How robber raped me using ‘polybag’ as protection, teacher tells court

How robber raped me using ‘polybag’ as protection, teacher tells court

A teacher (name withheld) of a Catholic Secondary School in Lagos, has narrated before an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court how an armed robber raped her in her home using a polythene bag (polybag) as protection.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the teacher made the revelation on Tuesday while giving evidence during the trial of two men in their 20s – Babatunde Oluwaleke and Daniel Ojo – over alleged rape and armed robbery.

While being led in evidence by Mr Akin George, the lead prosecuting counsel for the state, the teacher gave a harrowing account of how she was raped in her home by Oluwaleke on March 6, 2018.

She told the court that between the hours of 2am and 3am while asleep in her bedroom, she was awoken by some noise and she saw two males, a tall one (Ojo) and a short one (Oluwaleke) both dark in complexion, ordering her to get up.

She said: “I told them I had no money and the first defendant (Oluwaleke) said I must produce money or he will kill me. I was pleading and the second defendant (Ojo) told him that they should go because that is not what they came for.

“I was tying a wrapper and the first defendant asked me to lie on the bed, I was pleading and he pushed me back on the bed, I begged that he should not rape me that I don’t have money but he took my Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card, mobile phones and all that I have.

“He brought out a knife, placed the tip on my stomach and threatened to stab me if I did not cooperate. When he opened my wrapper, he saw I was menstruating and I didn’t know from where he produced a polybag.

“He tied the polybag on him and penetrated me. I was pleading that I could be his sister but he ignored me, asking me to shut up. Much later, he removed the polybag and raped me using nothing.

“When the first defendant was done, the second defendant was telling him that was not what they came for and that they needed to go.”

She said after they left, terrified, she prayed hoping that the other members of her household were unharmed.

The teacher said when she went to check on members of her family, she realised that they had all slept through her ordeal.

“My mother and her friend were still sleeping in the sitting room. Things were scattered and the contents of their handbags were emptied on the floor. I woke them up and told them what happened.

“We stay in a one-storey building, we went downstairs where my younger brother stays and we noticed the armed robbers used a rope to tie the door of the mosquito net which is attached to a spring so that it does not make noise.

“My younger brother was also still asleep with his friend, we woke them up and I told them what happened and we took an inventory of all the property that was stolen,” she said.

The teacher said members of her family immediately reported the crime to the authorities and she was taken to the hospital that morning for medical examination and counselling.

She said on that day, she was also taken to the Afonka Police Station, Alimosho, Lagos where four recently apprehended armed robbery suspects were shown to her and she was asked if any of the suspects had raped and robbed her.

“Immediately I saw the first defendant, I recognised him, even with my eyes closed, I can identify him.

“I identified him to the police, wrote a statement and went home and the case was transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

“My lord, I want fair justice to be served in this case,” she said.

Following her testimony, Mr. O. Egbo, the counsel to the defendants requested for an adjournment in order to effectively cross-examine the teacher.

Obliging his request, Justice Abiola Soladoye adjourned the case until Sep. 30 for cross-examination of the witness.

Pastor rapes, impregnates teenager in Abuja, blames devil

Pastor rapes, impregnates teenager in Abuja, blames devil

Olaleye Aluko, Abuja

Operatives of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons have arrested a pastor of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Gwarinpa branch, David Onyekachuku, for allegedly raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl.

Onyekachuku, 48, who hails from Nsukka in Enugu State, had met the victim, a Junior Secondary School 2 pupil in the Karmo area sometime in 2018 and started making love advances to her.

According to NAPTIP in a statement on Sunday, the pastor, after his arrest and during interrogation, confessed to have sexually abused the girl two times and blamed the act on the “work of the devil.”

It was gathered that when Onyekachuku met the victim for the first time, he volunteered to provide shelter and also to deliver her from witchcraft.

The victim had lost her parents in 2018 and was said to be in dire need of accommodation.

The anti-trafficking agency said investigation revealed that the pastor lost his wife at an undisclosed period and later brought the victim to stay with him and his daughter in Karmo.

