Domestic staff kills employer, 89-year-old mother two days after he was employed

Police arrest domestic staff for allegedly killing employer, 89-year-old mother

Ifeoluwa Adediran

The police in Lagos on Thursday said a 22-year old domestic staff in Surulere has been arrested for allegedly killing his employer and her mother.

The suspect, identified as Joseph Ogbu, a native of Oju local government area of Benue State, allegedly committed the act in the early hours of Thursday, Bala Elkana, the Lagos State police spokesperson said this in a statement.

According to the statement, the Surulere Police Station received a distress call from the address of the deceased in the early hours of Thursday that an employee murdered his employer and her mother.

Mr. Ogbu was employed on Tuesday, June 18, and he allegedly killed his employer two days after his employment.

The employer who was murdered was identified as Oreoluwa John, 38, and her 89-year-old mother, Adejoke John.

The suspect stabbed Mrs John to death when they had an argument about cleaning the house, and the 89-year old mother died due to the shock.

According to the police, the suspect claimed that “his employer asked him to clean the house at about 9 p.m. of 19th June but an argument ensued between them, which prompted him to stab her with a knife.”

“The shock of her death made her aged mother to slum and died,” the statement added.

The police said after confessing to the crime, Mr Ogbu said he moved some valuable properties such as electronics, handsets, and household items into the employer’s Toyota Camry car and attempted to escape.

He was arrested by police officers who were on patrol at the Ogunlana area.

The police said they recovered the vehicle and other items that were stolen from the suspect.

Mr Elkana, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said the crime scene was sealed off and the corpses taken to Mainland Hospital, Yaba, for autopsy.

The State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, is still investigating the case and the suspect would be charged to court, the police said.

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How I killed, buried housewife four months after we met on Facebook – Suspect

How I killed, buried housewife four months after we met on Facebook – Suspect

Atanda Adebayo

A man who claimed to be a pastor has narrated how he killed a 25-year-old housewife for money rituals, four months after they met on Facebook.

The police accused Dotun Okunlade of strangling Bosede Oguntade in Igbo-ora, in Ibarapa local government area of Oyo State. He had invited her over from Ilorin in Kwara State.

The suspect narrated to journalists, while he was paraded on Thursday at the state police headquarters in Ibadan, how he met and killed the woman.

“I and the woman had been chatting on Facebook since January this year. I later invited her to Igbo-ora.

“Meanwhile, Mutiu, a friend had already told me about his challenges in life. He told me he was ready for money rituals. So, I decided to use the woman for money for him.

“When the woman later arrived from Ilorin, I went to pick her to Igbo-Ora from Iseyin. On her arrival at my house, on 31st of May, this year, I gave her sleeping drugs after she complained about pains in her body.

“She slept off and I cut off her head and arms. Her head was later burnt to ashes for money rituals.”

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the ‘pastor’, popularly known as ‘Arole Jesu’, lured Mrs Oguntade from Ilorin to Igbo-Ora with the promise of a solution to her economic and marital problems.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Shina Olukolu, who led a team of police officers to the location where the victim was buried, said Mr Okunlade removed the head and arms of the victim before burying the remains.

Mr Olukolu told journalists after visiting the location on Thursday that the suspect injected the woman with an overdose of sleeping drugs and subsequently strangled her.

He said the suspect took the head and arms away for rituals before burying the remains in a shallow grave at Ogboja Area of Igbo-Ora.

“Further investigation revealed that parts of her body were allegedly crushed into powder for rituals to become powerful and rich.

“Two knives used to kill and cut her body parts, a white cloth bag containing substance inside a gourd where the alleged powdered parts were kept and a bottle of Stallion Schnapps were also recovered.”

The police chief advised members of the public against trusting strangers, especially those they met on social media and those who claim to possess supernatural power.

