The legend called M.K.O

The legend called M.K.O

By Yakubu Mohammed

Today marks the beginning of the celebration of Democracy Day on June 12. After about 25 years of ceaseless clamouring for the federal government to declare June 12 a national public holiday in honour of M.K.O Abiola almost to no avail, majority of Nigerians were astounded this time last year when, as if from the blues, President Muhammadu Buhari, formerly an unapologetic military dictator now a converted democrat, publicly recognised the injustice of the annulled June 12 election and took the bold and unprecedented step to rectify it.

So today has replaced May 29 as Democracy Day, which perhaps explains the lacklustre inauguration of the president some two weeks ago to commence his second term of office without the necessary pomp and panoply. Not even a word to fellow citizens, something to rouse them to a new sense of direction and some frenzy of patriotism.

May 29 has joined October 1, the country’s anniversary of independence, as mere footnotes in the national calendar. The debasing of the two hitherto very significant dates in our life is symptomatic of the honour we have decided to give to June 12 as a watershed in our democratic trajectory. For the first time we have had an unbroken 20 years of democratic practice, despite some of its glaring imperfections and some of its failures and foibles not to add the chicanery of its adherents.

But are they really its adherents? Some people will tell you to your face that we have democracy today without democrats. But that is beside the point. The fact is, mercifully, there are no gun-toting men on horseback, dictating the tune and running the affairs of the country. Today we can argue and debate and disagree, up to some point. Even in the media, especially in the unregulated social media, this democracy permits some licence to libel and defame and peddle obviously vile and pernicious wild rumour that can set the country ablaze.

We also have a handful of those who believe that this democracy is not complete without the free for all display of the power of the AK 47 by armed gangs going by the fearful nomenclature of bandits and kidnappers at home and on the highways and even at polling booths.

We also tend to believe that this current democracy can profit from some large dose of impunity and the impudence of reckless power, some bit of autocracy with some fascism looming large in many states. But this day, without any iota of doubt, is M.K.O Abiola’s day of glory. It is akin to Martin Luther King’s national holiday in America. Abiola is the single most important architect of the modern democracy. He won the June 12 presidential election in 1993 fair and square. But it was annulled. In pursuit of his mandate, he made the supreme sacrifice. The struggle to actualise that mandate, prolonged and sometimes vicious, eventually resulted in the return to democratic dispensation on May 29 1999 with political power ceded to the South West, the home region of Abiola.

That this democracy has endured for two decades and still counting is a testimony to the fact God has a hand in our affairs, despite our own obvious weaknesses and failures. But what lessons do we learn from the life and times of this great man, a true legend of our time?

As president Buhari said last year, we must all resolve to avoid the situation that led to the June 12 election fiasco. To do that we must all learn to live and play by the rules of the game. We must avoid a repeat of the litany of election inconclusiveness that we witnessed in the last elections.

Abiola might not have been a perfect human being or a perfect politician for that matter but his world views and personal examples synchronised very well with the true dictates of democracy and good governance with a premium on the well-being of the people.

Abiola left a legacy worthy of emulation by today’s leaders. His broad-mindedness was exceptional. So was his quality and practice of regarding every Nigerian, irrespective of ethnicity and religion, as a fellow compatriot worthy of trust and empathy. He was a true believer of merit and one’s worth, always inclined to give another man the benefit of the doubt.

Abiola might not have become president but his larger than life image came from his ability to triumph over base and primordial sentiments and an incredible sense of fellow feeling. I concluded that pen-portrait of this incredible Nigerian by saying he might not have been a very good politician – considering how very good Nigerian politicians are – he was definitely a good humanist, a man of the world who was courted by the high and the mighty.

Abiola, upclose
Very well known to the public is the fact that the man M.K.O was a typical grass- to- grace phenomenon. He was never shy to tell whoever cared to listen that like many Nigerians of modest background, he was born into abject poverty. Born on August 24 1937 in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola was the 23rd child of his father, Alhaji Alao Salawu Adenekan Abiola.

M.K.O, the brand that would later take the world by storm, was the first child of his father to survive, the first 22 having either died at birth or before they turned one year. His father, not one to succumb easily to fate, christened the new born-child Kashimawo – roughly translated to mean let’s wait and see.

His father lived long enough to see his son grow through poverty – drumming and dancing to pay school fees – to wealth, becoming the first Blackman to rise as the executive vice-president of ITT world-wide. Though he was stupendously rich, he did not allow that to enter his head. Philanthropy defined his life. He believed that the more he gave the more he had. But this man of legendry wealth was not unaware of his limitations. He had occasion to say: “I cannot give everybody money. I wish I could. And If I could, I would but I couldn’t. But I can give hope” And that was more lasting. The hope that Abiola gave was not the type given to Tantalus, unattainable, a mere mirage or a will-o’- de wisp. It was the hope that Nigerians missed by not having an Abiola presidency. What Nigerians missed also was his human touch, an incredible sense of empathy, feeling for others.

Though he could be brash when occasion called for it, but he couldn’t bear to see a fellow human being suffer. When there was a task to be performed he brooked no obstacle. No hurdle was too much for him to scale.

Now I ask: how many of our big men today would willingly give out their official cars to their paid staff to use on official assignment? Abiola would tell his captain to ferry any of his editors in his private jet for an assignment outside Lagos. I am an eye witness to his humility. On one occasion, I had the luxury of being flown, all alone, in his private jet to represent him at Enugu and, on another occasion, being flown with Dele Giwa, just the two of us, to attend a function in Abuja. That was the legend called M.K.O.

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President Buhari’s Democracy Day Speech

President Buhari’s Democracy Day Speech


12TH JUNE 2019


All Praise is due to GOD Almighty Who spared our lives to be present at this great occasion. We give thanks also that the democratic process has been further entrenched and strengthened.

2. Twenty years ago, a democratically elected government took over from the military in a historic transfer of political power for our country.

3. Today, we are privileged to mark the longest period of unbroken democratic leadership and 5th peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected government to another in Nigeria.

4. Throughout the last four years, I respected the independence of INEC. I ensured that INEC got all the resources it needed for independent and impartial management of elections in the country.

5. All interested parties are agreed that the recent elections, which except for pockets of unrest, were free, fair and peaceful.

6. I thank all the people who worked for our party, who campaigned and who voted for us. I thank my fellow Nigerians, who, since 2003 have consistently voted for me.

7. Victory is your greatest reward; peace, unity and greater prosperity will be our collective legacy.

Your Excellencies, Fellow Nigerians,

8. I and Nigerians collectively must give adequate thanks to our Armed Forces, Police and other law enforcing agencies for working round the clock to protect us by putting themselves in harm’s way and defending our values and protecting our future.

9. Terrorism and insecurity are worldwide phenomena and even the best policed countries are experiencing increasing incidents of unrest and are finding things hard to cope.

10. The principal thrust of this new Administration is to consolidate on the achievements of the last four years, correct the lapses inevitable in all human endeavors and tackle the new challenges the country is faced with and chart a bold plan for transforming Nigeria.

11. Fellow Nigerians, I have had the privilege of free education from Primary school to Staff College to War College.

12. I received my formative education in Katsina and Kaduna and my higher education in England, India and the United States.

13. I have worked and served in Kaduna, Lagos, Abeokuta, Makurdi, Port Harcourt, Maiduguri, Ibadan, Jos and finally here in Abuja. Throughout my adult life, I have been a public servant. I have no other career but public service. I know no service but public service.

14. I was involved at close quarters in the struggle to keep Nigeria one. I can therefore do no more than dedicate the rest of my life to work for the unity of Nigeria and upliftment of Nigerians.

15. In 2002-2003 campaigns and elections, I travelled by road to 34 of the 36 states of the Federation. This year I travelled by air to all 36 states of the Federation.

16. Before and during my time in the Armed Forces and in government, I have interacted with Nigerians of all ages and persuasions and different shades of opinion over a period of more than fifty years.

17. And my firm belief is that our people above all want to live in peace and harmony with their fellow Nigerians. They desire opportunity to better themselves in a safe environment.

18. Most of the instances of inter-communal and inter-religious strife and violence were and are still as a result of sponsorship or incitements by ethnic, political or religious leaders hoping to benefit by exploiting our divisions and fault lines, thereby weakening our country.

19. And our country Nigeria is a great country. According to United Nations estimates, our population will rise to 411 million by 2050, making us the third most populous nation on earth behind only China and India.

20. We have water, arable land, forests, oil and gas and vast quantities of solid minerals. We are blessed with an equable climate. However, the bulk of our real wealth lies in Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Mining. We possess all the ingredients of a major economic power on the world stage.

21. What we require is the will to get our acts together. And our strength is in our people – our youth, our culture, our resilience, our ability to succeed despite the odds.

22. A huge responsibility therefore rests on this and succeeding Administrations to develop, harness and fulfil our enormous potential into a force to be reckoned with globally.

23. Thus far, we Nigerians can be proud of our history since Independence in 1960. We have contributed to UN peace-keeping responsibilities all over the world; we have stabilized Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and two years ago we prevented the Gambia from degenerating into anarchy.

24. Without Nigerian influence and resources, the liberation of Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and ultimately South Africa would have come at greater cost. This fact had been attested by none other than the late Nelson Mandela himself.

25. Elsewhere, Nigeria is the Big Brother to our neighbours. We are the shock-absorber of the West African sub-region, the bulwark of ECOWAS and Lake Chad Basin Commission. We can therefore be proud to be Nigerians. We must continue to be Good Neighbours and Good Global Citizens.

26. At home, we have been successful in forging a nation from different ethnicities and language groups: our evolution and integration into one nation continues apace.

27. When, therefore we came to office in 2015 after a decade of struggle we identified three cardinal and existential challenges our country faced and made them our campaign focus, namely security, economy and fighting corruption.

28. None but the most partisan will dispute that in the last four years we have made solid progress in addressing these challenges.

29. When I took the oath of office on 29 May 2015, insecurity reigned. Apart from occupying 18 local governments in the North East, Boko Haram could at will attack any city including the Federal Capital, could threaten any institution including bombing the United Nations building and Police Headquarters in Abuja.

30. Admittedly, some of the challenges still remain in kidnappings and banditry in some rural areas. The great difference between 2015 and today is that we are meeting these challenges with much greater support to the security forces in terms of money, equipment and improved local intelligence. We are meeting these challenges with superior strategy, firepower and resolve.

31. In face of these challenges, our Government elected by the people in 2015 and re-elected in March has been mapping out policies, measures and laws to maintain our unity and at the same time lift the bulk of our people out of poverty and onto the road to prosperity.

32. This task is by no means unattainable. China has done it. India has done it. Indonesia has done it. Nigeria can do it. These are all countries characterized by huge burdens of population.

33. China and Indonesia succeeded under authoritarian regimes. India succeeded in a democratic setting. We can do it.

34. With leadership and a sense of purpose, we can lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years.

35. Following the 60 percent drop in oil prices between 2015 and 2016, through monetary and fiscal measures, we stimulated economic growth, curbed inflation and shored up our external reserves.

36. We now have witnessed 8 quarters of positive growth in the economy and our GDP is expected to grow by 2.7 percent this year.

37. Furthermore, our external reserves have risen to $45 billion enough to finance over 9 months of current import commitments.

38. This Administration is laying the foundation and taking bold steps in transforming our country and liberating our people from the shackles of poverty.

39. First, we will take steps to integrate rural economies to the national economic “grid” by extending access to small-scale credits and inputs to rural farmers, credit to rural micro-businesses and opening up many critical feeder roads.

40. Secondly, for small-scale enterprises in towns and cities, we shall expand facilities currently available so that we continue to encourage and support domestic production of basic goods and reduce our reliance of imported goods as I will outline later.

41. For the next four years, we will remain committed to improving the lives of people by consolidating efforts to address these key issues as well as emerging challenges of climate change, resettling displaced communities and dealing decisively with the new flashes of insecurity across the country, and the impacts on food scarcity and regional stability.

42. We are not daunted by the enormity of the tasks ahead. Instead, we are revived by this new mandate to work collaboratively with State and Local Governments, Legislators, the Diplomatic Corps and all Nigerians to rebuild and reposition our country as the heartbeat and reference point for our continent.

43. Fellow Nigerians, Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen:

a. Despite the enormous resources pledged to infrastructure development these past four years, there remains the urgent need to modernize our roads and bridges, electricity grid, ports and rail systems.

b. Whilst agriculture and industrial output have recovered since the recession, we are more committed than ever to work with the private sector to improve productivity and accelerate economic growth.

c. The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index which is the gauge of manufacturing activity in the country has also risen for 26 consecutive months since March 2017 indicating continuous growth and expansion in our manufacturing sector.

d. It still takes too long for goods to clear at our seaports and the roads leading to them are congested. It still takes too long for routine and regulatory approvals to be secured. These issues affect our productivity and we are committed to addressing them permanently.

e. Our Government will continue work to reduce social and economic inequality through targeted social investment programs, education, technology and improved information.

f. Our social intervention programs are a model for other nations. Together with state governments, we provide millions of school children with meals in primary schools, micro loans to traders and entrepreneurs, skills and knowledge acquisition support to graduates and of course, conditional cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

g. A database of poor and vulnerable households is being carefully built based on age, gender, disability, educational levels for proper planning in this Administration’s war against poverty.

h. A database of unemployed but qualified youth has also been developed under the National Social Investment Programme which can be used by the public and private sectors for recruitment purposes. Cumulatively, nearly 2 million beneficiaries have received aid under this Programme apart from Anchors Borrowers Programme and School Feeding initiative each reaching 2 million recipients. And we will do more. Much more.