He allegedly volunteered to assist the victim with her education. The victim noted that it was in her first year with the pastor that he started making love advances to her, an action she resisted.

NAPTIP said the pastor first raped the victim in March 2019 during her birthday and allegedly continued to rape her thereafter, resulting in the pregnancy.

The anti-trafficking agency said in the statement by the Head of Press and Public Relations, Mrs Stella Nezan, that the case would be “diligently prosecuted to secure justice for the victim.”

Nezan said, “During interrogation, the pastor with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, confessed to have sexually abused the girl twice and attributed the evil act to the work of the devil.

“He stated that he took the girl in to conduct deliverance on her and also enrolled her in school, having dropped out for about two years. After the deliverance, he took her to live with him and his daughter.”

Credit: The Punch

Father, son remanded for raping, impregnating teenager

Father, son remanded for raping, impregnating teenager

• Home video seller nabbed for molesting minor in Lagos
Deji Lambo

Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested one Kabiru Oke, and his son, Faruq, for allegedly raping and impregnating the daughter of the sister to Kabiru’s wife in the Egbeda area of the state.

The suspects were alleged to have taken advantage of the fact that the victim lived with them by having carnal knowledge of her and threatened to kill her if she revealed the molestation to anyone.

The state’s Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bala Elkana, in a statement on Sunday, said the suspects were exposed after the victim’s mother suspected some changes in her, which led to the discovery that she was pregnant.

He stated that the personnel of the command arrested the suspects after receiving a complaint from the victim’s mother, adding that both Kabiru and Faruq had been charged to court for molestation.

Elkana said, “On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, the command’s Gender Unit received a complaint of molestation of a minor reported by the mother of the minor against the husband of her elder sister, Kabiru Oke, 44, and his son, Faruq Oke, 19, at No 1 Olatikupo Street, Egbeda.

“The victim has lived with the perpetrators for a couple of years. The unholy affair between the minor and the first suspect started on Saturday, October 20, 2018, with the suspect having constant sexual intercourse with the victim. The second suspect, being the son of the first suspect, started having unlawful carnal knowledge of the same minor on Thursday, January 10, 2019. The suspects had constantly threatened to kill the victim if she ever told anyone about the affairs.

“The victim exposed them when her mother noticed some changes in her and discovered that she was pregnant. The victim was taken to the Mirabel Centre by our Gender Unit for medical examination. The two suspects were arrested and charged to Magistrates’ Court 2, Ogba, for molestation. The case was adjourned till Monday, May 13, 2019, while the suspects were remanded in the Kirikiri Prison.”

Similarly, one Alfred Marainerume, 45, has been arrested by the command for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl around Oke Itunu Church Close in the Ejigbo area of the state.

Elkana said whenever the victim was coming back from school, Alfred usually lured her into his shop to have sex with her, adding that the victim’s grandmother, after perceiving some unusual odour on the victim’s body, subjected her to questioning that made her to reveal how the suspect had been having carnal knowledge of her inside his shop.

The PPRO stated that Alfred usually gave the victim some drugs after sex to prevent her from getting pregnant, adding that in his statement to the police, the suspect revealed that he turned the victim into his sex partner after he divorced from his wife in May 2018.

He said, “The matter was reported to our Gender Unit by the mother of the victim. The complainant stated that they live on the same street with the suspect and that the suspect usually called the victim into his shop while on her way back from school along Iyana Ejigbo Road, Lagos, were he sells Nigerian home videos, and have unlawful sexual intercourse with her in the shop.

“The crime began in May 2018 up to Wednesday, March 27, 2019. The suspect, in his statement to the police, said that he turned the victim into his sex partner after he divorced his wife in May 2018. The matter was discovered on Saturday, March 27, 2019, around 2pm, by the victim’s grandmother, who perceived some odour on the body of the victim, when she returned home, and subjected her to questioning.

“The victim opened up to her grandmother and narrated the whole story. She further stated that the suspect threatened that she would die if she ever disclosed it to her parents and that he usually gave her some drugs to take and equally mixed salt and water for her to take after sex to prevent her from getting pregnant. Investigation is ongoing and the suspect will be charged to court for molestation.”