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‘Kidnappers showed me my children’s graves after taking N2.5m ransom’

‘Kidnappers showed me my children’s graves after taking N2.5m ransom’

By Habibu Umar Aminu,

Abductors of the two children who were kidnapped last month at Dan-Ali village in Katsina State yesterday told their parents that they had been killed during an operation of the Air Force.

Their father said instead of releasing them after collecting N2.5 million ransom, the captors led him to his children’s graves.

Anas Idris and Ibrahim Idris were abducted around 1.30am on May 27 during a raid on their residence. The kidnappers had demanded N20m ransom which was later settled for N2.5m.

Their father, Alhaji Idris Garba Dan Ali, in a chat with our correspondent yesterday, said: “I went to meet them (abductors) at Leletu village of Dan Musa Local Government as agreed. They told me to wait for a while. Later, six of them came and after collecting the money, they asked me whose release I sought.

“They told me that few days ago there was an aerial bombardment by the Air Force and my ward was killed during that bombardment. They told me to follow them to verify it by seeing his grave, but I vehemently refused and told them that since he has been killed, I left it to God and may his soul rest in peace.”

Also speaking to Daily Trust, Alhaji Amadi, Anas’ nephew, said: “The situation was unfortunate, after collecting the money; they began to shoot sporadically and pleaded with us to bear the fact that the abductees had been killed by an ariel attack by the Air Force. They said all the victims in custody died as result of that. Only a girl survived it. The only surviving person was a lady from Gidan Gima village as they claimed.”

An officer of the Air Force, on condition of anonymity, debunked the allegation by the kidnappers, saying that they might have killed the victims and just blamed it on the Air Force operations in the forest.

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My ordeal in kidnappers’ den, teacher relates harrowing experience

Kidnapped teacher relives experience

by Shehu Bello

“My kidnappers had three laptops and a tracking device they used inside the forest. They knew when they had intruders and could see the people through the laptop. They also saw a friend of mine who went to the police station in Benin to report and they called, warned him that they will kill me if he ever tried that again.”

Those were the words of a Lagos teacher who was kidnapped on May 24 around .

The victim, who narrated how the kidnappers killed one of the victims whose family could not raise the ransom, said he was yet to overcome the horror of the five days he spent in their custody.

Narrating how the gunmen picked him, the teacher said he had left Lagos that fateful day en route Benin to attend a social event of a family friend, adding that they got to Okada around 7pm and it was raining.

He said the gunmen mounted a roadblock as though they were policemen and wore police raincoats.

The teacher said: “It happened between Okoada and Olariwa. We were climbing the hill and almost five to six vehicles were going together. Suddenly, the kidnappers blocked the road like police. They were wearing police raincoats.

“Suddenly, we heard gunshots towards the checkpoint and at the back. We stopped and attempted a U-turn but before we could do it, two guys blocked us and said, ‘don’t go, don’t go’.

“The vehicle in front of us narrowly reversed but they caught him. The other one escaped, the one behind me did not escape. At that time, I thought they were armed robbers. One of the guys met me and demanded for my money and phone, which I gave him.

“They asked where I work and I told them I am a civil servant, precisely a teacher. Then, they intercepted a commercial bus (belonging to a popular operator), brought down all the passengers and collected their money too.

“They asked us to come down from the vehicle. I was with my brother in the car and another person. They collected my car key. They asked where I came from and I told them Ekiti State.

“We laid down until one of the bus passengers and I were asked to go to another corner while the others were ordered to enter their bus and ‘fly away’. They threw my car key to my brother. Since they didn’t know how to drive, they left the vehicle there.

“The kidnappers asked me and the other man to follow them into the bush. As we were moving, one of them was searching our phones. Unfortunately for me, my salary alert came in. They searched the other man’s phone and his account balance was not up to N75, 000. They asked him where he worked and he said he was a teacher in Warri.

“They used something to hit his back twice, that he was a poor man and that they are kidnappers but he should get lost. The men now told me that I had been kidnapped and we continued to move. We had trekked about two kilometres into the bush when they released the other man.”