44. Fellow Nigerians, Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, we know that there exists a strong correlation between economic inequality and insecurity.

45. When economic inequality rises, insecurity rises. But when we actively reduce inequality through investments in social and hard infrastructure, insecurity reduces.

46. The disturbing increase in rates of kidnapping, banditry and other criminal activities can be attributed to the decades of neglect and corruption in social investment, infrastructure development, education and healthcare.

47. This issue is further compounded by the impact of our changing climate and ecology.

48. The ECOWAS and Sahel regions, starting from Chad all the way to Mali, are also experiencing adverse impacts of drought and desertification, which have triggered waves of human displacement; conflicts between farmers and herdsmen; terrorism; and a fundamental socio-economic change to our way of life.

49. These issues are regional and not unique to Nigeria alone. The problems call for increased regional and international cooperation in developing a sustainable solution.

50. As Chairman of ECOWAS, I will be hosting a regional security summit of heads of states in the Sahel to develop a Joint Strategy to continue our efforts in addressing these issues.

51. Fellow Nigerians, Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, at the heart of inequality and insecurity, is pervasive corruption. When we took office we realised that if you fight corruption, corruption will fight back – and we have seen this at all levels.

52. For Nigeria to progress, a collective resolution to address corruption and foster broad-based prosperity is required to create a country that is not only for a few privileged, but for all Nigerians.

53. This charge is not only to Civil Servants, Ministers, Legislators and State Government functionaries, but also to Corporate leaders.

54. We shall make greater investments in our rural economies. We shall aggressively source locally our raw materials.

55. We have incentives for investments specifically made in rural communities.

56. However, nationwide development cannot occur from Abuja alone; it must occur at States. And Government cannot do it alone.

57. I therefore implore all State Governments, especially those with large rural economies, to aggressively solicit investments in your states. Invest in developing human capital, reducing bureaucracy and corruption, hosting and attending investment summits and improving the ease of doing business.

58. At this point, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists who have built or are building agro-processing projects; petrochemical plants; crude oil and solid mineral refineries; energy exploration; software development projects; telecom infrastructure; health, education and manufacturing projects; and the like, across our country.

59. I would like to make special mention to promoters of our small businesses that are proudly making goods and services for export and for local consumption. The Nigerian economy rises and falls on the strength of your investments and productivity.

60. We will continue to listen to your ideas and plans not just about how we can secure more investment, but how your plans can help create a more equitable economy.

61. I also thank the labour unions, farmer groups and associations, organized private sector and the civil society organisations for their support and cooperation with our government these last four years.

62. We will continue to count on your support, guidance and understanding during the next four years.

63. I especially thank our traditional leaders and congratulate re-elected and newly elected State Governors and members of the National Assembly. Our Government will continue to count on your support so that we can together move our country forward.

64. Fellow Nigerians, Your Highnesses, Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, despite the challenges over the last four years, my optimism about Nigeria’s future is unshaken and Nigeria’s role in the world as an emerging economic force is without a doubt.

65. Over the next four years, we are committed to assembling a strong team of Nigerians, and allies, to implement our transformative plans and proposals.

a. We will see significant focus, resource and, where necessary reform, in tertiary and technical education to reposition Nigeria’s workforce for the modern technological age.

b. We will accelerate investments in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare programs, interventions and infrastructure as well as in upgrading of our medical personnel to stem the flight of our best trained people.

c. On food security, our farmers have made great strides in local production of rice, maize, cassava, poultry, fertilizer, fisheries and sesame. We remain resolute in supporting private sector in emphasizing backward integration and export expansion plans.

d. Felling of trees to provide energy for domestic use is taking its toll on our rain forests, our ecology and our climate. Accordingly, we are taking steps to harness cleaner and more sustainable sources of electricity. We export over 2 million tons of cooking gas, yet we consume less than half a million tons.

e. We will work to address this issue and support rural communities with challenges of safely switching from firewood to cooking gas.

f. Dedicated agro-industrial processing zones will be developed on a PPP basis to increase farming yields, agricultural productivity and industrial output.

g. Over 2,000 kilometers of ongoing Federal road and bridge projects across the country will be completed to reduce journey times and the cost of doing business. As I mentioned earlier, critical feeder roads will be built to facilitate easier transportation for people and goods from rural areas to major roads.

h. We are at advanced stages of securing investments to modernize and expand our transmission and distribution infrastructure, ensuring that electricity is available and affordable for all Nigerians.

i. Several rail, seaport and airport projects are at various stages of completion. We will open the arteries of transportation nationwide.

j. It is a fact that Nigeria has more gas reserves than it has oil. Over the last four years, we have become a net exporter of urea, which is made from natural gas. We invite investors to develop more natural gas-based petrochemical projects.

k. Fellow Nigerians, This Government will not tolerate actions by any individual or groups of individuals who seek to attack our way of life or those who seek to corruptly enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. We will crack down on those who incite ordinary innocent people to violence and unrest.

l. We will ensure that such actions are met with the strong arm of the law.

66. Nation building takes time. But we must take solace in the knowledge that this country, our country, has everything we require to make Nigeria prosper.

67. Fellow Nigerians, Your Highnesses, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to join me in this journey of rebuilding our nation.

68. Our focus will not be to help the privileged few but to ensure that Nigeria works for Nigerians of all persuasions. That is a more just arrangement.

69. As we all know, correcting injustice is a pre-requisite for peace and unity. As part of the process of healing and reconciliation, I approved the recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day and invested the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola and Babagana Kingibe with National Honours, as I did with the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. The purpose was to partially atone for the previous damage done in annulling the Presidential elections of that year.

70. Today, I propose the re-naming of the Abuja National Stadium. Henceforth it will be called MOSHOOD ABIOLA NATIONAL STADIUM.

71. In my first term, we put Nigeria back on its feet. We are working again despite a difficult environment in oil on which we depend too much for our exports. We encountered huge resistance from vested interests who do not want CHANGE, But CHANGE has come, we now must move to the NEXT LEVEL.

72. By the Grace of God, I intend to keep the oath I have made today and to serve as President for all Nigerians.

73. I thank you for attending this august occasion from far and near, and for all your best wishes to me, to our party and to Nigeria.

74. God bless us all, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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News Headlines Jun 12, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

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Protests over five-month detention of students who criticised Madonna varsity
Drunk driver crushes three siblings, motorcyclist to death in Lagos
Hoodlums attack Ebonyi family, kill two kids, injure one
Herdsmen attempt to abduct Ondo monarch, police nab one
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Police arrest one suspect as Ondo monarch escapes abduction
Woman abducts baby from housemaid in Onitsha church
Police arrest man for forging Oyo CPS’ signature
Residents foil attempt to kidnap baby in Ekiti
Man, 41, beats wife to death over marital issues
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Obaseki frees 8 convicts, commutes death sentence of 9 others
Editorial: Democracy Day 2019
9 facts about Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege
Nollywood actor Yul Edochie survives car crash
NCC receives ‘Best Regulatory Agency’ award
JAMB approves cut-off marks for 2019/2020 admission
ASUP, NAPTAN urge Buhari to appoint competent hand to oversee education ministry
Nigeria pursuing low sulphur, ozone friendly refrigeration policies
Kogi govt cautions residents against air pollution
BUK launches ‘one man one tree’ project to curb air pollution
Yobe High Court sentences man to death by hanging for killing girlfriend
Alleged N19.4bn arms funds : Court fixes July 1 for trial of Dasuki, others
Court remands man for alleged murder, burning corpse

The Sun

My dad, victim of complex conspiracy – Kola Abiola
Lawan emerges Senate president
…Gbajabiamila, Wase lead Reps
…Anti-graft fight not enough, create wealth, Kagame tells Buhari, others
Deputy Senate president: Why I stepped down –Kalu
Democracy Day: Ex-Abia gov urges politicians to respect democracy tenets
Abiola: The president Nigeria never had
15 police men arrested for extortion in Abia -CP
Boko Haram: Soldiers kill 1 terrorist, rescue 2 women, 6 children in Borno
PenJewel Housing Fraud: NUJ demands refund of journalists’ money
Asset declaration: Presidential panel okays Senator Nwaoboshi’s trial
Soldiers arrest suspected kidnapper with Army uniform in Ondo
PDP backs APC candidate for Sokoto Assembly speaker
Wike blames 2019 elections’ challenges on Buhari’s unsigned Electoral Act
INEC issues certificate of return to Okorocha
I’m going to Senate in national interest – Okorocha
NASS: Okowa congratulates Lawan, Omo-Agege, Gbajabiamila, Wase
LCCI canvasses 9% interest rate for real sector
Air Peace faults AIB’s report on failure to disclose incidents
NIRSAL secures N4.5bn facility for smallholder farmers
Bharti Airtel to pay Tanzania $26m, cancels debt to settle dispute
NPA approves 10% tariff slash for vessels calling at Eastern ports
AFCON 2019: Eagles squad worth N78bn
Doping: Nigerian weightlifter faces 8-year ban
France 2019: Super Falcons in win or bust against Korea
15 Serie A clubs against proposed UEFA Champions League reform
JAMB, institutions agree on national cut-off marks for 2019 admissions


Buhari Hosts World Leaders To Dinner
INEC Gives Okorocha Certificate Of Return
BREAKING: Sanwo-Olu Appoints Tribune Man, Tunde Alao As Media Aide
PDP Congratulates New NASS Leadership
NASS Leadership: New Dawn Replaces ‘Duplicity, Perfidy’ ― Buhari
First time lawmaker, 34-year old Danladi emerges Kwara speaker
BREAKING: APC’s Ahmed Lawan wins Senate presidency election
9th National Assembly: NASS management denies Okorocha entry as Senators set to elect leaders
Saraki congratulates Lawan, Gbajabiamila
Suspected rice smugglers attack Customs men in Kwara
Oyo govt establishes State Advisory Council
JAMB approves 160 as cut-off mark for admission into universities
APC celebrates emergence of Lawan, Gbajabiamila
BREAKING: Gbajabiamila emerges House Of Representatives Speaker
Ondo traditional ruler escapes abduction, as woman, stepson escape from kidnappers
I won’t condone human rights violation, ACP Garba warns officers
Oyo govt cancels mid term break for public schools
Opera presents the State of Mobile Web report 2019 for Africa
58-year-old woman electrocuted in Lagos
Uduaghan congratulates Omo-Agege
Anambra Assembly holds last session, fixed June 12th for Inauguration
UPDATE: Omo-Agege defeats 3-term Senate Deputy President, Ekweremadu
[BREAKING] 9th National Assembly: Omo-Agege emerges Deputy Senate President
Court fixes June 13 for Akingbola’s N179b money laundering trial
No part of Nigeria will be left undeveloped, Buhari assures
Armed Robber Raped Me Using ‘Polybag’ As Protection, Teacher Tells Court
Court remands 4 suspects in Ilorin prison over alleged murder
Court remands man in prison custody for alleged armed robbery
Court remands man for alleged murder, burning corpse
Confusion Rocks Seaports As Customs Implement New CBN Exchange Rate
Oando saga: SEC defends ruling to Federal High Court
MTN Nigeria CEO named ‘HR Champion 2019’
Nigeria committed to leading war against Maritime crime in Africa
20 Energy Ministers, 2,500 Delegates Brainstorm As 21st Africa Energy Forum Begins…

The Guardian

FG targets 10 per cent equity in new national carrier
OPEC seeks to balance market as uncertainty lingers
How Lawan, Gbajabiamila emerged National Assembly leaders
Youths move to revolutionise agric in Nigeria
FG promises to amend Cybercrime Act
President prays election tribunal to strike out Atiku, PDP petition
AfDB set to release $70 million credit for Ebonyi’s 198km ring road
HURIWA cautions media against aiding illegality over former presidential aides
Wike may sack Andoni monarchs, LG boss over kidnap of Lebanese
We are 90 minutes away from winning NPFL’s title, says Abdullah
Contenders, pretenders throw last dice on NPFL Play-Off final day
Two upsets herald Zenith NextGen Masters
Sack Super Falcons coach if Nigeria fails against Korea, Esu tells NFF
Female boxers return as GOtv Boxing Night 19 holds in Lagos
LMC still gathering facts on Kano Pillars’ acts of hooliganism
Democracy Day as epic token short on precepts
‘Some of us did not agree with Abiola’s declaration at Epetedo’
Commendation for declaration on June 12 as Democracy Day…but
A Democracy day primer – I
Reading the government’s body Language
Learning from the overwhelming success of Game of Thrones
Editorial: June 12 as Democracy Day indeed
Josepdam Terminal gets ISO certification
Galaxy backbone to enable eGovt master plan implementation
Nigeria’s refineries operate at 5.55% capacity, record N16b deficit in March
C&I Leasing confirms release of vessel, crew in Equatorial Guinea
The legend called M.K.O
The task before Buhari
The chameleon’s attitude
A portrait of the artist as a seer
Why gene edited babies have shorter life expectancy, by study
Hope for patients with sickle cell disease
Research finds chicken, beef raise cholesterol levels in equal measures compared to vegetable diet