Businessman accused of rape kills self after posting suicide note on Twitter

Businessman accused of rape kills self after posting suicide note on Twitter

Afeez Hanafi

The founder of Asiwaju Royal Furniture in Ojo, Lagos, Michael Asiwaju, popularly known as Mike Cash, has taken his own life following several rape allegations against him.

City Round learnt that Asiwaju died at a hotel in Lagos.

He was said to have taken a poisonous substance suspected to be Sniper and was met lifeless in his hotel room around 12am on January 13, 2019.

It was learnt that the father of one had checked into the hotel in the evening of the previous day.

Shortly before he committed suicide, he had expressed his intention via his Twitter handle, Asiwaju_limited, to end his life.

“Goodbye I’ll die soon. (I) am gone,” he tweeted at 7.35pm on Saturday, January 12.

Asiwaju was prominent on the social media platform with about 24,700 followers.

The post was the last of several tweets the deceased broadcast last Saturday, between 5.52pm and 7.35pm, in response to the allegations.

Last week, a Twitter user, @thatgoddess, had called out Asiwaju, noting that she had information about how he raped a woman inside his car. She, however, said facts about the allegation were still sketchy.

Later on, she posted a chat history between her and an unnamed woman, who claimed to have been raped by the young businessman sometime in May 2017.

In the chat history, the woman alleged that Asiwaju lured her into a hotel in Festac and forcefully slept with her.

The woman’s chat read in part, “I don’t want anyone linking me to this. He raped me. His full name is Michael Asiwaju. He owns a furniture company. He’s also known as Mike Cash. He is mostly in Festac. He tried to lure me with money and gifts. He was asking me out and I refused. I was just fine being friends with him because he was a controlling person.

“He said I’m his girlfriend and I just laughed about it cos (because) I never agreed to be his girlfriend. He always wanted me to come see him but I always refused. Then, he accused me of sleeping around with men. I ignored him and then he apologised. So he called me and said I should come hang out with him and his friends at the beach.

“So I thought it was okay to go see him since it was an open place and his friends were gonna (going) be there. So when it was time to leave the beach, he was supposed to drop me off at Lekki Phase I; then I’d get Uber to take me to my house. He also had to drop one of his friends at his hotel. So we were all in the car and then his friend dropped midway.

“Mike said we had to go to his friend’s hotel to wait for him. I didn’t even understand what was going on but I didn’t mind cos (because) we were not alone. His cousin was there too.”

The accuser stated that when they arrived at the hotel, she waited at the lobby instead of checking into a room with Asiwaju. She explained that his cousin drove out in Asiwaju’s car and promised to come back soon.

She continued, “Mike kept telling me to go chill in the room instead of waiting at the lobby. He kept assuring me that I’d be okay. So I went to the room; (the) biggest mistake of my life. I really trusted that nigga.

“I was alone for a while, then he came in and locked the door. I started to panic. He started touching me and all that. I told him I wasn’t in the mood. So he said I was his girlfriend and he would have sex with me whether I was in the mood or not. I started to fight him and he became aggressive.”

But while replying to the allegations last Saturday on his Twitter page, @Asiwaju_limited, the late businessman said the women accusing him of rape were actually his girlfriends who he met on social media platforms.

He posted pictures of two of the purported girlfriends, claiming that they had fun together sometime in 2017 at a club, where he spent N500,000.

Asiwaju alleged that his former business partner, one Blessing, was behind the blackmail.

He wrote, “I (am) here, I’ll need to say my own side of the story. I know my former business partner sponsored this blackmail to destroy me cos (because) she’s contesting on the platform of All Progressives Congress.

“You all claimed I raped you? We met on the social media, I took you to a club, I spent N500,000 popping Champaign cos (because) of you and we had sex when am (sic) high and you call it rape? In 2017, you didn’t report to the police. In 2018, you didn’t report to the police. In 2019, you decided to blackmail me.

“This two people (sic) and Blessing should be held responsible if anything happens to me. You came to visit me cos (because) you know I have money. We went to a club; I bought drinks worth half a million naira; we had sex inside my car you claimed I raped you just to tarnish my image.

