 – FIFA
How Nigeria Can Reduce Foodborne Diseases
Appraising World Bank’s $750m SFTAS Programme For States
NEC Rejected Candidates List From Kashamu’s Camp_PDP
SON Challenges Lagos Schools On Standards,Quality
Stock Market: 8 Companies List N282.9bn Shares In 10 Months
SON Challenges Lagos Schools On Standards,Quality
NSE-ASI Falls By 2.12% On Sustained Sell-Offs
‘APC Is Party To Beat In Abuja’
Stock Market: 8 Companies List N282.9bn Shares In 10 Months
FG Approves National Leather Policy
Oil Prices Leap After 3 Days Of Sliding
FG’s New TSA Tariff Takes Effect Today
Atiku Faults Sales Of Public Assets
2019: CSOs, Security Agencies And The Quest For Credible Polls
2019: Group Accuses PDP Of Plotting To Marginalise South West
SDP Tackles Afenifere Over Omisore’s Suspension
Mourinho Escapes FA Charge Over Abusive Language Usage
FIFA Concern After Hackers Breach Data
France, Japan, Hail Growth Of Film Animation In Nigeria
Soul Singer Candi Staton Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
EDITORIAL: Sexual Harassment In The Ivory Tower
Why Nigerians Must Accept The New E-Certificate By Population Commission
Appraising World Bank’s $750m SFTAS Programme For States
How Nigeria Can Reduce Foodborne Diseases
FCTA Warns Against Outrageous Fees In Abuja Schools
Akoko-Edo APC Passes Vote Of Confidence On Oshiomhole, Akpatason
Rivers APC: Appeal Court Hears Suit Nov 14
oHow Construction Workers Get Succour Through Employee Compensation
Herdsmen Occupy 750 Hectares Of Rice Farm In Taraba
Al-Makura Advocates Creation Of Grazing Areas By FG, States
Kaduna Govt Relaxes Night-time Curfew

The Guardian

NFF names members of Reform Committee
Scientists near malaria elimination
Nigeria slips in ease of doing business ranking
FG mulls using local experts for projects of national security
Court strikes out motions of withdrawal in Rivers’ APC crisis
Hoodlums hijack relief materials donated to flood victims in Rivers
Use executive order to create new state in South East’
Eight feared dead as rival youth groups clash in Lagos Island
ECOWAS, INEC, others move for peaceful polls
“We have not sacked our coach,” says Rangers management
Knocks for Junior Lokosa over trials in Chinese league
FIFA bans Ghana’s former football president for life
Neymar risks prison over Barca move, says Spanish magistrate
Why not?’ FIFA boss says 48 teams ‘feasible’ for Qatar World Cup
Nigeria records first win in Amputee World Cup
Lagos cautioned against hasty termination of Visionscape contract
PZ Cussons reaffirms commitment to value addition
SON ends product registration certificate regime for cargo clearing
OPEC output peaked in October
Editorial: Journalism, disruptive technology and change management
Nigerian politics and the mystification of corruption
Revisiting Jonathan’s single term proposal
Lagos: Mega city without mega people – Part 2
Buhari owes Shiites justice, not massacre
Dredging Escravos channel to boost Nigeria’s economy
Medicinal values of Allium herbs
Dieting in pregnancy
Why children should engage in exercises


FG Shifts Burden Of TSA Transaction Cost To Payers
Accept Dapo Abiodun As Party Candidate, Ogun APC Elders Beg Amosun
5 Burnt In Obosi Gas Plant Fire Disaster
Minimum Wage: FG, Labour Tackle State Governors
Govts Increase Implementation Of Business Reforms To 314 In A Year – World Bank
Buhari Vs Atiku: North Undecided Yet, Arewa Youths Insist
Prioritising Pensions And Gratuities As Welfare Issues
Onwusoro Debuts With Message Of Hope For Nigeria
Minimum Wage: Identities Of Anti-N30,000 States Unveiled
2019: Be Careful, Looters Want To Return, Buhari Tells APC
Scholarship: Ajiran Community Honours Philanthropists With Chieftaincy Titles
2019: APC’s NWC Axes Okorocha, Amosun’s Men
How We Were Brutalized By Police In Delta —Rights Activists
Obaseki’s Tourism Sector Reform: Bikers Tour Benin Moat, Other Heritage Sites In Edo
Police Arrest Wonder Bank Operator In Aba
Edo SDGs Office Donates Neonatal Complex To Hospital
Edo Civil Service Commits To Continuous Staff Training
FG shifts burden of TSA transaction cost to payers
Minimum wage: FG, Labour tackle state governors
2019: APC’s NWC axes Okorocha, Amosun’s men
Sale of public assets to fund 2019 budget, irresponsible – Atiku
2019: Buhari to politicians, regulate your utterances
Oshiohmole can’t be removed, not violated APC constitution – Tinubu
Kashamu’s group picks Abati, Daniel, as Dep Gov., Senatorial candidates in Ogun
2019: APC not jittery over Atiku’s Dubai meeting—Tinubu
I came back to power with ‘Agbada’ to convince Nigerians to make sacrifices- Buhari
2019: S-West youths reject Atiku’s SGF offer, laud Buhari
How I used cloned documents to clear 1,570 pump action rifles – Festus Emeka
Former Italian football star sentenced in mafia trial
Mourinho escapes FA charge over abusive language usage
Last-minute deal aims to salvage Canada’s Winter Olympics bid
Messi returns to training after arm injury
Just in: Wizkid joins league of highest paid artists worldwide
Seun Kuti, blows hot: Recounts horrible childhood experiences
How I discovered my hidden talent – Sola Sobowale
My son, Zion is my life, says Wizkid

Remembering Rashidi Yekini

Remembering Rashidi Yekini
By Segun Odegbami

On October 23, this year, he would have been 55 years old.

Some six years ago, ‘Gangling’ was ‘murdered’ by careless family members.

The circumstances of the untimely death, on 5th of May 2012, of legendary Nigerian football star, Rashidi Yekini, remain a mystery leaving a lingering sour taste in the mouth.

The story of that day, still shrouded in uncertainty, does not make any sense: a group of persons led by a member of his family, accosted him at the gate of his house as he returned from his regular morning football training; in broad day light, and with some neighbours watching the drama from their homes across the street, he was forced into a waiting car and driven away to an unknown destination. Some two weeks later he was brought back, and deposited in a private hospital, dead.

No one was arrested, and no one was prosecuted by the Police.

That’s how the life of one of the most celebrated football heroes in Nigeria’s history was wasted and nothing happened. The earth did not tremble and the people did not protest. Although the people mourned for a while, life eventually just went on normally as if Rashidi Yekini was a nobody, and how he died did not matter.

I hate to admit it (yet it is true) that it is only in Nigeria that a national figure of Rashidi Yekini’s stature would lose his life in such a ‘cheap’ and mysterious way and no proper investigation was ever conducted to find out ‘who did it’.

The elements were left to take their revenge.

To date, it is only the effort of a few friends that has continued to keep alive the memory of one of the greatest footballers in the history of the game in Nigeria.

Rashidi’s story is replicated in the stories of most others that also shone and their lights were extinguished by neglect and forgetfulness by successive custodians of sports administration in Nigeria.

The attitude of successive governments to sports is that of a minor irritant that occasionally unites the people during international championships, but consumes resources and injects nothing back into the economy.

That’s why, the present government can list 51 priority areas at the inception of the government and sport was not one of them.

This week, Rashidi Yekini’s beautiful goals have lit up several social media platforms, and the great Nigerian hero is being remembered and celebrated by his fans in a token effort to keep his memory alive.

It is a reality check for all athletes in Nigeria who spend the better part of their youthful life in pursuit of honour and glory not only for self but, most importantly, for country, and the life after.

The argument about whose responsibility it is to honour and remember them, and to cater for their welfare has been on for decades with no end in sight of a resolution.