Buhari, It Is Progress We Need Not Movement
African Firms Should See Future In Cloud Marketing, Advanced Analytics, Says Terragon
Those Jeopardizing Our Democracy Didn’t Pay Any Price For June 12 — Igini
NIMASA Deploying Technology, Partnership To Protect Marine Environment
Samuel Ajiboyede: My Story Of Discouragement, Success
JUNE 12 @26: Celebration Like No Other
Making IPPIS Effective Against Ghost Workers
BUHARI’S 2ND TERM: Fitch Sees Weak Economy Outlook
Parents Of Madonna Varsity Students Detained Over Facebook Posts Cry Out
Robber Raped Me With Poly Bag As Condom, Teacher Tells Court
Falcons To Go Big Against Korea To Avoid Going Home
Photos: Buhari, Tinubu, Lawan, Gbaja, Others At Democracy Day Dinner
MKO Abiola: A Case Study In Transformational Leadership
A Futurist’s View Of The Voice-Based Support Industry
June 12: Next Level ‘Ll Restore Peace, Justice, Prosperity To Nigeria – – Buhari
Oando Shareholders Berate SEC Over AGM Suspension
Buhari Vows Tougher Anti-Graft Measures In 2nd Term
June 12 : The truth that sets democracy free in our land – Tinubu
9th NASS leadership: How Lawan, Gbaja, others emerged winners
A democracy day primer by Wole Soyinka
At last Nigerians celebrate June 12 as Democracy Day
JAMB approves 160 as minimum score for admission
I insist on unconditional return of looted assets – Buhari
Those jeopardizing our democracy didn’t pay any price for June 12 — Igini
June 12: Next Level ‘ll restore peace, justice, prosperity to Nigeria – – Buhari
Ohanaeze lauds June 12 commemoration as Democracy Day
At last Nigerians celebrate June 12 as Democracy Day
Falcons to go big against Korea to avoid going home
Don’t blame Iheanacho — Awoniyi
Women’s World Cup: Thailand thoroughly thrashed as USA create record
Super Eagles’ team list for AFCON 2019
Draxler: Tottenham target sees future at PSG
Pregnant for my violent lover
Hubby slept with a colleague I took in
I doubt he’ll leave his wife
Sanitary Pads: Dangers of using tampons – Gifty Powers
How Falz strip teased guests at ‘Falz Experience 2.0’
Apology or not, I will drag Peruzzi to court — Pamilerin
Battle for best dressed prize underway, as ‘The Bling Lagosians’ premieres
Coping with rheumatoid arthritis
20 energy ministers, 2,500 delegates brainstorm as 21st Africa Energy Forum begins in Lisbon
World Day Against Child Labour: Obaseki insists on sanctions for erring parents
Oyo govt. cancels mid term break for public schools
Orphan wins Lighthouse spelling bee competition
JAMB approves 160 as minimum score for admission
Troops rescue women, children in ambush attack against terrorists in Borno

Daily Independent

It’s A New Dawn – Excited Buhari, APC
Money Corrupted Our Recent Elections – Buhari
JAMB Announces 160 As UTME Cut-Off Mark
9th NASS Rubber Stamp Tag Speculative — Agbakoba, Ahamba, Ngige, Ubani
Era Of Bickering Between Legislature, Executive Over –Sagay
Comedian Dave Evans Dies
June 12: Expectations From Buhari
June 12, Most Significant Date In Nigeria’s History – Onuesoke
June 12: Group Hails Buhari, Wants Further Honour For Abiola
Kachikwu: X-Raying Ex-Minister’s Giant Strides In Oil Sector
National Assembly Leadership: Sanwo-Olu Congratulates Lawan, Gbajabiamila
We Won’t Be Deterred In Eliminating Gas Flare – NNPC
Uganda Understudies Nigeria’s Oil Regulatory Activities
Nigeria’s Untapped Shea Butter Can Yield $2bn Annually – Director
€12m Grant Has Helped Nigeria To Improve Quality Infrastructure – NiNAS…
DHL Rolls Out E-Commerce Platform To More African Markets
Enyimba, Pillars In Tight Race For NPFL Title
GOtv Boxing Night Returns To Lagos
Real Madrid Ready To Go All Out For Pogba
Women’s W’Cup: Falcons In Make-Or-Break Match
Mali Eagles In The Throes Of FIFA Hammer
Everything About Boris Johnson Is Phony
19 People Killed In Attack On Arbinda Town
Thousands Stranded In Southern China
Boy, 11, Eats Five Meals A Day To Save Father’s Life
Russia Planning To Deliver S-400 Missiles In July
Two Iranian Coast Guard Officers Killed In Gunfight
Woman Gives Birth Then Sits Exam Half An Hour Later
Measles Kills 1,500 In Congo
More Than 11,000 Inmates In Pre-Trial Detention
Drug Charges Dropped Against Russian Journalist Ivan Golunov

New Telegraph

Femi Gbajabiamila elected Reps speaker
Senator Ahmad Lawan elected Senate President
Benue guber: PDP seeks Appeal Court’s reversal of tribunal’s
Senate Presidency: APC foils PDP’s coup
INEC, Buhari, APC ask Tribunal to dismiss Atiku’s petitions
I will be fair to all – Lawan
Democracy must translate to better life for Nigerians –Tinubu
Buhari insists on unconditional return of looted funds abroad
PDP to NASS leadership: Guard legislative independence, rule of law
The Obaship tussle at Owo…
I’ve accepted my fate – Ndume
1999-2019: How Nigeria’s presidents’ve emerged
June 12: The key actors
Robber rapes teacher, uses polythene bag as condom
June 12: Oyo gov grants amnesty to 35 prisoners
‘Insurgents kill 3,641 in Benue, Zamfara, others’
Ondo: Herdsmen block road with cows, attempt to abduct monarch
Cyclists block major routes over seizure of colleague’s motorcycle
Extortion: Policemen to face Orderly Room Trial for demanding N500,000 bribe
June 12: From struggle to national honour
Banks enrol 65,753 mobile money agents
Stanbic IBTC wins HR awards
Africa’s regional integration under focus at AfDB annual meetings
CBN fuels single exchange-rate window speculation
NPFL Super 6: Enyimba, Pillars, Akwa Utd fight for title
AFCON: I can play in any position – Simon
Iheanacho: When talent alone is not enough
Iheanacho must quit Leicester to bounce back – Obuh
Nollywood Portraits: Radical beauty through Ude’s lens
The screwing of Nigeria by corruption
Moremi Ajasoro, A View from the Masters art exhibition opens
Layiwola’s solo exhibition, Indigo Reimagined, opens tomorrow
EDITORIAL: June 12: Nigeria’s democracy day
9th NASS: Kalu hails new leadership
Reps: Gbajabiamila, Wase emerge speaker, deputy
Battling to restore Apapa’s lost glory
Man forges Oyo CPS signature to secure appointment
Customers fret over banks’ lingering network challenges

Gbajabiamila emerges 9th National Assembly Speaker

Gbajabiamila emerges 9th National Assembly Speaker

At last, the House Majority Leader in the 8th National Assembly has been declared the Speaker of the 9th National Assembly defeating his lone rival, Umar Bago to claim victory.

Gbajabiamila who represents Surulere Federal constituency 1, polled a total of 281 votes to defeat Bago who polled 76 votes.

The ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) leadership had adopted Gbajabiamila as its preferred candidate. But Bago had gone ahead to contest for the position, raising fears that an upset might be on the way.

A total of 360 members-elect took part in the voting exercise which kicked off shortly after the conclusion of elections of the Senate President and the Deputy Senate President respectively.

Credit: The Sun

Lawan, Ndume and the politics of endorsement

Lawan, Ndume and the politics of endorsement

By Solomon Fowowe

“May the best man win.” The catchphrase that precedes every contest even if there is barely any belief in it. It’s simple, the All Progressive’s Congress wanted their man to win. The opposition People’s Democratic Party crunched the numbers, knew there wasn’t any way they could pull off a win with a PDP candidate.
They simply acted as the opposition party unwilling to endure an embarrassing loss, pitched their tent behind the APC dissident, Senator Ali Ndume. It’s APC vs APC for all PDP cares.

“As the opposition political party, we must be seen to play a responsible opposition role. Yes, none of the two presiding officers we are rooting for belong to the PDP, but we know that as a critical member of the National Assembly, we must have a say in the election of its leaders. This is the reason why we are backing both Ndume and Bago,” PDP Chairman, Uche Secondus told Punch

In a statement signed by PDP’s national secretary, Umar Tsauri, the party noted that its decision was in order “deepen democracy, ensure a strong and independent legislature, strict compliance with the principle of separation of powers as well as constitutional checks and balances in the polity.”

Admittedly, there were a lot of factors at play as the leadership of the 9th National Assembly was contested. Many dealings, tacit and clearly stated promises, quid quo pros but there was something that came first for the APC – the smooth relationship between the Executive and the National Assembly.

None of the frosty, stilted air between President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon Yakubu Dogara regarding bills and the budget.

APC looks to have learnt from the leadership tussle of the 8th National Assembly where they were undercut by Saraki and Dogara. They leveraged on alliances with the opposition People’s Democratic Party to emerge the president of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives against the wishes of the APC leadership.

Saraki’s defiance set the tone for the next four years, his defection from the party three-quarters into his tenure merely formalised the lingering distrust.

APC placed their seal of approval on Senator Ahmad Lawan, made sure there was no meeting on the voting day and persuaded/ordered other candidates from the party to step down. Senator Danjuma Goje stepped down but Senator Ndume remained in the race.

He hoped his act of defiance would produce results. It produced 28 votes while Lawan had 79 votes.

Senator Ndume couldn’t pull off a Saraki-esque machination, for one APC are the wiser, PDP doesn’t have vested interests and Ndume doesn’t quite have the gravitas of the former Senate President.

PDP knew it was going to be a coronation, still, they went through the motions to put up an endorsement as a mere formality. Even if the endorsement meant, parking behind the same senator the PDP led government accused of sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria.

It does feel firmly like an APC-led house. But for democracy’s sake, the big hope will be that the National Assembly will put the country ahead of their party inclinations. That there will be an independent legislature that checks the excesses of the executive.

Credit: The Guardian

News Headlines Jun 11, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Jun 11, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by

The Punch

9th National Assembly: PDP backs Ndume, Bago as APC insists on Lawan, Gbajabiamila
Generator fumes kill twins, eight wedding guests in Imo
Debt servicing gulps over 50% of Nigeria’s revenue — AfDB
Violence erupts in Lagos after Pillars, Rangers NPFL tie
Northern elite promoting poverty, says Moghalu
Kidnappers’ invasion of South-West and the conspiracy of silence
Alleged misconduct: I’ll appear before disciplinary panel Friday, says Malami
Man arrested in Ogun for snatching Uber car in Lagos
How UniJos law student emerged Plateau Speaker
Torino grab Aina for €10m
Cops chased kidnappers who targeted my convoy —Akeredolu
Garba replaces Bulkachuwa, tribunal hears 16 applications on Atiku’s petition today
I left my matrimonial home for fear of my life – Ex-gov Chime’s wife
Probe Amosun’s projects, Daniel tells Abiodun
Seven feared killed as cultists cause mayhem in Lagos communities
Herdsmen abduct woman, stepson in Ondo, demand N10m ransom
Orji’s son becomes Abia Speaker as states inaugurate assemblies
African countries lag behind in making democracy work – Jonathan
Buhari won 2019 presidential election amidst electoral violence —HRW
Man arrested in Ogun for snatching Uber car in Lagos
Seven feared killed as cultists cause mayhem in Lagos communities
Herdsmen abduct woman, stepson in Ondo, demand N10m ransom
Generator fumes kill twins, eight wedding guests in Imo
Collapsed wall kills siblings in Ondo
NIFST enlightens food vendors on hygiene
Police nab four for murder, cultism in Ekiti
Abia Police declares sergeant wanted over death of 21-year-old
Gunmen kill 200-level Plateau University student
Kwara shifts democracy day programmes to Friday
Six Imo lawmakers defect to PDP
50 countries for Abuja insurgency, banditry summit
Oando share price drops as SEC suspends AGM
NSE unveils new online learning platform
Meristem promotes wealth creation, healthy living
Stock market extends losing streak to six days
DBN to empower MSMEs with N100bn
Africa needs to generate more local wealth — Benoit
Violence erupts in Lagos after Pillars, Rangers NPFL tie
Ordega slams fan for criticising hairdo, make-up
Lead Forte, Queens College for GTBank Masters Cup final
Missing IAAF $135,000: I’m ready for probe, says Gusau
Ajayi devastated after AFCON exclusion
‘Suicide, kidnapping in varsities caused by frustration’
Edo varsity gets ICAN certification
Gunmen who attacked Plateau varsity killed our student — VC
Nigeria’s education needs urgent restructuring, says Babalakin
JAMB releases 15,490 withheld results
Prince Philip celebrates 98th birthday in private
Inlaks bags four integrated ISO certifications
Galaxy Backbone deploys infrastructure for e-govt master plan
Editorial: Ninth National Assembly’s bounden duty
EFCC, courts, stolen funds, and legal technicality
Untapped natural resource: The vital role of women in governance
Mr. President, it is time to get it right