“We discussed sex before you came; all this happened in 2017. None of you reported me to the police. In 2019 cos (because I) am supporting PDP and my bestie is contesting under APC, she sponsored this thread to destroy me.”

Asiwaju stated further that the saga claimed the life of his ailing mother after she read the post online, adding that the blackmail had destroyed his family.

He wrote further, “This story made me lose my mum. Even when I called, I pleaded with these people to take down the post; that my mother just had (a) heart surgery. Imagine if I wanna pay back but I won’t cos I won’t be available.

“My advice for Nigeria girls; when you meet a guy, you like him cos he is rich; you talk sex before meeting him; don’t call it rape when he sleeps with you.

“What will you gain from this blackmail? Imagine if I decided to come after you and your family? But I won’t. Now that you have blackmailed and destroyed me, wetin u gain (What did you gain)? My mother is gone cos of this; I can be gone too cos right now I’m not myself anymore.

“If you all want me to expose you, I still have your fucking nudes on my phone. Did I force you to send me nudes? Do you really wanna (want to) get exposed?”

Enraged Asiwaju subsequently posted a nude picture of one of the girlfriends purportedly sent to him. He also uploaded an 11-second video clip, showing a faceless naked woman caressing him erotically.

He continued, “You sent me this (a picture exposing breast and private parts) and we clubbed together; got high and you called me a rapist just to tarnish my image.

“Someone DM this (another nude picture) to me on Twitter; why do you people want us to expose ourselves? Plenty big gals (girls) on this platform send me nudes that they want me. When I sleep with them and stop talking to them, they blackmail me.

“I don’t care anymore. My mother is dead. I’ll expose all of you. Why will you destroy me when I told you my mother just had (a) heart surgery? Now she’s gone; everyone is crying cos of your stupidity. Are you happy now?

“You claimed I raped you. Bring police report. You feel blackmail will destroy me. Today might be the last time I tweet or breathe. Before you blackmail someone, think about their mental health. Are you happy now for destroying Asiwaju? Are you really happy Blessing?”

Further showing signs of being suicidal, Asiwaju, a single father, said his son would not live a regrettable life as he had made enough money for him to live on when he (Asiwaju) was no longer alive.

“My mother is gone. What am I doing here? Let’s get dirty on social media; stop calling me again to stop posting. Asiwaju raped you; tell Nigerians what led us to sex. Don’t sugarcoat things to spoil my image.

“I met her on Twitter. She sucked my ass; she called me the richest guy she had ever met in her life and she’s among the people blackmailing me on Twitter. Imagine if I post her real face online. Goodbye I’ll die soon. (I) am gone,” he ended the tweets at 7.35pm.

While some commenters were curious to know the suicidal man’s location and how he fared afterwards, others cracked jokes about his woes. One of them asked for his original iPhone charger before he would execute his suicide plan, while another begged for N100,000.

Four days after the controversy played out, a police source told City Round that Asiwaju had actually killed himself at a hotel in Festac.

Although the time he arrived at the hotel could not be ascertained, it was gathered that his corpse was found in the room around 12am last Sunday.

The source said, “He checked into the hotel with another name entirely. He wrote his name as Prince Moses. For now, no one knew why he used another name. It was later discovered that his face was the same as that of a young businessman prominent on Twitter. The suicide might not be unconnected with rape allegations against him in the social media.”

When our correspondent visited the hotel on Thursday around 3pm, he met with a receptionist who identified himself simply as John.

This reporter requested to speak to the manager, but John said she was busy and asked to know the purpose of the visit.

After City Round told John about the suicide, he went back to inform the manager. About 20 minutes later, he returned to our correspondent and said the manager was still very busy.

Saturday PUNCH collected the manager’s phone number from John and promised to call her later in the day. But the manager’s line remained unreachable as of press time.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed the suicide. He said two bottles of Sniper was recovered from the incident scene.

He said, “We are investigating a possible case of suicide. We were alerted that a young man died in his hotel room and the Commissioner of Police was informed. He directed that the body should be evacuated and that a team of detectives comprising men from the forensic unit and men from the homicide section should investigate the matter.

