How I killed, buried housewife four months after we met on Facebook – Suspect

How I killed, buried housewife four months after we met on Facebook – Suspect

Atanda Adebayo

A man who claimed to be a pastor has narrated how he killed a 25-year-old housewife for money rituals, four months after they met on Facebook.

The police accused Dotun Okunlade of strangling Bosede Oguntade in Igbo-ora, in Ibarapa local government area of Oyo State. He had invited her over from Ilorin in Kwara State.

The suspect narrated to journalists, while he was paraded on Thursday at the state police headquarters in Ibadan, how he met and killed the woman.

“I and the woman had been chatting on Facebook since January this year. I later invited her to Igbo-ora.

“Meanwhile, Mutiu, a friend had already told me about his challenges in life. He told me he was ready for money rituals. So, I decided to use the woman for money for him.

“When the woman later arrived from Ilorin, I went to pick her to Igbo-Ora from Iseyin. On her arrival at my house, on 31st of May, this year, I gave her sleeping drugs after she complained about pains in her body.

“She slept off and I cut off her head and arms. Her head was later burnt to ashes for money rituals.”

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the ‘pastor’, popularly known as ‘Arole Jesu’, lured Mrs Oguntade from Ilorin to Igbo-Ora with the promise of a solution to her economic and marital problems.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Shina Olukolu, who led a team of police officers to the location where the victim was buried, said Mr Okunlade removed the head and arms of the victim before burying the remains.

Mr Olukolu told journalists after visiting the location on Thursday that the suspect injected the woman with an overdose of sleeping drugs and subsequently strangled her.

He said the suspect took the head and arms away for rituals before burying the remains in a shallow grave at Ogboja Area of Igbo-Ora.

“Further investigation revealed that parts of her body were allegedly crushed into powder for rituals to become powerful and rich.

“Two knives used to kill and cut her body parts, a white cloth bag containing substance inside a gourd where the alleged powdered parts were kept and a bottle of Stallion Schnapps were also recovered.”

The police chief advised members of the public against trusting strangers, especially those they met on social media and those who claim to possess supernatural power.

Source: Premium Times

My stolen identity being used on Facebook, Soyinka raises the alarm

My Stolen Identity Now On Facebook, Soyinka Cries Out

Professor Wole Soyinka

By Bola Badmus – Lagos
Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has cried out over his stolen identity being used on Facebook by a Nigerian who, he said, lives in Poland.

Soyinka, made this shocking disclosure on Monday at the Freedom Park, Lagos Island, on the occasion of the Worldwide Reading for Freedom of the Press and in memory of Jamal Khashoggi, all coming on the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

The Nobel Laureate, however, gave the Nigerian a 7-day ultimatum to pull down the page or he would express his freedom of expression to the fullest, declaring the issue at hand as that concerning humanity and integrity of communication.

This was just as he further disclosed that Facebook appears powerless to take down the page because it was already verified, adding that fellow concerned had been doing a lot of business transactions in his name.

According to Soyinka, if the doctrine of freedom of expression was to be reversed, there would certainly be a number of issues to be addressed, saying the expression on social media had, in the last few years, taken a quantum leap that could not be imagined.

“The principle is there but one item isn’t clear is the issue of identity. And I will have to suggest that everyone should not have his identity stolen and it is a real issue for humanity and integrity of communication.

“Recently, we have a situation in Nigeria, and that is an issue of cloning President Muhammadu Buhari. We have people who have taken that issue seriously. These are people that one can never believe to accept such, considering their level of intelligence.

“And when Buhari went to Poland, I said what a coincidence, because I hope while he was there, he would be able to sort out his identity and there would be a report on the return of his identity. Poland appears to be the centre for Nigerian settlers of stolen identity,” he said.

The Nobel laureate said the media had a responsibility on higher level than it had assumed some decades ago to ensure that people’s identities were not stolen.

“This is beyond fake news because we are talking about individual identity stolen. I was in Croatia before Buhari left Nigeria for Poland. While in that country, I was tempted to leave for Poland to have a word with a Nigerian whose address is in Poland and has been running Facebook in my name in Poland.

“I have spoken to a Croatian agency and Facebook about him. Even Facebook appears powerless to take down the page because it was already verified. I have written to him to pull down the page but he refused, claiming that he has authority to do that. And in my name, this fellow sells and buys things,” he lamented.

Soyinka decried that this Nigerian had even gotten a contract with the Amazon using his name, adding that he had thousands of followers on Facebook by using his name.

“I have his bio-data and that is why I want to tell everyone here to ask him to bring down that page. This is a very dangerous situation and that is why Facebook doesn’t want to admit publicly.

“If we must fight for freedom of expression, we must fight for the correct attribution of expression. So, I am giving him one week to bring down that page voluntarily or else, I will express my freedom of expression,” Soyinka warned.

Credit: Tribune