The Nation

Abia police command declares killer-cop wanted
32-year-old Ogundoyin is Oyo Speaker
Four suspects paraded in Ekiti for alleged murder, robbery
Decision day as Ninth National Assembly elects presiding officers
Contractor charged with N75m bank renovation fraud
Man hangs self after tipper killed brother
Police parade 202 suspected cultists in Ikorodu
Gunmen abduct mother, stepson in Ondo
Beneficiaries of amnesty programme’ll transform economy, says Osinbajo
Onnoghen: NJC hails Buhari for accepting retirement
Election tribunal dismisses petition against Buhari’s victory
Tinubu: National Assembly turning into an exclusive gentleman’s club
APC to members: no nomination against Lawan, Gbajabiamila, two others
NERC to guard against misuse of $4.7b cash
Don’t use Standing Rules 2015, court orders senators
$4.7b capital boost coming for DisCos
NCC grants to varsities coming
Primitive and disgraceful
Heroes of June 12
UNICEF fights poverty with cash
Oando’s shareholders, SEC bicker over AGM
NNPC embraces Good Corporate Governance in recruitment
Only VIPs are now safe on Nigerian roads, says Akeredolu
Senate presidency: Ndume’s candidacy gives credibility to the contest, says Lawan’s group
BoI, devt agencies, others tour facilities for MSMEs in Edo
Trump may place new tariffs on French wine
Okorocha: CSO writes police on planned protest over issuance of certificate by INEC
2015 senate rule illegal, not fit for 9th assembly -Sen. Abdullahi
Breaking:Nwifuru re-elected Ebonyi Speaker
Mikel: Chukwueze, Kalu are talented
Nigeria 0-0 Zimbabwe: Rohr blames weather for draw
De Ligt laughs off Ronaldo’s Juventus ‘offer’
Nadal tells Thiem: you’ll win it one day
I won’t cry for loss to Nadal, says Federer
NCC grants to varsities coming
Oando’s shareholders, SEC bicker over AGM
LCCI faults SON over containers seizures on highways
Abia police command declares killer-cop wanted
Four suspects paraded in Ekiti for alleged murder, robbery
Contractor charged with N75m bank renovation fraud
Police parade 202 suspected cultists in Ikorodu
Gunmen abduct mother, stepson in Ondo
Breaking: JAMB releases additional 15,490 UTME results
Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband gets new lover
Peruzzi under ‘fire’ for alleged physical assault of Twitter influencer
‘The Delivery Boy’ is Oscar Award material – Film critics


Buhari Signs June 12 Bill into Law
Osinbajo Reaffirms FG’s Commitment to New Vision for N’Delta
NJC Commends Buhari for Accepting Recommendation on Onnoghen
NNPC’s Strive for Greater Transparency
Nigerian Breweries Receives Monde Gold Quality Awards
Kidnappers Abduct Woman, Step Son in Ondo
Nigeria’s Foreign Trade Increases to N8.24tn in Q1
Heritage Bank’s Academy Gets Accreditation, Trains 300
Buhari in Closed-door Meeting with APC Senators-elect
No More Imposition of Traditional Rulers in Ekiti, Says Dep Gov
Airbus Mark 50 Years at Paris Air Show
Semi Ajayi’s Best Wishes for Eagles
Ikeja Electric Installs Prepaid Meters for Ikorodu Customers
Fintrak Boss Honoured
Rivers Govt Lauds Eunisell
UNEP Honours Dave Matthews Band, REVERB on World Environment Day
Roger Milla Tips Cameroon to Retain AFCON in Egypt
Unijos Student Emerges Plateau Assembly Speaker
Former Deputy Speaker, Oluomo, Emerges Ogun Assembly Speaker
Building a New Momentum for Ogun
NNPC’s Strive for Greater Transparency
Imoke Lauds Cross River Govt over Nigeria’s First Vitamised Rice Mill
Gervinho Remains Committed to Ivory Coast Despite AFCON 2019 Omission
Semenya Named in S’Africa’s World Championship Team
Govts, Organisations, Businesses, Individuals Should Reflect Climate Change in Decision, Says UN Report
The Ends Festival Showcases DJ Spinall at London’s Lloyd Park

Daily Trust

6 lawmakers defect to PDP in Imo
Secondus: Presidency, APC arm-twisting N/Assembly officials
Why YPP endorsed Lawan — Sen-elect Ubah
Youths warn gov’ship aspirants threatening Bayelsa PDP
Dino Melaye can’t defeat me — Gov Bello
Eid odyssey to Beijing’s largest Muslim neighborhood
NPFL Super Six: Kano Pillars’ fans attack referee, Quadri Adebimpe
Why intervention funds don’t work – Mustapha Chike-Obi
Kogi: Pro, anti-Bello protesters storm APC secretariat
S/East PDP plotting to make Ekweremadu dep Senate president
Yakmut charges influential Nigerians to help develop sports
Super Eagles have first training session in Ismailia
Pillars, Rangers match end in chaos as Enyimba thump FC IfeanyiUbah 3-0
AfDB invested $1bn on African SMEs, others – Adesina
NNPC records N174.62bn petroleum products sales in March
SEC suspends Oando’s AGM slated for today
NAFDAC shuts unregistered honey company in Abuja
FCT police tighten security ahead of June 12 celebration
Fashion designer docked over alleged N50,000 fraud
Obasanjo, Fulanisation and Islamisation
Stitching the world together
“D-Day” celebrations in perspective
The NASS Leadership Question
State Police: Implications for national security
Company executives denounce abortion restrictions in New York Times advertorial
Police in Ogun arrest suspected Uber car snatcher
…arraign 2 over murder of footballer
2 students dead as hoodlums attack Plateau varsity
Editorial:: 74th UNGA President, Tijjani Bande
Governor Mohammed swears in SSG, Chief of Staff, others
Capt. Muye appointed as FAAN’s Director of Airport Operations
Wike appoints SSG, Chief of Staff
FG launches N100m research to curb soil salinity in Kano
How Adamawa, Kebbi communities benefited from €11m Oxfam project
Governor Obaseki assures of strategies to check use of harmful fruit ripening agents
JAMB clears 15,490 candidates accused of cheating, releases their results
Five major things that happened at The Falz Experience II
Mechanical engineers to partner with Warri refinery
OGP: Nigeria, African countries commit to anti-corruption, open govt
13th biz confab: NBA-SBL focuses on agriculture, jobs

The Sun

9th NASS leadership: Factors that’ll decide winners
… Tight security in National Assembly, ahead inauguration
Buhari: June 12 now Democracy Day
Stakeholders resolve NBC/AIT face-off
Lawan Vs Ndume: APC in fight of its life
Kalu: I’m in race for DSP as Buhari never endorse any candidate
…APC’ll gain more if he becomes DSP – Don
Kalu: I’m in race for DSP as Buhari never endorse any candidate
Plateau Assembly elects 33-year-old first timer speaker
JAMB releases more UTME results
Emir Sanusi: Anti-graft panel presses ahead with probe
Anti-Bello protests ground APC headquarters
9th NASS: Desist from self-serving utterances, chieftains warn APC scribe
Edo: Obaseki meets Oshiomhole, seeks truce
FG surveys 33,300 households in new anti-corruption fight
SEC suspends Oando’s AGM
Irukka Online launches latest WLA-210X speakers in Nigeria
Nigerians need to imbibe insurance culture to survive –Insurers Committee
Investors seek funding support to subsidise rural solar mini-grids power rural communities
Venus Williams to make Birmingham debut
Sharapova to return to action in Mallorca
AFCON 2019: Football fans laud Rohr’s decision to axe Iheanacho
9th NASS: Today is showdown
How we strayed from the path of democracy
NBC’s hammer on AIT
IGP Mohammed Adamu: A miscellany
Democracy Day: It’s justice at last, says Kola Abiola
8th NASS and educational legacy in Nsugbe
The killing of protesters in Sudan
AAU Ekpoma: The Prof. Onimawo feat in 3 years


9th Senate: I Am Hopeful Ndume Will Step Down ― Oshiomhole
Confusion Rocks Seaports As Customs Implement New CBN Exchange Rate
Security Agencies Able To Protect Nigeria, Buhari Assures
BREAKING: President Buhari Signs June 12 Bill Into Law
BREAKING: 33-Yr-Old Law Student, Abok Ayuba Emerges Plateau Assembly…
FG appoints new director of operations for FAAN
Man docked over alleged theft of motorcycle
JAMB says no candidate has more than one UTME result
Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, elected as Kazakhstan president
BREAKING: 32-year-old Adebo Ogundoyin becomes Oyo Assembly Speaker
Borno needs 6,000 teachers to improve quality of education ― NUT
Kwara govt pledges to help KWASU realise its potentials
House Speaker: Youth group clamours for religious balance, charges APC to back Olatubosun
9th NASS: New speaker will emerge in hallowed chamber, not on national TV ― Bago
Ogun gov lauds Assembly members over peaceful election
NASS leadership: Endorsement of Omo-Agege can cause disharmony within APC, Kalu warns
AIB accuses Air Peace of not reporting incidents
Nwifuru, Obasi re-elected as Speaker, deputy of Ebonyi Assembly
Gunmen abduct woman, step son in Ondo
Oborevwori re-emerges as 7th Delta Assembly Speaker
Probe Amosun’s road contracts, model schools, Daniel tells Abiodun
Lagos pledges support for NYSC
NYSC DG appeals for speedy construction of new Lagos orientation camp
NJC applauds Buhari’s acceptance of Onnoghen’s voluntary retirement
Sanwo-Olu appoints Justice Alogba as acting Chief Justice
Former Deputy Speaker, Oluomo emerges Speaker of Ogun Assembly
2019 elections: Tribunal dismisses C4C petition against Buhari, as Justice Garba now heads panel
June 12: FG declares Wednesday public holiday
Buhari shocked by Sokoto banditry deadly attacks
Applicant docked for allegedly stealing handset
Permanent orientation camp: Lagos govt to involve corps members in construction work
Borno needs 6,000 teachers to improve quality of education ― NUT
Kwara govt pledges to help KWASU realise its potentials
Gunmen Kill 200-Level Plateau University Student
Oando Saga: SEC Defends Ruling To Federal High Court
MTN Nigeria CEO named ‘HR Champion 2019’
Moldovan President Suspended, Snap Election Called As Crisis Deepens
Thousands protest against extradition bill in China
G20 economies lay new principles for lending, borrowing
Bill To Create Chartered Institute Of Forensic Investigation Not Useful To Nigeria…
Senate Presidency: I have solid base among Senators-elect —Lawan
How PDP can produce next Senate President —Urhoghide
What ninth NASS should do in electing its leaders —ACF

The Guardian

Fresh pressure as Buhari signs bill declaring June 12 Democracy Day
Anxiety, intrigues as National Assembly picks leaders today
SEC suspends Oando Plc’s AGM
Tribunal hears objections to Atiku, PDP petition today
Wike swears in SSG, Chief of Staff, AG, others
Buhari welcomes Italy’s support to recover, repatriate stolen assets
Lagos breaks female dominance in judiciary, names Alogba CJ
Sanusi has case to answer, Kano anti-graft agency insists
JAMB releases additional 15,490 UTME results
FIFA beams light on Onome Ebi, other ‘record breakers’ at Women’s World Cup
Enyimba beats IfeanyiUbah 3-1, leads NPFL Play-Offs log
Gusau’s probe over IAAF’s ‘missing’ $130,000 may continue
‘Awoture Eleyae Athletics Championship will produce more stars for Nigeria’
Iheanacho lost his AFCON’s place due to low self-esteem, says Lawal
Falcons’ foreign coach has not made any difference in Nigerian team, says Mabo
Oxford, Cambridge alumni chart path to socio-economic growth for Buhari’s second term
Avoiding repeat of tainted national legislature as ninth Senate opens
Reading the government’s body Language
Editorial: Otedola, Chukwu and plight of national heroes
Forcados shutdown drags Nigeria’s production as OPEC’s May output shrinks
NEPZA’s N100b four-year budgets and Kano FTZ’s economic potential
Oando, SEC tussle drags stock market’s indices by 2.05 per cent
CCNN, Unity Bank, others lead NSE’s N48b loss
Environment: A neglected stuff in Nigeria
Creating a sustainable and accountable democratic system in Nigeria – Part 2
Time to let PenCom be
Christians, National Assembly leadership and 2023 presidency
‘Dietary supplements cause miscarriage, harm foetal development’
How injecting blood of young mice into older animals improved memory, learning ability
Drinking unsalted tomato juice lowers blood pressure, bad cholesterol
Common heartburn drugs raise risk of early death

