Don’t see children with challenges as curse, NGO proprietor charges parents


Parents of vulnerable children should seek help urgently, Aisha Dania Ogieriakhi, NGO Proprietor

Some beneficiaries of the initiative in Ibadan

The parents of weak and challenged children have been encouraged to reach out and access help when the children are still young and trainable, and not delay till when situations have become serious and hard to deal with.

This counsel was given by Mrs Aisha Dania Ogieriakhi, the proprietress of Blue Baby Support Initiative, a global advocacy non governmental organisation for needy children and mothers.

She made this recommendation in her year-end message to beneficiaries, volunteers and benefactors of Blue Baby Support Initiative, whom she applauded for their dedication to the tenets and objectives of the organisation.
Speaking after Christmas with Love organised to make merry with indigent Orphans and Vulnerable Children of Baptist Hospital in Ejigbo, a suburb of Osun state Nigeria, she posited that:

“These children are precious before God, and we must not for any reason allow them to suffer and have their future short-changed. It behooves on us to liaise with other well meaning and socially responsible organisations to support the governments in providing succour for them

“However, some cases appear near irredeemable because they have grown and developed beyond quick fix because their parents would not come out and access help quickly. Parents should please not see these children as a curse. Please these children are gift from God and provision for their sustenance will always come from God. Your duty as a parent is to seek that help by speaking up early”, she added

Corroborating Aisha Dania Ogieriakhi in her vote of thanks, Mrs Alamu Abosede, the Focal Person for HIV Counseling and Testing at Baptist Hospital Ejigbo, said:
“We work in collaboration with humanitarian and health support NGOs to provide help for the children of this village. But the parents of special children with down-syndrome and other challenges should come out and talk

“We have over 400 defenceless children in our care, many have graduated. The management and the children are very grateful to Blue Baby Support Initiative for the year-round support given us to sustain the dream of this scheme. We pray that God will continue to bless Blue Baby Support Initiative and all your people”

According to Aisha Dania Ogieriakhi, Blue Baby Support Initiative is created to advance the objectives of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, which is about providing health and wellbeing for everyone by 2030.

Hence, rural women, children and teenage mothers are targeted with outreaches and orientation programs; lifesaving wares and equipment for rural medical centers and provision of palliatives for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Christmas with Love is Blue Baby Support Initiatives way of celebrating the love of God with Orphans and Vulnerable Children, their mothers and all the people spending the holiday in the hospital.

2018 activities included a visit to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, and fanfare with the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Makurdi, Ibadan and Ejigbo in Osun State Nigeria.

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