“The body was inspected and there was no visible mark of violence on the corpse. Two bottles of Sniper, which we reasonably believed he must have drunk, was recovered from the hotel room. One of the bottles had been emptied while the other one was still unopened. The man checked into the hotel with the name, Prince Moses. Preliminary investigation revealed that the man was the owner of a business known as Asiwaju Royal Furniture.”

Credit: The Punch

Cleric who defiled five-year-old pupil blames enemies’ spiritual attack

I was under my enemies’ spell –Cleric who raped girl, five..

Afeez Hanafi

Abdulsalam Salaudeen, a 43-year-old Islamic cleric in Igando, Lagos State, who was arrested for allegedly raping his five-year-old Arabic schoolgirl, has owned up to committing the crime.

The father of five blamed the crime on the handiwork of his enemies whom he said had cast a spell on him.

Salaudeen, in an interview with City Round during the week, claimed that he had been having a running battle with spiritual forces for years.

He said on Friday, December 28, 2018 when the incident happened at a section of the Arabic school on Awoyemi Street, Igando Road, he fought the devil back and forth by saying aausubillahi (God forbid) to no avail.

The native of Oyo State explained that he was accused of raping a girl in his class some years ago when he was living at Ikotun, a neighbouring community, adding that shame forced him to relocate to Igando. “It is the work of the devil,” he said in Yoruba, burying his head in his right palm.

He went on, “I have been living in Lagos for 25 years. I have a wife and five children. My wife and three of the children live with me. My wife does not deny me of sex. The girl was brought for Arabic class about five months ago. On that day, I asked her to go and sweep a section of the class. The place was separated by a wall and I followed her. I asked her to stand on a bench and face the wall. I rolled up her skirts and removed her panties. As I wanted to penetrate her from the anus, I said ‘aausubillahi, aausubillahi (God forbid)’. It was the devil that pushed me to it. My penis only grazed her private parts.

“While I was living in Ikotun, I was accused of raping one of the children attending my class. But I did not rape the girl. She needed a uniform we used in the class and I took her to a tailor to take her measurements. I have been battling with spiritual wars since then. My enemies are many and they have been casting spells on me. I relocated to Igando and started a new Arabic class.”

Salaudeen stated he had regretted his action, noting that he was shocked when he was confronted with a video clip, showing how he molested the girl.

Our correspondent learnt that a neighbour had gone to see Salaudeen at his class recently when he stumbled on him fondling the victim. The neighbour was said to have left unknown to Salaudeen.

A police source told City Round that the neighbour reported the case to a child rights’ organisation in the community and he was advised to do a secret video next time he caught the cleric in the act.

“The informant was asked to do a video to get evidence that could nail the cleric. He was well respected in the community and he could have easily denied the allegation. Many people would also not believe he could do such a thing without the video,” the source added.

While speaking about the incident, the spokesperson for the police in the state, CSP Chike Oti, said Salaudeen was arrested after the informant reported the crime at the command headquarters in Ikeja with the video clip.

Oti said, “On Friday, December 28, 2018, a good Nigerian visited the headquarters of the Lagos State Police Command with a video evidence of an Islamic cleric, aka Alfa, having anal sex with a five-year-old girl that he was supposed to be teaching Islamic studies. The complainant sought audience with the state Commissioner of Police, CP Edgal Imohimi.

“The CP, after watching the heartrending video, directed the command’s undercover operatives attached to the State Intelligence Bureau to immediately arrest the culprit and hand him over to the Gender Section for detailed investigation. The operatives went in search of the Alfa and arrested him near a mosque in the Igando area of the state.”

Oti explained that the suspect initially denied the allegation when he was grilled at the Gender unit, noting that he, however, owned up to committing the crime after the Officer-in-Charge of the unit, ASP Abimbola Williams, confronted him with the video of him defiling the child by penetrating her anus and private parts.

“On seeing how he was captured like an actor in a movie, the suspect broke down in tears and owned up to committing the crime. The case will be charged to court soon,” Oti added.