Continuing, the man said the kidnappers hit his waist with the butt of an AK47 rifle, adding that he was showed how serious they were the following morning when they killed a victim who was tied to a tree.

The teacher said he was asked to contact five members of his family who would not endanger his life; otherwise, he would be killed like the other victim.

“We trekked several kilometres into the forest. On getting to the bush, they already had someone in their custody, a fair complexion man. The next morning, the man wanted to escape; they just killed him. That was when I knew I was in the land of death and only God could save me.

“The first day I did not eat anything. They had a small pot with which they cooked concoction rice. They offered me food, I refused to eat and I told them I am hypertensive and asthmatic. All the while, I was laid down on the bush with my eyes covered with handkerchief. There was no house/hut. It was under the tree.

“They were four and I think they are from Edo State. They asked my family to bring N10 million. God saved my life. The guy who stayed with me was using cutlass and stick to hit me on my head and my back. The first day, it was their AK47 they used to hit my waist. They said if my people do not comply, they will waste me like they did to the other man.

“One strange thing is that there were people there farming, but they were not aware of what was happening. In the day time, the kidnappers pretended like they were coming from the farm. They usually moved in and out and we did not stay in a particular location. We kept walking inside the forest. In a day, we stayed in up to three or four locations.

“The second day, they went out and bought rice wrapped in leaves with meat for me. They also bought water in sachet on Sunday. They didn’t go outside the forest on Monday but cooked there.

“There was a night some herders almost saw them inside the bush.

“One of the herders was flashing torchlight on them but they stood still like trees until the man flashing the torchlight moved away. We didn’t leave that location until around 2am when the herders had left.

“All through, they used my phone to communicate with my family, except on the last day when the ransom was being brought that they used another number.

“They gave my family a number to call when they got to Ore and warned that the money should not get to Benin, or else they would not collect it.

“After collecting the money, they told my family to go around University of Benin (UNIBEN) and wait. They didn’t release me until they counted the money and saw it was complete.

“The man that led them is between 50-60 years. He would be a retired policeman or a security agent. He is the one who used the laptop to monitor.

“I have a friend in Benin who went to the police station after he learnt of my kidnap. The gang leader called me, after they opened my eyes. He showed me the guy and asked who he was. I said, ‘he is my friend’.

“I was shown the guy on the computer; that was when I was frightened. So, they called the number, the location was shown. They called my friend and warned him. I begged them that he was not my family, that he was my friend and that they could see that none of my family members went to the police station.

“That was because when they heard anything police, their anger increased. It is a video and call recording.

“On Sunday, policemen were around that particular axis and he was seeing them. So, anytime they saw policemen, it meant danger for me. They were seeing people through the laptop. They showed me. They knew where there was network in the bush.

“There was a device they had that showed them where to pass. There is no way I can identify or know the place. If there was any intruder around, they would know. So, they would open their laptop to check.

“He (gang leader) told my family that he was a computer guru and that they were not from Nigeria. But his language didn’t depict it. He sounded like an Edo person. He said he came to Nigeria and he didn’t have anything to do and he wanted to go back; so, he needed a flight ticket.

“There were two elders and two boys the man was training. One of the boys had a pistol; the other used a cutlass and stick. But the man had an AK47 and magazine. He tied them together.

“In the night he dropped the magazine and went out to look for food. I was released 5:30pm on Tuesday.

“I thank God for my safe return. My family paid them N2 million cash. They counted the money and opened my eyes, saying that I was lucky. They returned my phone. The way they were doing it was obvious they knew the area very well.

“The police have to do something. The kidnappers warned me that I shouldn’t pass that road after 6pm,”he said.

But security experts said it was impossible for the kidnappers to have such tracking devices, insisting that “they are only sold to government.”

A senior police officer, who spoke to our on the issue, said the kidnappers might have used psychology on the victim and possibly leveraged on insider information from the police station the men’s friend went to.