So, successive governments have done nothing, and the athletes have been left to live with a situation that is obviously a very bad advertisement for Nigerian sport, a situation where heroes end up poor, neglected, forgotten, and dead, when they can very easily have become economic contributors, motivators and role models for younger generations.

Sport continues to suffer from a lack of enough understanding of what it can offer society and contribute to a country beyond the momentary moments of unity and celebrations.

Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, provides an insight into the possibilities, contributing about seven billion Dollars annually to the Nigerian economy despite surviving outside of government. Yet, that industry is still at its embryo and its impact pales in comparison to what sports (and football in particular) can offer when fully and properly managed.

Unlike Nollywood, sport cannot survive for now without government’s intervention and provision of the enabling conducive-for-business environment.

In combination with sport, the general entertainment industry, drawing on the power and passion of the young generation of Nigerians, can become one of Nigeria’s highest economic contributors outside of oil and gas within a few years.

The shock is that governments still do not see it. They do not understand how sports to can maximally impact society and make a difference in the lives of young people.

Many of us in the sports industry live in the despair of seeing how opportunities are frittering away in this ocean of endless possibilities.

Yekini is so big a football personality at the level of his achievements that his birth place and resting place could easily become ‘shrines’ for visitors to come and pay homage. Such a place exists in Vitoria de Setubal in Portugal where he played the best part of his professional football and remains the greatest African football ambassador in the club’s history.

On the eve of the 1994 World Cup, Rashidi was the most talked about African football player, with expectations reaching to the skies.

He did not disappoint.

Who would ever forget the effusive celebration of his first World Cup goal for Nigeria during the World Cup, how he screamed his own name after netting Nigeria’s first ever goal at the World Cup?

The pictures of that goal and of his celebration are etched in the minds of a global audience of football fans till this day.

On this day and in this column, I am using Rashidi Yekini as a point of contact with the Nigerian government for all the sports heroes that served this country through the decades, many of them now buried and forgotten in the archives of history, and many others too, although still alive, languishing in poverty and obscurity, waiting in line for their turn to join the army of forgotten heroes.

The treatment meted to sports heroes should be a candle to light up a dark country wasting in the midst of plenty.

Nigeria will be great one day if political leaders will do in governance what sports heroes have been doing in sports for the country.

What Nigeria needs now are political leadership and leaders with the knowledge and vision of how to go about tapping into this abundant natural human resource that does not require re-inventing the wheel, to impact society for good, forever.

There is a ‘hungry’ army of youths waiting to soak up the opportunities.

On a larger scale, Nigeria can use sport, in conjunction with the other arts, to birth a new Black Consciousness and Civilisation in the World.

I join in the celebration of the life and times of Rashidi Yekini in African football.

I am using him to also recall and draw attention to all the other heroes in all sectors of sports in Nigeria that have departed this world after diligently serving sports and the country, and are now forgotten. They remain evergreen and everlasting in our hearts.

They are too numerous to list here:
Mudashiru Lawal, Dan Anyiam, ‘Papingo’ Hudson Jaguar, Fabian Duru, Inuwa Lawal Rigogo, Layiwola Olagbemiro, Olakunle Awesu, Dele Udoh, Musa Dogonyaro, Ken Ilodigwe, Samuel Okwaraji, ‘Thunder’ Tesilimi Balogun, Jide Johnson, Patrick Okala, Yomi Bamiro, ‘Diamond Toe’ Baby Anieke, Peter Anieke, Cyril Asoluka, Ishola Folorunsho, Jumoke Bodunrin, Babayo Shehu, Ronke Akindele, Maman Jay, Yinka Craig, Esbee Oguntolu, Isaac Akioye, Felix Agbonifo, Raheem Adejumo, Lord Rumens, Jerry Ikpeazu, Babatunde Abeki, Patrick Okpomo, Olalekan Salami, J.K. Tandoh, Grema Mohammed, Sunday Dankaro, Isaac Akioye, Batande Na Allah, Alloysius Atuegbu, Tunde Bamidele, Mike Enahoro, and so on…!

Rest peacefully.
Happy 55th birthday, Rashidi Yekini.

Credit: The Guardian

News Headlines Oct 31, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Oct 31, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Oct 31, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Power generation drops to 2,390MW, 15 plants idle
We can only pay N22,500 as minimum wage, governors tell workers
FG beefs up security around Aso Villa, others …as Shiites, security agents’ clashes continue
2019: PDP to cede House Speaker to South-West
Turning volunteer work into a paying job
Tips for surviving your first year as an entrepreneur
Unemployment rate falls to 3.9%, employers add 164,000 jobs
South Africa’s unemployment rate rises to 27.5%
Sunshine unveil Dogo, move to settle sacked players, coaches
Ogunbote extends Rangers deal
Bayelsa will host major events – Dickson
Court orders Nasarawa to deposit N182.5m players’ salaries
FG should review punishment for erring doctors – Neurosurgeon
NMA raises alarm over medical quackery
Lagos hospital gets biobank, laboratory
Oyo health insurance scheme targets 100,000 people
PKF receives ACCA-approved employer certification
Minimum wage is total emolument, not basic salary — NECA
Accenture empowers young entrepreneurs through start-up pitch
2019: INEC writes Secondus, recognises Kashamu candidates’
UPDATED: Buhari meets four PDP govs inside Aso Rock
Osun election: Afenifere suspends Omisore for supporting APC
2019: PDP to cede House Speaker to South-West
Controversy as UNILAG graduating student dies after final exams
Rider arrested for crushing pedestrian on road
Teenager drowns in police college swimming pool
Landlord breaks into tenant’s shop over refusal to quit
Police suspend Operation Velvet for one month
Judge’s absence stalls alleged killer lawyer’s trial
Customs seize vehicle loaded with hemp
Two Katsina vigilantes charged with homicide
Groups protest, seek justice for rape victim, Ochanya
Amosun has impoverished Ogun, APC chieftain alleges
2019: INEC writes Secondus, recognises Kashamu candidates’ list
I made N5.6m in three years, Donald Duke tells INEC
2019: Lagos lawyer seeks Buhari’s disqualification
Nigeria on the precipice of a failed nation – Mimiko
Gov candidate dares critics over choice of running mate
Nigeria must discard 1999 constitution to make progress –Oyebode
APC loses 3,000 members to PDP in Ondo
Lagos-Ibadan rail: FG berates CCECC over slow pace of work
Bayelsa targets 16,000 jobs through aquaculture villages
Power generation drops to 2,390MW, 15 plants idle
NNPC resumes shipping services, denies petrol price hike claims
Stop using my music, Pharrell Williams tells Trump
Feeding after 9pm not beneficial to health’
Go for regular medical check-up, pharmacist tells Nigerians
How to make wired speakers wireless
EkoBits, Poise Nigeria empower youths with ICT skills
Developers introduce mobile app to tackle emergencies
Digital policy crucial for protecting online data, experts say
Editorial: FG’s default in N67bn pension rights remittance
Sharibu: Beyond presidential call
Revisiting Jonathan’s single term proposal
As Nigeria declares state of emergency in education
2019: The Battle of Baba 70s

The Nation
Kaduna crisis: Buhari calls for peace
Aerospace in Africa: Nigeria joins Airbus’ panel at launch of White Paper in Toulouse
Buhari meets South-south governors
Minimum wage: Governors propose N22,500
$22.06bn, N481.75bn not remitted to FAAC, says NEITI
Boko Haram: No case of hunger among troops – FG
Our housing products are tailored to suit needs of Edo people – MIXTA
Qatar Airways cargo rolls out automated mail management system $22.06bn, N481.75bn not remitted to FAAC, says NEITI
El-Zakzaky: I-G puts Commissioners of Police on red alert
Organised Labour: How we arrived at N30,000 minimum wage
Fighting corruption should not be selective — Mimiko
El-Zakzaky: Police arrest 400 Shiites members
Fayemi, Egbeyemi and second phase of ‘rescue mission’
Turkish Airlines inks frequent flyer programme deal with Azul Brazillian Airlines
Multiple verification stalls payment of ex-Airways workers
Nigeria ranks 33 out of 54 in overall governance
MTN: CBN inhibiting Nigeria listing
Flood kills 20-year-old in Anambra
Ochanya: The law must take its course – Ortom
Aboru residents groan as flood wreaks havoc
NDLEA freezes suspected Tramadol importer’s accounts
Rotary Club of Omole-Golden fights polio
Lagos Assembly calls for caution on ‘Operation Velvet’
Editorial: Welcome reform