Daily Independent

Tokayev Wins Kazakhstan’s Presidential Election
Israel Will Not Allow Iran To Have Nuclear Weapons, Says Netanyahu
Alabama Gov Signs Chemical Castration Bill Into Law
Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother Was CIA Informant Before His Assassination – Report
Davido Apologises To Twitter Influencer Pamilerin Over Peruzzi Slap Incident
1:58 am
Missouri’s Only Abortion Clinic Can Remain Open For Now, Judge Rules
Pakistan’s Anti-Graft Body Arrests Former President Zardari
Rights Group Says Mexico Puts Activists On Trial To Win Over Trump
BREAKING: Man United Prepare Second Bid For Crystal Palace’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka
Man United, City Battle For Leicester’s Harry Maguire Valued At £80m
Davido Apologises To Twitter Influencer Pamilerin Over Peruzzi Slap Incident
I Left My Matrimonial Home For Fear Of My Life –…
NAPTIP Partners NCAA, FAAN, IATA To Fight Human Trafficking
Don Arraigned Over Alleged Diversion Of N19m TETFUND Grant
What Happened Between Pamilerin And Me, Peruzzi Breaks Silence
Intrigues As Senate Elects New President Today
We Need Directive From Buhari On Insecurity –Okowa
APC Chieftain Hails Sanwo-Olu On Zero Tolerance For Traffic Offences
Unijos Student Emerges Plateau Assembly Speaker
JUST IN: Six Imo Lawmakers Defect To PDP
FG Saves N20bn Annually From Local Production Of Military Footwears
FG Offers 2-Year, 3-Year Savings Bonds At 11.41%, 12.41% In June
Ikeja Electric Rolls Out Prepaid Meters For Ikorodu Customers
LG Launches Zero Carbon 2030 Initiative
Armese Pledges Support For MAPs
S’Eagles Have First Training In Ismailia
Expect Tough Games In Egypt
NBBF Rolls Out Dates For 2019 Season
W’Cup: Falcons Won’t Give Up Despite Defeat – Dennerby
The Ninth Assembly: Our Expectations
June 12: Abacha’s Spirit ‘Celebrates’ Abiola
Workplace Abuses And Occupational Hazards In Asian Factories
June 12: Barbers At Work
Nigeria Creaking Under Crushing Population Weight


Register Ohanaeze As A Party, APC Chieftain Taunts Igbo Leaders
Rohr: I Dropped Iheanacho From AFCON Before Zimbabwe Match
CBN To Sell N809.4 Bn Treasury Bills In Q3’19
Leah Sharibu’s Father Reacts To Saraki’s Donation
NPO Resolves NBC/AIT Face-Off
Nigeria’s Marine Resources Can Sustain, Develop The Economy — NIMASA DG
NBS Partners Int’l Bodies To Conduct Survey On Corruption In Nigerian
Falcons Settle Down In Grenoble As All Focus Shifts To Korea
Community Pharmacists Fault FG On Approval Of 3-Tier Sales Of OTC Drugs
NNPC To Revisit Recruitment Exercise, Restates Commitment To Transparency
NJC Thanks Buhari For Accepting Onnoghen’s Resignation
Anambra Central: Ekwunife Not Eligible To Contest Election—Umeh
Alleged N3.3bn Fraud: Fayose Disputes Transfer Of Case To Another Judge
Ministry Of Labour And The Wage Crisis
How Kidnappers Attacked My Convoy — AKEREDOLU
Ifeanyi Ubah Emerges YPP National Leader
I Won’t Impose My Successor— Dickson
9th NASS: Fresh twist as court orders open ballot
Insecurity : Our Armed Forces capable of protecting Nigeria – Buhari
Ndume, Kalu, Bago absent as APC Govs, NWC meet NASS caucus
NASS: APC NWC backs Omo-Agege, Wase for DSP, Dep. Speaker
Ndume, Kalu, Bago absent as APC Govs, NWC meet NASS caucus
Withdrawal of case against Buhari at tribunal excites Presidency
Super Eagles have first training session in Ismailia
Ajayi rues missing Egypt 2019
Spurs defender, Rose uncertain over future
Would you let your kids see you naked!?
Tonto Dike’s ex-husband gets new lover
Dbanj‘s gold neck chain worth millions goes missing while on flight to Lagos
Community pharmacists fault FG on approval of 3-tier sales of OTC drugs
Medic advocates National vaccinations against liver, cervical cancers
One Planet, One Health embodies our commitment — BARRERE
Childhood cancer, next epidemic in Nigeria — EXPERTS
Revisit albinism bill, OAM Foundation urges 9th Assembly
CBN to sell N809.4 bn Treasury Bills in Q3’19
Nigeria’s marine resources can sustain, develop the economy — NIMASA DG
Power sector liberalization will attract $30bn investment — Chike-Obi
Edo, Delta Devt Commission achievable — Oghenesivbe
Stakeholders challenge MfBs on regulatory compliance
CIAPS Commonwealth Scholarships for Postgraduate Professional Studies
Breaking: JAMB releases another 15,490 results
Why we organise career fair for Nigerians, UK varsities explain

Lagos environmental sanitation: Judgment against movement’s restriction still valid –Adegboruwa

Judgement against movement’s restriction not vacated –Adegboruwa

Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

In this interview with MUDIAGA AFFE, a lawyer and human rights activist, Mr Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, says plans by the Lagos State Government to reintroduce environmental sanitation will be challenged if it impedes free movement of people

What is your reaction to the latest move by the Lagos State Government to reintroduce the monthly environmental sanitation?

Well, I’m fully in support of any move by the state government to clean the environment and there is no gainsaying the fact that Lagos seems to have been littered with refuse here and there. We have been working on how to achieve cleaner Lagos for a long time. So, it is a welcome idea which one supports but the methodology and the strategy may be the issue. Before the emergence of this administration, led by Babajide Sanwo-Olu, sanitation had always been a priority for any regime and so we support the effort to clean. But when it comes to the illegal policy of restricting movement of citizens is another thing entirely. For us as citizens and Lagosians, we are happy to have this new regime and would support all its policies and programmes, especially on sanitation. However, whether he has the right to restrict peoples’ movement in law is a different kettle of fish altogether.

You had once dragged the state government before the court over the restriction of movement during sanitation. Do you still maintain this position?

We are still in court on the matter. In 2015, a Federal High Court in Lagos delivered a judgement against the Lagos State Government and the Inspector-General of Police; it issued an injunction restraining the government and the police from restricting movement and disturbing people in the name of environmental sanitation. That judgement is still valid and the state government appealed against the judgement. We have been on the appeal but they refused to file their brief. So, we still have a judgement of the Federal High Court that is subsisting and valid. Every government has a duty under Section 287 of the Constitution, which says that the executive arm of government has a duty to obey the decisions of the court. The Lagos State Government has no choice in this matter because there is a judgement in force that cancelled the restriction of movement, but it did not cancel the observance of the environmental sanitation. If you want to do sanitation for a whole Saturday in a month, nobody is opposing that. We welcome it and will participate in it. But it cannot lead to the restriction of movement of people because that is illegal and unconstitutional. The constitution in sections 35, 38 and 40, grants freedom of movement to all citizens. It is beyond any state government in Nigeria and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to restrict the movement of citizens and the court has made a pronouncement on that. We are a country of democracy that is governed by the rule of law. There is no basis at all for the government of Lagos State to be tinkering with the idea of restricting movement. But we are all enthusiastic about this new government and we would participate in the environmental sanitation any time that the government declares. It should not lead to the restriction of the movement of people. If they try that, it would amount to contempt of court and that is punishable by law. I do not think that the governor would want to start his administration with a confrontation with the judiciary. From the language I have seen about Governor Sanwo-Olu, he is a peaceful and law-abiding man who swore to an oath on May 29, 2019 to uphold the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is less than one month, he cannot start his regime by violating his oath of office. I do not think the government has any plan to restrict people from moving; it will be totally unconstitutional.

Although the government says it is consulting with the people over the matter, what, if it decides to resume the exercise, what options will you seek?

Well, I feel that we should not encourage the government to embark on deliberate act of impunity because when those in authority, holding power in trust for us, set out to deliberately violate a judgement of the court, the signal to the rest of society is very bad. I will honestly believe that part of the consultation of the governor is to talk to lawyers and I am sure he will be consulting with lawyers and civil society. When a government, on its own, decides to violate a court judgement, it is sending a signal of lawlessness and impunity and a society that is governed by total disregard for the law and this will be bad. If it does that, it is for us to go back to the court and set up a process for the court to interpret the decisions or policies of the government. The history of this whole struggle to free the people from the compulsory stay at home for three hours was on June 29, 2013, I got an invitation to appear on a national television station to discuss a national issue. On my way, I had the access card with me, but when I got to the Ojota/Ketu end of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway, I was stopped by LASTMA and policemen and they did not allow me to proceed. I was arrested and detained on the claims that I violated environmental sanitation law. But I told them that there was no such law in existence; they refused to listen. Thereafter, the following week, I approached the Federal High Court to determine whether the government of Lagos has the power to restrict movement of citizens in the name of environmental sanitation. The court examined the matter; the state government was in court and the court said there was no such law. That is where we are. Another citizen also approached the Court of Appeal on the same matter for which a decision was also taken. This is not about me.

Over the years as a resident of Lagos, did the compulsory restriction of movement help to achieve cleaner environment?

Those were the arguments before the court. I had said that there was no need to restrict movement because it was not achieving anything. I gave examples of Saturdays when children use the opportunity to play football on the roads. There are existing LAWMA and PSP operators that we pay monthly to carry out the task. If I am paying for it, why do you then restrict my movement? It is double jeopardy. Restricting movement of pregnant women and other sick people was too much and it was not achieving the purpose for which it was set to achieve.

Credit: The Punch

May 29 no longer public holiday as Buhari assents to law declaring June 12 Democracy Day

May 29 no longer public holiday as Buhari assents to law declaring June 12 Democracy Day

BREAKING: Buhari assents law declaring June 12 public holiday

By Ismail Mudashir |

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the Public Holiday Amendment Act, declaring June 12 of every year a public holiday and Democracy Day.

Presidential aide on National Assembly (Senate), Senator Ita Enang, stated this while briefing State House correspondents on Monday.

He said with the assent to the amendment, May 29 has been removed as a public holiday.

“By the act amended and signed by Mr. President, May 29 is no more a public holiday. June 12 is now a public holiday and the country’s Democracy Day,” he said.

The assent came 48 hours to the celebration of the country’s maiden Democracy Day.

Credit: Daily Trust

News Headlines Jun 10, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Jun 10, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by

The Punch

Battle for Senate presidency hots up as Lawan, Ndume meet PDP senators-elect
Scores killed as bandits attack five Sokoto villages
Saraki donates severance allowance to Leah Sharibu’s family, others
Buhari accepts Onnoghen’s retirement, wants more five S’Court justices appointed
Nobody can stop my reappointment as minister – Dalung
The thief and saint called Abacha
Husband wrongfully accused of kidnapping wife, daughter for money rituals
State of OOUTH, worse than deplorable, says Ogun gov
Ihedioha still behaving like a lawmaker on oversight function –Okorocha
SERAP, others ask court to stop NASS N4.68bn allowance
Battle for Senate presidency hots up as Lawan, Ndume meet PDP senators-elect
Scores killed as bandits attack five Sokoto villages
Saraki donates severance allowance to Leah Sharibu’s family, others
Like MKO Abiola, like Leah Sharibu
Community accuses Lagos hotelier of leading hoodlums to attack
Olubadan warns against violence as Egungun festival begins
CBN blocks smugglers’ accounts in textile, rice, palm oil industries
Insecurity: DAWN hails South-West govs on joint efforts to save Yorubaland
Husband wrongfully accused of kidnapping wife, daughter for money rituals
Man chops off 11-year-old boy’s wrist in Lagos
Abducted Anambra pupils found in Onitsha hotel
Police arrest cattle rustler, recover 30 cows in Niger
Two suspected inter-state kidnappers nabbed in Ekiti
Command apprehends 11 for murder, cultism in Ebonyi
Man abducted in Lagos rescued in Osun
Court remands two for stealing tricycle in Rivers
Kwara gov promises to fulfill campaign promises to avoid disgrace
PDP attacks APC over Dubai trip for Osun LG chairmen
PDP youths warn gov aspirants
Abia group ditches Kalu, demands Speaker’s position
CBN blocks smugglers’ accounts in textile, rice, palm oil industries
Refineries lose N231bn under Buhari amid delayed repairs
Nasarawa to work with NASENI to harness solid minerals
Petroleum products consumption increase as NNPC makes N174.6bn
LCCI calls for concessionary tax rate for SMEs
Remove petrol subsidy, FSDH advises FG
Nobody can stop my reappointment as minister – Dalung
AFCON: Reactions trail exclusion of Eagles duo
Dropping Iheanacho, Ajayi tough call — Rohr
Rohr drops Iheanacho, Ajayi, names 20 debutants for AFCON
Falcons must fight against Korea – Dennerby
Portugal win first Nations League, beat Netherlands 1-0
Censors Board warn youths against pornographic, violent films on internet
Editorial: Disgraceful games with IAAF funds
Mr. President, it is time to get it right
Role of free Internet in achieving universal access

