Philanthropy meet sport as KB Klub graces Atanda-Olu Inter-house events

Philanthropy meet sport as KB Klub graces Atanda-Olu Inter-house events

– The KB Klub College of Medicine, University of Lagos, as part of its philanthropic activities this year graced the inter -house sports competition of Atunda-Olu School for the Physically and Mentally Challenged.

A statement from Madehin Mustapha, KB Editor (Editor-in-Chief) said the event which was held on March 31 saw Kbites, as members of the Klub are called, dressed in their trademark blue and yellow jerseys to the delight of staff and students of the school.

The sports competition was preceded by a meeting between members of the Klub and the headmistress of the school who was all smiles and pleased to see them again.

Madehin said the meeting was followed by taking of photographs and the distribution of support items to the pupils.

According to him, towards the tail end of this, Actor/ Politician, Honourable Desmond Olusola Elliott of the Surulere Constituency arrived to grace the event.

Upon introduction, he was amazed to meet a group of young, medical students dedicated to Philanthropy and Social Empowerment.

Conversations and a photo session thereby followed and then contacts were exchanged as he looked forward to having further discussions with The Keebite/President of the Klub.

Members of Kbites played the roles of games masters, recording positions after each race during sports competitions.

Generally, this was another successful event of the KB Klub, excelling in putting smiles on the faces of people, ensuring happiness was a gift well shared,” Madehin Said in the statement.

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