The officer said: “Yes devices like that exist but I can tell you that it is impossible for the kidnappers to have it. They are not sold to individual or companies. They are sold to government. There is no agency in Nigeria today that can buy it.

“Besides, it is not something that can be moved around or installed in a laptop. They are usually giant equipment that are stationary.

“I think it is possible that the kidnappers have conspirators in the police or like the victim said, one of them is a serving or retired policeman who has worked in a unit where they do tracking.

“If that is the case, it is possible he would have sent the number of the person to the security contact and requested for location, which will be easily given to him.

“I would have said they used pure psychology on the victim if he did not claim to have seen the video. Maybe, they made a video call without his knowing. But to say they have video tracking device installed in their laptops that they carry about? That is impossible.”

Asked if there is a possibility the syndicate could have hacked into such a device, another source claimed it was impossible because “Nigeria presently doesn’t even have such a device. For Nigeria to have one, all the telecommunication companies will be brought on-board. All the security services will also be onboard,” he said.

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EKSU lecturer caught pants down with student

EKSU lecturer caught pants down with student

By Rotimi Ojomoyela, Ado-Ekiti

A lecturer at Ekiti State University, Ado -Ekiti has been caught pants down while allegedly attempting to have carnal knowledge of one his students.

In a 29-second video clip which has gone viral on social media, the lecturer who is in the Accounting Department, was seen nude.

Some female students of the varsity who were believed to have laid siege to the residence of the female student were seen dragging the embattled lecturer out of a room.

Investigations revealed that the lady’s boy friend and his friends were said to have informed the lady to play along with the lecturer when he made overtures to her in exchange for marks.

Judging by the the claim of a voice in the video, the scene of the incident was the state capital, Ado Ekiti.

Regina Daniels breaks silence after marriage to Ned Nwoko(Opens in a new browser tab)

According to the video, an audible voice chatted: “This is a lecturer of EKSU. He wants to have S*x with a student”. The voice said a lot of unprintable things laying bare the escapades of the randy lecturer.

While making mockery and torturing the lecturer, one of the boys was seen pressing a powered electronic device to on his body .

The lecturer was screaming and begging the students for mercy.

He was not spared as he was beaten black and blue by the students when he was trying to resist being pulled out from the room naked.

Meanwhile, the female student was the one who uploaded the video clip on her Whatsap, captioning it :“I am not sending oh, he wants to f**k fresh pu**y.

Some students of the institution who spoke with Saturday Vanguard confirmed the identity of the lecturer in the video as a popular person, though expressed their reservations about act.

They, however, revealed that the lecturer was not alone in the game of intimidating female students to have rump with them.

They said most lecturers in the institution were in the habit of abusing and taking undue advantage of ladies hence the need for investigation into the matter and sanction on the lecturer.

They said there are several cases of such in the school but most victims were not bold enough to expose them.

Efforts to contact the lecturer was unsuccessful as his line was switched off.

However, EKSU authorities and police had said they were not aware of the incident.

Credit: Vanguard

Ekiti pastor ‘kidnaps self’, demands N3m from congregation

Ekiti pastor ‘kidnaps self’, demands N3m from congregation

By Temitope Yakubu

Adewuyi Adegoke, a pastor at Methodist Church, Ado-Ekiti, capital of Ekiti state, has been arrested by the police for allegedly organising his own kidnap.

TheCable gathered that Adegoke had arranged with one Oluwadare Sunday to demand N3 million ransom from his congregation.

He reportedly went into hiding on Sunday evening while there were reports that he was abducted between Esa-Oke in Osun state and Aramoko-Ekiti in Ekiti.

His purported abductors later contacted the church members to demand the ransom, which they insisted must be paid latest by Thursday to prevent the reverend from being killed.

Detectives, however, intercepted the pastor’s accomplice, Sunday, who came to pick up the ransom at Okeyinmi area of Ado-Ekiti, after which he led them to the hotel where the pastor had been hiding.