The Nation

Oyegun destroyed APC in Oyo, other states, says party chief
AbdulRazaq condoles with ThisDay MD over wife’s death
Peace deal: Court to determine fate of new Emirates in Kano
Four aspirants, Dogara’s loyalists plotting against Gbajabiamila
EFCC fails to enforce Appeal Court’s verdict on police pension thief Yusuf
APC governors back Lawan, Gbajabiamila
Borroffice steps down for Omo-Agege
Fish farmer cuts off boy’s wrist
OGFZA, Axxela sign MoU
Fed Govt Sues NNPC, Agip, Shell, NPDC
Ronaldo leads Portugal to Nations League glory
Buhari, governors join forces for Lawan, Gbajabiamila
Deputy Senate Presidency: I’m still in the race, says Alimikhena
Buhari okays Onnoghen’s voluntary retirement
Posterior governor
LSE hosts Ecobank after $500m eurobond issuance
Shekarau brings rare virtues to the Senate
53 African countries for trade expo
Ending e-cheating
Stallion Motors unveils mini trucks
Fish farmer cuts off boy’s wrist
Fed Govt Sues NNPC, Agip, Shell, NPDC
Ronaldo leads Portugal to Nations League glory
240 Reps-elect sign up for Gbajabiamila
Four aspirants, Dogara’s loyalists plotting against Gbajabiamila
EFCC fails to enforce Appeal Court’s verdict on police pension thief Yusuf
Democracy Day: Abiola’s family hails Buhari
Falola: Nigeria cannot develop with 1999 Constitution
June 12: How will history remember Babangida?
Wike appoints SSG, Chief of Staff
Makinde to set up anti-corruption agency
Bills: Rep lauds Saraki, Dogara over synergy in 8th Assembly
Egypt 2019: Rohr Drops Iheanacho, Ajayi
Nigeria-born football stars who never played for Super Eagles
Greatest comebacks in the UEFA Champions League
Pomp as 2019 HiFL season kicks off
OGFZA, Axxela sign MoU
LSE hosts Ecobank after $500m eurobond issuance
53 African countries for trade expo
Stallion Motors unveils mini trucks
‘Why oil blocks were not allocated in four years’
Developing partnerships with govts to offer agric insurance
Aggrieved traders shut Ogun mall Buhari commissioned
Education reforms: Public Schools in Edo wear exciting new look
UNIMAID develops device to stimulate performance in Alpha Jet


Buhari Accepts Onnoghen’s Voluntary Retirement
Godwin Emefiele: Rising Shale Oil Portends Risk to Nigeria’s Economy
Apapa Gridlock: How Successive Govts Failed to Construct Truck Terminal Approved by Gowon in 1973
Edo Strengthens Ties with Lagos, Kaduna
Unicorn Set to Host Africa TechMoney Summit
Ibom Air Begins Flight Operations
NIWA Pledges to Maximise Inland Waterways Potential
Developing Roadmap for Greater Growth, Job Creation
Onyema: Increased Private Sector Investments Needed for Inclusive Growth
Peak Bids Eagles Farewell with Super Breakfast
BON Strikes World Cup Broadcast Deal with FIFA
*Decries costs of AFCON 2019 rights
Musa, Ighalo, Akinwunmi Emerge Pitch Award Winners
NPFL SUPER SIX: Abdallah Remains Positive on Enyimba Winning the Playoff
Portugal Wins Inaugural UEFA Nations League
*Pickford hands England third-placed bronze
French Open: Nadal Beats Thiem to Lift 12th Men’s Singles Title
HiFL Holds Team Draw, Reveals Jerseys ahead of 2019 Season
Christiane Becomes Oldest Hat-trick Scorer in World Cup History
Falana Regains BOA Lawyers’ Football League Trophy
*Advocaat wins bronze medal
‘Timi, a Professional in Politics
Counting the Gains of June 12
Ibom Air Begins Flight Operations
NIWA Pledges to Maximise Inland Waterways Potential
Developing Roadmap for Greater Growth, Job Creation
Onyema: Increased Private Sector Investments Needed for Inclusive Growth

Daily Trust

The far-reaching effects of Huawei’s woes
Glo, Huawei present smartphones to varsities
Gov Sule promises collaboration with NASENI
9mobile offers cheaper call, SMS rates with Hajj roaming plan
How Nigeria can become aviation’s regional hub
APC governors back Lawan, Gbajabiamila
Bandits kill 25 in Sokoto villages
SERAP, others want court to stop NASS’ N4.68bn welcome package
Poverty major cause of problems in north – Moghalu
It’s shameful seeing almajiri beg – Gwandu emir
NBC: Daar Communications still flouts broadcasting code
Buhari accepts Onnoghen’s resignation
I don’t want to be stoned — Kwara Gov
Good legislation’ll make Nigeria better — Gbajabiamila
Shelve your ambition to protect Igbo interest, group tells Kalu
External forces behind Lagos PDP crisis — Elders
Super Eagles land in Ismailia for 2019 AFCON
Iheanacho’s exclusion didn’t come to me as a surprise – Lawal
How Nigeria can become aviation’s regional hub
Sterling Bank creates platform for Abuja SMEs
Heritage Bank trains 300 new intakes
Man, 61, arrested for chopping off boy’s hand
Police rescue two brothers from angry mob
Stitching the world together
A ‘workaholic’ set to take the gavel
Democracy @ 20: In praise of MD Yusuf (1931 –2015)
Democracy: Banish the demons!
Let’s focus on reforming SARS
Gov Sule promises collaboration with NASENI
Union wants Lalong to repeal controversial water sector law
NSITF: We work with Public Procurement Act – Somefun
Minimum wage: Bayelsa workers seek divine help for speedy implementation
JAMB: No candidate has more than one UTME result
Senate passes vote of confidence on UNILAG VC
Borno governor, Umara offers scholarships to 6,000 students of Borno State University
“Mind your business,” Simi tells ‘womb-watchers’
NiMet makes Monday weather prediction for Kano, Abuja, Lagos, others
BUK launches ‘one man one tree’ project to curb air pollution
Centre wants FG to address menace of air pollution

The Sun

Apapa gridlock: Banks’ transactions drop by 40% over loss of 90% SMEs businesses
Atiku/Buhari: Tribunal resumes sitting today
Buhari accepts Onnoghen’s retirement
Deputy Senate president: APGA chieftain canvasses support for Kalu
9th Senate: Kalu’s candidacy in the eyes of clergy
Senate presidency: Lawan, Ndume hold last minute talks with PDP
•••Lawan woos PDP senators with juicy chairmanship slots
June 12: Pay benefits of past presidents to Abiola, group urges Buhari
Delta community threatens to shut NPDC operations
Rivers: Wike appoints SSG, CoS
Imoke lauds Ayade over Nigeria’s first vitamins rice mill
Buhari’s second term best for Nigeria – Ex-guber candidate
No previous minister is worthy of reappointment -Abbah
… APC, AAC knock gov’s devt agenda, decry frequent foreign trips
50 leaders gather for ILO centenary conference
IndustriALL Nigeria hails Friedrich Ebert Foundation on youth development
Labour ministry mourns PENGASSAN president, Johnson
Powerful Jaguar F-PACE SVR drives in Africa
Suzuki cars: CFAO takes over, offers Alto, Baleno, Ciaz, Ertiga, Jimny
Senegal confirmed as hosts for AfroBasket Women 2019
35 players to open Nigeria camp in Buffallo
Felix Akiga: D’ Tigers have capacity to excel in China 2019
Nadal beats Thiem to claim record-stretching 12th French Open title
2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Italy upsets Australia with Bonansea’s brace
Play as a team to get results, Dilichukwu urges Super Falcons
IAAF unveils new name, logo, now `World Athletics’
Democracy Day: It’s justice at last, says Kola Abiola
8th NASS and educational legacy in Nsugbe
Dictatorship moves to next level
Nigeria at crossroads
The WHAT IF challenge (3)
Why education in Nigeria is in shambles, by emeritus prof
Unending threats, lawsuits over Lulu Briggs’ estate
Sit down and govern, Okorocha tells Ihedioha
I’m loyal to Ugwuanyi -Senator Nnamani
Weak institutions, leadership failure fuel insecurity –Adams
Olubadan warns against violence as 30-day egungun festival begins
AAU Ekpoma: The Prof. Onimawo feat in 3 years
Ramaphosa and challenge of xenophobic attacks
Why 2019 UTME exercise was successful -JAMB

The Guardian

Nigerians want court to stop N4.68b welcome pay for NASS
Foreign investors pull out N1.77tr over insecurity
Rangers battle Kano Pillars for survival as Akwa United, Lobi Stars clash
Four aspirants step down for Gbajabiamila in House speakership race
Oando’s sanctioning for good of investors, SEC insists
Why LUTH doctors are prone to burnout, depression, by NARD
‘OOUTH can’t produce competent doctors for now’
Saraki donates severance pay to Leah Sharibu’s family, others
Northern elite responsible for region’s poverty, underdevelopment, says Moghalu
Brazil trip ‘significant step’ for Qatar ahead of 2022 World Cup
UNILAG gets FUTA, EKSU, OAU as organisers unveil groups for 2019 HIFL
Falana beats ALP/SPA Ajibade 3-0 to regain BOA Lawyers League trophy
At Peak breakfast, Eagles reaffirm desire to win Egypt 2019 AFCON
Fury reveals the exact moment he knew rival Joshua would lose to Ruiz Jr.
Organisers set for African Freestyle Championship’s zonal preliminaries
Support for Lawan not ploy to join APC, say Morro, Ubah
We were not allowed to have our way in eighth Senate, Omo-Agege laments
Clamour for religious, zonal balancing in National Assembly leadership mounts
Adekunle Gold Pens Emotional Tribute To His Late Father
Tiwtter Influencer Pamilerin Adegoke Accuses Peruzzi Of Assault
The day of two noons
Editorial: Governors, poor governance and consequences
How absence of SEC’s governing board undermines investors’ confidence
Stanbic IBTC, nine others record N534b share deals in five months
FMDQ weekly report
How insurance firms settled N76b claims
Taking agriculture to the Next Level
Setting agenda for Gbajabiamila, Wase
Random thoughts on productivity
The beauty of foolishness
As homeowners shun C of Os, Lagos government issues 5,899 certificates in four years
Planners seek new master plan in Kwara State
Nigeria turns spotlight on air pollution at World Environment Day
Developer boosts housing stock with Lagos N1.5b pro


9th NASS: Ned Nwoko Denied Accreditation
9th NASS: Lawan, Ndume, Others In Last-Minute Horse-Trading
Evwreni Conference/Election Holds 28, 29 June
1 Dies, 5 Injured As Crane Collapses On Building In Dallas
9th NASS: Speakership Candidates Talk Tough
Bleak Prospects For 2019 Economic Performance
No Minimum Wage Yet: What Will NLC Do Now?
‘Kalu’s Dep Senate President Ambition, A Joke Taken Too Far’
2023: Why Igbo Should Have A Shot At The Presidency – Amaechi
Executive Order I’ll End Reckless Influx Of Expatriates Into Nigeria — NUPENG
SERAP, BudgIT, EiE Urge Court To Stop NASS N4.68bn ‘Welcome Package’
Man Chops Off Boy’s Wrist Over Fish Pond In Lagos
N460m Scandal Rocks Imo Assembly
Atiku Vs Buhari: Tribunal Resumes Hearing Today, As Panel Gets New Head
Fidelity Bank To Drive Savings, Reduce Cost With Tech – CEO
Why Nigeria’s Economy Cannot Grow —Dangote
Blame NFF, Not Aigbogun For Flying Eagles Poor Outing In Poland
I’ll neutralize banditry, terrorism, kidnapping – Buhari
Buhari accepts Onnoghen’s voluntary retirement, seeks appointment of Justices for Supreme Court
Okorocha tackles Ihedioha over governance
Goje: Buhari has revealed his true colours in fight against corruption – PDP
How Oshiomhole survived “coup” scare
I’ve lost count of number of people I killed in one year — 20-year-old kidnapper
Mikel surpasses Kanu record for Nigeria
Zimbabwe was a good test for Eagles — Rohr
Holders Cameroon win Africa Cup warm-up, Ghana lose to Namibia
Portugal wins maiden UEFA Nations League
Would you let your kids see you naked!?
Dbanj‘s gold neck chain worth millions goes missing while on flight to Lagos
Fidelity Bank to drive savings, reduce cost with tech – CEO
NNPC earns N174bn from PMS, diesel, kerosene sales in March
Banks seek new legal power to tackle bad debts
Fidelity Bank to create ASPAMDA traders support facility
Interbank money market to record N607bn net inflow in June
Why we organise career fair for Nigerians, UK varsities explain
OOUTH unfits to produce competent doctors , says Abiodun
JAMB says no candidate has more than one UTME result
Restructuring Education: Don says Nigeria needs to start again
Fidelity Bank tasks parents on enduring educational legacy for children
Man chops off boy’s wrist over fish pond in Lagos
Power Outage : Cheap inverter-fired electricity launched in Nigeria