The Sun
Minimum wage: On N30,000 we stand – Labour
Buhari meets 4 PDP govs inside Aso Rock
Python dance: Don’t turn Igboland to war zone, Ohanaeze warns youths
Killings not solution to poverty
2019: Seventh Day Adventist sues INEC, FG over Saturday voting
Nigeria highest producer of HIV-infected babies – FG
Tax evasion fuelling poverty in Nigeria – SERAP
Support for PDP’ll hinder Southern presidency in 2023 – Yoruba Group
Hoodlums attack Atiku’s Sokoto campaign office, vandalise govt. vehicle
JUST IN: El-Zakzaky: FCT police arrest 400 Shiites members in Abuja
Issues affecting grazing reserves resolved, says FG
We’ve degraded Boko Haram, FG insists
Christmas: NNPC denies alleged plans to hike prices of petroleum products
Python dance: Don’t turn Igboland to war zone, Ohanaeze warns youths
Killings not solution to poverty
2019: Seventh Day Adventist sues INEC, FG over Saturday voting
Nigeria highest producer of HIV-infected babies – FG
Tax evasion fuelling poverty in Nigeria – SERAP
Igbo built America
‘Conspicuously absent’ wrong
Oscar Romero and lessons for Nigeria
Kano State Govt. empowers 4,400 street hawkers with N88m‎
Buhari meets four PDP governors inside Aso Rock
Ambode gives N10m seed fund to best 3 RSW initiative
S. Sudan beefs up security ahead of peace deal celebrations
Wizkid joins league of highest paid artists worldwide

Daily Trust
Former Lagos speaker docked over murder of DSP
2 arrested over fraud as police storm shrine at Ikorodu
Woman seeks dissolution of 7-yr-old marriage over threat to life
Expired vehicle documents: Police command suspends Operation Velvet
Police dock pregnant woman, 3 others over N5.2m jewelry theft
Minimum Wage: Governors offer to pay N22,500
Police arrest 400 Shiites, recover petrol bombs
Court adjourns Buhari’s certificate suit till Nov. 26
2019: INEC writes PDP, accepts Kashamu’s candidates’ list
How Jang ‘diverted’ N2bn MSMEs fund – Witnesses
Benue: Police arrest 4 over alleged rape of minors
Severe punishment awaits perpetrators of Kaduna crisis – Buhari
Igbos will vote for Buhari in 2019 – Eze Ohanwe
Involve more women in 2019 polls to prevent violence, Experts urge stakeholders
2019: AU, WANEP, ECOWAS launch ‘EMAM’ project to prevent electoral violence
Mimiko vows to tackle corruption with ICT if elected
Ikpeba insists Eagles can do without Mikel’s experience
Plateau Rocks thrash Kebbi 73-28 in Zenith Bank Women’s Basketball League
Falcons tackle Dominion Hotspur in friendly
FG sets up two committees on drug abuse
Nigeria facing difficult times, ex-minister says
Chinze gives voice to girl child
Tailor, carpenter docked over theft of 60 chickens, others
Three injured 22 on Abuja-Lokoja road crashes
Ona of Abaji lauds Aduda over Abuja tech varsity bill
Where I fault Ganduje bribe video
Charley Boy’s millions
Buhari: Beyond the noise of WAEC certificate
Editorial: The population time bomb
Okowa, Dickson, Ayade, Wike meet over common interests
Understanding and managing your smartphone battery
Samsung’s folding phone will go on sale next year
Airtel’s 4G to cover 100 cities by March 2019 – CEO
NLC urges Yobe workers to disregard ‘no work, no pay’ threat
LG workers to receive full October salary in Nasarawa
Gombe to recruit 750 extension workers

The Guardian

Nigeria ranks low in META region’s ICT growth index
Operators record marginal Q3 growth drops
Buhari vows to punish perpetrators of violence, killings in Kaduna
The Guardian gets NiMES award after NiRA, NiOMA honours
Lawyer asks court to disqualify Buhari over certificate
NNPC rules out hike in fuel price
Inter-bank market gets $210 million boost
PSN warns against importation of drugs
30 mins ago Nigeria
ICAN, CIFIAN bicker over forensic auditors bill
Officials ‘grumble’ as Wike gives N50 million for WAUG
Why Mikel was left out of Eagles’ squad against South Africa
Presidency summons NFF bigwigs over alleged ‘diversion of funds’
Black Queens wary of Super Falcons’ threat at AWCON
Three French players crash out, one advances
National Skating League postponed over security situation in Abuja, Kaduna
‘We must support SMEs, agric initiative to end poverty’
Dangote reaffirms commitment to production of fortified foods, ending hunger
‘Executive Order has no impact on seaports’
New shipping regulation may push fuel cost to $70b yearly
Again, FG, governors fail to agree on new minimum wage
Editorial: 2019: What is really at stake?
Nigeria’s next big reform
The truth on poverty reduction around the world
Buhari’s executive order ‘101’
What is the Nigerian purpose?
Not too big to fail
Lagos: Mega city without mega people
How air pollution is destroying our health, by WHO
Tall people are at greater risk of cancer
New test measures men’s fertility
Why more Nigerians will die of cancer


Trump sends 5,200 troops to Mexico border as caravan approaches
BREAKING: 36 state governors settle for N22,500 as new minimum wage
Afenifere: I’m not aware of my suspension — Omisore
How I will tackle corruption as President – Mimiko
Bayelsa govt promises to implement N30,000 minimum wage
Trump sends 5,200 troops to Mexico border as caravan approaches
LAUTECH: Alao-Akala should not confuse a framework for an agreement
How I will tackle corruption as President – Mimiko
Bus driver’s daughter emerges as 2018 Lagos One-Day Governor
Federal High Court adjourns proceedings over Buhari’s impeachment suit to November 26
New minimum wage: NLC, TUC holds rally in Anambra, threatens strike November 6
2019: Electorates advised to demand for WASH issues
Edo community petitions IG over Police harassment
German ex-nurse admits killing 100 patients
Death toll in Italy floods rises to nine
US President Trump plans to end birthright citizenship ―Axios
Trump sends 5,200 troops to Mexico border as caravan approaches
Dangote refinery to boost GDP by $52bn, 0.8% annually ― Edwin
Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil presidential election
Phillips Consulting announces new business positioning at NSACC summit
Why farmers should be exempted from paying tax —Ogunnaike
Committee calls for more budgetary allocation for Ogun-Oshun River Basin
Afenifere suspends Omisore
Oshiomhole: The gang-up thickens
5 years of power sector privatisation: Any sign of improvement?
NIPCO converts 5,600 petrol-powered vehicles to gas
20 African oil ministers to attend Nigeria’s NIPS 2019 summit
EDITORIAL: Growing mental challenges
Public institutions and performance of govts in Nigeria