Detectives reportedly tracked the suspects through the mobile phone that he was using to make contact with the church members.

Amba Asuquo, commissioner of police in Ekiti, confirmed that the command is investigating the incident but refused to disclose the identities of the suspects.

“Yes there is something close to that, but we are still investigating and will come out with the details later,” he told reporters.

When asked if the reverend was among the suspects in custody, Asuquo said, “I know we have some suspects in custody in connection with the incident but I cannot reveal their identities to you now.”

When the news of the reverend’s kidnap broke, several members of his congregation took to social media to solicit support towards his rescue.

On Facebook, one Awoyemi Matthew wrote: “People of GOD. everywhere. please let us raise prayer altars for this vibrant servant of GOD. REV Adewuyi Adegoke, who was kidnapped recently between Ekiti and Osun state.”

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How robber raped me using ‘polybag’ as protection, teacher tells court

How robber raped me using ‘polybag’ as protection, teacher tells court

A teacher (name withheld) of a Catholic Secondary School in Lagos, has narrated before an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court how an armed robber raped her in her home using a polythene bag (polybag) as protection.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the teacher made the revelation on Tuesday while giving evidence during the trial of two men in their 20s – Babatunde Oluwaleke and Daniel Ojo – over alleged rape and armed robbery.

While being led in evidence by Mr Akin George, the lead prosecuting counsel for the state, the teacher gave a harrowing account of how she was raped in her home by Oluwaleke on March 6, 2018.

She told the court that between the hours of 2am and 3am while asleep in her bedroom, she was awoken by some noise and she saw two males, a tall one (Ojo) and a short one (Oluwaleke) both dark in complexion, ordering her to get up.

She said: “I told them I had no money and the first defendant (Oluwaleke) said I must produce money or he will kill me. I was pleading and the second defendant (Ojo) told him that they should go because that is not what they came for.

“I was tying a wrapper and the first defendant asked me to lie on the bed, I was pleading and he pushed me back on the bed, I begged that he should not rape me that I don’t have money but he took my Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card, mobile phones and all that I have.

“He brought out a knife, placed the tip on my stomach and threatened to stab me if I did not cooperate. When he opened my wrapper, he saw I was menstruating and I didn’t know from where he produced a polybag.

“He tied the polybag on him and penetrated me. I was pleading that I could be his sister but he ignored me, asking me to shut up. Much later, he removed the polybag and raped me using nothing.

“When the first defendant was done, the second defendant was telling him that was not what they came for and that they needed to go.”

She said after they left, terrified, she prayed hoping that the other members of her household were unharmed.

The teacher said when she went to check on members of her family, she realised that they had all slept through her ordeal.

“My mother and her friend were still sleeping in the sitting room. Things were scattered and the contents of their handbags were emptied on the floor. I woke them up and told them what happened.

“We stay in a one-storey building, we went downstairs where my younger brother stays and we noticed the armed robbers used a rope to tie the door of the mosquito net which is attached to a spring so that it does not make noise.

“My younger brother was also still asleep with his friend, we woke them up and I told them what happened and we took an inventory of all the property that was stolen,” she said.

The teacher said members of her family immediately reported the crime to the authorities and she was taken to the hospital that morning for medical examination and counselling.

She said on that day, she was also taken to the Afonka Police Station, Alimosho, Lagos where four recently apprehended armed robbery suspects were shown to her and she was asked if any of the suspects had raped and robbed her.

“Immediately I saw the first defendant, I recognised him, even with my eyes closed, I can identify him.

“I identified him to the police, wrote a statement and went home and the case was transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

“My lord, I want fair justice to be served in this case,” she said.

Following her testimony, Mr. O. Egbo, the counsel to the defendants requested for an adjournment in order to effectively cross-examine the teacher.

Obliging his request, Justice Abiola Soladoye adjourned the case until Sep. 30 for cross-examination of the witness.