New Telegraph

Husband, wife, others die in Abuja auto crash
How Ihedioha is plugging Okorocha’s policy gaps
Rohr drops Iheanacho, Ajayi from Eagles AFCON squad
Atiku vs Buhari: Another female judge to replace Bulkachuwa
APC governors adopt Lawan, Gbajabiamila for NASS leadership
Simon: I didn’t want to miss AFCON
It’ll be unfair to deny South-East of Deputy Senate President – Kalu
Eagles’ final list was difficult- Rohr
State police: To be or not?
Rebranding: Why Nigerians need insurance
Goje: Constitution allows takeover of criminal case by AGF –EFCC
Dust over Buhari’s Executive Order on arms
Don’t play down insecurity in S’West, Afenifere tells DAWN Commission
NASS leadership: Buhari, govs, APC, PDP hold crucial talks
PDP senators endorse Lawan for Senate President
Egypt 2019: Peak bids Eagles farewell with Super Breakfast
Catfish farmer chops off 11-year-old boy’s hand for ‘stealing’
Police arrest cattle rustler, recover 30 cows
Egungun festival: Olubadan warns masquerades, followers against violence

Yahoo Boy: Music producer threatens to sue EFCC
16-year-old girl, others arrested for robbery
Underwritten expenses, others hurt Veritas Kapital
Ihebuzor: SMEs, key to economic growth
$500m Eurobond issuance: LSE hosts Ecobank
Eagles’ final list was difficult- Rohr
Falcons vow better showing against Korea
2019 AFCON: 23-man Eagles land in Ismailia
EDITORIAL: Unemployment: Urgent need to curtail rising scare
Dust over Buhari’s Executive Order on arms

Daily Independent

Minimum Wage: NLC Goes Spiritual To Ensure Speedy Implementation
8th NASS Performed Better Than Previous Ones – Okei-Odumakin
Afenifere Lauds South-West Govs’ Joint Efforts On Tackling Insecurity
Ihedioha Yet To Settle Down For Imo –Okorocha
Saraki Donates Severance Package To Leah Sharibu’s Family, Others
48,000 Ex-PHCN Staff Engages Law Firm To Press Home Entitlements
Cleric Urges Christians To Unite For Divine Manifestation
ERA Pledges Support For UNN New VC
Expert Raises Concern Over Mercury Dental Amalgam
30,000 Candidates Sit For Teachers PQE Nationwide
Akeredolu Lauds Dokubo For Commitment To Niger Delta Development
APC To Sanction New Reps Who Vote Against Gbaja
25 Killed In Fresh Bandits’ Attack In Sokoto, CP Confirms Four Arrests
Why We Don’t Want Akpabio Named Minister — A/Ibom APC Elders
1,522 Nigerians, SERAP, BudgIT, EiE Ask Court To Stop NASS N4.68bn Welcome Package
Over 200 Reps-Elect Have Signed For Bago’s Candidature –Ogeneto
9th NASS: Coast Clear For Lawan, Gbajabiamila – Ajibulu
South-East Has Benefited From Buhari’s Administration – Moghalu
Gbaja: We Have The Numbers But We’ll Not Take Chances –Jubrin
NNPC Rakes In N174.62bn From Petroleum Products Sales
LCCI Advocates Concessionary Tax Rate For SMEs
Our Ocean Rich Enough To Sustain Economy – Peterside
No Minimum Wage Yet. What Will NLC Do Now?
Equity Market Depreciates By 2.05% Week-On-Week
AFCON 2019: Rohr Unveils 23-Man Squad
…Decision Taken Before Zimbabwe’s Friendly – Rohr
Mikel Reaffirms Commitment To Super Eagles
Nigeria’s 23-Man AFCON Squad Lands In Ismailia
Carthage Eagles Hoping To Fly Again

News Headlines Jun 9, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

News Headlines Jun 9, 2019. Headlines From Nigeria’s Major Newspapers

Compiled by

The Punch

National Assembly leaders’ elections: Management picks secret poll, open ballot advocates lose out
Unfreeze MKO’s accounts, pay reparation, ex-LG boss begs FG
Power-drunk IG team’s cops shoot boy dead, dispose of corpse in Rivers
Trafficking merchants exploit lure of Abidjan, trick Ejigbo girls, others into prostitution
ICPC probes Edo Rep for forgery, impersonation
Imo PDP condemns ruling in favour of Okorocha
Lagos PDP: Bode George, others vow to resist external interference
My boyfriend must get my permission before we have sex – Vandora
Monarchs, politicians behind illegal mining in Osun –Oluwo
Dangote, Fayemi meet Ganduje to save Sanusi
Ohanaeze youths seek return of Bakassi Boys to secure South-East
Oyo becoming hot spot of girls trafficking – NIS
Killer herdsmen are on trial run in South ahead of predetermined attack –Ex-deputy VC, Adebooye
CAF boss Ahmad accused of sexual harassment
Anybody who tries to bribe me is a fool – Charly Boy
You lack powers to probe me, Shuaibu tells APC disciplinary committee
Whistleblower sues FG over alleged N1.9bn commission default
I can’t boast of not collecting money from ‘yahoo boys’ –Jaywon
Family accuses army of illegal bunkering on seized land
Bandits strike again in Katsina, kill three brothers
18 persons burnt to death in Ondo road crash
Wike threatens to sack chiefs over expatriates’ abduction
Fire razes shops, consumes cash in Rivers
Solution to insecurity, youth unemployment, power crisis top Nigerians’ agenda as Buhari begins second term
South-East APC leaders demand Reps speaker’s position
Ndume promises legislative independence with nine-point agenda
I did lots of free jobs to build credibility –Adesuwa Olanrewaju-Dada
If you fail, correct your mistakes and try again – Oduwole
Petrol imports rise by 534 million litres – NNPC
Power generation suffers as gas supply drops by 97mmscfd
Shell expands gas distribution capacity in Nigeria
NEXIM, others tackle maritime infrastructure to boost exports
After graduation, I gave my parents my certificate —Okekunle Akintunde
I ran back when I saw victims of Ojota container crash — LASEMA boss
Judgement against movement’s restriction not vacated –Adegboruwa
Three-hour movement’s restriction not too much for sanitation – Igbokwe
I was taken from farm as labourer to become a teacher — Educationist, 87
Norway thump Falcons 3-0 in World Cup opener
Roland Garros: Djokovic beaten by Thiem in semi-final
Dalung: A minister and his near-successes, controversies, failed sports revival
AFN crisis: Dalung insists missing $135,000 was diverted
Ahmad’s arrest not good for African football — Onigbinde
Quitting music made me depressed – Shady Blue
Comedy movies not enough for Nigeria’s population –Victor Osuagwu
Some marketers are actresses’ godfathers in Nollywood –Bigvai Jokotoye
Nonstop use of turban, headbands may cause hair loss –Expert
World Food Safety Day: NAFDAC empowered to regulate processed, packaged foods —FG
Facebook suspends app pre-installs on Huawei phones
Editorial: Checking worsening insecurity in schools
Best legacy Buhari should leave behind
Questions for our children (2)
A giant’s crawly democracy
Beating the odds to achieve peak performance

The Nation

Disaster averted in FCT School as storm destroys buildings
Ex-lawmaker tasks Obaseki to name politicians asking for money
‘My greatest disappointment in academia was the tribalism’
Sanusi to Ganduje: There was no N3.4b for me to mismanage
Presidency raises four-man team to broker peace between Sanusi, Ganduje
FG concludes preliminary work on Yola-Gurin road
CBN Act demands we defend Naira, says Emefiele
Ihedioha appoints Attorney-General, others
Southsouth APC picks Omo-Agege
Bayelsa guber: Group tackles Ogoriba over denial of zoning 5
NFIU policy will ground 774 LGs, CNPP warns
How senators bought office equipment at giveaway prices
183 Reps-elect endorse Gbajabiamila/Wase for Speaker, deputy
Deputy Senate President: Pro-Buhari group, Southeast youths tip Kalu
Jamodu, Okundaye take the lead at Ogidi Day Festival
FG to employ all qualified, licensed teachers
Buhari sends delegation to Ilorin on condolence
White Ebony intrigues people in Lagos
CIAPS Commonwealth Scholarship begins
Police in Osun rescue man abducted by kidnappers in military uniform
Race for Senate President: Five PDP senators back Lawan
BREAKING: 2019 FIFA WWC: Super Falcons fall 3-0 to Norway
Breaking: Emir Sanusi replies query
Breaking: Buhari wades into Oshiomhole, Obaseki feud
FG concludes preliminary work on Yola-Gurin road
Agenda for Gbajabiamila, Wase
‘We can’t predict 2020 elections in Edo’
ETEBO: Hard work, discipline behind my success
OGHENEKARO ETEBO: Life in Championship with Stoke is tough
Ozil displays incredible generosity
LUCY BRONZE: World Cup goals changed my life overnight
Eagles, Warriors settle for goalless draw in Asaba friendly
‘Poor teamwork affecting network marketing in Nigeria’
Starting sliced fresh yam packaging
SON warns of dangers of unsafe gas plants
MTN employees empower youth during 21 Days of Y’ello Care
SMEs can thrive amidst challenges
CIAPS Commonwealth Scholarship begins
Olona of Ada interred amid praises
Resolve insecurity challenge, Christian goup tells FG
Group congratulates Ayinde on appointment
Proprietor counsels students
Lagos teacher wins 2019 Inspirational Educator Award
Adesua Etomi, Jim Iyke, others star in ‘The Set Up’
Kehinde Bankole unveils jewelry collection
Tiwa Savage, Tonto Dikeh, others showcase ‘Power of Women’
IBEJII: Sometimes, it can be of a bother to carry much hair
Firm develops talent hunt App, unveils music contest


Emir Sanusi Escapes Deposition By a Whisker
NBC v AIT: Matters Arising
Zimbabwe’s Warriors Hold Super Eagles to 0-0 Draw
Abacha: Grandmaster of Larceny
As Ninth Parliament Opens for Business…
As AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq Takes Over
Godwin Emefiele: Rising Shale Oil Portends Risk to Nigeria’s Economy
• Says CBN’s policies targeted at the vulnerable • Sanwo-Olu vows to ‘fight’ power providers…
Forces Realign as Race for 9th Speakership Peaks
• Ahmed Bago may pair Nwajiuba • Gbajabiamila considers Wase as deputy • As PDP…
Apapa Gridlock: How Successive Govts Failed to Construct Truck Terminal Approved by Gowon in 1973
Afenifere: Fulani Herdsmen Plan to Subjugate S’West People
• Laments alarming cases of kidnapping along Ibadan-Ife road
Makinde Flouted S’Court Precedent on Dissolution of Councils, ALGON, SAN Allege
18 Burnt to Death along Akure-Owo Road
CACOL Commiserates with THIDAY MD
Regulatory Compliance in Cloud Computing
Dangote Compensates Victims of Anambra Truck Accident
Buhari and Nigeria’s Evil Citizens
Ashafa’s Eight Years in the Senate
Buhari’s Re-election Is Performance-based
In Zamfara APC, It’s a Peculiar Mess!
To the 8th N’Assembly, It’s Goodbye!
Ndume, A Son of Nobody Who Knows Nobody to Become Somebody
Of Debtors, Law Enforcers, Nigerian Banking and International Perception
A New Type of Regulatory Reckoning
Airbus Launches Furniture Collection Made from Old Aircraft
Ethiopian Airlines Connects Johannesburg from Lagos
Transcorp Hilton Wins Africa’s Best Business Hotel for 5th Consecutive Year
Zimbabwe’s Warriors Hold Super Eagles to 0-0 Draw
Madrid Sign Chelsea’s Hazard for Fee That Could Exceed £150m
Barty Beats Vondrousova, Wins French Open
French Open: Thiem Defeats Djokovic, Meets Nadal in Final
France 2019: Norway Thrash Falcons 3-0
JUDITH AUDU Inside Story of a Queen of Make-believe
Telecoms Wiz, Funke Opeke’s Daring Steps
Sen. Florence Ita Giwa Spreads her Tentacles
Ex- Intercontinental Bank Director, Hyacinth Enuha, Wife’s Grave Concerns
Olusegun Osoba’s Rising Profile
LATEST EDITORIAL: The Challenge Before Ninth National Assembly