News Headlines Oct 28, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Oct 28, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Amosun perfects defection plans, plants top aides in DPP
Senators, APC exco rally support to save Oshiomole
We’ve elected uneducated leaders –Sanusi
Leah Sharibu’s abductors demand N100bn ransom – Diplomatic sources
Suspension: Why police back NHIS boss
Army to pay actress N1.25m for assault
Bar owner threatens to sue LG boss over N5m debt
After one year on this job, I was offered N200m Abuja land – Prof. Aina, CEO, National Library
External reserves in three-month continuous fall, shed $4.94bn
Amosun perfects defection plans, plants top aides in DPP
FG aiding Kanu to cause crisis in South-East — MASSOB
How PDP govt frustrated restructuring — Osinbajo
NDDC no longer marginalising Imo — Rep
NLC, TUC begin strike mobilisation Wednesday
MultiChoice MD advises women
2019: Militants demand Niger Delta blueprint
Imo workers to collect salaries in advance
LAUTECH slashes tuition, announces resumption
Imo APC gov: My candidacy not debatable, says Nwosu
Why shut Bayelsa schools can’t reopen now —Dickson
Soldiers kill two Shiite members in Abuja
32 arrested in renewed Kaduna violence

Four die in Nasarawa boat accident
Enugu APC chairman escapes assassination attempt
Bandits kill policeman, five others in Zamfara
Pro-Buhari senators seek juicy offers for aggrieved lawmakers
PDP groans under heavy litigation, legal adviser demands N60m
We’ve elected uneducated leaders –Sanusi
Ezekwesili speaks on presidential bid Monday
Ex-Bayelsa SSG, others dump APC for PDP
Parties violate N200m benchmark during Osun poll — Catholic centre
External reserves in three-month continuous fall, shed $4.94bn
FG, BOI loan excites Niger traders
There’re bad days in business, be prepared – Odidi
You can be your greatest asset or your own worst enemy — Chinedu Iyizoba
Chevron, NNPC, others donate science lab to Yobe school
Harmattan: Experts seek collaboration to reduce flight disruptions
Process of the exercise not credible, should be addressed – Odoh
Primaries credible, aggrieved aspirants free to sue
Army’s python should dance in Israel where Kanu is, not Igboland – Ohanaeze
Vote buying is criminal, undermining democracy –EU envoy
Amosun abandoned APC primary, VON DG looking for who to blame –APC spokesman
Restructuring won’t be a major issue in 2019 polls — Unongo
I suffer watching United – Cantona
Ronaldo nets stunning winner in Empoli
WTA Finals: Stephens to face Svitolina in final
Aiteo Cup: Great football battle stripped of its glamour
Nigeria to play Uganda in Asaba
I’m focused on winning, not contracts – De Gea
Tiwa Savage, Wizkid are consenting adults –Korede Bello
I’ll never allow anyone else raise my children –Saka
Younger artistes expect me to greet them anytime we see –Tunji Sotimirin
I can see slightly now – Lari Williams
We have good musicians in Warri too, not only comedians –Sunshine
Seun Kuti gets Grammy nomination
The world of anxiety (1)
When you have a wry neck
Save me, begs 40-yr-old man in need of N15m for kidney transplant
Nigeria may exit list of polio-endemic nations in 2019 — Rotary
‘Online diagnostics eliminates issues of drug resistance, saves cost’
IPAN to tackle drug with advanced laboratory practice
Our pastors’ killers still using late GO’s phone to call us — Church members
Flooding: From hopes to despair, touching tales of distressed rice farmers, others
Editorial: Nigeria’s paradox of poverty amidst plenty
Yes, to lighter Breakfast TV
Creating the future you desire
Audacity of a murder
A system that breeds corruption

The Nation

Oshiomhole’s removal will trigger political tsunami – Alimikhena
‘Buhari inherits $63b, borrows $10b’
LAUTECH slashes tuition fees, announces resumption
Insecurity: Borno corps members observe Orientation in Katsina
Atiku, S/East rift deepens over single term request
Five feared killed as soldiers, Shiites clash in Abuja
Buhari certificate saga is dead issue – Presidency
Kaduna: 32 arrested in renewed violence
Ogun APC crisis: Amosun’s men plot mass defection
ALIYU ABUBAKAR: Things I learnt from Ronaldo
CHIDINMA EKILE: It’s difficult for a popular person to avoid scandals
FOSTER, NUJ call on FG to give assent to PIGB
NAFEST 2018 ends in Port Harcourt
Atiku not sincere on restructuring, says Osinbajo
NDU – Africa’s emerging intellectual destination
ALIYU ABUBAKAR: Things I learnt from Ronaldo
TARILA OKOROWANTA: My unforgettable memories with Stationery Stores
OPERATION BEAT SOUTH AFRICA (NOV. 17: Eagles seek revenge
Onyekuru trains again
Luis Suarez shows off newborn son with family
Neymar splits with girlfriend
Eagles battle Cranes on November 20
UNN students lament inaccessible portal
2019: Kwara APC presents united front
Expounding the danger of
Nigeria has highest number of unbanked population worldwide
OPS to partner Oyo govt on tax drive
SME finance
Expert cites weak system as bane to export business, SMEs in Nigeria,
How God’s favour pushed me into 2018 Cowbellpedia final
Chi Ltd launches its exotic pineapple coconut in 150ml pack size
Lifeforte wins Loya Milk Secondary School Swimming Competition
SHUGA BAND@20: Top dignitaries, celebrities, others gather for anniversary
Tolu Bally’s 2207byTbally plans anniversary treats
Onyeka Onwenu, others star in ‘The Chronicles’
Classic FM, others partner for medical outreach
DEMOLA ADEDOYIN: My responsibility to people is bigger now
Nigeria’s growing fan base for Telenovelas
One lyrical shot at stardom
Time to seriously get going with our agriculture
Kumuyi, Sani-Bello preach peace at Deeper Life Crusade
Tension in Abia Community over imminent pipeline explosion
Fake beggar nabbed in Anambra with drug, cash
FRSC takes ’ember month’ campaigns to Katsina Motor parks
Six Catholic nuns kidnapped in Delta
Bayelsa govt and Atala oil field
Philanthropist seeks support for Bayelsa flood victims
Candidate to pay Ovia students bursary from salaries, allowances
Smiles as 300 amputees get free prosthetic limbs
Ex-agitator: why I won’t back Buhari in 2019
A capital for everyone
Commission hails FCT on infrastructure
Hospital unveiled in Abuja
ob plan inspires Ebonyi youths
Anambra councils diversify
Abia partners chamber of commerce, think tank


Sanusi: Stop Electing Leaders with No Educational Qualification
Primaries: Buhari Meets Aggrieved Parties Tuesday
Active Shooter Reported at US Synagogue
Bode George Berates Fashola over Comments on 2023 Presidency
Kaduna Violence: Police Nab 32 Suspects

South West PDP Accepts SGF Slot, Wants More Key Positions

INEC: We Are Privy to Provisions of the Electoral Amendment Bill
Emmanuel Intervenes in Ibagwa Army Barracks, Promises More Aids
Peter Obi Best Running Mate for Atiku, Says Ex-Kogi Gov
Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi’s Treasures

Multiple Casualties in Shooting at US Synagogue
Active Shooter Reported at US Synagogue
Kaduna Violence: Police Nab 32 Suspects
As Ravaging Floods Threaten National Food Security
Agenda for Nigeria’s Economic Prosperity
Advertising Debt: OAAN, SMEs at the Mercy of Multinationals
With Ongoing Critical Reforms, Nigerians Experiencing Pains to Reap Gains
The Case For Dapo Abiodun

Situating the Presidential Run

Ogun APC and Issa-Onilu’s Barefaced Lies
Beckhams in Crisis:How David Beckham’s Bombshell Australian TV Interview could Cause New Rift with the Golden Couple
Sound Sultan: The Unconventional Storyteller
More Troubles for Arisekola Alao’s Families
Ooni Of Ife – Congratulations Boss!
Barca Host Real in First El Clasico without Messi, Ronaldo in 11 Years
Upbeat Centre Holds First Trampoline Gymnastics Competition
Ndidi Goal Salvages Point for Leicester against West Ham
The Dangers of Negative Narratives
Editorial: 2019 Election And The Challenges Ahead