We can hack into any account, withdraw money from it, even if phone is locked- suspect

We can hack into any account, withdraw money from it, even if phone is locked- suspect

By Evelyn Usman

Most Nigerians and mobile phone users all over the globe usually lock their phones , thereby making it difficult for anyone to have access to information in them, particularly their account details.

But a suspected telephone hacker who was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ladipo, Lagos, has revealed that such measure does not prevent him and his likes from gaining access into any bank account if they laid their hands on such phones.

Surprisingly, the 31-year-old suspect, Dare Oladimeji, is a Senior Secondary School Certificate holder.

In this interview with Crime Guard, Oladimeji, a footballer, who just returned from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, having concluded his two years contract with ALAIN FC, said hacking into bank accounts through phones , had nothing to do with being a graduate.

Kidnappers using pre-registered SIM cards to commit crime —NCC(Opens in a new browser tab)


Some suspected members of his gang as gathered, had earlier been arrested and charged to court. He was tracked to Idi-Oro area of Lagos, during investigation into the withdrawal of N200,000 from a victim’s account .

Asked if he had any connivance with bank staff, he shook his head, stating rather , that he got the necessary details from Google Chrome.

JAMB’s missing N35m: Court remands woman charged with blaming snake(Opens in a new browser tab)

He boasted that money could be withdrawn from account through stolen sim card, no matter the code used to prevent one from accessing the phone.

Hear him: “I work on sim cards to get money. When I lay my hands on any sim card, I would slot it into any small phone that is not adroid. When that is done, I would press a code which brings out the list of banks the owner of the sim uses.

“For example, if the person is using GTB, I will proceed with the normal code of *37*100#. If the person has money , we would use it to buy recharge card to confirm how much the owner has, through the debit alert that would pop in to reveal the balance. Thereafter, we would transfer the money into donors accounts, from where we would withdraw the money”.

Asked what happens if phone is locked, he said, “ Locking of phones with password does not stop me from hacking into any account, as long as I can lay my hands on the sim card. All I need to do is to remove the sim and slot it into a small phone.

“The only thing that can prevent me from hacking into account through phone is when the SIM card itself is locked. But most people don’t lock their sim cards, they only lock their phones.

You can only beat my likes to the game if you lock your sim card because only the owner knows the password”.

He stated that he resorted to doing such illicit deal after he lost the money he brought from Dubai.

According to him, “ When I came back from Dubai in 2016, I brought N7 million , out of which I gave one Mr Shola N5 million for a genuine business with NUPENG. Unfortunately, the man died .

We pick SIM cards

“ I decided to venture into this business which is a small version of yahoo yahoo because I didn’t want to go into robbery. At Idi-Oro, there are pick pockets . When they snatch phones from victims, they would throw the sim cards away. What I do is to go looking for these sim cards and continue from there.

“Nobody taught me the skill. I learnt it from google chrome. This is just common sense. But I regret my action because I have brought shame to my children”, said the father of three.

The suspect as gathered, would be charged to court soon.