The CP commended the informant and warned parents and guardians to keep constant watch over their children and wards. Imohimi urged parents not to trust their children with anybody and to be friendly with them.

He added, “Let your children be free to share things with you. Do not cover up any crime, no matter who is involved. Raise the alarm on child molesters in your neighbourhood so they can face the law to serve as a deterrent to others.”

Credit: The Punch

Horror! Rapist cuts off teacher’s wrist

Rapist cuts off teacher’s wrist


A teacher escapes from a suspected rapist, but loses her wrist to her attacker’s machete cuts, reports FAITH YAHAYA

There is enough violence in the land to tell everyone that all is not well. Consider herdsmen attacks, kidnapping, armed robbery, burglary, car snatching, ‘one chance’ robbers, phone snatching and others.

Like most states where these cases of crime abound, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is not left out. The increasing rate of crime has made some residents of Abuja to live in constant fear while some are compelled to adhere to security tips provided by the police and other security agencies.

Following the spate of insecurity in the country, people these days approach worship centres, recreational parks, motor parks, airports, clubs, eateries and public places with caution. For those who board vehicles and motorbikes, they observe the drivers and other occupants of the vehicle before boarding in order not to become victims. For Margaret Nyitse, a resident of Pegi community in Kuje Area Council of Abuja, she was not in the places prone to attacks when she was attacked. Margaret who studied Primary Education at College of Education Katsina-Ala in Benue State is a nursery school teacher and her job is to impart knowledge into the lives of young kids and that she has done for years with passion. Following the economic situation in the country, Margaret like most struggling youths who try to make ends meet decided to go into home tutoring to add to her little income. According to her, she did the job with joy because of the smiles she sees on the faces of the children she teaches and their parents. The smile she brought to the faces of others could not be found on her face following an attack on her by a cattle herder.

After what she described as a fulfilled day, she was walking back home around 6:30pm on the 18th of March 2018 when she was attacked. Her wrist was cut off after attempts to rape her failed. Narrating how she was attacked, she said: “I am a teacher and I also do home lesson. I teach nursery classes English, Mathematics and other subjects. On the 18th of March this year, I was coming back from where I do home lesson for children. I met a Fulani guy on the way when I took a short cut leading to my house. I kept going and he followed me. The short cut is a place that car used to pass but the owner of the land came and started raising his building. So the only way to pass that side is by foot. As I was going, he was coming behind me my back. At the middle of the short cut, he passed me and started going at my front and I was coming at his back. At a point, he stopped by one tree and was playing with the leaves and acted as if he wanted to cut the leaves. I passed him while he was doing that and then something came to my mind that I should run but then again, I said to myself, why would I see somebody and start running?

“So I decided to hasten my steps. Later, I turned back to observe what was going on behind me and I noticed his hands were behind him as if he had something to hide. It was at this point it occurred to me that he might hurt me. I then turned to run but he was already close to me. The next thing I felt was cutlass on my shoulder. My shoulder bone broke and then I felt another one on my elbow. As my shoulder bone broke, my hand went down and the bag I was carrying fell off. While he was trying to pick my bag from the floor, I gathered all the strength I had left in me and ran out of the foot path and it was while I was running I discovered that some parts

of my hand were off.

“When I noticed I was safe, I saw people passing and I begged them to carry me to the hospital because a Navy barracks clinic was close to us. They took me there and I was told they could not treat me because I was bleeding seriously but they managed to tie the hand and they carried me in their ambulance to Gwagwalada Specialist and that was where I was treated.”

Margaret revealed to The Nation that her family spent close to a million naira to fix her hand.

“On the 21st of March, they did surgical operation on my hand and I am presently carrying two irons on my hand. One of the irons is holding my shoulder bone while the other one is holding my elbow. They gave me eleven pints of blood and I stayed in the hospital for about two weeks. When we calculated what we spent aside the things we were asked to buy without receipt outside the hospital, we arrived at over N800,000.”

On how she was able to recognize her attacker, she said: “It was around 6:30pm, the whole place was not dark and I am very good with faces.