The Sun
Sports Personality Award: Anthony Joshua
Nollywood Personality of the Year: Genevieve Nnaji
Lifetime Achievement Award: Florence Ita-Giwa
Lifetime Achievement Award: King Sunny Ade
Hero of the Year: Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar
Creative Personality of the Year: David ‘Davido’ Adeleke
2019: Amaechi urges supporters to mobilise for victory
Wike compensates traders of burnt Fruit Garden Market
PDP plans mega rally for APC defectors
Paris Club refund: Benue govt. begins salary payment
2019: Amosun’s aides names appear on DPP list as legislative candidates
Military rule ruined Nigeria – Ezeife
CUPP’ll choose one out of 45 presidential candidates of coalition for 2019 poll
2019: Igbo weigh Buhari, Atiku options
2019: Igbo stand better chance in PDP – Izuogu, APC BoT chief
Imo Guber: We’ll humble Nwosu, Okorocha’s son-in-law – Udenwa
Kogi govt earmarks 37,000 hectares for workers’ housing scheme
2019: The people will decide what happens
Adam’s Apple is a mess
How I knew that things are not all right with my country
Should labour go on strike over fresh dispute on proposed minimum wage?
Are you free in your relationship?
Hayford Alile’s last Testament
Lifetime Achievement Award: Chief Olusegun Osoba
Hero of the Year Award: Mr. Joe Blackson
Education Entrepreneur of the Year: Afe Babalola
Governor of the Year: Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi
Gunmen kill policeman, 5 others in Zamfara
Abuja Tremor: No foreseeable harm to the public – DG NGSA
Facility managers to care for govt infrastructure –FHA
Watching my mum toil to cater for us drove my passion to succeed
BSU students blame your school for NYSC ban
The killing of Khashoggi
On Ganduje’s social integration strides in Kano

Daily Trust
57 Chibok girls seen in Cameroon – Parents
Benue community resolves on self-development
Kaduna crisis: 32 arrested, as govt relaxes curfew
North needs more educational institutions, teachers – Emir Sanusi
How gunmen stormed my residence to kill me – Enugu APC chairman
See More
We want to reform SARS, curb impunity – NHRC
Army enlists 3,800 new soldiers
Ganduje Bribery video: What next after public hearing?
Oba Owoniyi enthroned as 44th Obaro of Kabba
57 Chibok girls seen in Cameroon – Parents
2019: Challenges before senators, reps in new political parties
Group vows to support Dogara’s re-election
Atiku Abubakar’s son exposes his secrets
EL-Amin reaffirms supremacy, wins 15th Georgian title
I am elated to win my first ever silverware – Ogunbote
El Clasico: Beware of ‘wounded’ Madrid, Barcelona coach warns players
Inside Buba Galadima’s rice, banana, soya beans farms
‘River basins helping President Buhari drive agricultural agenda’
Rescued Libya returnees embrace farming, beg for supporte
Kaduna curfew: Guard against unplanned pregnancies- Group tells residents
Buhari as a choice in 2019
Maternal and infant mortality in West Africa: Beyond the numbers
As Oshiomhole eases APC into next phase
Khashoggi’s death is explained by the Saudis in five acts (and counting)
‘We won’t keep silent’: Jamal Khashoggi supporters demand justice
It’s beacon of ‘light’ against Iran despite Khashoggi crisis – Saudi Arabia
Editorial: A Week of Crises in Kaduna
Ebola: Google doodle celebrates Stella Adadevoh
Kannywood’s visit to Buhari: Mama Korede spits fire

The Guardian

2023 presidency Fashola can’t decide our fate —Ndigbo
Congestion: Overtime cargoes, bad infrastructure and logistic failure constrain Lagos ports
FG can’t fund budget 2018 unless assets are sold, says Ministers
Osinbajo, Ambode say entertainment industry key to Nigeria’s economic growth
Buhari’s certificate saga, unnecessary plot to divert attention— NDF
Channel trillions you spend on petroleum subsidy to education, Sanusi tells FG
Enugu APC chair escapes assassination, police aide shot
Bus drivers benefit from eye screening
Bagudu assures corps members of adequate security, better welfare
Ndidi rescues Leicester as Liverpool return to top of Premier League table
Uganda confirm November 20 friendly against Nigeria
Liverpool go top as Bournemouth and Watford press on
Amnesty urges AC Milan, Juve to shun Italian Super Cup in Saudi
Ex-England manager Eriksson takes Philippines job
Three reasons you must watch the El Clasico
Meet Sadam Focus A.K.A. Smile the passionate entertainer
Policy on 41 items to stimulate economy, says CBN
Editorial: The implications of out-of-school children
I am not a Nollywood filmmaker
London literature festival at the Southbank centre
APC must (GOWO) go on with Oshiomhole
When will northern youths truly be free?
Yoruba: Time to speak truth to power
Race for government house Asaba: Right of reply
Amiwero: Our ports are becoming very unfriendly for business
Losses mount, chaos reigns as infrastructure decay robs Lagos ports of shine
What to know about thrombosis
Breast cancer: Improved lifestyle, regular screening key to reducing risks
BSUTH: Search for greener pastures reason for brain drain


MTN Pulse Campus Invasion : Ink Eze, Opeyemi Awoyemi, Busola Dance Into MAPOLY
5:28 AMCivil War Echoes: Development Of Nigeria ’ll Be Difficult Unless… – Gov Ikpeazu
15 Traits Of Baby Believers & Believers Who Are Babies
2023 Is Beyond Fashola — Chime
Okijirhie Faults Claim That Ogboru’s Ambition Is Solely Urhobo Project
AFCON 2019 : Our Target Is To Win The Title In Cameroon, Says Rohr
Foundation Set To Sensitise Youths Ahead Of 2019 Elections
Police Disagree With Ekiti Deputy Speaker On ‘Severe’ Attack On Lawmaker
Level Of Illiteracy In Nigeria, A Time Bomb — Olatunji
Roller Skating Championship Makes Debut In Abuja
WAUG 2018: UniPort Set To Raise The Bar, Ogali Declares
Support For Alex Otti Grows In Abia, Europe, US
2018 NCC Tennis: N15m Up For Grabs
Married To The Law: Married To Grace (1)
Success Shines As Watford Continue Winning Streak
Job Minders, Edufirst.NG Sign $1m MoU To Develop Skills Relevant To The Future Of Nigeria
Ogu Puts Eagles, Results First Before Personal Ambition
Again Osinbajo tackles Atiku on restructuring
FG imposes $200, $4000 fines on overstayed visitors to Nigeria
‘Igbo must vote overwhelmingly for Buhari in 2019 to get 2023 ticket’
New Electoral Act: INEC rules out e-Voting in 2019, says time too short
Re: Life in family slave camps
MTN Pulse Campus Invasion : Ink Eze, Opeyemi Awoyemi, Busola dance into MAPOLY
Frank Edwards, Mike Abdul, to storm Festac for ‘Real Worship’ concert
Nollywood set to promote AU Agenda 2063
Lagos designers champion ‘unapologetically African’ fashion
What Wizkid, Tiwa Savage seek to achieve with erotic ‘Fever’ video
FG returns Benue’s share of Paris Club refunds
Even in death, Ochanya must have justice, Benue women cry

News Headlines Oct 27, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Oct 27, 2018. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by Demola Adefajo