Daily Trust

France 2019: Super Falcons record 17th defeat in World Cup finals
2019 national tour train berths in IBB Polo Ground
Zimbabwe’s Warriors tame Super Eagles in pre-AFCON friendly
La Mariposa wins 2019 Patron’s Tour at Marrakech
Our lives in Niger Republic – Nigerians fleeing bandits
61 senators endorse Lawan for senate president
Zamfara gov meets Buhari, seeks support to end banditry
Nigerian Athletics Federation faces ban over $130,000 overpaid grant
House of Reps leadership: APC offers 60 positions to PDP reps
How to Tackle Drug Abuse, Related Problems – Gbong Gwom Jos
Katsina emirate gets new kingmakers
Kidnap of expatriates: Wike gives Andoni chiefs, LG boss 3-day ultimatum
Dino’s entry into Kogi gov’ship race poses new challenge for Bello
Bayelsa: Suspense, anxiety as aspirants scramble for APC gov’ship ticket
Senate presidency: It’s too late for me to withdraw for anyone – Ndume
France 2019: Super Falcons record 17th defeat in World Cup finals
2019 national tour train berths in IBB Polo Ground
Zimbabwe’s Warriors tame Super Eagles in pre-AFCON friendly
Moribund rubber sector gets boost as Royal Farms sets up $5m processing plant
Agronomist’s notebook: Why not farm the pricey sweet melon?
Starting a bee farm
Questions for our children (11)
Why Pastor Kumuyi cannot be wrong!
Ukraine attacks Russia over issuance of ‘unlawful’ citizenship to Ukrainians
Iran slams new U.S. sanctions on petrochemicals
Pride of Lions on the loose in South African province
JUST IN: Two killed as Police nab most wanted cultist, 20 others
Editorial: 2019 Federal Budget
Governor Obaseki assures of strategies to check use of harmful fruit ripening agents
FG to employ all qualified, licensed teachers
Vital Years school wins MTN’s Theatre for Schools regional competition
Why I stopped going to church – Falz
Wesley Snipes to star in, exec produce zombie action thriller ‘Outbreak Z’
Falz releases new song, Alakori, as ‘The Falz Experience II’ holds on Saturday

The Sun

Revealed at last: How major Nzeogwu died
How motherhood helped me overcome depression –Kaffy, dancer
9th Assembly: Arewa youths, Ohanaeze task Buhari, APC on DSP position
Auto crash: 18 passengers burnt to death in Ondo
Speakership: Gbajabiamila offers PDP Reps 60 chairmanship, vice slots
Senate presidency: 98 APC, PDP senators-elect endorse Lawan
Fulanisation, Islamisation alarm: ACF tackles Obasanjo
Speakership: Arewa group drums support for Olatubosun
Osun monarch clarifies issues on leadership prayers
FMC Owerri CMD tasks organisations to prioritise staff development
Buhari condoles Emir of llorin over mother’s death
Security personnel not receptive to information sharing – Okoye
John Odigie-Oyegun: An old warhorse drawn into new battle
State police: Experts suggest modalities for smooth transition
Okey Nwosu to Buhari: Provide leadership, inspire hope for better tomorrow
Islamization: It’ll be long, tough, bloody – Mbazulike Amaechi, Elder Statesman
9th Assembly: You can’t sideline South East, other zones – Ikokwu
SEC-Oando feud hits hard on stocks
Runsewe commends CBN for creative industry financing initiative
NGMC declares ₦12bn profit
Making career as real estate developer
Deputy Senate president: Nigerians in Venezuela drum support for Kalu
AFCON 2019: Yobo backs Eagles for AFCON glory
Iheanacho may miss AFCON2019
UEFA Nations League third-place playoff, final take centre stage on DStv, GOtv
Hearn amused at Ruiz Jr. demand of $50m for Joshua rematch
I’ll end up marrying white woman –Canada-based Nigerian actor, KC Nuel
Aspiring film makers invited as MTF Academy entry closes June 14
What is pterygium – Surfer’s eye?
Imo West election: Time for sanity
Stomach infrastructure and Nigeria’s emergent political culture
What did the devil put in SNIPER?
Thriving in chaos
Chukwuma Nzeogwu: Prologue race to the great beyond
APGA now in anarchy, hopeless state –Obasi
Generals Abacha, Babangida and I –Chijuka, late Abacha’s spokesman
I went through hell to get pregnant, says woman who had twins after 19 years
My mum could turn just vegetables and onions into mouth watering dish –Dr Ogbanga, Community Development Specialist


N3.4 Billion: Emir Of Kano, Sanusi Replies Gov Ganduje’s Query
Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 93rd Birthday With Parade; Meghan In…
Kano: Dangote, Fayemi Broker Peace Between Ganduje, Emir Sanusi
I Won’t Appear Before Your Disciplinary Committee, Shuaibu Tells…
We must tackle almajiri syndrome now or … ― Tambuwal
Flood: FCDA to demolish houses on waterways in Lokogoma
Anambra govt empowers shop owners with ‘shopumu’
Insecurity: Buhari must end arms smuggling ― Bishop
Never again will external intervention be allowed in Lagos PDP, says Olabode George, others
9th NASS: Support Olatubosun to keep religious balance in power-sharing, forum charges Presidency, APC
AIT: PDP hails judiciary for upholding justice, rule of law
Candidates ask INEC to obey court order, issue certificates of return
Nigeria’s best university ranks 800th in world ― Babalakin
9th NASS: 61 Senators-elect agree to vote Senator Lawan on Tuesday
9th NASS: No retreat, no surrender as Bago, Onyejeocha, others dare APC, Gbajabiamila
Debtor-states in bigger financial mess as banks obey NFIU order
Bandits kill 102-yr-old, 15 others in Zamfara
18 Persons Burnt To Death In Ondo Road Accident
Thousands Of Liberians Protest Against Weah Over Corruption, Economic Decline
Theresa May quits, to remain PM until Conservative elects new leader
Canadian aid workers kidnapped in Ghana

The Guardian

Presidential election tribunal:Petitioners heave sigh of relief as sitting resumes
Weighing Chimamanda Adichie and her feminism
Oshiomhole, Oyegun and APC’s ancient demons
LG chiefs were sacked in defence of constitution, says Makinde
EFCC evasive on Goje’s case file
‘Nigeria to save N20bn annually in local shoe production’
Radio station demolition: Court orders Nasarawa government to pay N67.3m compensation
Babalakin wants education system restructured
CIAPS opens N18m scholarship for postgraduate professional studies
Norway cruise to easy 3-0 win over Nigeria
Ashleigh Barty wins French Open title
World Cups: BON enters free-to-air deal with FIFA
Italy crush Greece to stay perfect in Euro 2020 qualifiers
‘Incredible’ dream: Nadal faces Thiem for 12th Roland Garros title
PSG expect Neymar to recover in four weeks
Don’t dare us, Ohaneze Ndigbo to Miyetti Allah
Understanding contributions of Hamalai to deepening legislative knowledge
Fayemi and challenges of repositioning NGF
Kogi guber election: APC, PDP in war of words
One draft for the road
Editorial: Leah Sharibu’s 16th birthday in captivity
Nigeria, haemorrhaging from organised illicit financial flows
‘We are losing FDI because of illicit financial flows’
Musa: Government aiding illicit financial flows
Enape: Nigeria fighting financial crimes with outdated approach
Hide and seek
Abuja Indigenes: Their ministerial slot as ‘necessary evil’
Tackling suicide scourge
Those keeping criminals out of jail
Sanwo Eko, the real next level
Giddy’s place hosts farewell concert, launches Ras Kimono Development Foundation
Firm partners realtime films festival to discover talents
At 40, Obi-Egbe reflects on making of a woman in Sugar And Spice
Donating blood is noble, saves lives — Experts


2023: Buhari Agrees Igbo Can Be President — Okoloagu, Retired General
Between Ndume And Lawan
DAAR Communications’ Suspension: NBC Obeys Court Order
Omo-Agege As Deputy Senate President Will Add Value To The 9th Senate — Agoda
INSECURITY: The Fulani Of The Whole World Now At ‘War’ With Nigeria – ABU Professor
CBN To Close Bank Accounts Of Smuggling Firms, Individuals
FULANISATION/ISLAMISATION AGENDA: Junaid Attacks Obasanjo, Danjuma, Others
Mega Schools Die In Ondo As Public Schools Rise
House Leadership: Gbajabiamila Dangles Carrots, Promises PDP 60 Committee Chairmen
Oduduru’s Unstoppable, Porbeni Rates Sprint Sensation High
Ndume Kicks As Lawan Claims 99 Senators-Elect Endorsements
Tinubu And 20 Years Of Unbroken Democracy In Nigeria
AFCON 2019: Rohr Under Pressure 24hrs To Squad Deadline
I Begged My Husband To Remain Original- Actress, Mabel Oboh
AFN/IAAF Dollar Saga: Crisis Far From Being Over, Says Ebewele
Next Level Is Pure Anarchy
Time Up For ‘History Haters’ – Wole Soyinka, Tony Elumelu, Femi Kuti, Kwame Nkrumah’s Daughter
INSECURITY: The Fulani of the whole world now at ‘war’ with Nigeria – ABU Professor
Sanusi II replies query, says Emirate had N1, 89bn, not N3.4bn in 2014
Prof Sagay, others are enemies of democracy, says Ikimi
AFCON 2019: Eagles ‘ll not disappoint, Musa assures Nigerian fans
Delta Force win Aiteo FA Cup
Women’s World Cup 2019: Meet the Falcons
How Women Pay For Fashion With Their Health!
I kneel to serve and feed my husband – Jaaruma
Chike Ike’s secret relationship that defined her life
Iyabo Ojo debunks rumours she never married, releases marriage photos, certificate
Cossy Orjiakor threatens to beat up Halima Abubakar

Daily Independent

Former Lagos PDP Organising Secretary, Okunola Joins APC
NASS Election: UPU Seeks Support For Omo-Agege As DSP
Wike Issues Ultimatum To Andoni Chiefs To Produce Kidnapped Expatriates
Economy: Emefiele Seeks Stronger Efforts Against Global Shocks
Speakership: Group Wants Gbajabiamila To Address Nigerians On Fraud Allegations
Saudi Arabia Seeking To Execute Teenager Who Was Detained Aged 13
Baby Dies After Mum Took Him Clubbing, Fell Asleep On Him
A Citizen Killed, 3 Injured In Terrorist Rocket Attack
Army Honours 10 For Service To Special Forces, Civil Affairs, PsyOps
Trump Makes Big Claim About His Mexico Deal, Not Backed Up On Paper
How APC Crisis Could Derail ‘Next Level’ Agenda
Speakership: Last Minutes Intrigues, Horse Trading, Realignments
Cash Rules One Year To Financial Inclusion, Cashless Target
Unease As Rivers Devises Ways To Tackle Menace Of Soot
Senate Presidency: 99 Senators Back Lawan, May Win Unopposed
June 12: How Relevant As Democracy Day?
State Police: Panacea For Insecurity?
Bulkachuwa: The Mess Of Presidential Election Panel
Kogi Poll: Issues That Will Determine Bello’s Fate
Why June 12 Should Be Renamed Abiola Day – Adeniran
Stakeholders Fear Insecurity May Hinder Rice Production
The Golden Rule And Other Life Transforming Ethics
Our Training Is Basically Career Development Programme – BCI…
Prices Of Plantain Beyond Reach
London Stock Exchange Hosts Ecobank After Successful $500m Eurobond Issuance
Still Many Questions To Ask On IAAF’s Money
Oduduru Wins Texas Sprint Double
Enyimba Bounce Back, Beat Lobi As Pillars Consolidate
Ahmad Must Stay In France Following Release From Custody
Falcons Kick Off W’Cup On Losing Note

New Telegraph

Gbenga Daniel reclaims mouthwatering property
We need only 9 radicals from APC –Opposition
Stephanie Okereke-Linus: Stunning Mosalasi in Old Ojo where all stolen items are bought, resold
I am offering the House a credible alternative, says Dyegh
I sold my Vesper Scooter to pay for university education –Moses Aboaba
National fleet will enable Nigerians lift crude oil –Dakuku
Price of beauty
9th Assembly: APC adopts Omo Agege as DSP
I‘ll work with PDP to attract development to my constituency –Egbona
Senate Presidency: Goje, 60 senators-elect endorse Lawan
Kano Pillars set sight on NPFL title
Abia South: APGA candidate insists Abaribe didn’t win election
Gbajabiamila offers 60 PDP Reps committee chairmanship, deputy slots
Shuaibu to Oshiomhole: You lack powers to discipline me
Ganduje, Emir Sanusi dialogue towards permanent reconciliation
Why APC lost Adamawa, Bauchi, Imo, other states, by Issa-Onilu
You can’t underrate Bago in Speakership race –Hon. Afam Ogene
National fleet will enable Nigerians lift crude oil –Dakuku
Yam price increases 10%
Electronics, others unchanged in NBS: Prices of selected food stuff increased in May
Kano Pillars set sight on NPFL title
of the Pharaohs gears up for African challenge
Real Madrid snap Hazard from Chelsea
Barty wins French Open title
EDITORIAL: A time to face dangers of depression
Banky W joins call for audit of music copyright
I’m worried about rising rate of suicide among our youths –Catholic Archbishop
You are my heart, my oxygen –Bambam tells Teddy A
Dapo Abiodun’s ‘12 temple’ attracts concern