The essence of good rest

The essence of good rest

Rebecca Kalaowubo

For many people, life is fast-paced, exciting and exhausting. For such people, it is good to work round the clock without any rest.

However, such practice is wrong. There is need for rest, which should come naturally, not induced.

Incidentally, people no longer get natural rest. They take sedatives and tranquilizers in an effort to have a rest or restore their energies. This has its problem. However, lack of rest has greater problem.

Rest allows your body to renew itself. Waste products are removed, repairs are accomplished, enzymes are replenished, and energy is restored.

It also aids in healing of injuries, infections and other assaults on your body, including stress and emotional
traumas. It strengthens your body’s immune system, which is helpful in protection against diseases.

Proper rest can also lengthen your life. It has been found that people who regularly sleep seven to eight hours
each night have lower death rates than those who averaged either less than seven hours or who slept longer.

How much rest do I need: People need different kinds of rest, and a relaxing night’s sleep is a good start.
Newborn babies sleep from 16 to 20 hours, while young children need 10 to 12 hours. Adults vary widely in their requirement, but most do best on seven to eight hours per night even in old age.

Teenagers are livelier and more efficient on eight to nine hours. People need a change of pace, and the society
recognises the need for breaks from time to time. A long weekend and yearly vacations have proven heir value.

Are sleep medications helpful: During normal sleep, the body passes back and forth between periods of
light and deep sleep. During light sleep, dreaming occurs, this apparently provides a natural outlet for the pressures and tensions that build up during the day.

Medicated sleep, however, while producing a welcome state of unconsciousness, suppresses that dream stage. And even though people believe they have slept soundly, they may not feel refreshed and energetic the next day as a result.

Credit: The Sun

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