The Punch
Presidential poll: Outrage over Buhari’s failure to submit certificate
2019: Saraki, Atiku, Secondus, Obi, PDP chieftains plot to oust Buhari in Dubai
Initially, I didn’t believe I was pregnant, but when scan showed activities in my womb, my joy was fullest –Otubusin, woman who gave birth at 66 after 40 years of marriage
I got N165m cash gift within two weeks of becoming king –Akiolu, Oba of Lagos
I don’t have sex drive due to circumcision –Kemi Olunloyo
I can’t promise 2019 AFCON title, says Rohr
Lagos Rebels win 2018 Shitsuke Football League
Stephen Keshi Stadium to host Delta Principals’ Cup opening match
My wedding Night… With… Professor Linkin
Before Stardom With… Jemima Osunde
Discos may end up like NITEL if they don’t invest in technologies, customer engagement –Boer, CEO, All On
I’ve forgiven Wizkid –Dammy Krane
Why we recorded Open Door –Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun
Meet the new kids on the block dominating Nigerian music scene
Ayo Babalola Varsity student wins Mr. Nigeria International Heritage
Why I will never go into secular music –Bisi Alawiye
Being feminine is not a crime; Bobrisky inspires me –James Brown
Bayelsa community accuses Shell of neglect, intimidation
Vote buying: Shamaki seeks improved living standards for Nigerians
Inspector arrested for death of lover in Lagos hotel
Suspected smugglers in court for allegedly kidnapping Customs officer
NAPTIP hunts for more suspects over 13-year-old raped to death
Gunmen shoot Ekiti lawmaker
My grandson promised to make our family proud –Grandmother of Nigerian killed in Kenya
Fake naval rating detained during visit to police station
Barber drugs 14-year-old neighbour, defiles her while sleeping
N15,000 bribe: Defendant released from custody after PUNCH’s report
Five Catholic nuns abducted in Delta
APC NWC divided over plot to remove Oshiomhole
Ogun primaries: APC pacifies Amosun, offers gov three senatorial slots
2019: Top national issues that may shape political campaigns
BREAKING: Ex-Benue speaker Stephen Tsav dumps PDP for APC
Order military to release your credentials, Nigerians tell Buhari
PHOTOS: Nnamdi Kanu appears at the Wailing Wall again
Ekiti lawmaker shot on the head by unidentified gunmen
One govt withdrew N60bn from CBN in a day – Osinbajo
Air Peace Lagos-Owerri flight makes air return
Only entrepreneurship can end Africa’s economic challenges –Elumelu
‘Ondo ethanol project’ll create one million jobs’
$25bn lost to foreign ship owners in two years
10 ways to simplify your finances
Discos may end up like NITEL if they don’t invest in technologies, customer engagement –Boer, CEO, All On
While other women could spend a fortune on Jewellery, I care for food –Morayo Afolabi-Brown
I got N165m cash gift within two weeks of becoming king –Akiolu, Oba of Lagos
We have no means of testing drugs with human parts –Adeyeye, NAFDAC DG
Lafiaji rule 2018 Oba’s Cup
Tottenham to play remaining 2018 home games at Wembley
Klopp laughs off Warnock’s ‘mission impossible’ claim
I don’t have sex drive due to circumcision –Kemi Olunloyo
Save me, begs 40-yr-old man in need of N15m for kidney transplant
Nigeria may exit list of polio-endemic nations in 2019 — Rotary
‘Online diagnostics eliminates issues of drug resistance, saves cost’
IPAN to tackle drug with advanced laboratory practice
Nigerian sex workers move online to ply their trade
Beyond the glitz and razzmatazz: Silent agonies of celebrities battling depression
Cross River super highway with super headache
Finding your own beauty…
Parents, too many of your children are lost in lust!
Your donor options when trying to conceive
Routes couples can re-design a hot, erotic sex life (1)
What is the most embarrassing moment moment you’ve had in a relationship
Strive to have a servant heart in your marriage

The Nation

2019 Senate poll: Saraki faces tough battle
Army discovers missing General Alkali’s grave in Jos
2019 presidential contest: Questions over Duke’s, Mimiko’s ‘missing’ NYSC certificates
How SARS tortured me, killed 30 others, Evans tells court
Tension in Kaduna as abductors kill monarch
Minimum Wage: Minister updates Buhari, Osinbajo as FG, Governors meet on Monday
I was not disengaged by NIA, I retired voluntarily—Ex-Director
Boko Haram’s KILLING OF AID WORKER depresses me further —Leah Sharibu’s mother
Shehu Sani’s political scar may take longer to heal
Tiwa Savage, Wizkid again!
INEC to critics: go to court if you doubt candidates’ credentials
Recharging Lake Chad biggest help Europe can give Africa —Buhari
Wanted community leader submits self to police
PDP to Buhari: present your certificate to INEC
Kogi gov, Lagos Speaker, Odumakin for Young Achievers Awards
OPERATION BEAT SOUTH AFRICA (NOV. 17: Eagles seek revenge
Onyekuru trains again
Luis Suarez shows off newborn son with family
Neymar splits with girlfriend
Brazil to play Cameroon in MK Stadium
Salam plots Gonorenda’s fall in WBF title rematch at ‘Chaos in Lagos’
Rohr Commends Simba Group For Supporting Eagles
UNN students lament inaccessible portal
Poor human capital development, bane of Nigeria’s oil industry – Experts
Why I enjoy running business with my wife – Executive Trainers chair Ayodele Ogunsan
Edufirst.ng inks $1m partnership with Canadian Jobminders Inc
How reforms can reduce poverty and improve food security
MTN unveils revamped XtraValue proposition
‘We ‘ll continue to fight oil sector anti-workers’ policies’
Nigeria ranks 115th in global competitiveness
Nigeria’s growing fan base for Telenovelas
One lyrical shot at stardom
New date for 15th Abuja International Film Festival
FELABRATION: “33” brings games, fun activities to Fela’s show
Collins Teke returns to radio six months after
Wizkid’s video generates wild reactions
Joseph Ayo Babalola University
Jumia kicks off 6th Black Friday campaign
Buhari’s statement at handing-over of Seme-Krake Joint Border
Sixteen things most people do wrongly
Celebrating World Food Day 2018 – Amid rising global hunger
UN day of the girl: Nigerian youth call for N50,000,000 to end FGM
Six Catholic nuns kidnapped in Delta
LUTH CMD urges health professionals to promote teamwork
Senator hails Buhari for road contract award
2019: Police declare war on clashes
Residents urge govt to fix road
Bayelsa govt and Atala oil field
Philanthropist seeks support for Bayelsa flood victims
Candidate to pay Ovia students bursary from salaries, allowances
Smiles as 300 amputees get free prosthetic limbs
Ex-agitator: why I won’t back Buhari in 2019
A capital for everyone
Commission hails FCT on infrastructure
Hospital unveiled in Abuja
Boosting economy with diaspora funds
ob plan inspires Ebonyi youths
Anambra councils diversify
Abia partners chamber of commerce, think tank
Anambra fights restiveness with skill acquisition
Kanu, IPOB: not again

The Sun

Oshiomhole on a mission to kill APC, harm Buhari’s re-election – Amosun
South East/South West battle over 2023 Presidency
I’m okay with only a child – Uche Jombo
BREAKING: Gunmen kidnap 5 Catholic nuns in Delta
Presidency: How OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalami will influence 2019 polls – Obasanjo’s ally, ex-Gov Tapgun
Buhari will retire ex-generals against him in 2019 – Mohammed Lawal
We won’t join issues with Gov Amosun – APC
South East/South West battle over 2023 Presidency
Navy intercepts 12.8m litres fake diesel in Rivers
Internet users in Nigeria hit 106m in Sept –NCC
Drug Abuse: NDLEA solicits community support in curbing menace
Ekiti lawmaker shot by unidentified gunmen
Buhari does not deserve another term, declares cleric
2019: Women’ll vote Ezekwesili if she’s in APC or PDP – Azikiwe
Electoral violence: Those who want war should put their children forward – Emmanuel
Safety rules, regulations in construction sector abandoned –NIOB
Kogi govt earmarks 37,000 hectares for workers’ housing scheme
1,400 housing units: FMBN kickstarts N8m pilot scheme in Nasarawa
ATAF re-elects Fowler as African tax chief
Minimum wage: N30,000 monthly salary not feasible –Presidency
Aggrieved APGA aspirants insist on ‘no refund, no reconciliation’Wilder rules out Joshua clash
Wozniacki suffering from arthritis
McGregor hints at boxing comeback
AWCON 2018: Falcons opponents set for Int’l friendlies
Football enthusiasts laud Gov Ugwuanyi over Rangers
Kayode gets three-game ban
Troost-Ekong not injured -Udinese
Eagles soar on FIFA ranking
Soccer: FIFA doubles prize money for 2019 Women’s World Cup
Real rakes in €88.6m for UCL win
Bale handed £300,000 fine
Ras Kimono’s wife, Efe laid to rest amidst tears
Irish movie boss brings Hollywood to Nigeria
“But, there is a God in Heaven”
Patriotism at its most wobbling
Identifying the building blocks of empowerment
Is this nation not best served by a team of rivals?
Must Read
Diamond Couple: Rev. & Mrs. Gabriel Faromb
Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ tour jacket up for auction
NNPC says PH-Enugu pipelines vandalised 600 times in 2018
Who will save APC?
America has proven Buhari right!
Life has dealt me serious blows – Dame Marie Fatayi-Williams
Men, how do you speak to women?
The scariest moment of my life – Queen Igwebueze, actress
Are you a Helicopter parent?
To share or not to share beds with children?