Credit: Vanguard

How WAEC arrested supervisors, candidates involved in examination malpractice

How we arrested supervisors, candidates involved in exam malpractice, WAEC

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has disclosed that it arrested some supervisors and candidates who tried to undermine the integrity of its ongoing West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The council’s Head, National Office (HNO), Mr. Olu Adenipekun, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) yesterday in Lagos.The May/June WASSCE began on Monday, April 8 nationwide and in all the member-countries.According to Adenipekun, the conduct of the examination, expected to be concluded this week, had been smooth.“I just want to report that quite a number of candidates have been arrested, including some supervisors in different parts of the country, during the conduct of this examination.“For the candidates, I may not be able to give you the number now, but that of the supervisors, it is four or five,” the HNO said.He said that the candidates involved smuggled their telephones into the examination hall and attempted to use them to snap some of the pages of the question papers to post on their WhatsApp platforms.“This was for their collaborators outside to provide answers to the questions and then return same to them via the same platform.“We also had supervisors, about four or five of them, who also got involved in this kind of examination malpractice.“They got to their various schools, opened the bag containing the question papers, and the first thing they did before distributing the papers to candidates was to use their telephones to snap pages of these question papers and equally post to their mercenaries outside,” he said.According to him, if a paper is supposed to start by 9:30 a.m. for instance, and by that same time, someone has posted it on social media, the council will have no choice than to query the supervisors.“Unfortunately for them all, we already have a tracking system that allows us to detect this malpractice very quickly.“For instance, right here in Lagos, I can easily tell my officers on the field that a certain candidate in a certain school at a certain centre has just posted pages of the question papers on WhatsApp at a particular time. So, please go there and pick him or her up.“This has yielded a lot of results because, as we all know, this is a technological fraud.“The best way to fight it is also to deploy technology which has been of tremendous success in tracking and monitoring during the course of the conduct of our examination,” he said.Adenipekun said the council’s mechanism could easily centrally track, monitor, detect and nip in the bud, from its offices in Lagos, almost instantaneously, any form of sharp practices as soon as it is carried out anywhere within Nigeria.The WAEC boss said that plan to introduce the device to checkmate examination malpractice got the approval of the Inspector-General of Police before its deployment.According to him, this is necessary because of the implications, as it is applicable not just to Nigeria alone, but to other WAEC member countries, where the examination is taken.“Since the technology is not limited to Nigeria alone, the police boss agreed that it should be handled centrally.“For those who have been arrested so far, their cases are being investigated in a bid to get more information and know their collaborators.“We are also working at ensuring that such collaborators are arrested, interrogated and possibly prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others who may want to get involved in such act in the future,” the HNO said.Adenipekun said that security challenge was surmounted by collaborations with various stakeholders, especially with support from the Nigeria Police.“We also collaborated with traditional rulers across the country and ministries of education, and I am happy to report that this 2019 WASSCE, which started eight weeks ago to be concluded this week, has been hitch-free,” he said.Adenipekun lauded the efforts and commitment of the council’s staff in ensuring the successful conduct of the examination.“As a matter of fact, we too policed ourselves very closely, even as WAEC staff,” he said.

Pastor rapes, impregnates teenager in Abuja, blames devil

Pastor rapes, impregnates teenager in Abuja, blames devil

Olaleye Aluko, Abuja

Operatives of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons have arrested a pastor of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Gwarinpa branch, David Onyekachuku, for allegedly raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl.

Onyekachuku, 48, who hails from Nsukka in Enugu State, had met the victim, a Junior Secondary School 2 pupil in the Karmo area sometime in 2018 and started making love advances to her.

According to NAPTIP in a statement on Sunday, the pastor, after his arrest and during interrogation, confessed to have sexually abused the girl two times and blamed the act on the “work of the devil.”

It was gathered that when Onyekachuku met the victim for the first time, he volunteered to provide shelter and also to deliver her from witchcraft.

The victim had lost her parents in 2018 and was said to be in dire need of accommodation.

The anti-trafficking agency said investigation revealed that the pastor lost his wife at an undisclosed period and later brought the victim to stay with him and his daughter in Karmo.

He allegedly volunteered to assist the victim with her education. The victim noted that it was in her first year with the pastor that he started making love advances to her, an action she resisted.

NAPTIP said the pastor first raped the victim in March 2019 during her birthday and allegedly continued to rape her thereafter, resulting in the pregnancy.

The anti-trafficking agency said in the statement by the Head of Press and Public Relations, Mrs Stella Nezan, that the case would be “diligently prosecuted to secure justice for the victim.”

Nezan said, “During interrogation, the pastor with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, confessed to have sexually abused the girl twice and attributed the evil act to the work of the devil.

“He stated that he took the girl in to conduct deliverance on her and also enrolled her in school, having dropped out for about two years. After the deliverance, he took her to live with him and his daughter.”

Credit: The Punch