‘Nigerian teachers deserve better treatment’

‘Nigerian teachers deserve better treatment’

Posted By Ojo Damisi

Scores of Primary and Secondary School teachers in Ondo State on Tuesday staged a sensitization walk on major streets of Akure, the state capital to demonstrate the unique role of teachers, describing them as builders of the nation.

Under Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Teachers Without Blemish Foundation (TWBF),the teachers walked in a procession from Ilesa garage to Post Office junction along the popular Oyemekun road rendering solidarity songs.

Speaking to reporters after the rally, chairperson of the group, Mrs Titilayo Fayoriju said it was high time to change negative narration around teachers and education sector.

According to her, teachers are heroes who played a timeless role in inspiring students to pursue their missions in life.

She said” teachers shape our next generations,as the future is literally in the hands of teachers however, we are undervalued, in spite of our important role in the society.

“We are being underpaid compared with our contemporaries like Doctors,Lawyers,Judges,Engineers and others.

Mrs Fayoriju described teachers as unsung heroes of the world stressing that teaching is actively about 20 professions rolled into one,urging appropriate authorities to give the profession its proper place in the scheme of things.

She emphasized that for a nation to develop,there should be proper attention to its education standard.

The head teacher said” our organisation embarked on this symbolic walk to inspire and engage the teaching workforce to transform the quality of primary and secondary schools for all children regardless of their geographical location, religion and economic status to realize their full potential.

“We are sending a clear message to the society that notwithstanding the challenges before us,Nigerian teachers are moving towards the goal of transforming the quality of primary and secondary education for all children .

She lamented that education in Nigeria had experienced a serious setback,which according to her was caused by failure of government and educational stakeholders to address teaching profession with right policies and tools for total empowerment.

Mrs Fayoriju urged the relevant agencies to equip teachers with modern methodologies of teaching and digital tools rather than the archaic and analogue methods they learnt while in schools.

The TWBF chairperson noted that teachers should not be left in the classrooms for 35 years with the same old methodologies.

Credit: The Nation

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