Daily Trust

A vote for the Shari’a step
Back pain? Use heat and cold
What’s the big deal about whole grains?
Breastfeeding reduces risk of hypertension in women
Night of shame for Pillars, Enyimba as NPFL giants fail big tests
Breaking : NSCDC personnel commits suicide after killing two others
See number of presidential, NASS candidates by different parties.
2019: INEC will not suffer difficulty due to budget passage delay — Yakubu
2019: ‘Think Tank’ launches strategies for Atiku in 774 councils
Senators Dino, Aidoko make INEC list as 67 jostle for Kogi’s senate seats
2019: INEC will not suffer difficulty due to budget passage delay — Yakubu
Plateau: 103 candidates vie for Senate, Reps seats
Okorocha, Izunaso, Uwajumogu make INEC provisional list
Sokoto gov’ship: It’s battle between Tambuwal, Wamakko
‘Why Ambrose Alli deserves presidential pardon’
2019: Why Atiku is not a threat to Buhari’s victory – Oniuwherin
Night of shame for Pillars, Enyimba as NPFL giants fail big tests
Ibrahim Musa: Kano Pillars Aiteo Cup loss is almost unbearable
Mourinho is blameless in my book
Dawanau: Inside one of Africa’s most important grain markets
‘Uber isn’t going to replace public transportation’
Nigeria, Morocco address economic challenges through strategic dialogues
2019: Candido, Isokariari clinch AMAC APC, APGA tickets
…as Galadima Ajiya, Chiya, Adamu, win APC tickets for Kuje, Abaji, G’gwalada, Kwali
Man loses motorcycle to thieves in Abaji
Buhari as a choice in 2019
Maternal and infant mortality in West Africa: Beyond the numbers
As Oshiomhole eases APC into next phase
Editorial: Averting looming energy crisis
Kannywood’s visit to Buhari: Mama Korede spits fire
FG to take position on minimum wage on Monday – Ngige
NLC President commends Okowa on workers’ welfare


2019: Order Army To Release Your Certificate To INEC, PDP Urges Buhari
Sodomy In Ondo: I Sleep With Boys Because I Don’t Have Girlfriend – Sales Boy
Nationals Sports Festival: Coaches Blast Sports Ministry Over Reduced Entries
Refuse: Ambode Backtracks, Engages 400 PSPs Operators In New Deal
Encroachment: Lagos Community Threatens To Demolish Structures On Public Land
Eagles Will Carry On Without Moses —Rohr
2019: Why Kwankwaso Is Angry
We Are Seeing Beyond Others — Udom Emmanuel
We’ll Transform Kwara– Abdulrazaq
Your Ex Could Come In Handy When You’re In-Between Lovers!
WIMBIZ: A Precursor To Public Service For Women
380,511 Patients Benefit From Medical Outreach In Kebbi –Commissioner
Traditional Ruler Warns Herdsmen Against Cattle Grazing In Nasarawa
Klopp Laughs Off Warnock’s ‘Mission Impossible’ Claim
Govs Bagudu, Lalong Assure Corps Members Of Adequate Security, Welfare.
Ganduje: Publisher Insists On Genuineness Of Bribery Video Clips
Sayoc, Florida Suspect Charged Over 13 Bombs In Mail
Sodomy in Ondo: I sleep with boys because I don’t have girlfriend – Sales Boy
FG, govs to meet Monday over N30,000 minimum wage — Ngige
Sayoc’s terrorist mail bombings must be punished to fullest extent – Trump
Ezeife, Ologbondiyan, Ozekhome flay Fashola’s 2023 S/W Presidency remark
Breaking: Gunmen abduct five Catholic nuns in Delta
Atiku declares paltry N20m yearly income
Dissolve my marriage, my husband beats me before sex, woman tells court
Interesting world of bum bum girls of Nollywood
Night of music, dance at Felabration 2018
Political thriller ‘If I am President’ premieres in Abuja
Actor Sadiq Daba now “Garkuwan Nollywood”
Reality star Jon Ogah, others thrill FCT revelers at music festival
Activities in oil & gas sector have improved tremendously – Kachikwu
Visually handicapped lecturer becomes professor in Kano
Lagos govt orders PSP operators to commence door-to-door collection of refuse
Google urges journalists to use data for news story
PROSTATE CANCER: What every man should know

New Telegraph

Buhari charges Europe, America on investment in Lake Chad
Kaduna govt reinstates 24-hour curfew over death of Traditional ruler
Tension in Kaduna as Kidnappers Kill Traditional Ruler
N500m fraud: Ondo PDP chairman challenges court’s jurisdiction
How I abandoned law, medicine for theatre arts – Edwards
Combating hunger: How far can Nigeria go?
Actress Dayo Amusa attacked critic
Friends, associates desert Fayose
Missing General: Village head, 3 others surrender to police
We won’t replace Nnamdi Kanu’s dad as monarch –Afaraukwu community
APC crisis: Oshiomhole gains more ground
Tinsel’s WENDY LAWAL: My engagement ring didn’t stop men from making passes at me
It’s time to save Kwarans from hardship –Adedoyin
Government reinstates 24-hour curfew as abductors kill traditional ruler in Kaduna
5 South-South APC chairmen pass vote of confidence in Oshiomhole
Fayose: …and the rich also cry
Electorate, not the elite will determine Buhari’s fate in 2019 –Obi
Missing General: Village head, 3 others surrender to police
Fashola’s 2023 presidency statement, an illusion –S’West PDP chair
Kachikwu bags honorary citizenship, doctorate, other awards in U.S.
Glo-sponsored CNN African Voices celebrates Afolayan, Sasore, others
Police rearraign 13 smugglers for kidnapping Customs officer
NSCDC arrests 29 suspected drug peddlers in Borno
FGC old students donate chairs, tables worth N3.6m
Rotary Club renovates school, unveil monument
MTN/CBN Court Hearing Looms Near as Minister of Finance Regrets Sanctions Levelled Against the Telco
My kids want to be like me and it gives me joy training them –Yobo
Eagles will continue to improve –Shorunmu
NCC Tennis League: Two semifinalists tickets up for grab this weekend
Rohr rejects Stephen Keshi Stadium for Seychelles tie
Zenith Bank/ Delta Principals’ Cup: Stephen Keshi Stadium to host opening match
Amputee Eagles thank Pinnick, Mikel, other benefactors
How I abandoned law, medicine for theatre arts – Edwards
‘Curbing unemployment through birth registration’
Wizkid’s ‘Fever’ video featuring Tiwa Savage garners 1.5m views in 24 hours
Fela taught me how to bake cakes –Fela’s daughter, DJ Shaarks


