PDP Presidential Aspirant Gives Party 48-hour Ultimatum to Drop Atiku

PDP Presidential Aspirant Gives Party 48-hour Ultimatum to Drop Atiku

Atiku Abubakar

A Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential aspirant, Mr. Stanley Osifo, has issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the party to cancel its presidential primaries, and organise a new convention.

Osifo also threatened to go to court if the party refuse to revert to the status quo and cancel the primaries that ushered in Atiku Abubakar as its candidate.

.Addressing journalists in Lagos yesterday, Osifo said he deserved the same opportunity as other aspirants of the party, having obtained its nomination and intention forms for N10 million and N2 million respectively.

The aspirant, who hails from Edo State, said his major grievance was that he was allowed to undergo screening and participate in the primaries for no reason.

“I do not want my N12 million refunded. I bought the form to contest and must be given the opportunity to do so.The electoral act guarantees that we can still hold fresh primaries a week to the election.

“The party refused to screen me for the election after I obtained the forms but asked me to withdraw without any legal reason given and all my efforts in the past to rectify the issue have been ignored.

“I have sent several letters to the leadership before the primaries and after, but they were ignored.

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