Speaking on how he was arrested, the FCT Commissioner of Police, CP Bala Ciroma said: “Following an ongoing investigation, Operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) attached to the Command arrested one Ahmadu Adamu who attacked one Margaret Nyitse on 18th March, 2018 at about 1830hrs in Pegi Community, Kuje Area Council and cut off her left wrist with a cutlass.

“The suspect who has been on the run was arrested in Pegi on 14th December, 2018 at about 2000hrs. He has made useful statement on how the crime was committed. Effort is being intensified to recover the victim’s handbag which was robbed by the suspect and the weapon used in committing the crime.”

When the Nation approached Adamu to know why he attacked Margaret, he explained in Hausa language that he only wanted to have sex with her. “I am cattle rearer at Pegi. I used the cutlass to cut her because I thought she would fall which would have enabled me have sex with her but when I cut her, the handbag she was carrying fell off her hand. It was while I was trying to check the content of her bag that she ran away. I took the bag and ran away too but I found nothing in the bag.”

Margaret who is currently living without her wrist said the attack has affected her life negatively. She said she is forced to live and learn to work with only one wrist and hopefully look for another job since it seems difficult to return to the classroom with one wrist.

On how she has been coping since the incident, she said: “Life has not been easy at all because I have not gone back to work since the incident. It has not been easy. I won’t lie to you, I passed through hell.”

Credit: The Nation

Man charged with raping, impregnating 12-year-old pupil seeks out-of court settlement

Man charged with impregnating pupil wants out-of court settlement

A 40-year-old businessman charged with defiling and impregnating his neighbour’s daughter in Lagos, on Monday, sought an out-of-court settlement.

The accused, Nwanne Nwaora, requested before an Ikeja High Court that the case be settled out of court in the interest of the child produced by the unlawful act.

He made the request through his counsel, Mr Worer Obuagbaka.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Nwaora, a resident of Ogba, Lagos, is accused of forcefully having sexual intercourse with the 12-year-old pupil.

Addressing the court, Obuagbaka said,“If he is sentenced to life imprisonment, the interest of the new child will be in jeopardy.

“If the case is settled out of court, and the defendant has asked to take care of the child and the defiled child (complainant), which is enough punishment.

“If he is jailed, it will not be in the interest of the new child who will go through trauma knowing that her father is languishing in jail.

“I will like to request for an adjournment to enable us to interact with the relations of the victim so that the defendant will be made to take care of the new child and the defiled child by an order of this court.”

The defence counsel told the court that he was asking for a plea bargain agreement by the prosecution and defence.

Objecting, the lead prosecution counsel, Mr Y. G Oshoala, said that Nwaora must lawfully pay for the alleged crimes.

“Contrary to the submission of the learned defence counsel, two witnesses – the victim and her mother – are in court, and I learnt they have been to court on seven or more occasions.

“The defendant defiled a 12-year-old child and another child was produced from that act.

“The defendant should plead guilty; during allocutus (plea for mercy before sentencing), the defence counsel can bring up the points he is canvassing.

“The defendant should not eat his cake and have it; he should assume legal responsibility for his actions,” Oshoala said.

Ruling, Justice Josephine Oyefeso said, “I have considered very carefully the submissions of the learned counsel; I have considered that the defence counsel has only been briefed and that a plea bargain agreement is being requested by the defence.

“In view of the fact that the defence counsel has not been served with the proof of evidence, I will grant an adjournment.

“The case was adjourned until January 7, 2019, for definite trial or report of plea bargain,” Oyefeso said.

According to the prosecution, Nwaora defiled the pupil in November 2015 in her parents’ apartment.

He is alleged to have lured his victim’s brother out of the apartment by sending him on an errand.

After the incident, the defendant allegedly threatened to kill the pupil if she would reveal it to anyone.

Months later, the pupil’s mother noticed changes in her body and confronted her, thereby making her to reveal what happened.

NAN reports that the two-year-old child born as a result of the defilement was in court with her mother and grandmother.

Ms O. C Aga, a lawyer from the African Women Lawyers Association, also made an appearance in the courtroom to observe proceedings.

NAN reports that defiling a child contravenes Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011, which prescribes life sentence for anyone found guilty of the offence.