INEC: We Are Privy to Provisions of the Electoral Amendment Bill
PDP to Buhari: Present Your Certificate, Nigerians Not Interested in Affidavit
Buhari Wants Europe, US to Help Recharge Lake Chad
INEC: We Are Privy to Provisions of the Electoral Amendment Bill
Says it’s yet to be served Supreme Court judgement on Rivers APC Tension in Jos as Army Discovers Grave of Missing General
• District head, two others submit self to Police
NNPC Denies Funding Buhari’s 2019 Re-election Campaign
• Kachikwu earns citizenship of two US states, woos investors
Army Launches 3rd Operation Crocodile Smile in N’Delta
FG Receives Another Batch of 149 Stranded Nigerians from Libya
• Air Peace flight makes Air return over incident
NEMA Distributes Relief Materials to Rivers IDPs
Fayemi Seals Buildings Allegedly Linked to Ex-governor Fayose
APGA Plots to Win 5 States in 2019 Elections, Says Presidential Running Mate
FG to Fine Overstaying Foreigners $4000
Stakeholders Canvass Taxable Donations to Politicians
Benue Communities Commend Military for Return of Peace
24-Hour Curfew Re-imposed in Kaduna as Abducted Monarch is Killed
El-Rufai vows to bring culprits to justice Osinbajo Inaugurates 1.5MW Mini Grid Power System in Lagos
• Says provision of off grid electricity to business clusters across Nigeria on course
Udom Emmanuel: Study in Selfless Leadership
Amosun’s Aide Alleges Falsehood in APC National Spokesman’ Statement on Ogun Primaries
Is Alex Otti’s Heart Big Enough for Abia?
Nigeria’s Terrifying Debt to Revenue Ratio
Udom and Ekpo: A Synergy that Works
Entrepreneurship Key to Unlocking Economic Devt in Africa, Says Elumelu
Produce Armoured Tanks to Fight Insurgency, IG Charges Innoson
Bauchi Traders Eulogise FG for Trader Moni
Coscharis Motors Launches new Ford EcoSport at Abuja Motor Fair
Porsche launches new pop-up at La Mer
Rolls-Royce Debuts ‘Spirit Of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg
Victor Moses: Another Loan Spell Looms?
Alex Iwobi: Arsenal New ‘Messi’
Ambode Approves Re-constitution of Boards of Lagos State Sports Associations
Rohr Still Shocked at Moses Retirement
Gattuso’s Job on Line after Loss to Betis
WWE Women’s Revolution Hots up Live on DStv
Okolie to Spar with Fury Ahead of Wilder’s Showdown
Rohr Backs Lookman to Ditch England for Nigeria
Tips To Treating Common Cold
Tope Oshin’s ‘We Don’t Live Here Anymore’ Rattles Nollywood
Niniola Apata: I Jumped from One Reality Show to Another, Trying to Kick Start My Career
Charming Bidemi Kosoko Clocks ‘21’
Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Unveil Intimate Scenes
Brymo: Creations of Other Songwriters, Vocalists Fuel My Creativity
Lagos Fashion Fair Records Big Success

The Guardian

Military uncovers open shallow grave of General, body still missing
Kaduna government reinstates 24-hour curfew over killing of abducted monarch
‘Our mission is to inspire, empower women to attain leadership positions in business, management and public service’
Osinbajo commissions power project in Lagos, says corruption is Nigeria’s biggest problem
Makarfi condemns fresh crisis in Kaduna, killing of Monarch
Ekiti seals off buildings allegedly linked to Fayose
Southern Kaduna people demand probe into crisis
NNPC denies funding Buhari’s campaign
‘They were barren for 40 years, but God finally answered their prayers’
Remembering Rashidi Yekini
Owolabi faults Rohr over ‘vote of no confidence’ on NPFL players
How i motivated Team Delta to conquer at sports festival — Uduaghan
Nishikori upsets Thiem in Vienna
‘It’s difficult to sleep after defeat’
Wozniacki diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis
Google Celebrates Stella Adadevoh On 62nd Posthumous Birthday
Odunsi, Masha, Others Set For Art X Live! 2018
MTV EMAs 2018: Nigeria’s Hauwa Ojeifo Up For Generation Change Award
Her Story Vs His story Vs The Truth
‘Politics is the art of the impossible, made possible’
Creating house rules for children
How dangerous emotions can work for you
Utter disrespect – Part 2
Eight tips on how to eat more fruit daily + recipes
Battling mental illness, musicians aren’t superhuman
#Selfcrush: Make self-love a priority
‘Education in Nigeria needs a revamp’
Finalists square up for Mr Nigeria 2018
Alice Duke emerges Miss BAIP 2018
Again, Kaduna violence erupts, state locked down
How hunger, poverty fuelled crises in Kasuwan Magani


FG Moves To Avert Labour Strike, Summons State Govs
Army Discovers Grave Of Missing General, As District Head Surrenders To Police
Kogi State Gets N4bn Sept Allocation, Begins Salary Payment Next Week
2019: INEC Publishes Forms, Particulars Of Parties’ Candidates
Abductors Kill Kaduna Chief
FAAC: Kwara Govt. Records N400m Reduction For October
I Learn From My Mistakes – Zainab
IDFP And Search For Peace
North, South Korea Agree To Scrap 22 Guard Posts At Border Next-month
Why President Buhari Will Defeat Atiku
Bauchi Opposition Style of Attack
Turkey’s Erdogan Issues ‘Final Warning’ On Syria
Case For Issue Based Election Campaign
Court Docks Cleric For N7.5m Fraud
Why President Buhari Will Defeat Atiku
IEA Underscores Importance Of LNG In Global Gas Security
NIMASA Seeks End To Avoidable Marine Accidents
PTAD Says 33% Pension Payment Arrears Ongoing
Huawei To Build ICT Talents Across Nigerian Universities
Rivers APC And Dilemma Of Supreme Court Verdict
Soccer: FIFA Doubles Prize Money For 2019 Women’s World Cup
How ‘Classic Nite’ Is Redefining Entertainment In Enugu
Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria Holds Final TV Screening Today
Tu Baba, Davido, Others, Serenade At Felabration 2018
EDITORIAL: Kaduna Crisis As A Metaphor

Police Arrest Tailor For Motorcycle Theft
Police Arrest 50-yr-old man For Selling Stolen Vehicle
Police Re-arraign 13 Suspected Smugglers For Kidnapping Customs Officer
Untapped Goldmine Of Akure City
Inside Ibadan’s Century Old Herbal Market
Zuma Rock, Myth And Reality
School Where 3000 Pupils Escape Death Everyday

FG, Sates, LGs share N698.710bn for September 2018
Ekiti govt seals buildings allegedly owned by Fayose
F-R-E-S-H: Army discovers shallow grave where missing General Alkali was buried in Jos
Unknown gunmen shoot Ekiti PDP lawmaker in the head
NEMA delivers 30 mobile shelters to IDPs in Zungeru Camp
Group drums up support for Mimiko’s presidential aspiration
66-Year-Old couple have baby after 40 years of marriage
How SARS officers tortured me, killed 30 people in my presence —Evans
Ochanya: NAPTIP DG insists on justice
Police re-arraign 13 suspected smugglers for kidnapping Customs officer in Ogun
APC crises: Oshiomhole mobilises south-south chairmen, as gang up thickens
How to resolve Ogbe-Ijoh/Aladja crisis ― Traditional council
He sold my house, plot of land for N300, 000, bought an okada with it —Wife
‘I want my wife out of my house and our children in my custody —Man
My father has refused to allow me marry my heartthrob, woman tells court
She loves to fight naked; pushed me down our one-storey building —Husband
Oral health negligence; dangerous and contagious during pregnancy
Enjoy Chinese fried rice this weekend
Buhari’s re-election: Yoruba youths attack Fashola
Fever: Teebillz’s silence unbalance naysayers
‘August Meeting’ re-enacts historic Aba Women’s Riot of 1929
Willie XO’s ‘Comfort You’ appears in London billboards
Drake beats Beatles for most top 10 singles on US chart
Combining your accessories with style
Stop apportioning blame for low participation of women in politics —Princess Oyefusi